''Somethings gotten into Angel. His friends just don't know what.''

Angel Carpe Noctem - 3ADH04

Written by Scott Murphy - Directed by James A. Contner - First Aired on October 15th, 2001

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Crew The Short: An old man named Marcus casts a body-switching spell on Angel, and Marcus enjoys the many pleasures of being eternally young, handsome and bloodthirsty in Los Angeles while a dying Angel tries to get his body back. Marcus uses his new identity to seduce Lilah Morgan and break Fred's heart. After Marcus learns he will live forever in his new body, he goes to kill Angel, but the Angel Investigations crew figure out what's going on and knock him out and swap Angel back to his own body.

The Long: After a ''Previously on Angel'' segment (see
Continuity #1) we open on the Angel Investigations crew in the lobby of the Hyperion killing time. Fred surprises them, obviously looking for Angel, who is upstairs. Angel rushes down with the newspaper excited about a Charlton Heston double feature playing and wants to take the crew, but only Fred joins him. Elsewhere a young man is enjoying sex with a pair of women, and drinking up a storm. Suddenly he starts to convulse, says a magic chant, lights leave his body and then he crumples to the ground, his inside melting as the women scream. (Listen to the teaser here.)


Creature Feature

Spell Marcus uses an Algurian body-switching spell. He uses a special conjuring orb and the spell is activated with the words ''Alli permutat anima kimota. Alli permutat anima kimota.'' Reciting the words again reverses the spell. The spell burns out the body of the victim, eventually killing him, but Marcus switches back before that happens. We've seen body swapping in The Witch and This Year's Girl, but they were somewhat different. Neither of them was deadly to the victim, and were more permanent.

Cool Quotes

  1. Cordelia: ''She's got the big puppy love. I mean, who wouldn't? You're handsome, and brave, and heroic, emotionally stunted, erratic, prone to turning evil and, lets face it, a eunuch.''
    Angel: ''Hey, how can you... I'm not a eunuch.''
    Cordelia: ''Angel, it's just a figure of speech.''
    Angel: ''Find a better one.''
    Cordelia: ''I just mean that sex is a no-no for you. Because of this whole 'if you know perfect bliss you'll turn evil' curse. Really no cure for that, huh? Listen, all I'm trying to tell you is, this thing with Fred, it's going to go bad unless it's nipped in the bud.''
    The fresh and long awaited return of tactless Cordelia.


  1. Fred: ''Oh. He's probably reading, too. He's so deep, you know? Thoughtful. I'm guessing The Brothers Karmazov, Joyce, a little Goethe to round things out.''
    The Brothers Karmazov is...
    Joyce is...
    Goethe is...

    Charlton Heston
  2. Angel: ''Charlton Heston. Double feature! At the Nuart. Soylent Green and The Omega Man.''
    Charlton Heston, born John Charles Carter in Illinois, 1924, has been acting in films ever since 1941. He was quoted by Xander in When She Was Bad and Oz in The Freshman.
    The Nuart Theatre is located in the heart of Los Angeles Westside on Santa Monica Boulevard just west of the 405 Freeway. The Nuart Theatre features an eclectic mix of programming, as detailed in the quarterly Nuart Filmcalendar. It is one of the country's most renown and prestigious epicenters for independent film, foreign language cinema, documentaries, animation festivals and restored classics. Having hosted many world premiere engagements as well as a number of highly anticipated film series over the past 25 years. The theatre is also Los Angeles home for The Rocky Horror Picture Show, which plays every Saturday at midnight.
    Soylent Green is a 1973 science fiction film staring Charlton Heston as Police Detective Thornn. Plot: In the year 2022, the starving masses depend upon the government manufactured food item Soylent Green to exist, but in the midst of a murder investigation, a cop named Thorn uncovers the chilling source of the product.
    The Omega Man is a 1971 science fiction film staring Charlton Heston as Robert Neville. Plot: Robert Neville, a doctor, due to an experimental vaccine, is the only survivor of an apocalyptic war waged with biological weapons. The plague caused by the war has killed everyone else except for a few hundred deformed, nocturnal people calling themselves The Family. The plague has caused them to become sensitive to light, as well as homicidally psychotic. They believe science and technology to be the cause of the war and their punishment, and Neville, as the last symbol of science, the old world, and a "user of the wheel", must die. Neville, using electricity, machinery, and science attempts to hold them at bay.

  3. Angel: ''Hey, did anybody else see this? Police found the body of a twenty-six year old Woodrow Raglan in a two-bedroom suite at the Elondria Hotel. Unnamed witness said it was as if his insides had just collapsed.''
    The Elondria Hotel is...

