DAWSON'S CREEK. BtVS Intertext/Allusion.

In "Chosen," Buffy's final episode, Buffy and Angel, who has has cross-overed to Sunnydale to bring her a magic amulet acquired from Wolfram and Hart) have words about her relationship with Spike:


ANGEL: Is he your boyfriend?

BUFFY: Is that your business?

ANGEL: Are you in love with him? (beat) Okay, maybe Iím out of line but this is kind of a curve ball for me. I mean, we are talking about Spike here.

BUFFY: Itís different. Heís different. He has a soul now.

ANGEL: Oh. Well.

BUFFY: What?

ANGEL: Thatís great. (sotto) Everyoneís got a soul now.

BUFFY: Heíll make a difference.

ANGEL: You know, I started it. The whole having a soul. Before it was all the cool new thing.

BUFFY: Oh, my god, are you twelve?

ANGEL: Iím getting the brush-off for Captain Peroxide. It doesnít necessarily bring out the champion in me.

BUFFY: Youíre not getting the brush-off. Are you just going to come here and go all Dawson on me very time I have a boyfriend?


With Angel's altercation with Riley in "The Yoko Factor," Buffy is alluding to the kind of emotional response of the main character on Dawson's Creek, a television program created by Kevin Williamson, the writer of Scream, which began on the WB with Buffy in 1998 and ended the same month (May of 2003). The IMDB offers the following brief summary:

Set in a small coastal town near Boston called Capeside, Dawson's Creek tells the story of four teenagers as they struggle through adolescence. This is particularly true for 15-year-olds Dawson Leery (James Van Der Beek), an introspective dreamer and Joey Potter (Katie Holmes), a precocious tomboy unaware of her beauty. Best friends since childhood, they are about to enter that confusing time in life where nothing is the way it was and nothing is as it seems.

--David Lavery