''He brought pain and suffering to the living for 244 years. Now faced with an eternity of remorse he has come to the city of angels for one last chance at redemption. Every day he must resist his darkest instincts and fight the evil that remains within him.''

Angel Angel - City Of

Written by David Greenwalt & Joss Whedon - Directed by Joss Whedon - First Aired on October 5, 1999

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The Short: From the
WB11 home page: Angel moves to L.A., unaware of his purpose in the city of angels. There, he meets Doyle, his half-man, half-demon spiritual advisor, who gives him much-needed direction. Doyle leads Angel to Russell Winters, a rich and powerful vampire, preying on aspiring actresses. When Winters sets his eyes on Cordelia, Angel springs into action and saves her.

Angel Drunk The Long: The episode opens with images of Los Angeles at night and a voice-over by Angel saying: ''Los Angeles. You see it at night and it shines. Like a beacon. People are drawn to it. People and other things. They come for all sorts of reasons. My reason? No surprise there. It started with a girl.'' Inside of a bar, a seemingly drunk Angel talks about Buffy to an uninterested patron as he watches three guys and two gals playing pool (see Goof #1). As the pool-players leave Angel gets up and follows them, showing he may not be as drunk as he let on. In an alley the guys start getting fresh with the gals and then attack them, revealing that the guys are vampires. A ''drunk'' Angel shows up looking for his car, seemingly oblivious to them being vampires. He offers a vampire/ a breath mint and fighting ensues, where he shows he's not drunk at all, and quite capable of fighting the them. He releases a pair of retractable stakes from his sleeves to kill the first two vampires, and knocks the third out. When one of the gals thanks him, Angel scares her with his game face and eyes a cut on her head that is bleeding. He tells her to get away from him and stakes the last vampire with a piece of scrap wood. He walks off into the night in a seriously Batman-like style (see Goof #2). The screen goes dark and the credits roll, and so it begins... (Listen to the teaser here.)

Doyle Angel walks into an empty office building and makes his way to an elevator which takes him down to what seems to be his new home. He removes his retractable stakes and then senses he is not alone. He turns to see the stranger, who ends up being a man called Doyle, who describes himself as half human on his mother's side, and quickly changes to demonic form and back (see Goof #3 & Reference #1)). Doyle says he was sent by the ''Powers That Be'' and proceeds to tell him the story of Angel's life (see Cool Quotes #1 & Continuity #1). Doyle then tells him that unless Angel gets involved with people he'll start to prey on humans again (see Continuity #2). They go to get a drink (see Reference #2). On the street Doyle explains that he gets painful visions of people and places in trouble, which guide him and that both of them have sins they have to atone for. Doyle tells Angel about his last vision, and hands him a note telling him to meet Tina at the Coffee Spot. Angel drives his Plymouth GTX to the Coffee Spot, where he notices a waitress named Tina (see Goof #4). She seems to need money and be having a hard time. He strikes up an awkward conversation and agrees to meet her after work. After work he meets her and she mistakenly thinks he's working for a man called Russell who is harassing her. Angel convinces her he is just being friendly, and offers to take her to a Hollywood party she is going to. At the party a woman takes videos of all the guests. Angel asks about Russell. Tina goes off with the woman who was making the videos. Angel is approached by a man who offers him an acting position, which he turns down (see Goof #5). Angel then mingles, and notices Cordelia talking to some people (see Continuity #3). They talk about old times and she says she is an actress. She is worried he may be evil, but he assures her he's just giving a friend a ride to the party. Later at the party Angel spots Tina struggling with a man named Stacy. Tina asks to leave. On the way out of the elevator Stacy's men jump Angel and grab Tina.

