''Angel relives a mystery he left in 1950's Hollywood. To make amends he must make peace with his past.''

Angel Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been - 2ADH02

Written by Tim Minear - Directed by David Semel - First Aired on October 3rd, 2000

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The Short: Wesley and Cordelia are assigned to research the strange past of the abandoned Hyperion Hotel by Angel. We learn Angel stayed there in 1952 and was involved in a suicide cover-up that a paranoia demon tried to get everyone to blame each other for. Although Angel tried to help a young girl on the run from the law, she ended up pointing the finger for the death at him and the people at the hotel tried to kill him. Angel then fled. In the present Angel returns with Wesley, Cordelia and Gunn to slay the demon. After they do Angel finds the woman still in the hotel 48 years later, kept there by the demon to feed off her guilt for killing Angel. Angel forgives the woman and she dies in peace. Angel announces Angel Investigations is moving in the hotel.

Hyperion The Long: At Cordelia's, Angel shows Wesley and Cordelia a picture of the abandoned Hyperion Hotel, and wants them to find out why the owners are letting it stand abandoned (see Continuity #1 & Reference #1). They ask who the client is, he says no one and leaves without giving much of an explanation. Fade back to 1952 where we see the concierge giving mail to deliver to a bellman (see Goof #1). The bellman doesn't want to deliver a bill to the man in room 217, who scares him. The concierge sends him off to work. The bellman hesitates in delivering the bill to 217, knocking quietly and leaving quickly with the bill left in front of the door. As he leaves Angel walks out of the room and picks up the bill (see Goof #2).

Salesman In the present, Angel arrives at the Hyperion Hotel and looks around the abandoned lobby. As he does we shift to 1952 where people in the lobby are watching the McCarthy congressional hearings (see Reference #2). A woman runs out the front door with a man chasing after her as Angel walks in holding a package and grabs a newspaper (see Reference #3). The bellman nervously tells Angel there are no messages for 217 as Angel passes. Angel gets in the elevator. As he gets off on the second floor he passes a man in a hat who watches him and is noticed by a pair of men, saying good-bye to each other. Angel goes in his room and sets down the contents of his package, a bottle of type O human blood on the table. He then grabs a bucket and goes out to get some ice. He spies a man talking in the hallway, but ignores him, and sees the man in the hat knocking on a door. When Angel gets's back in his room he puts the blood on ice, then noticed a girl hiding in the bathroom. She pretends to be a cleaning woman, but he knows better. She apologies, but says she is hiding from the man outside, who she claims is her jealous boyfriend. As Angel is going to throw her out he notices someone trying to pick the lock. He hides her and opens the door to find the man in the hat, who wants the girl. As he tries to come in Angel slams the door in his face, roughs him up and throws the man in the passing elevator. The woman introduces herself as Judy, but Angel walks back in his room and closes the door. In the present Wesley is at Cordelia's and is looking over records of how the hotel concierge killed several people with a shotgun in 1979, and the hotel has been closed ever since. Cordelia researches on the computer finding that no one will buy the hotel. Wesley says there is a history of deaths at the hotel starting in 1928 when it was under construction. Cordelia spots a picture that has Angel standing in the background in 1952. Back in 1952 Angel hears the man in the next room playing music loudly. In the next room the man who was talking in the hallway listens to whispering coming from no where and answers it. He picks up a gun and looks at it. Angel pours himself some blood. The man picks up a pillow to muffle the shot and shoots himself.

