Slayage Conference

on the Whedonverses


Gordon College, Barnesville, GA

May 25th-28th, 2006



Rhonda V. Wilcox, Gordon College

 David Lavery, Middle Tennessee State University




Abbreviation Code: RB: Russell Building | IC: Instructional Complex | SCA: Student Center Auditorium | SC: Student Center


SC2 at a Glance


Thursday, May 25, 2006

q      8:00: Opening Reception (IC Lobby); Greeting: Dean Robert Vaughan


Friday, May 26. 2006

q     Breakfast 815-900 (SC)

q      900-1030—Opening Session; Greeting: Dr. Lawrence Weill; Keynote 1: Michael Adams


1—Featured Speaker: Lynne Edwards (RB1)

2—The Whedonverse in Theory (RB2)

3—American Studies (IC1)

4—Buffy and Books I (IC2)

q     1215-145: Lunch


5—Gender I (RB1)

6Firefly and Serenity I (RB2)

7Buffy and Books II (IC1)



9—Featured Speaker: Lorna Jowett

10—Gender II

11—Genre and Intertextuality

12—Buffy Summers

13—Coordinates of the Buffyverse


14—Willow (RB1)

15—The Patriarchy (RB2)

16—Pedagogy (IC1)

17—Locating the Hero (IC2)

18—Into the West: Western Inspirations and Conventions in Joss Whedon's Firefly

q      700—Conference Banquet; Keynote 2: Nancy Holder


Saturday, May 27, 2006

q     Breakfast 815-900 (SC)

q      900-1030: Opening Session; Keynote 3, Roz Kaveney


19—Featured Speaker: Rhonda V. Wilcox (RB1)

20—Memory and Identity (RB2)

21—Firefly and Serenity II (IC1)

22—Season Seven of BtVS (IC2)

23—Morality / Ethics (IC3)

q     1215-145: Lunch


24—Fanfic (and Poetry too) (RB1)

25—Philosophy I (RB2)

26—Family and Community (IC1)

27—Heroes and Heroism (IC2)

28—Firefly and Serenity III (IC3)


29—Living on the Hellmouth (RB1)

30—The Whedonverses (RB2)

31—Philosophy II (IC1)

32—“Once More with Feeling" (IC2)

33—The Politics of Firefly and Serenity (IC3)


34—Television / Media Studies (RB1)

35—Vampires, Werewolves, and Monsters (RB2)

36—Wesley (IC1)

37—Serenity Roundtable (IC2)


Sunday, May 28, 2006

q     Breakfast 815-900 (SC)

q      900-1030: Opening Session: Keynote 4: Stacey Abbott


38—Featured Speaker: David Lavery (RB1)

39—The Whedonverses Across the Curriculum I (RB2)

40—Xander, Anya, Faith (IC1)

41—That Is the Question: Moral Perspectives in BtVS (IC2)

q     1215-145: Lunch

42—“I’m a Slayer: Ask Me How” (RB1)

43—The Whedonverses Across the Curriculum II (RB2)

44—Race and Class (IC1)

45—Narrative (IC2)


46—Angel (RB1)

47—Myth (RB2)

48—Transformations of Buffy (IC1)

q      515-645 Closing Session: Buffy Bookers


Thursday, May 25, 2006, 800 p.m., Opening Reception: IC Lobby

Welcome—Dean Robert Vaughan, Gordon College


Friday, May 26, 2006

730-815—Shuttle from Hotels | 815-900—Breakfast (SC)

900-1030—Opening Session (SCA)

Greeting—Dr. Lawrence V. Weill, Gordon College President

Keynote: Michael Adams, The Matrix of Motives in Slayer Style








[1A] Session 1: Featured Speaker: Lynne Edwards, The Other Sunnydale: Representations of Blackness in BtVS

[1B] Session 2: The Whedonverse in Theory: Agnes Curry, Chair  Leigh Clemons (LSU), The Buffyverse and Heterotopic Space  Diane E. Wilson (Independent Scholar), Multidimensional Law Firms, Dialogism, and the Limits of Perception: Reconstructing the Buffyverse as a Medieval Carnival  Greg T. Erickson (Mannes College), 21st Century Theory and Cultural Studies: A View from the Edge of the Hellmouth