Tina Angel knocks out Stacy's men as Stacy speeds away in a car with Tina. After some mix-up with cars, Angel finds his and races after Tina in the parking structure. After a quick game of chicken the car with Tina crashes and Angel knocks out Stacy and his men, rescuing Tina (see Goof #6). In Cordelia's rather bare apartment she is putting away her dress as she listens to her messages. The only message she has implies that no one wants to see her audition. She snacks on a sandwich from the party and looks depressed. At Angel's place he makes tea for Tina and talks about Russell and where she comes from (see Reference #3 & #4). She asks if this is the part where he comforts her, obviously offering him sex, but he turns her down saying enough people have taken advantage of her. She cries. Angel asks more about Russell, and Tina tells her about her friend Denise, who disappeared after being with Russell. As Tina sleeps Angel goes off to look up info about Denise at the L.A. Public Library. He finds information leading him to believe Denise was killed and her body dumped (see Goof #7). As Angel returns home he finds Tina having a nightmare. Angel tells her about his suspicions about Denise, but she spots the note Doyle left with her name on it and thinks Angel was sent by Russell. She runs off, but Angel can't follow as he can't go into the sunlight. Trying to grab her his hand bursts into flame from a ray of sunlight and he vamps out. She sees that and runs away frightened.

Russell Tina shows up at her apartment panicked and starts to pack her things. She notices someone behind her and pulls a gun on him. It's Russell, and he says he was looking everywhere for her. He says he owns the building. She asks what he did to Denise, but he says she's alive and well (see Reference #5). He says he wants to help her, and she breaks down and cries. She tells him about the man who turned into something horrible. Russell vamps out and drains her. Later Angel finds Tina dead in her apartment, and is deeply shocked. The police take the body away as Angel looks on from across the street. Back at his place Angel asks Doyle to help him find Stacy, to lead him to Russell (see Cool Quotes #2). At Russell's place a Wolfram & Hart lawyer is briefing Russell about legal matters and they talk about covering up Tina's death. Russell is viewing the tape from the party, and spots Cordelia, saying he wants something to eat. At Stacy's Gym Angel beats on Stacy until he tells him where Russell is (see Reference #6). At Cordelia's apartment, she is meditating and very unhappy about her current situation. Margo from the party calls and tells her Russell Winters is interested in seeing her, and can help her career. At Angel's home, Angel gets ready to attack Russell (see Goof #8). Cordelia is picked up by a limo and seems very happy with herself. Angel gets Doyle to drive his car (see Reference #7). Cordelia meets Russell at his mansion.

Meeting Cordelia talks with Russell about her financial problems and aspirations as an actress (see Reference #8 & Continuity #4). Angel and Doyle show up at Russell's front gate and knock out the guard. Angel leaps over the wall and sneaks in. Cordelia is breaking down about her failure to break into acting. Russell offers to help her. Cordelia then notices some oddities about Russell and his home, and realizes he's a vampire (see Cool Quotes #3). Angel sets an explosive in a power box (see Goof #9). Russell admits she's right about him and vamps out. Angel climbs on to the balcony as Doyle waits outside. Inside the house Cordelia is running away from Russell, but he catches her. Then the power goes out and Angel walks in on them. Cordelia is happy to see him (see Cool Quotes #4). Russell and Angel fight, but then Russell's guards show up, Angel grabs Cordelia and they make a break for it. Angel gets shot in the process (see Goof #10). Outside Doyle hears shots and drives away panicked, but then feels guilty and comes back. Angel and Cordelia show up and get in the car and they drive off. Back at Angel's place they remove the bullets from Angel. Cordelia worries Russell will come looking for her. At Russell Winters Enterprises Russell is talking with his lawyer and staff about the break-in. Angel walks in on them and the lawyer intercepts Angel, letting him know he knows Angel is a vampire. Russell offers to make peace with Angel, but Angel kicks him out the window before anyone can stop him (see Goof #11 & 12). Russell bursts into flame and combusts before he hits the ground. The lawyer calls his people to warn them of Angel. At Angel's place he calls somebody, obviously Buffy, to talk to her, but hangs up before he says anything (see Goof #13 & Continuity #5). Doyle walks in and tells him how he saved Cordelia as they hear Cordelia screaming. She's upstairs and found a roach, they find her setting up shop (see Reference #9). She thinks they need a business that helps people and volunteers to organize that business for a fee. Angel agrees and Doyle concurs. Doyle admits he likes her. Doyle says there are a lot of people who need help, and Angel says he's game. Switch to Angel looking over the city at night with more Batman-like posturing and music.