Observatory In 1952 the bellman leads the concierge into the room with the dead man, saying the cleaning lady found him. This is the third one in three months. The concierge starts to hear whispering that he'll be shut down if police discover a third suicide, the man agrees, then tells the bellman to store the body in the meat locker. In the lobby a group of people are talking about the death, as an old man hears whispering that it might have been a murder. At the Griffith Observatory at night, Angel stands outside smoking as Judy says hello and tries to thank him for him help earlier (see Reference #4). She mentions the man who killed himself (see Reference #5). She walks off as Angel gives her the cold shoulder. In the present at Cordelia's, Wesley and Cordelia have a pile of newspaper clippings about strange happenings at the Hyperion. They discover how Frank Gilnetz, the bellman, was convicted of the murder of the man. Back in 1952, people are still talking about the death of the man in the lobby, they are sure it was a murder. Angel walks in and as he gets to his room Judy calls him to her room, and she is worried the man was murdered. She is nervous and warns Angel to watch out for police investigating. Angel asks about the man looking for Judy, who he knows was an investigator. Judy admits she is being looked for because she stole money from the bank she worked for after being fired because they learned her mother was black (see Goof #3 and Reference #6). She's been feeling guilty ever since and hasn't been able to spend the money. Angel tries to console her and sets out to help her. In the present Cordelia discovers that Judy Kovacs was never heard from again after checking into the Hotel in 1952 (see Goof #4 & #5).

People In 1952 Angel and Judy hide the money in the basement duct work, as she panics. Angel notices the whispering and tells her to go to her room. In the present, Angel walks into the basement and finds the money still there. At Cordelia's Wesley thinks some force lives in the Hyperion affecting people. Cordelia says it's a Thesulac demon, who whispers to victims and feeds on paranoia. Wesley is shocked, then realized Angel called her on the phone and told her. Angel then tells Wesley to bring Cordelia and Gunn and help him raise the demon so it can be slain. In 1952 a man named Denver at a book store watches television as Angel walks in looking for books on demons (see Reference #7). The man throws him a book that causes Angel's hands to burn, and Angel vamps out as he throws the book down, the Bible. The man then grabs a cross and chases Angel from the store. The man knew Angel was a vampire. Angel then comes up behind the man and tells him he hasn't killed in a long time but will if he doesn't help him (see Reference #8). At the Hyperion the bellman tells the concierge that he has stored the body. In the lobby debate over the murder is turning ugly. In Judy's room the demon is whispering to Judy about how she won't survive prison. At the book store Angel is talking about slaying a Thesulac demon. Seems it can only be killed while in physical form, which it only gets after a good feeding or a raising ceremony has been performed. Denver gives him advice and the equipment to do the raising (see Continuity #2). In the lobby everyone is arguing over the death, when the man looking for Judy walks in stating he is a private investigator looking for Judy. Angel gets back to the Hotel. In the present Cordelia, Wesley and Gunn arrive and they start the raising ceremony. In 1952 Angel gets upstairs and finds a mob of people roughing up Judy thinking she is the murderer. Angel sets down the equipment and goes to help her, but she sees him and accuses him of being the murderer. The investigator sees the weapon among the raising supplies and the mob attacks Angel.

Old Judy In 1952, the mob grabs Angel and hangs him from the balcony in the lobby. Angel seems dead and everyone comes to their senses and feels ashamed. Everyone walks off and Judy cries. After everyone leaves Angel stops pretending to be dead and pulls himself out of the noose. The Thesulac demon manifests itself. The rather happy demon thanks Angel for the meal. Angel is brooding and unhappy, but the demon tells him that he had reached Judy and that's what made her betrayal taste that much better (see Cool Quotes #1). A disgusted Angel leaves the hotel to the demon's mercies and walks out. In the present the demon manifests and teases Angel and his helpers. Gunn and Angel attack, and Angel electrocutes the demon, killing it. Angel goes up to Judy's room and finds Judy, 48 years later still sitting there, kept alive by the demon for him to feed off of. She recognizes him and he forgives her for her betrayal. She lays down on the bed and dies. Downstairs Angel rejoins the group and tells them they are moving in (see Goof #5). Although Wesley protests that the place is a house of evil, Angel says it isn't any more.

Creature Feature

Close-up Demon The Thesulac or paranoia demon depicted in this episode has both a physical and energy form. In energy form it whispers to the minds of it's victims feeding on their insecurities. It can only be slain in physical form, which it takes after a healthy feeding or a raising ceremony. The powers and methods of the Thesulac demon seem very similar to the demon from Gingerbread.