[1C] Session 3: American Studies: Christine Jarvis, Chair  Tamy L. Burnett (U Nebraska Lincoln), For Justice, the Safety of Puppies, and Christmas: American Colonization in the Works of Joss Whedon  DeNara Hill (U Nevada Las Vegas), The Myth of American West the Was: Terraforming the Psyche in Firefly and Serenity

[1D] Session 4: Buffy and Books I: David Fritts, Chair  Gayla Byerly and Mary Durio (U North Texas), Book Structures and Decorative Bindings that are Represented in Demonology Books Used in BtVS  Barbara Maio (U Roma Tre), Watching the Watcher: Analyzing the character of Rupert Giles  Amie Sharp (Pikes Peak Community College), Buffy and the Bard: Shakespearean Dramatic Elements in the Whedonverse

1215-145 Lunch







[2A] Session 5: Gender I: Brett Rogers, Chair  Chestina Turner (Henderson Community College), Dying To Be: How Women in the Buffyverse Must Be Something More  Jim Riser (U North Alabama), "A (Wo)Man's Got to Do What a (Wo)Man's Got to Do": The Western Hero as Paradigm in BtVS

[2B] Session 6: Firefly & Serenity I: Mary Alice Money, Chair  Mary Alice Money (Gordon College), The Reavers' Origin in Serenity: Whedon's Mistake or Masterstroke?  Deborah Monroy (Emory U), Seven Ways to View Serenity; Or, When Does the Dancer Become the War?  Andrew Steeves (U Wisconsin Milwaukee), The Thing that Really Matters is the Spices: Misfits and Family Aboard the Transport Ship Serenity

[2C] Session 7: Buffy and Books II: Tamara Wilson, Chair  Stephanie Dutchen (Boston U), Angel and Spike as complementary postmodern embodiments of the Byronic hero  Anne Jamison (U Utah), Sense and Necrophilia  Bronwyn Tarrant (LaTrobe U), Alice in Sunnydale or Buffy in Wonderland: The Psychoanalytic Interpretation of Object Relations in Alice in Wonderland and BtVS

[2D] Session 8: Fandom: Hillary-Robson-Reeder, Chair  Asim Ali (U Maryland), Religion in BtVS, Buffy as Religion: The Bronze as a Global Religious Community  Mary Kirby-Diaz (Faringdale State U), The Fandom Project: What Keeps a Fandom Afloat? Report Two: 'Ships  Patricia Pender (Pace U), "Why Can't You Just Masturbate Like the Rest of Us?”: Andrew and the Erotics of Fandom in 'Storyteller"









[3A] Session 9: Featured Speaker: Lorna Jowett (U Northampton), Science, Power, and Gender in Buffy and Angel

[3B] Session 10: Gender II: David Kociemba, Chair  Alicia Karoll (Towson U), From Betty to Buffy: The Evolution of Female Adolescence on Television  Tanya Cochran (Union College), “There’s ‘Woo’ and, and ‘Hoo.’ And . . . It’s Complicated”: Cross-Media Images and Buffy’s Sapphic Lovers  Elizabeth Rambo (Campbell U), "Queen C" Goes to Boys' Town, or, Killing the Angel in Angel's House

[3C] Session 11: Genre and Intertextuality: Ananya Mukherjea, Chair  Wayne A. Chandler (Northwest Missouri State U), "Cool! I Mean--Nerds!": Courting Geeks for Fun and Profit in the Buffyverse  Charles Lincoln (Independent Scholar), High Culture or Pop Culture? Joss Whedon & Richard Wagner vs. Giacomo Puccini & Barbara Hall: The High and the Low Mimetic in Opera and Television  Chris Van Acker (Georgia Tech), Buffy as Cyberpunk

[3D] Session 12: Buffy Summers: Lisa K. Perdigao, Chair  Lisa K. Perdigao (Florida Institute of Technology), "I'm All for Spurty Knowledge": Buffy and Academics  Michael B. Smith (U East Anglia), "Do I Have Mom Hair?": Progressive Parenting in BtVS  Jerry Stout (Texas Tech U), Buffy Summers is an Aristotelian Tragic Hero