  4. Phil: ''You know, I don't see anything that connects the three of them, except they were all in the evening Pilates class together.''
    Angel: ''Pilates, is that like Tae-bo?''
    Pilates is a unique method of physical and mental conditioning for strengthening and lengthening muscles, improving balance, and correcting muscular imbalances. In addition to increasing flexibility and coordination, Pilates is gentle on the body and emphasizes proper body mechanics and efficiency.
    Tae-Bo is...

  5. Marcus in Angel's body: ''Hey, Angel. How's my head? Hope you put some ice on it. Sweet deal you've got going on here, pal. Love the hotel, and Cordelia, whoh! That's how I spell w-o-m-a-n!''
    This is probably a reference to the song...

    Julia Roberts
  6. Cordelia: ''If Julia Roberts ever makes a realistic movie about being an escort, I think it should be called pretty skanky woman.''
    Julia Roberts is...
    Pretty Woman is a 1990 romantic comedy film. Plot: Edward is a rich, ruthless businessman who specializes in taking over companies and then selling them off piece by piece. He travels to Los Angeles for a business trip and decides to hire a prostitute. They take a liking to each other and he offers her money if she'll stay with him for an entire week while he makes the rich and famous scene.

  7. Fred: ''It's like something out of Fitzgerald. The man who can have everything but love. Well, maybe in some ways you're better off, because love is... Well, in a way it's everything, but it's also heartache and disappointment, and those are good things to avoid.''
    Fitzgerald is...


  1. Cordelia: ''Previously on Angel.''
    Through The Looking Glass - Angel saves Fred in the hell dimension of Pylea.
    Heartthrob - Angel comments on how Fred doesn't go out into the world.
    That Vision Thing - Gavin Park says he's fighting Angel, but Lilah Morgan is unimpressed. Cordelia is left scared by Lilah's plot against Angel. Angel threatens to kill Lilah if she hurts Cordelia again.

  2. Cordelia: ''Angel, Willow's on the phone... She's alive! Buffy's alive!''
    Bargaining Part 2 - Buffy was returned to life by a spell Willow cast.


  1. When Marcus in Angel's body is standing at the counter, you can clearly see his reflection in the finish, despite that fact that he is a vampire and should cast no reflection.

  2. When Marcus in Angel's body is destroying the answering machine tape, you can clearly see his reflection in the finish of the table again.

  3. There are more reflections of Marcus in Angel's body in the desk right after he shreds the files in Wesley's office.


  • The official WB photo gallery for this episode is at http://www.thewb.com/Popups/PhotoGallery/0,8200,33797,00.html.

  • You can download the official trailer for this episode at http://www.thewb.com/Popups/Trailers/0,8204,21412,00.html.

  • Angel is invited into Marcus' home.

  • We see that Angel Investigations still has business cards with the logo Cordelia made. Cordelia Chase's business card says she is a senior associate. Wesley Wyndam-Pryce and Charles Gunn have their own business cards as well. Angel uses business cards with no name.

  • The Morgue

    1. Woodrow Raglin: In a hotel, killed by magic cast by Marcus.
    The Angel Investigations crew found that another man died under similar circumstances 10 days before, and another 5 weeks before.


    Angel David Boreanaz as Angel (and Marcus in Angel's body.)
    Cordelia Charisma Carpenter as Cordelia Chase
    Wesley Alexis Denisof as Wesley Wyndham-Pryce
    Gunn J. August Richards as Charles Gunn
    Fred Amy Acker as Winifred "Fred" Burkle

    Guest Starring:
    Lilah Stephanie Romanov as Lilah Morgan
    Gavin Daniel Dae Kim as Gavin Park
    Marcus Rance Howard as Marcus Rosco (and Angel in Marcus' body.)
    Resident Paul Benjamin as the Fellow Resident

    Christina Misty Louwagie as Christina
    Phil Marc Brett as the Health Club Man (Phil)
    Woody Paul Logan as Woodrow "Woody" Raglin
    Escorts Lauren Reina as Escort #1
    Escorts Magdalena Zielinska as Escort #2
    Ryan Steven W. Baily as Ryan

    Famous Faces

    David Marcus Rance Howard, who played Marcus Rosco, is the father of actors Ron Howard and Clint Howard. You might recognize him as David Sheridan, a reoccurring character on Babylon 5. Until she passed away in 2000 Rance's real life wife was actress Jean Speegle Howard who played the real Miss French in Teacher's Pet.

    Woody Paul Logan, who played Woody, has his own web site at http://www.paullogan.net/.

    Points Of View


    I liked watching Marcus paying Gunn for food delivery, but I had a problem with him enjoying his food. Doesn't Angel dislike foods taste?

    7 out of 10

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