Raising The raising ceremony for a Thesulac demon involves an incantation, sacred herbs, divining powder and an orb of Ramjarin. The incantation for the raising is ''We call thee forth, Thesulac of the netherworld. We command you, leave our minds and join us on this, the physical plane. We invoke thee by the power of all the priests of Ramjarin. What was once in our thoughts, be now in our midst.''

We learn in this episode that vampires are burned by touching the bible.

Cool Quotes

  1. Thesulac demon: ''Well, I don't know about you but I'm stuffed! God I love people! Don't you? They feed me their worst and I kind of serve it right back to them, and the fear and prejudice turns to certainty and hate, and I take another bite and mmm-mmm-mmm! What a beautiful, beautiful dance! Oh, you got your feelings hurt, didn't you? See now what happens when you stick your neck out for them? They throw a rope around it! And you thought you'd made a friend. News flash! You had! That's what made her the yummiest morsel of all. You reached her, buddy! Restored her faith in people. Without you she would have been just another appetizer, but you plumped her up good! Now, she's a meal that's gonna last me a lifetime! Hey, you know what? There is an entire hotel here just full of tortured souls that could really use your help. What do you say?''
    Angel: ''Take them all.''
    Angel turns his back on people in need, and (un)lives to regret it.


  1. Cordelia: ''English breakfast tea, coffee, O pos.''
    O positive is one of several types of human blood, people with this type of blood make up about 37 percent of the human population. Also referenced by Cordelia in Parting Gifts.

    Joseph McCarthy
  2. Television: ''Are you now or have you ever been a member of the communist party?''
    This is a broadcast of the congressional hearings held in 1952 investigating the influence of the communist party inside high government circles held by Senator Joseph Raymond McCarthy (1908-1957).

    Lana Turner
  3. Man: ''Ah, come on, honey! How do you think Lana Turner got started?''
    Lana Turner (1921-1995) was an actress for MGM known for her glamour girl image and acting talent. She was featured on the cover of Life Magazine on January 29, 1940 and was in the classic 1941 horror film Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde. She was married seven times between 1940 and 1972. In 1983 she wrote her autobiography: ''Lana: The Lady, The Legend, And The Truth.''

  4. Judy: ''World ends in ten minutes.''
    Angel and Judy were visiting the Griffith Park Observatory in Los Angeles The observatory can also be seen in the films Rebel Without A Cause (1955), Body Shot (1993), Illicit Behavior (1992), The Mafu Cage (1978), Les MisÚrables (1998) and The Phantom Empire (1935). It has it's own web site at http://www.griffithobs.org/. (Thanks to Marsia from the Watcher's Diary for helping find this information.)

    Oscar Wilde
  5. Judy: ''Can you imagine that wallpaper being the last thing you see before you go?''
    Angel: ''Maybe it was the wallpaper that drove him to it.''
    This may be a subtle reference to the reputed last words of poet Oscar Wilde (1854-1900): ''Either this wallpaper goes or I do.'' (Thanks to James Cappio for pointing this out.)

  6. Judy: ''I'm pretty sure he works for my former employers, City Trust Bank of Salina Kansas.''
    Salina Kansas has it's own web site at http://www.ci.salina.ks.us/.

    Lucille Ball
  7. Denver: ''They call her a zany red-head. Could be a brunette for all I could tell...''
    Denver is probably referring to the character of Lucy Recardo played by Lucille Ball (1911-1989) in the 1951 comedy television series I Love Lucy. This show was also mentioned by Spike in In The Dark.

  8. Angel: ''I know you got a reputation, that's why I'm here. Now, it's been a long time since I've opened a vein, but I'll do it you pull any more of this van Helsing Jr. crap with me. Are we clear? I want the books in the back.''
    Doctor Van Helsing was a character from the novel Dracula by Bram Stoker. He helped combat the vampire Dracula.


  1. Wesley: ''The Hyperion Hotel. It appears to be abandoned.''
    Judgement - The hotel Angel investigates is the same hotel he found his way into with the pregnant woman when being chased by demons trying to kill her baby.

