''Cordelia Chase wakes up two hours late for work and nine months pregnant. Evil comes to term.''

Angel Expecting - 1ADH12

Written by Howard Gordon - Directed by Dave Sernel - First Aired on January 25, 2000

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The Short: From the
WB11 home page: Cordelia prepares for a night on the town with Wilson Christopher, a prominent L.A. photographer, but right before her friends whisk her away to meet him, she receives a vision and gives the information to Angel. Angel and Wesley check out the address and slay a demon spawn. At the club, Cordelia chats it up with Wilson and invites him to spend the night. The next morning, she realizes she's expecting! Angel and Wesley pay a visit to her apartment and observe her pregnant state. They try to contact Wilson but are unable to reach him. They form a plan: Angel will track down Cordelia's friend Sarina, while Wesley will take Cordelia to the doctor. When the doctor observes she is carrying 7 babies, the panic sets in. Meanwhile, Angel meets with Sarina and discovers she's pregnant as well. She clues him to Wilson and his cronies' hangout: a local gun club. Meanwhile, Cordelia and Wesley return to Angel's pad and Wesley observes her new attitude towards her spawn. She is suddenly very attached to them. Wesley deduces she is under some kind of telepathy. After a brief reconnaissance, Angel heads for the gun club, and Wesley researches and identifies the demon species. Cordelia, now fully under the influence, escapes from the apartment and heads to a local industrial park to prepare for the birth. Meanwhile, Wilson fesses all after a brutal thrashing from Angel in vamp form. Wesley heads over to the industrial park and challenges the demon to a duel to the death. Angel enters the scene and brings a giant canister of liquid nitrogen as an offering. They freeze the demon and Cordelia, no longer pregnant and under the influence of the telepathy, destroys it.

Brides The Long: After a ''previously on Angel'' segment (see Continuity #1) we open on Cordelia at Angel Investigations getting ready for a night on the town. Angel sneaks up on her and asks about a file (see Reference #1). Wesley shows up with his new adz looking for some demon hunting action or possibly a game of Word Puzzle 3D, but no one is interested (see Reference #2-3). Two of Cordelia girlfriends show up to pick up up for a date with new boyfriend Wilson (see Reference #4-5). Angel wants to know why she hasn't mentioned him before (see Reference #6 and Continuity #2). Cordelia has a vision so Wesley and Angel cover for her so her girlfriends don't notice. Cordelia gives Angel the information she saw in the vision and the girls leave (see Cool Quote #1). Angel gets his weapons and takes Wesley with him to get the demon. Later Angel and Wesley break in at the address Cordelia gave them, but they discover an elderly couple watching television. Angel spies the demon they are looking for through the window to the house next door and they make a quick exit, apologizing to the couple. (Listen to the teaser here.)


Creature Feature

Tahval We see a little bit of the fight with a newly hatched Tahval demon. These demons are very powerful, as a newborn was enough to give Angel and Wesley a hard fight.

We get more insight into vampires from Angel in this episode. He states that bright light hurts his eyes, and he knows Wilson is human when he gets close to him, probably from his smell.

Haxil Haxil The main villain of the episode is a Haxil Beast, described as an inner earth and procrea-parasitic demon. It is humanoid but large, at least twice the height of a human, and very hard to kill, immune to fire and decapitation. It wasn't immune to super cooled liquids though. It had worshipers build it a shrine, and they were imbued with its' life force so they could impregnate women with it's young. In return the worshipers got fame, money and success. The young are fed and maintained by a telepathic link to their parent in the early stages of development, and could be killed by destroying the parent. This telepathic influence can also be extended to the surrogate mothers to control them.

Women forced to carry monstrous babies against their will is a common theme in horror films. Films like 1968's Rosemary's Baby, 1974's Stranger Within, 1977's Demon Seed, 1991's The Unborn, 1995's Village Of The Damned and 1999's The Progeny come to mind.

Cool Quotes

  1. Angel: ''So, that client I'm supposed to be meeting tonight, what's he like again?''
    Cordelia: ''Like a big baby hatching from a big egg with really large hands, in need of a manicure. You're meeting him here. Okay.''
    What a way to cover a vision up! Listen to the quote

  2. Bartender: ''So, you're her boyfriend?''
    Angel: ''No. I'm family.''
    I guess Angel has officially taken on the roll as Cordelia's older brother. Listen to the quote here.


