Red Noise: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Critical Television Studies (working title), forthcoming from Duke University Press, 2003.

Lisa Parks and Elana Levine, Editors

Table of Contents

Lisa Parks and Elana Levine

Mary Celeste Kearney (TV & The Youth Market): “The Changing Face of Youth Television, or Why We all Love Buffy

Susan Murray (Stardom): “I Know What You Did Last Summer: Sarah Michelle Gellar and Cross-Over Teen Stardom”

Lisa Parks (TV Writing): “Behind Buffyspeak: An Interview with Writer/Producer Jane Espenson”

Annette Hill and Ian Calcutt (Reception): “The UK Marketing and Reception of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel

Elana Levine (Feminism and Television): “Buffy and the ‘New Girl Order’: Two Waves of Television and Feminism”

Margaret DeRosia (Queer Representation): “Slayers, Sluts, Vampires, Werewolves: Sexuality on Buffy the Vampire Slayer”

Allison McCracken  (Masculinity/Spectatorship/Spinoff): “Angel’s Body”

Cynthia Fuchs (Ethnic Representation): “Looking human is so overrated”: Race and displacement in Buffy and Roswell

Matthew Hills (Genre & Reading Formations): “Reading the (teen/star/vampire/cult) Romance: Buffy, Reading Formations and the Rising Stakes of Generic Hybridity”

Jason Middleton (Fandom): “Buffy as Femme Fatale: The Female Heroine and the Male Cult Fan”

Henry Jenkins III & Henry G. Jenkins IV (TV Violence and Generational Politics): “‘The Monsters Next Door’: A Father-Son Dialogue about Buffy, Moral Panic, and Generational Differences”

Amelie Hastie (TV Criticism & Cult Series): “Buffy’s Popularity, Television Criticism and Marketing Demands”