  2. Denver: ''Uh, you'll also need sacred herbs, binding powder and something really big to hit it with.''
    We first saw binding powder used against the Ethros demon in I've Got You Under My Skin.


  1. There is a bit of a technical mistake in the scene where they blend from the present day photo of the Hyperion Hotel to the scene of it in 1952. Although the hotel seems to go from run down to good condition, the trees and bushes around the hotel are all EXACTLY the same, despite the 48 year difference. One would expect at least a little growth, cutting or something, but it's all the same down the the exact same leaves in the exact same places!

  2. Although it is very brief, you can see a bit of the reflection of Angel on the silver tray he picks up his rent bill on.

  3. The money inside Judy's bag look like today's larger face bills then those of 1952. In scenes where Angel picks up the money it is clearly fake looking.

  4. Judy said she stole the money from the City Trust Bank of Salina Kansas, but the news article Cordelia found said she stole it from the Union National Bank.

  5. If you read closely, the newspaper clipping about calling off the search for Judy Kovacs, the third paragraph is a repeat of the second.

  6. When Angel walks down the stairs after seeing Judy die, there is a large window in the background with his full reflection showing in it.


  • The candle salesman listens to Perry Como's 1950 song Hoop-Dee-Doo. The band is the Mitchell Ayres' Orchestra and the backup singers are the Fontane Sisters. The flipside of this single was On The Outgoing Tide. You can download a clip of Hoop-Dee-Doo here.

  • Although the interior of the Hyperion Hotel was built on a sound stage, the exterior shots are actually the The Los Altos Hotel & Apts, which is found on 4121 Wilshire Blvd. in Los Angeles.

  • Dates to remember: In 1928 a roofer and two co-workers died building the Hyperion. In 1952 Angel stayed at the Hyperion. In 1954 Frank Gilnetz was executed. On December 16, 1979 the Hyperion closed.

  • The newspaper that Roland reads is the Los Angeles Times.

  • Evidentially Gunn now has a pager, and Angel Investigations has his number.

  • There are tons of minor inconsistancies in the closed captioning in this episode. One big one was near the end of the episode. After Wesley says ''What did it mean especially that one?'' the captioning continues with ''How am I paranoid?'' even though Wesley never said it.

    Tim Minear
  • When this episode was released on DVD it included a commetary track by the writer, Tim Minear.

  • According to Tim Minear's commentary, the private investigator, Claude Mulvihill, was named after a private investigator in the film 1974 Chinatown.

  • According to the script, the part of the homosexual actor was based on actor Rock Hudson.

    Blood Gun
  • According to the commentary available on the DVD release of this episode, the episode went 9 minutes over time, and they had to trim out a number of scenes. These included two scenes that were removed by the censors, which showed the salesman with the gun to his head and blood pooling on the floor after he shot himself. Brief glimpses of these removed scenes ended up making it into the scene transitions though.

  • New name for Angel: Coward of the Night (by Denver).

  • The Morgue

      Demon Electrocuted
    1. Candle salesman: In his room at the Hyperion Hotel, shot by himself with a revolver with the goading of the Thesulac demon. (In a flashback to 1952.)
    2. Anonymous Thesulac demon: In the Hyperion Hotel lobby, electrocuted by Angel.
    3. Judy Kovacs: In her room at the Hyperion Hotel, passed away from old age.
    There were several other deaths mentioned in this episode we didn't see. Three roofers in 1928, two suicides before the salesman, Frank Gilnetz was executed in 1954, and several people were killed by the concierge in 1979.