[3E] Session 13: Coordinates of the Buffyverse: Greg Erickson, Chair  Geraldine Bloustien (U of South Australia), "Trying to Talk Will Just Kill You Sooner": Silence as Recurring Motif in BtVS [delivered by Jennifer Stokes]  Lori Del Rossi (Independent Scholar), Alleys, Path, and Choices in the Buffyverse  Dvorah Simon and Patti Sisson (Independent Scholar), From Grace, Dark and Light: The Fall Into Humanity in the Buffyverse


[4A] Session 14: Willow: Jason Winslade, Chair  Devlin Grunloh (Independent Scholar), Willow’s Arc in Seasons Four through Seven  Maria Soledad Caballero (Allegheny College), To Choose or Be Chosen: BtVS and the Question of the Self-Made Witch

[4B] Session 15: The Patriarchy: Tamara Wilson, Chair  Kevin Durand (Henderson State U), Let's Finish This: The First, Caleb, The Watcher's Council, and the Fight against the Patriarchal Forces of Darkness  Monique Hyman (Pierce Community College), The Geography of Firefly and Serenity: Feminist Spaces on the Patriarchal Frontier  Catherine Dutton (Texas Women's U), Development of Adolescent Identity in the Whedonverse

[4C] Session 16: Pedagogy: Elizabeth Rambo, Chair  Jane Martin (U Saint Francis), Buffy in the Classroom: The Positive Outcomes of Adopting BTVS Across a Curriculum  Kristina Pope Key (St. Andrews Presbyterian College), Proselytizing the Uninitiated . . . Or, You're Teaching What?: Teaching the Slayer, the Scoobies, and Post-Modern Mythology  Patrick Shade (Rhodes College), Strange Slayer Pedagogy

[4D] Session 17: Locating the Hero: Tamy l. Burnett, Chair  Tamy L. Burnett (U Nebraska Lincoln), Saving Humanity: Locating the Hero in Joss Whedon's Television (Okay, and Serenity, Too)  Ami Comeford (U Nevada Las Vegas), Angel: A Series of Hellish Possibilities

DeNara Hill (U Nevada Las Vegas), "This is a Great Day for You": Cultural Heroes in BtVS  Melissa Swihart (Independent Scholar), "We Are Better. That's Right . . . Better": Finding the Hero in Buffy and Angel

[4E] Session 18: Into the West: Western Inspirations and Conventions in Joss Whedon's Firefly: Anissa Graham, Chair  Jennifer C. Garlen (U Alabama Huntsville), Bushwhacked by the Nightmare Native: The Western Roots of Firefly's Reavers  James P. Graham (Independent Scholar), Busted Flush: Joss Whedon's Firefly and Bret Harte's "The Outcasts of Poker Flat"  Anissa Graham (U North Alabama), Hot Women and Hotter Lead: Recreating the Image of Women in Westerns in Firefly's "Heart of Gold"


Conference Banquet

Keynote: Nancy Holder, reading from her Buffyverse fiction


Saturday, May 27, 2006

730-815—Shuttle from Hotels | 815-900—Breakfast (SC)

900-1030--Opening Session (SCA)

Keynote: Roz Kaveney, Gifted and Dangerous: Joss Whedon's Superhero Obsession









[5A] Session 19 : Featured Speaker: Rhonda V. Wilcox , “I Don’t Hold with That”: Joss Whedon and Original Sin

[5B] Session 20: Memory and Identity: Tammy Kinsey, Chair  Jennifer Lemberg (The Graduate Center, CUNY), Stripping Down: Obscenity, Uncertainty, and the Spectacle of Flaying in BtVS  Ananya Mukherjea (College of Staten Island, CUNY), Caleb, Oz, Anya, and the Gothic Nature of Self-Identity  Brett M. Rogers (U Georgia), "Previously on . . .“: Memory Loss and Textual Identity in BtVS & Angel

[5C] Session 21: Firefly & Serenity II: Jim Riser, Chair  Emily Gilles, Lauryn Jelenchick, L. Gabriella Reed (U Wisconsin Milwaukee), "It Don't Mean Nothing Out Here in the Black": Why Language Matters Onboard Serenity  Neil Lerner (Davidson College), New Melodies, But the Same Old Tune: Music, Race, and Jubal Early, Or What's an Unreconstructed CSA General Doing in Firefly?  Bryan Thiessen (U British Columbia), New Frontiers: Firefly/Serenity and the Genre of the Western

