Story by CN Winters and Watchers Staff

Written by CN Winters (with additional writing by Susan Carr, Faith530 and Dan Joslyn)

Produced and Directed by CN Winters
Edited by DragonWriter17 and Dan Joslyn
Sounds by CSR
Art Direction by Robert Kidman
Artists Robert Kidman, Zahir al Daoud, Humaira, Isis, CN Winters and Mattxxx

Fade In:
Council Helicopter Over Cleveland HQ Day (1:20 P.M.)

"Would you look at that?" the pilot told the group. "Damn," he sighed. 

Part of the Council was unbalanced to one side, and a crack went straight up the road, bringing traffic to a halt.

Cut To:
Cleveland Street Same Time

Kennedy stood in front of the hood of the totally destroyed van. She walked back around to the back door, which was now open. She poked her head back inside.

"Everybody still okay?" she asked and received several nods from Brell, Reteesk, and the others. Kennedy waved them out. "Come on, gang, looks like we're hoofin' it."

Cut To:
Council Helicopter Over Cleveland HQ Minutes Later

"I can't land on the roof," the pilot said, "It might be too unstable. Let me fly around back to find another approach."

As he did, that was when the group saw demons starting to scale the Council walls.

"Good god," Giles sighed.

"Put it down on the roof, as close to the door as you can," Willow told the pilot.

"I don't think " the pilot tried to argue.

"Just do it!" she shouted.

Reluctantly, the pilot changed direction, and Willow turned sharply to Vi.

"Get everybody inside as quick as you can. Andrew, Jeff, and I will hold them off. Skye you stay here for now."

"What?" Skye asked as Vi replied simply by nodding.

"Kill the engine," Willow told the pilot.

"We'll fall straight down!" the pilot told her.

"Quiesco!" Willow yelled, waving her hand.

The helicopters engine died, and the propeller came to a dead stop, making the vehicle fall like a rock toward the Council roof.

"Hang on!" the pilot yelled as everyone gripped their seats.

The demons who were almost to the roof door looked up in time to be crushed by the falling copter as it landed with a smash.

"Go!" Willow yelled to Vi who quickly opened the door and took a defensive stance as Giles, Angie, Tracey, and the pilot cleared the vehicle and began to run toward the door. From her seat inside Willow started to chant and raise her hands in front of her. An orange tunnel began to take shape from the helicopter exit to the Council door. Jeff and Andrew looked on in amazement and smiled.

Willow stopped chanting but kept her arms raised as the barrier held.

"Skye, stand in the middle of the tunnel," she ordered.

Skye looked unsure, but Jeff pushed her arm to get her in motion. Willow reached out and grabbed one of Jeff's and Andrew's hands.

"This is gonna hurt me more than it's gonna hurt you," she warned. She took a deep breath and shouted, "Extundo diabolus!"

Skye slammed into the orange tunnel wall and fell to the roof on her backside as the demons that were closing in on the tunnel were thrown from the rooftop completely. Simultaneously, Andrew and Jeff seemed to howl in pain but didn't let go of Willow's hands.

Cut To:
Watchers Council Same Time

Demons that were scaling the walls were instantly thrown back, tumbling toward the ground below them.

Cut to:
Watchers Council Same Time

Inside the building, slayers and junior slayers alike were battling the few demons that had worked their way through the windows. At the sound of Willow's words the demons flew back into the walls, enough to confuse them so the slayers could descend.

Cut To:
Council Helicopter Minutes Later

Willow collapsed face first, but neither Andrew nor Jeff could catch her. Jeff was the first to shake his arms as if he'd received an electrical jolt.

"Willow?" he asked as he finally managed to roll her over. When she didn't move or open her eyes, Jeff looked over to Andrew. "We've got to get her out of here," he said as he moved outside of the helicopter.

He reached back inside as Andrew, who could now move, slid the high priestess toward him. Jeff scooped her up into his arms and steadied her before heading toward the door.

Skye sat dazed next to the tunnel, which was still holding its shape. Andrew pulled her to her feet, letting her rest her weight on his as they hobbled toward the door.

Cut To:
Giles's House Minutes Later

Becca continued to look outside, but this time she saw something different in the sky and squinted her eyes to look out over the horizon. She peered closer through the door when a winged demon jumped in front of her line of sight from the rooftop and made her stumble back with a scream.

The demon reached behind him to grab a patio chair and slammed it against the glass door, but Becca was already in motion. She ran to Elizabeth and hoisted her from the playpen as she ran toward the kitchen.

As she shoved her car keys in her pocket, she heard the sound of breaking glass as a demon entered with a jump and landed on the dining room table. The noise startled Elizabeth, along with her mother's screams, and the baby began to cry.

The demon seemed to smile as he hopped from the table and began to make his way toward the pair. Becca continued to back up until she saw the hallway from the other side of the kitchen leading to the front door. She took off in a sprint, but before she could clear the hallway to the foyer, the demon jumped out to meet her, cutting off her escape. She doubled back toward the kitchen, with Elizabeth still crying and wrapped in her arms. This time when she returned, another demon was present, cutting her off from the dining room.

Becca tightened her hold on Elizabeth and backed toward the counter as each demon stalked closer forward.

Fade to Black

End of Teaser
Onto Act One