Creature Feature

Hellraiser In this episode we see Angel and number of other vampires, which follow the rules set up in the first three seasons of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. We also have mention of "The Slayer" herself. One new item is Doyle, who seems to be half-demon/half-human. He seems to be mostly normal, but can change into a demonic form with green skin and spikes on his face, which is somewhat reminiscent of the face of Pinhead from the Hellraiser films. We also get the first mention of the Powers That Be, mystical forces that give Doyle his visions.

Lawyer We get a glimpse at the law firm of Wolfram & Hart. Although seemingly human, they service powerful supernatural creatures like Russell with both legal advice and in covering up their activities. Later episodes would show that this lawyer's name is Lindsey McDonald.

Vampire Hunter D The basic plot of this episode is very similar to the animated 1985 film Vampire Hunter D. In it a brooding vampire hunting half-vampire named D helps out a young woman named Doris when ancient vampire count Magnus Lee decides he wants her for himself.

Cool Quotes

  1. Doyle: ''Once upon a time there was a vampire, and he was the meanest vampire in all the land. All the other vampires were afraid of him, he was such a, bastard. Then one day he's cursed by gypsies. They restore his human soul. And all of a sudden he is mad with guilt. You know: What have I done? You know, he's freaked.''
    Angel: ''Okay. Now I'm sleepy.''
    Doyle: ''Well, it's a fairly dull tale. It needs a little sex is my feeling. So, sure enough, enter the girl. Pretty little blonde thing, vampire slayer by trade, and our vampire fell madly in love with her. Eventually the two of them, they get fleshy with one another. The moment he... I guess the technical term is perfect happiness, but when our boy gets there, he goes bad again. He kills again. It's ugly. So when he gets his soul back for a second time, he figures he can't be anywhere near Young Miss Puppy-Thighs without endangering them both. So, what does he do? He takes off. Goes to L.A., to fight evil and atone for his crimes. He's a shadow. A faceless champion of the hapless human race.''
    Can you say plot introduction? Listen to the quote

  2. Doyle: ''You can't cut yourself off.''
    Angel: ''Doyle, I don't want to share my feelings, I don't want to open up. I want to find the guy who killed Tina and I want to look him in the eye.''
    Doyle: ''Then what?''
    Angel: ''Then I'm going to share my feelings.''
    Angel plans of getting medieval on Russell. Listen to the quote here.

  3. Cordelia: ''Oh, god. I'm sorry! I'm getting all weepy in front of you. I probably look really scary. I finally get invited to a nice place with no mirrors, and lots of curtains, hey, you're a vampire!''
    Russell: ''What? No, I'm not.''
    Cordelia: ''Are too!''
    Russell: ''I don't know what you're talking about.''
    Cordelia: ''I'm from Sunnydale. We had our own Hellmouth! I think I know a vampire when I'm alone with him, in his fortress-like home, and you know, I think I'm just feeling a little light headed from hunger. I'm just wacky, and kidding! Ha, ha.''
    Cordelia shows both great intelligence and her classic cluelessness inside a few lines. Listen to the quote here.

  4. Russell: ''You made a very big mistake coming here.''
    Cordelia: ''You don't know who he is, do you? Oh, boy! You are about to get your ass kicked!''
    Cordelia is VERY glad to see Angel. Listen to the quote here.


  1. Doyle: ''I like the place. I mean its not much with the view, but it has a nice bat-cave sort of an air to it.''
    The Bat-cave is the headquarters of Batman, a costumed crime fighter from DC Comics that inspired several television shows, cartoons and films.

    Billy Dee Williams
  2. Doyle: ''You know I'm parched from all this yakking, man. Lets go treat me to a Billy Dee.''
    Billy Dee Williams is an actor who did commericals for Colt 45 brand beer.

  3. Tina: ''Missoula, Montana. You've been to Missoula?''
    Angel: ''During the depression. Ah, my depression. I was depressed there. It's pretty country though.''
    Missoula Montana has it's own web site at http://www.montana.com/missoula/.
    The Great Depression was the severe U.S. economic crisis of the 1930s, supposedly precipitated by the 1929 stock market crash. Certain causative factors are generally accepted: overproduction of goods; a tariff and war-debt policy that curtailed foreign markets for American goods; and easy money policies that led to overexpansion of credit and fantastic speculation on the stock market. At the depth (1933) of the Depression, 16 million people-one third of the labor force-were unemployed. The effects were felt in Europe and contributed to Adolph Hitler's rise in Germany. The policies of the New Deal relieved the situation, but complete recovery came only with the heavy defense spending of the 1940s.

