SIT-N-SPIN. BtVS Intertext/Allusion.

In "Becoming," Part 2, Angelus tortures Giles in order to learn how to bring Acathla back to life, and when his attempts are unsuccessful, he insults a wheelchair-bound Spike.

ANGELUS: You know, I can stop the pain. You've been very brave . . . but it's over. You've given enough. Now let me make it stop.

GILES: Please!

ANGELUS: Just tell me what I need to know.

GILES: In order . . . to be worthy . . .

GILES: You must perform the ritual . . . in a tutu. Pillock!

ANGELUS: All right. Someone get the chainsaw.

SPIKE: (in wheelchair) Now, now, don't let's lose our temper.

ANGELUS: Keep out of it, sit 'n' spin.

Sit-n-Spin is a Playskool toy for young children which allows young children to make themselves dizzy while spinning on a plastic seat mounted on a rotating base.

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--David Lavery