WAL-MART. BtVS Intertext/Allusion.

The American discount megamart WalMart, known in the US and abroad for dominating all local competition and putting Mom and Pop stores out of business in its wake, originated in Arkansas, the brainchild of the late Sam Walton.

On Buffy WalMart is mentioned twice. In "The Harsh Light of Day," Xander refers to it when he meets up again with his prom date Anya:


ANYA: (Abruptly) Where is our relationship going?

XANDER: Our what? Our who?

ANYA: Relationship. What kind do we have. And what is it progressing toward?

XANDER: I ... Uh ... We have a relationship?

ANYA: Yeah. We went to the prom.

XANDER: Yeah, On our one and only date. Second date called on account of snake, remember? And the whole, you used to be a man killing demon thing. Which to be fair, is as much my issue as it is yours.

ANYA: I can't stop thinking about you. Sometimes in my dreams, you're all naked.

XANDER: Really. You know if I'm in the checkout line at the WalMart I've had the same one.

And in "The 'I' in Team" Willow refers to WalMart:


WILLOW: Buffy, do you really think this is a good idea? I mean, don't you think you're rushing things a little?

BUFFY: (frowns) I thought you liked Riley?

WILLOW: Not with Riley. With the Initiative. I mean, there's a bunch of stuff about them we still don't know.

BUFFY: I know that. (then) Like what?

WILLOW: Well, what's their ultimate agenda? I mean, okay, yeah, they-they neuter vampires and demons. But then what? Are they gonna reintegrate them into society? Get them jobs as bagboys at WalMart?

BUFFY: (in serious thought) Does WalMart have bagboys?

--David Lavery