[5D] Session 22: Season Seven of BtVS: Elizabeth Rambo, Chair  David Fritts (Henderson Community College), From Beneath You It Empowers: Buffy's Seven-Season Initiation  Susan Payne-Mulliken (San Diego State U), Buffy Never Goes it Alone: The Rhetorical Construction of Feminism in BtVS's Final Season

[5E] Session 23: Morality/Ethics: Rob Loftis, Chair  Rob Loftis (St. Lawrence U), Moral Complexity in the Buffyverse  Alaine Sepulveda (U North Carolina Chapel Hill), From Stakes to Pistols: Killing the Other in Whedon Television  Holly Welker (Penn State U), "'Sex Is Bad?' 'We All Knew That'": Sex and the Consequences in BtVS and Angel

1215-145 Lunch








[6A] Session 24: Fanfiction (and Poetry): Nancy Holder, Chair  Amber Davisson (Western Illinois U), Find Value in Erotica: An Application of the Narrative Paradigm to Spike/Angel Slash Fan Fiction  Katia McClain (U Cal Santa Barbara), Reimagining the Buffyverse: Buffy/Giles Fanfiction  Joanne E. Staudacher (U Wisconsin Milwaukee), "Inspired by Your Beauty Effulgent": The Buffy Sonnets Project

[6B] Session 25: Philosophy I: Tanya Cochran, Chair  Andrew Aberdein (Florida Institute of Technology), Companions and Socrates: Is Inara a Hetaera?  Tammy A. Kinsey (U Toledo), "Shut, Shut, Shut": Angel Seeks the Word  Alan LaCerra (U Central Florida), "More Grace than This Bag of Sticks Could Express": Illyria and an Evil Re-Imagining of Plato's Forms

[6C] Session 26: Family and Community: Mary Kirby Diaz, Chair  Madeline Muntersbjorn (U Toledo), Small Spontaneous Families of Righteousness  Yael Sherman (Emory U), Citizenship and Belonging: Gender, the Communal, and the Public/Private in Firefly

[6D] Session 27: Heroes and Heroism: Cynthia Burkhead, Chair  Ashley Ayrer (Richard Stockton College of New Jersey), Heart, Mind, Spirit and Hand: Challenging the Traditional Hero in the Works of Joss Whedon  Jennifer K. Stuller (Independent Scholar), "Where Do We Go From Here?": A Look at Female Heroes in a Post-Buffy Context

[6E] Session 28: Firefly and Serenity III: Erica Marsh, Chair  Tamara Wilson (Flagler College), The Girl Children of Serenity: Envisioning the Future of Female Maturation  Katie Nelson (Independent Scholar), "I'll Be in my Bunk": Joss Whedon, Sexuality and Female Power; An Analysis of Sexuality and the Female Character in Firefly and Serenity  Michael Haynes (Georgia State U), A Post-Colonial Reading of Firefly and Serenity


[7A] Session 29: Living on the Hellmouth: Lawrence Rosenfeld, Chair  Margaret Bates (Duke U) and Lawrence Rosenfeld (U North Carolina Chapel Hill), Resiliency in the Face of Imminent Disaster: Living on the Hellmouth for Seven Years  Dvorah Simon and Katherine Keller (Independent Scholars), I Have Seen the Hellmouth, and It is Us, or, What Would Buffy Do In a Real Disaster?

