SCRUBBING BUBBLES. BtVS Intertext/Allusion.

In "Chosen," Buffy's final episode, Angel, who has has cross-overed to Sunnydale, brings a magic amulet, acquired from Wolfram and Hart, that, worn by "champion" Spike, will by episode's end destroy the Hellmouth (and Sunnydale) once and for all. In the following exchange he tells Buffy what he knows about his gift:


ANGEL: I brought something else as well.

(He removes a silver amulet with a multi-faceted crystal at its center from his pocket.)

BUFFY: I can already tell you, I have nothing that goes with that.

ANGEL: Itís not for you.

BUFFY: Splainy?

ANGEL: I donít know everything. Itís very powerful and probably very dangerous. It has a purifying power . . . cleansing power . . . possibly scrubbing bubbles. The translation is . . . anyway, it bestows strength to the right person who wears it.

Angel refers to a Johnson & Sons line of bathroom cleaning products. When sprayed on a sink or a toilet, scrubbing bubbles clean the surface without human intervention. "We work hard so you don't have to," the animated bubbles themselves tell us in advertisements for the products.



--David Lavery