    Joker - Jack Joker - Cesar
  1. Angel: ''You look nice.''
    Cordelia: ''...and now I look like the Joker!''
    The Joker is a reoccurring foe of the super hero Batman, a costumed crime fighter from DC Comics that inspired several television shows, cartoons and films. The joker had a clown-like appearance and has been portrayed by several famous actors including Cesar Romero in 1966 and Jack Nicholson in 1989.

  2. Wesley: ''Hello. I was just in the neighborhood, patrolling with my new Bavarian fighting adz, when I suddenly thought perhaps Cordelia has had a vision, perhaps you need my help in the battle against evil.''
    Bavaria is the largest state of Germany. Bavaria is bordered by the Czech Republic on the east, by Austria on the southeast and south, by Baden-Württemberg on the west, by Hesse on the northwest, and by Thuringia and Saxony on the north.

  3. Wesley: ''I also packed along a Word Puzzle 3-D if either of you has the nerve to take me on.''
    Word Puzzle 3-D is...

  4. Wesley: ''No. The ethno-archeologist from Brandies?''
    Brandies University in Waltham, Massachusetts was chartered and opened 1948. Although Brandeis was founded by members of the American Jewish community, the university operates as an independent, nonsectarian institution. Its graduate school of arts and sciences was established in 1953. They have an official web page at http://www.brandies.edu/.

    Hugh Grant
  5. Sarina: ''...and that Hugh Grant thing is really starting to work for me.''
    Hugh Grant is a Golden globe winning film actor born in 1960 in London.

  6. Cordelia: ''Cause I'm ashamed of you, not to mention how you'd embarrass me by giving him the third degree.''
    Emily: ''Your boss can give me the third degree any time.''
    The third degree is long and severe questioning by police to get information or a confession.

    Buckingham Palace
  7. Cordelia: ''Yeah, compared to my old apartment, it's Buckingham Palace.''
    Buckingham Palace is the palace and London residence of the British sovereign. It is situated within the borough of Westminster. The palace takes its name from the house built (c. 1705) for John Sheffield, duke of Buckingham. It was bought in 1762 by George III for his wife, Queen Charlotte, and became known as the queen's house.

  8. Cordelia: ''Look the truth is that my dating game skills are kind of rusty. You're the first person I've had over in a long... well, ever. So, I'm open to suggestions.''
    The Dating Game is a television game show created by Chuck Barris. It originally ran from 1965 to 1974 hosted by Jim Lange. It spawned several sequels.

  9. Cordelia: ''I'll play Evita around the clock. The one with Madonna!''
    Evita Evita is a 1996 musical film about Argentenian actress and king maker Eva Peron. Lavish musical drama, based on the hit stage production by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice, telling the life story of Eva Duarte who leaves her rural home for Buenos Aires in the company of Latin singer Agustin Magaldi, eventually becoming the wife of President Juan Peron and a heroine to the people of Argentina. Also reference by Willow in Nightmares.

    Madonna Madonna is a singer and actress Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone, born in Michigan in 1968. Madonna's consistent ability to write a durable dance-pop tune, transform her image, co-opt subcultures, overcome setbacks, pick timely new collaborators, and titillate the media with a new twist have put her so far ahead of the competition that there is no real competition. In 1996, during the filming of Alan Parker's grandiose hit musical Evita, Madonna announced she was turning to self-replication the old fashioned way; on October 14, she gave birth to a girl, Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon, by personal fitness trainer Carlos Leon. Another film she did music for was 1999's Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, which had Seth Green, who played Daniel ''Oz'' Osborne on Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel.

  10. Wesley: ''As a heathen I wouldn't expect you to be familiar with the biblical story of David and Goliath, but I assure you it's of particular relevance to this situation.''
    Goliath was a character in the Bible from the 11th century B.C. He was a Philistine giant slain by David in the Philistine's war against Saul. He was slain by David's sling and pebbles. After Goliath was defeated the disheartened Philistines were easily turned away. Their story has come to represent the underdog overcoming a much more powerful foe.


  1. Angel: ''Previously on Angel.''
    Parting Gifts - Cordelia learned she gained visions from Doyle.
    Rm w/a Vu - Cordelia got a new apartment with it's own ghost.