[7B] Session 30: The Whedonverses: Andrew Aberdein, Chair  Ed McKnight (Anderson U), Joss Whedon has a Problem with Authority  Christopher Neal (McMurray U), Technology and Humanity in the Whedonverse  Sarah Greenwald, Jill Thomley (Appalachian State U), Mathematics in the Whedonverses

[7C] Session 31: Philosophy II: Kevin Durand, Chair  Elizabeth Davis (U Alabama), The "River of Becoming": Joss Whedon's Processual Subjectivities  J. D. Rabb and J. M. Richardson (Lakehead U), Conflicting Concepts of Freedom and Choice in the Whedonverse

[7D] Session 32: “Once More with Feeling": Neil Lerner, Chair  Cynthea Masson (Malaspina U College), "What Did You Sing About?": Acts of Questioning in "Once More With Feeling"  Michelle Dvoskin (U Texas), Under Their Spell: "Once More, with Feeling" And Queering the Audience

[7E] Session 33: The Politics of Firefly & Serenity: Linda Jencson, Chair  Jeff Bussolini (College of Staten Island, CUNY), Geopolitical Interpretation of Serenity  Linda Jencson (Appalachian State U), The Serenityverse: Signs and Signals of Troubled Times  Anthony Lioi (MIT), Happy-Go-Lucky Space Pirates? Ecoterrorism and the Nature of the Signal in Serenity


[8A] Session 34: Television / Media Studies: Jennifer Stokes, Chair  David Kociemba (Emerson College), Fake It to Make It: Media Addiction in BtVS  Anne Shull and Ira Shull (Quinnsigamond Community College), You're Gonna Stake It After All: Archetypal Influences of The Mary Tyler Moore Show on BTVS  Jennifer Stokes (U South Australia), Joss Whedon and Contemporary Programming

[8B] Session 35: Vampires, Werewolves, and Monsters: Deborah Overstreet, Chair  Peggy Davis (Miami U Ohio), Girls and Their Vampires: Mina Harker, Buffy Summers, and the Legacy of Transforming Darkness into Power  Hillary Brown (U Georgia), That's Some Deep Academia There: The Werewolf Trope in Literature and Oz  Devon Bryce (U Alberta), Surviving the Change, How BtVS Changed the Vampire

[8C] Session 36: Wesley: Stacey Abbott, Chair  Rebecca Bobbitt (MTSU), "Not All of Us Have Muscle to Fall Back on": Wesley Wyndam-Price as Tragic Hero  Heather M. Porter (Independent Scholar), "I Didn't Get this Job Because of My Looks": An Examination of the Intellectual Development of Wesley Wyndam-Price  Wendell Scott Turner (Henderson State U), Deep Down with the Head Boy

[8D] Session 37: Serenity Roundtable: David Lavery, Chair  Dianna Baldwin (MTSU)  Cynthia Burkhead (MTSU)  Erica Marsh (MTSU) Hillary Robson-Reeder (MTSU)



Saturday Evening Programming (Vidders present)


Sunday, May 28, 2006

730-815—Shuttle from Hotels | 815-900—Breakfast (SC)

900-1030—Opening Session (SCA)

Keynote: Stacey Abbott, Cavemen or Astronauts, weapons to be determined: Angel, Spike and the Buddy Genre








[9A] Session 38: Featured Speaker: David Lavery (MTSU), Wonder Boy: The Imagination of Joss Whedon

[9B] Session 39: The Whedonverses Across the Curriculum I: Viv Burr, Chair  Cynthia Burkhead (U North Alabama), Using BtVS to Introduce Students to Honors Studies  Viv Burr (U Huddersfield), Narrative and Storytelling  Mark Gelineau (The Harker School), Using BtVS with Younger Students and in International Contexts to Deconstruct Technical and Linguistic Aspects of Contemporary Culture  Anne Jamison (U Utah), Introduction to Theory – Using BtVS to Illustrate Significant and Complex Literary Theories through Groupwork

[9C] Session 40: Xander, Anya, Faith: Lorna Jowett, Chair  Reginald Abbott (Georgia Perimeter College), Xander With a Y (Chromosome)? Or "No More Butt Monkey": The Xander Harris Legacy of Masculine (Mis)Identity in BtVS  Ashli Dykes (LSU), Faith as Evil Dead Lesbian Cliché  Claudia Rollins (Independent Scholar), Playing the Fool: Anya's Role in the Buffyverse

[9D] Session 41: That Is the Question: Moral Perspectives in BtVS: Emily Dial-Driver, Chair  Sally Emmons-Featherston (Rogers State U), A Moral Dilemma: BtVS’s Confrontation with Native American Stereotypes  Emily Dial-Driver (Rogers State U), Choosing Self: Self-Determination in BtVS  Lori M. Butler (Rogers State U), The Morality of Music: Good vs. Evil in Harmonies  Frances E. Morris (Rogers State U), What Willow Wants: Moral Choices, Right and Wrong  Renee Turk (Rogers State U), A Slayer Should Be Able: Recognizing Evil

