TOP GUN. BtVS Intertext/Allusion.

In "This Year's Girl" the Scoobies discuss the fate of Riley, as he struggles with withdrawal from the drugs The Initiative had been giving him to enhance his strength.


WILLOW: No word about Riley?

BUFFY: They keep telling me that he's fine. That's all they'll say.

WILLOW: Maybe they're telling the truth.

BUFFY: Maybe. I don't even know what the Initiative's version of "fine" is. I mean, they could be forcing him back onto medication or torturing him for all I know.

GILES: From what we've seen, I doubt they'll be trying to hurt him.

BUFFY: The only thing I know for certain is that my boyfriend is locked away and I'm not helping.

WILLOW: Maybe Giles has a point. I mean, Riley is their top gun guy. Doesn't make sense that they'd hurt him.

BUFFY: All I know is that the Initiative has all those brain-washy, behavior modification guys.


BUFFY: So what happens when they start not liking his behavior?

Willow is alluding to the 1988 Simpson/Bruckheimer  Tom Cruise star vehicle/movie/recruiting commercial, directed by Tony Scott, about the clash of egos between ace US Navy pilots.

--David Lavery