    Girl Scout
  4. Tina: ''My Girl Scout training. I can live out of this bag for days if I have to.''
    The Girl Scouts, also called (in Great Britain and some other countries) Girl Guides, is a worldwide organization for girls, dedicated to training them in citizenship, good conduct, and outdoor activities. Robert (later Lord) Baden-Powell founded the Girl Guides in Great Britain in 1910 in response to the requests of girls who were interested in the Boy Scout movement established by him in 1908. The first Girl Scout troop in the United States was formed in 1912 by Juliette Gordon Low of Savannah, Ga., and followed the pattern set up for the Girl Guides. The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts was formed in 1928.

  5. Russell: ''She wanted to go home, I bought her a ticket to Pensacola.''
    Pensacola, Florida has it's own web site at http://www.ci.pensacola.fl.us/.

  6. Angel: ''Russell? Let me guess. Not big on the daylight and the mirrors? Drinks a lot of V-8?''
    V-8 is a mixed vegetable drink that is bright red.

  7. Doyle: ''Well, listen, best of luck to you man. I've got some fairly large coin riding on the Vikings tonight, but I'll be there with you in spirit, yeah?''
    The Vikings are the Minnesota Vikings, a football team with the National Football League. They have a web site at http://www.vikings.com/.

  8. Cordelia: ''I grew up in a nice home. It wasn't like this, but we did have a room or two that we didn't even know what they were for. Until the I.R.S. got all huffy about my folks not paying taxes for, well, ever. They took it all.''
    The I.R.S. is the Internal Revenue Service, who are the agency under the Department of the Treasury in charge of collecting income taxes in the United States. The Internal Revenue Service has a web site at http://www.irs.gov/.

  9. Cordelia: ''Ah! Look over there! A cockroach! In the corner. I think its a bantam weight!''
    A bantam weight is a professional boxer who weighs 118 lbs. or less.
    (Thanks to CdnGirlEh from the Watcher's Diary for finding this.)


  1. While Doyle told the story of Angel's past, we saw scenes from Amends, Innocence, Becoming Part 1, Anne, and Graduation Day Part 2.

  2. Doyle: ''When was the last time you drank blood?''
    Angel: ''Buffy.''
    Graduation Day Part 2 - Angel drank Buffy's blood to cure himself of a mystical poison.

  3. Cordelia: ''Oh, my god. Angel?''
    Angel: ''Nice to see a familiar face.''
    Graduation Day Part 2 - Events in this episode follow the characters of Angel and Cordelia Chase who last saw each other in this episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

  4. Cordelia: ''I grew up in a nice home. It wasn't like this, but we did have a room or two that we didn't even know what they were for. Until the I.R.S. got all huffy about my folks not paying taxes for, well, ever. They took it all.''
    The Prom - Cordelia first revealed to Xander Harris that her parents were broke due to the I.R.S. taking everything they had.

  5. Buffy: ''Hello? Hello?''
    The Freshman - Angel calls someone and then hangs up. Buffy Summers got a telephone call that hung up on her in this episode that first aired on the same night.


    Angel Drunk
  1. When Angel is pretending to be drunk at the beginning, you can clearly see up his sleeves several times, and he doesn't have the retractable stakes on. It is possible he stopped to put them on in between scenes though.

    Angel Reflection
  2. After Angel stakes the last vampire in the opening sequence he walks down the alley where he passes over a puddle. You can clearly see his reflection in the puddle, despite the fact that he is a vampire and casts no reflection.

  3. Doyle uses the fact that he walked in uninvited into Angel's home as proof he isn't a vampire, but it is established two episodes later that vampire's homes are not protected from unwanted vampires entering, since the owner is technically dead.

  4. In the coffee shop, Angel's reflection is visible in the table finish.

    Card 2 Card 1
  5. When Angel is handed the business card, from one angle he is holding the card between a finger and a thumb, but at other angles the card is being held between two fingers.