1215-145 Lunch







[10A] Session 42: “I’m a Slayer: Ask Me How”: Anthony Lioi, Chair  Nicholas Bush (MTSU), The Other Slayers  Melissa Johnson (Newberry College), Appetite and Destruction: Issues of Consumption and Containment in BtVS  Jennifer McLeod (Gordon College), With Pen or Pointy: Slaying Collegiate Demons both Mentsal and Physical

[10B] Session 43: The Whedonverses Across the Curriculum II: Christine Jarvis, Chair  Christine Jarvis (Sheffield Hallam U), Shifting Perspectives on Death – Using BtVS with First Year Undergraduates Considering Renaissance Attitudes towards Mortality  Jason Winslade (DePaul U), Aspects of metatextuality–Using BtVS to illustrate performance theory and cultural studies.  Kris Woofter (Dawson College), Using BtVS to illuminate literary terms and concepts

[10C] Session 44: Race and Class: Tamara Wilson, Chair  Agnes Curry (St. Joseph's College), "We Don't Say Indian"[1]: On the Paradoxical Construction of the Reavers  Elspeth Kydd (U West of England), "You're Beneath Me"?: Class Performance in BtVS  Nicole McClure (U Connecticut), Tainted Blood: Irish "Otherness" and Hybridity in Dracula and Angel

[10D] Session 45: Narrative: Rick Albright, Chair  Rick Albright (Harrisburg Area Community College), Hey, Respect the Narrative Flow Much?: Problematic Storytelling in BtVS  Mollie Liz Hughes (Wesleyan College), BtVS and Angel as Awakening Narratives  James Peck (Muhlenberg College), Dramatic Irony in Buffy and Angel: Affective Pleasures and Ideological Contradictions


[11A] Session 46: Angel: Sharon Sutherland, Chair  Erin Hollis (Cal State Fullerton), It's Not Easy Being Mean: Lorne's Ethical Kindness  Sharon Sutherland and Sarah Swan (U British Columbia), "We Could Use Some of Those Nyazian Scroll Writers in Contracts and Negotiations": Angel as Text for First Year Law  Valerie Morrison (U Georgia), The Angel Alliance: Inheritors of the Rebellion

[11B] Session 47: Myth: Tanya Cochran, Chair  Erin Hanna (York U), "She Saved the World. A Lot.": BtVS As Myth  Alison Heney (Binghamton U), Buffy Summers: The Psychic Development of the Feminine  Donald G. Keller (Independent Scholar), Dumezil's Triple Adversary and Its Buffy Analogues

[11C] Session 48: Transformations of Buffy: Jeff Bussolini, Chair  Stephen MacEachern (U Alberta), Buffy as Scapegoat  Stacia Yeapanis (Art Institute of Chicago), My Life as a Sim: Sunnydale



[12] Closing Session [49]: Buffy Bookers: Panel Discussion (Rhonda Wilcox, David Lavery, Roz Kaveney, Lorna Jowett, Michael Adams, Barbara Maio, Lynne Edwards, Stacey Abbott)


Index of Participants

Last Name, First Name [Session Number(s)]

Abbott, Reginald [40]

Abbott, Stacey [K4, 36, 49]

Aberdein, Andrew [25, 30]

Adams, Michael [K1, 49]

Albright, Rick [45]

Ali, Asim [8]

Ayrer, Ashley [27]

Baldwin, Dianna [37]

Bates, Margaret [29]

Bloustien, Geraldine  [13]

Bobbitt, Rebecca [36]

Brown, Hillary [35]

Bryce, Devon [35]

Burkhead, Cynthia [27, 37, 39]

Burnett, Tamy L. [3, 17]

Burr, Viv [39]

Bush, Nicholas [42]

Bussolini, Jeff [33, 48]

Butler, Lori M. [41]

Byerly, Gayla [1]

Caballero, Maria Soledad [14]

Chandler, Wayne A. [11]

Clemons, Leigh [2]

Cochran, Tanya [10, 25, 47]