  2. Angel: ''So, you've been seeing someone huh. How come I didn't know?''
    Cordelia: '''Cause I'm ashamed of you, not to mention how you'd embarrass me by giving him the third degree.''
    Bachelor Party - Angel embarrassed Cordelia in front of her last date, Pierce.

  3. Angel: ''She's had a lot to deal with. I mean Doyle's death, inheriting his visions, she's young, she's ah.. still trying to find her way in the world.''
    Hero - Doyle died saving Cordelia, Angel and a number of half demons.
    Darla shoots

  4. Angel: ''I really don't like it when people shoot me.''
    Angel - Angel was shot by Darla, his sire, when he allied himself with Buffy. He staked her in return.
    City Of - Angel was shot by Russell Winters' guards when saving Cordelia. He killed Russell the next day.


  1. When Angel goes to bribe the bartender, you clearly see the reflection of his hands on the bar as his slips the bill to him, even though Angel is a vampire and should cast no reflection.

  2. There are several inconsistencies with the size of the Haxil Beast. At first it seems to be much larger then a man, at least 4 times taller based on the view of him walking in. When Angel throws the tank at it it seems much smaller, perhaps twice the height based on how big the tank is to it. When Cordelia swings the rope at it the rope seems roughly the same size to it as it was to Cordelia.


  • The closed captioning has some problems saying ''adz'', the type of weapon Wesley uses. The first time Wesley says it the captioning says ''aids'' and the second time it says ''ax''.

  • During the scene where Cordelia and Wilson talk in the bar you can hear the song Games You Play by Splashdown. You view the lyrics here.

  • When Cordelia turns on her radio you can briefly hear the song Deeper Than a Milkshake by Shayna R. NuDelman.

    Ian Boss
  • During the first broadcast of this episode, they showed the Discover Card commercial with Ian Abercrombie, who played the German guy's boss in Homecoming.

    Marcus Kevin West
  • During the first broadcast of this episode, they showed the 7 Up commercial with Kevin West, who played Marcus the vampire in In The Dark.

  • Angel gets invited into Sarina's home.

  • Dennis Pearson's ghost is the fifth reoccurring non-star character on the show. He was last seen in Rm w/a Vu.

  • Obscure word: Wesley said Cordelia was going ''gadabouting''. A gadabout is ''a person who goes out constantly in search of pleasure'' according to the Oxford American Dictionary.

  • New name for Cordelia: Mrs. Penborn.

  • The Morgue

    1. Tahval demon baby: Stabbed and hacked to death, in a house by Angel and Wesley.
    2. Haxil Beast: Frozen and shattered, in his shrine by Angel, Wesley and Cordelia.
    3. Approximately 42 baby Haxil Beasts: They were killed when the liquid nitrogen tank and froze their parent, in the shrine by Wesley.


    Angel David Boreanaz as Angel
    Cordelia Charisma Carpenter as Cordelia Chase
    Wesley Alexis Denisof as Wesley Wyndham-Pryce

    Guest Starring:
    Girls Daphne Duplaix as Sarina (Right)
    Wilson Christopher Ken Marino as Wilson Christopher
    Bartender Josh Randall as the Bartender

    Doctor Doug Tompos as Doctor Wasserman
    Girls Louisette Geiss as Emily (Left)
    Woman Julie Quinn as the Pregnant Woman
    Nurse Maggie Connelly as the Nurse
    Jason Steven Roy as Jason

    Famous Faces

    Wilson Ken Marino, who played Wilson Christopher, played Miles in season 5 of Charmed.

    Daphne Julie Daphne Lynn Duplaix, who played Sarina, is most famous as a Playboy Playmate. She has appeared in a number of Playboy videos and magazines and was Playmate of the month for July 1997.

    Another place you might see Daphne is the upcoming film Demon Island, where she plays Julie alongside Buffy's Nicholas Brendon! The official web site is at http://demonisland.com/. There is a Daphne web ring at http://www.bomis.com/ring_home.fcgi?ring=daphneduplaix

    Points Of View


    Take one part
    Teacher's Pet and one part Reptile Boy, add Wesley shake and stir until pregnant. The most redeeming scene was that of phantom Dennis comforting Cordelia. On the down side another annoying male villain and hero, female victim scenario. I'm glad a gun saved the day. At least someone on that show has one besides Kate.

    6 out of 10

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