  6. When Angel gets out of his car to fight Stacy's men, he slams the car door shut, but in the very next scene the door is still open!

  7. When Angel is looking up the information on Denise on the computer the article he finds has a headline about a murder, but the text of the article is about a bottle recycling program!

  8. When Angel is putting his weapons in the bag before going to Russell's place he is wearing a black sweater, but they close up on his hands putting a weapon in the bag and he appears to be wearing a grey sweater.

  9. The explosive Angel sets says "30" on it when he triggers it. Although it ticks VERY quickly, the numbers don't change. The explosion goes off 33 seconds later.
    Shoes 2 Shoes 1
  10. When Angel picks up Cordelia she is wearing different shoes then those she is wearing a moment later when they jump to the ground floor. The second pair were probably worn by a stunt double.

  11. As Russell says he pays his taxes, we see his hands together over his chest from a rear shot. The camera changes to a front shot and they are suddenly apart. They close up on his face and they are together again.

    Russell Reflection
  12. As Russell is falling and bursts into flame you can see his reflection in the building's windows during some of the shots, despite the fact that he is a vampire and casts no reflection.

  13. Angel dials only 7 numbers to call Buffy. Is Sunnydale a local call?


  • The first draft of the shooting script did not have Doyle in it, but instead had Whistler from the Buffy The Vampire Slayer season 2 finale playing the part of Angel's mentor.

  • You can download audio clips from this episode at http://www.glennquinn.com/multimedia/audio/angel_cityof.html.

  • When this episode was released on DVD it included a commetary track by the writers, David Greenwalt and Joss Whedon.

  • The name Angel is Greek for saintly messenger. The name Cordelia is Latin for heart. (Thanks to Megan from the Watcher's Diary for finding this.)

  • Glenn Quinn's character isn't the first Doyle we've seen. One of the government agents in Invisible Girl was Agent Doyle and one of the students at Sunnydale High in Earshot was Nancy Doyle. Relatives perhaps?

  • Tina's friend was named Denise Perkins, but the computer Angel uses says she also acted under the name Lyla Williams and Lyla Jones according to the computer file he finds on her.

  • Some people have wondered how Angel got into Tina's apartment and Russell's home without being invited. It is later explained that the invitation is only required for the home of the living, and neither Tina nor Russell were alive when he entered their homes.

  • Angel drives a black 1968 Plymouth GTX convertible. You can purchase a 1:18th scale replica of a 1969 version at http://www.boesperformance.com/boes/er19blacplym.html.

  • Stacy's gun was an Essential Arms Witness pistol.

  • Tina's gun was a Smith & Wesson 38 revolver.

  • I wrote up a conversion of Angel for Champions 4th edition role playing game at http://angel.fcpages.com/csangel2.html.

  • I wrote up a conversion of Cordelia for Champions 4th edition role playing game http://angel.fcpages.com/cscordelia2.html.

  • I wrote up a conversion of Buffy for Champions 4th edition role playing game http://angel.fcpages.com/csbuffy2.html.

  • New name for Angel: Mister I-was-alive-for-200-years-and-never-developed-an-investment-portfolio (by Cordelia).

  • New name for Buffy: Young Miss Puppy-Thighs (by Doyle).

  • The Morgue

      Tina Dead
    1. Anonymous vampire: In the alley, staked by Angel.
    2. Anonymous vampire: In the alley, staked by Angel.
    3. Anonymous vampire (the "Good Looking Guy"): In the alley, staked by Angel.
    4. Tina: In her apartment, drained by Russell Winters.
    5. Russell Winters: Falling from his building, thrown into sunlight by Angel.


    Angel Angel David Boreanaz as Angel
    Cordelia Charisma Carpenter as Cordelia Chase
    Doyle Doyle Glenn Quinn as Allen Francis Doyle

    Guest Starring:
    Tina Tracy Middendorf as Tina
    Russell Russell Vyto Ruginis as Russell Winters
    Lawyer Christian Kane as Lindsey McDonald

    Stacy Jon Ingrassia as Stacy
    Margo Renee Ridgeley as Margo
    Manager Sam Pancake as Manager of the Coffee Spot
    Guy Vampire Josh Wolloway as the Good Looking Guy
    Janice Gina McClain as Janice
    Buffy Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy Anne Summers (Uncredited, voice heard on phone, seen in flashbacks.)
    Oliver Michael Mantell as Oliver Simon (Uncredited)

    Famous Faces

    Adam Carr 1-800-COLLECT David Boreanaz, who played Angel, has played the character of Angel for a part in a 1-800-COLLECT television commercial. You might recognize him as Adam Carr in the 2001 horror film Valentine. He has an official web site at http://www.celebrityblvd.com/davidboreanaz.