Comeford, Ami [17]

Curry, Agnes [2, 44]

Davis, Elizabeth [31]

Davis, Peggy [35]

Davisson, Amber [24]

Del Rossi, Lori [13]

Dial-Driver, Emily [41]

Durand, Kevin [15, 31]

Durio, Mary [4]

Dutchen, Stephanie [7]

Dutton, Catherine [15]

Dvoskin, Michelle [32]

Dykes, Ashli [40]

Edwards, Lynne [1, 49]

Emmons-Featherston, Sally [41]

Erickson, Greg T. [2, 13]

Fritts, David [4, 22]

Garlen, Jennifer C. [18]

Gelineau, Mark [39]

Gilles, Emily [6]

Graham, Anissa [18]

Graham, James P. [18]

Greenwald, Sarah [30]

Grunloh, Devlin [14]

Hanna, Erin [47]

Haynes, Michael [28]

Heney, Alison [47]

Hill, DeNara [3, 17]

Holder, Nancy [K2, 24]

Hollis, Erin [46]

Hughes, Mollie Liz [45]

Hyman, Monique [15]

Jamison, Anne [7, 39]

Jarvis, Christine [3, 43]

Jelenchick, Lauryn [6]

Jencson, Linda [33]

Johnson, Melissa [42]

Jowett, Lorna [9, 49]

Karoll, Alicia [10]

Kaveney, Roz [K3, 49]

Keller, Donald G. [47]

Keller, Katherine [29]

Kinsey, Tammy A. [20, 25]

Kirby-Diaz, Mary [8, 26, 44]

Kociemba, David [10, 34]

Kydd, Elspeth [44]

LaCerra, Alan [25]

Lavery, David [37, 38, 49]

Lemberg, Jennifer [20]

Lerner, Neil [21, 32]

Lincoln, Charles [11]

Lioi, Anthony [33, 43]

Loftis, Rob [23]

MacEachern, Stephen [48]

Maio, Barbara [4, 49]

Marsh, Erica [28, 37]

Martin, Jane [16]

Masson, Cynthea [32]

McClain, Katia [24]

McClure, Nicole [44]

McKnight, Ed [30]

McLeod, Jennifer [42]

Money, Mary Alice [6]

Monroy, Deborah [6]

Morris, Frances E. [41]

Morrison, Valerie [46]

Mukherjea, Ananya [11, 20]

Muntersbjorn, Madeline [26]

Neal, Christopher [30]

Nelson, Katie [28]

Overstreet, Deborah [35]

Payne-Mulliken, Susan [22]

Peck, James [45]

Pender, Patricia [8]

Perdigao, Lisa K. [12]

Pope Key, Kristina [16]

Porter, Heather M. [36]

Rabb, J.D. [31]

Rambo, Elizabeth [10, 16, 22]

Reed, L. Gabriella [21]

Richardson, J.M. [31]

Riser, Jim [5, 21]

Robson-Reeder, Hillary [8, 37]

Rogers, Brett M. [5, 20]

Rollins, Claudia [40]

Rosenfeld, Lawrence [29]

Ryan, Cynthia [26]

Sepulveda, Alaine [23]

Shade, Patrick [16]

Sharp, Amie [4]

Sherman, Yael [26]

Shull, Anne [34]

Shull, Ira [34]

Simon, Dvorah [13, 29]

Sisson, Patti [13]

Smith, Michael B. [12]

Staudacher, Joanne E. [24]

Steeves, Andrew [6]

Stokes, Jennifer [34]

Stout, Jerry [12]

Stuller, Jennifer K. [27]

Sutherland, Sharon [39, 46]

Swan, Sarah [46]

Swihart, Melissa [17]

Tarrant, Bronwyn  [7]

Thiessen, Bryan [21]

Thomley, Jill [30]

Turk, Renee [41]

Turner, Chestina [5]

Turner, Wendell Scott [36]

Van Acker, Chris [11]

Welker, Holly [23]

Wilcox, Rhonda V. [19, 49]

Wilson, Diane E. [2]

Wilson, Tamara [7, 15, 28]

Winslade, Jason [14, 43]

Woofter, Kris [43]

Yeapanis, Stacia [48]