SINGLE WHITE FEMALE. BtVS Intertext/Allusion.

In "Faith, Hope, and Trick" in Season Three, Buffy and her mother have the following conversation about the "new slayer in town" Faith:

JOYCE: I like this girl, Buffy.

BUFFY: She's very personable. She gets along with my friends, my Watcher, my mom. Look, now she's getting along with my fries.

JOYCE: Now, Buffy...

BUFFY: Plus, at school today, she was making eyes at my not-boyfriend. This is creepy.

JOYCE: Does anybody else think Faith is creepy?

BUFFY: (pouts) No, but I'm the one getting single-white-femaled here.

JOYCE: It's probably good you were an only child.

BUFFY: Mom, I'm just getting my life back. I'm not looking to go halfsies on it.

Single White Female was a 1992 film by Barbet Schroeder in which the character played by Bridget Fonda has her identity stolen by her psychopathic new roommate (played by Jennifer Jason Leigh).


--David Lavery