PRIVATE BENJAMIN. BtVS Intertext/Allusion.

In "The 'I' in Team," Buffy attends, for the first time, an Initiative briefing and learns about the Polgara Demon they plan to capture.

Angleman: When threatened . . . bone skewers jut from the creature's forearms during battle. It's imperative when ensnaring it not to damage its arms. That's all you really need to know.

Amidst the commandos Buffy raises her hand.

BUFFY: Question.

WALSH: Buffy?

BUFFY: Why exactly can't we damage this polka thing's arms? I, uh, not that I want to, it's just in my experience when fighting for your life body parts get damaged and-- better its bits than mine. Or . . . ours.

Angleman: We wish to study the physiology of every subterrestrial's natural defenses. It's part of the research we do here. Uh-- Yes?

We see that Buffy had her hand raised again.

BUFFY: What do they want?

Angleman: Want?

BUFFY: Why are they here? Sacrifices, treasure, or they just get rampagy? I find it's easier to predict their responses if I know--

Angleman: They're not sentient. Just destructive, I believe.

WALSH: They do have keen eyesight, however. You might want to be suited up for this.

BUFFY: Oh. You mean the cammo and stuff? I thought about it but, I mean, it's gonna look all "Private Benjamin."

This gets chuckles from some of the commandos.

BUFFY: Don't worry I've patrolled in this halter many times.

Private Benjamin was a 1980 Howard Zieff comedy starring Goldie Hawn about a socialite's wackey experiences as an Army recruit.


--David Lavery