    Angel Angel David Boreanaz as Angel
    Cordelia Charisma Carpenter as Cordelia Chase
    Wesley Alexis Denisof as Wesley Wyndham-Pryce
    Gunn J. August Richards as Charles Gunn

    Guest Starring:
    Judy Melissa Marsala as Young Judy Kovacs
    Concierge John Kapelos as the Roland Meeks the Hotel Concierge
    Investigator Tommy Hinkley as Private Investigator Claude Mulvihill
    Denver Brett Rickaby as Denver
    Actor Scott Thompson Baker as the Homosexual Actor
    Bellman J.P. Manoux as Frank Gilnetz the Bellman

    Salesman David Kagen as the Salesman
    Man & Writer Terrence Beasor as the Older Man (Left)
    Whore & Actor Julie Araskog as the Over The Hill Whore (Left)
    Man & Writer Tom Beyer as the Blacklisted Writer (Right)
    Old Judy Eve Sigall as Old Judy Kovacs
    Thesulac Tony Amendola as the Thesulac Demon (Uncredited)
    Joseph Raymond McCarthy Joseph Raymond McCarthy as Himself (Uncredited, seen in archive footage.)

    Famous Faces

    John Eugene John Kapelos, who played Roland, played the part of Eugene in one of my favorite films, the 1988 comedy Vibes and of Nancy's father in the 1996 fantasy film The Craft. He also appeared as Detective Schanke in the 1992 television series Forever Knight, a show about an angst ridden vampire turned detective trying to make up for the evil of his past life. Sound familiar? John has his own web site at http://www.carpuzi.com/.

    Investigator Tommy Hinkley, who played private investigator C. Mulvihill, played the journalist in the 1994 film Star Trek: Generations.

    Actor Scott Thompson Baker, who played the actor, played First Kudak'Etan in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode One Little Ship 6.14.

    J.P. Manoux, who played the bellman, has appeared in numerous films, television shows and commercials. Probably the most notable of them is his part as the excited alien in Galaxy Quest alongside Robin Sachs, who plays the villainous Ethan Rhane on Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Other rolls I've spotted him in include as the mayor's assistant in Inspector Gadget, a hairdresser in an episode of Suddenly Susan, and an appearance on the Drew Carey Show. One of his most recent rolls is starring in the 2001 Comedy film Beer Money. You can find a quicktime movie of the Honda commercial J.P. did at http://www.channeleye.com/Honda56k.mov. The Manoux family has it's own web site at http://www.manoux.com/. I contacted him though e-mail and he was very helpful in putting actors to character names. You can read what he had to say here.
    J.P. J.P. J.P. J.P. J.P.

    Man & Writer Terrence Beasor, who played the older man, is one of the voices of the Borg on the various Star Trek television series and films.

    Britney Whore & Actor Julie Araskog, who played the over the hill whore, played the part of Britney in the Charmed episode I've Got You Under My Skin 1.02.

    Judy Eve Sigall, who played old Judy, played Agnes in the Roswell episode Leaving Normal 1.04. She also played in the Dead Last episode The Problem With Corruption 1.05.

    Dark Priest Sorrel Tony Amendola, who played the Thesulac demon, has been in a number of notable roles, including the part of Bra'tac on Stargate SG-1, and he played Chorus #3 in the Star Trek: Voyager episode Muse 6.22. He was also Sorrel in the Kindred: The Embraced episode Cabin In The Woods 1.08 and he played the dark priest in the Charmed episode Marry-Go-Round 4.15.

    Points Of View


    I liked this one. A little serious, but well done. I didn't get the wallpaper joke though. The demon was a nice change from Trek-style aliens. Real powers and supernatural weaknesses, and a non-human and original form. Very cool. It was a little hard to believe the demon had kept her alive and authorities couldn't find her for all those years, especially since the place had been in business until '79! A pleasant surprise is that I was contacted by none other then J.P. Manoux while I was working on this page. He let me in on some inside information, like that this episode was shot in August and that Tony played the Thesulac demon. Way to go J.P. Manoux!

    8 out of 10


    Great episode. Tim Minear did a wonderful job of showing us a time in Angel's life where he wasn't a street bum or some evil guy running around Europe. He just wanted to be left alone and I guess the Powers had something else in mind for him. It was nice at the end when Judy said Angel looked the same but he replied he's wasn't. Smooth transitions between time periods helped the viewer to see how 50s Angel was different from now Angel.

    9 out of 10

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