    Charisma Carpenter, who played Cordelia Chase, is said to have tried out for the part of Buffy Summers when they were casting the Buffy The Vampire Slayer television series. Her works before landing the part of Cordelia include playing Wendie Sanders in the Baywatch episode Air Buchannon 5.05 and the caterer in the Boy Meets World episode Train of Fools 3.10. You might also recognize her from the small part she played as Beth Sullivan in the sci-fi children's film Josh Kirby... Time Warrior: Chapter 1, Planet of the Dino-Knights and two of it's sequals.

    Charisma Charisma Beth Sullivan

    Mark Doyle Glenn Quinn, who played Doyle, is probably most well known for his roll as Mark Healy, Becky's boyfriend and later husband, on the 1988 comedy television series Roseanne. There is an excellent fan web site devoted to Glenn at http://www.glennquinn.com/.

    Logan Russell Winters Vyto Ruginis, who played Russell Winters, played Chief Engineer Lt. Logan in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode The Arsenal of Freedom 1.21. He also played in the X-Files episode in Medusa 8.12.

    Tina Tracy Middendorf, who played Tina, played Tora Ziyal (Gul Dukot's daughter) in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode For The Cause 4.22. She also played Gracie O'Conner in the X-Files episode Signs and Wonders 7.09.

    Lindsey Christian Kane, who played Lindsey McDonald, has a career as a singer and has an official web site at http://www.kanemusic.com/.

    Sarah Michelle Gellar, who played Buffy Anne Summers, was originally cast in the roll of Cordelia Chase on Buffy The Vampire Slayer, but because they couldn't find a suitable Buffy they let Sarah try out for the part. Once Sarah got the part of Buffy they had to cast a new Cordelia, and they got Charisma. Sarah has appeared as Casey Cooper in the 1997 horror film Scream II, stared as Amanda Shelton in the 1999 fantasy romance Simply Irresistible and stared as Kathryn Merteuil in the 1999 film Cruel Intentions.

    Casey Cooper Amanda Shelton Kathryn Merteuil

    Doctor James Riley Oliver Michael Mantell, who played Oliver Simon, is probably most famous for his role as Mr. Sewell on the 1995 sci-fi television series Space: Above And Beyond. He also appeared in the Charmed episode Is There A Woogie In The House 1.14 and as Dr. James Riley in the X-Files episode Alpha 6.16.

    Points Of View


    Well, the episode was definitely a bit different, but overall I liked it. I was never a big fan of the big brooding guy and his star-crossed romance with the Slaygal. Teaming him with Queen C and Doyle and sending him out on a mission to fight evil is almost as good as staking him and watching him turn to dust for me. We even get to see him get knocked around every week and get shot every now and again, so I think I'm really going to like this series. The quick unexpected comedy helps take the edge off what might otherwise be an overly serious show. On the up side I enjoyed the music, the gadgets and seeing Cordelia being cast in a mostly positive light. She was given nothing good to work with at the end of season 3 on Buffy. The down sides of this ep include the new makeup (looks fake to me) and the way Angel seemed to be WAY too familiar with computers and have lots of valuables. I can understand weapons and stuff, but a mint '68 Phymouth and a whole building? What does he rob rich vamps before killing them? I was under the impression that the Stink Guy spent most of his first 100 years with a restored soul as a wandering bum, but somewhere in there he learned to save up money and take some internet courses that put him on par with a first season Willow! The harsh scene changes took some getting used to, but I think they help move the show along. Comparing it with The Freshman leads me to believe Angel got the good writing, but left the good makeup with Buffy. Overall a good intro to what seems to be a promising series.

    8 out of 10

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