Two Demons, A Girl And A Bat-Cave

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Hello, I'm Mathew and I'm a admitted Angel basher who comes to you from Michigan, USA. So why would I watch this show? Well I am a big fan of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, as well as the character of Cordelia. I know she is a bitch, and I probably wouldn't date a girl like her, but I have come to respect her honesty and enjoy it every time she says something on the show. I personally blame Angel for her lack of decent material to work with in season 3 on Buffy, as they had to distance her from the gang to make her leave the show. I also find Doyle to be an interesting character. My biggest gripes on Angel are the Oracles, Wesley, and how easily Angel walks around during the day. Of course the high points for me on the show are when Angel gets beat up or tortured, and since that happens often, it's a fun show to watch. So why did I come up the idea for this page? Well, I am a big fan of the BuffyGuide, and was disappointed that a similar site didn't exist for Angel episodes. This is my small attempt to fill this void.

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