DAVID SOLOMON. BtVS/Angel Writer/Director/Contributor.

Television producer, editor (Perry Mason), and director (Matlock)--one of Buffy's busiest, having done nineteen epipsodes since Season Two, more than anyone except Joss Whedon and James Contner

11/17/972009 What's My Line Part 1Howard Gordon & Marti Noxon
05/11/993020 The PromMarti Noxon
11/02/994005 Beer BadTracey Forbes
02/15/004014 Goodbye IowaMarti Noxon
04/25/004018 Where the Wild Things AreTracey Forbes
09/26/005001 Buffy vs. DraculaMarti Noxon
10/24/005005 No Place Like HomeDouglas Petrie
11/28/005009 Listening to FearJane Espenson
05/15/015021 The Weight of the WorldDouglas Petrie
10/09/016003 After LifeJane Espenson
10/30/016006 All the WaySteven S. DeKnight
11/27/016010 WreckedMarti Noxon
03/05/026016 Hell's BellsRebecca Rand Kirshner
5/14/026020 VillainsMarti Noxon
9/24/027001 LessonsJoss Whedon
10/22/027005 SelflessDrew Goddard
11/26/027009 Never Leave MeDrew Goddard
2/4/037013The Killer in MeDrew Z. Greenberg
5/6/037020TouchedRebecca Rand Kirshner

--David Lavery