''The Groosalugg has returned for his princess. Now Angel must help the woman he cares for fulfill her destiny.''

Angel Couplet - 3ADH14

Written by Tim Minear & Jeffrey Bell - Directed by Tim Minear - First aired on February 4th, 2002

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The Short: In the second of a two parter tension increases in the office from the two latest couplings. Fred and Gunn try to balance their romantic life and work life as Cordelia and the Groosalugg try to figure out how to have sex without her loosing her visions to him. Angel is feeling useless as the Groosalugg can do everything he can plus more. Cordelia asks Angel to help her get a potion of protection as Fred and Gunn are trapped by a root monster while following a man for client. Angel rescues Fred and Gunn, gets the potion for Cordelia, and he gives Cordelia some paid vacation to spend time with the Groosalugg.

Senih'd Demon The Long: After a ''Previously on Angel'' segment (see
Continuity #1) we open on right as the last episode left off, with Angel checking on Connor. The host joins in and Angel thinks something is odd about the Groosalugg. The host mentions Cordelia took him home. The host notices Angel's tux has Cordelia's perfume on it and wonders what they did, but Angel says it was just magic (see Reference #1). Angel insists Cordelia deserves a champion, and the Groosalugg can be that for her. He says he always did best alone, but when the host leaves he takes a moment to smell Cordelia's perfume on his tux. At Cordelia's place she changes out of her dress as the Groosalugg explains how he was deposed. Cordelia asks if he misses his royal life, and he says he welcomed the overthrow. Government was too much to bare without her. They kiss and Cordelia has a vision of a black spiky monster. (Listen to the teaser here.)

The next morning Angel cares for Connor as Wesley is doing research. Angel wonders where Cordelia is. Wesley is concerned about Connor and why does he exists. Angel and Welsey agree to research Connor because they know Connor's enemies will be researching it. Since Wolfram & Hart took the scrolls Wesley wants to research commentaries on them instead. Cordelia and the Groosalugg arrive. As the Groosalugg tries out Angel's weapons Cordelia tells Angel about her vision last night, which killed her mood. The demon she saw will rise up later that day. Cordelia is also worried she might loose her visions if she has sex with the Groosalugg. Wesley suggests a paranormal prophylactic could be found. At a diner Gunn and Fred have breakfast together and talk about their kiss, until Wesley beeps both of them. At the Hyperion Wesley tells them about Cordelia's vision of a Senih'd demon and they prepare to go into battle against it. Wesley orders Angel and the Groosalugg to take the tunnels while the rest head for a park (see Reference #2). Angel is jealous that Cordelia gives him his favorite sword. In the tunnels Angel and the Groosalugg track the beast as the Groosalugg worries he isn't making Cordelia happy. Angel explains she is worried to get too close. They hear the beast and find some blood (see Reference #3). The demon jumps them and they start to fight, but when the battle leads outside Angel cannot follow the Groosalugg and the demon. The Groosalugg saves a woman in the park from the demon and then slays it. The rest of the crew show up just in time to see the Groosalugg be the hero as Angel watches from the shadows.

Groo tells a tale. In the Hyperion the Groosalugg tells tales of his adventurers to the crew as a woman talks to Angel in the office about how her husband Jerry is seeing someone else, who she suspects is a witch he met on the internet. Wesley makes a phone call looking for a book he needs. Wesley then assigns Gunn to follow the husband, and Fred tags along with him. Angel and Wesley go pick up the book Wesley needed. Angel says Cordelia and the Groosalugg should have sex, but Wesley is worries about office romances. Angel suggests the Groosalugg could just replace him, but Wesley insists Angel is unique. In the office Cordelia talks the Groosalugg into getting his hair cut (see Reference #4-#5). He hopes this will make her happy, and she realizes he didn't come to Earth for a makeover, he wants her. At night Gunn and Fred stake out a meeting place where Jerry is supposed to meet for his romantic liaison. Fred and Gunn set up a video camera, then they start to make small talk and start to kiss when the suddenly realize Jerry is gone. Wesley and Angel return to the Hyperion to find the Groosalugg with a fresh hair cut and wearing Angel's clothes. In the office Cordelia asks Angel for his help in having sex with Groosalugg.

Cordelia explains she needs help procuring a magic potion she has discovered which can protect her from loosing her powers during sex.


Creature Feature

Root Monster Senih'd Demon The Senih'd demon is a spine covered monster who takes physical form only to feed. The Groosalugg says it resembles the Bleaucha, which nests in the Scum Pits of Ur, but since he planned on giving it's head to Cordelia as a trophy and this creature dissolved it might not be the same demon.

The root monster is a living tree-like creature who feeds off human life force by impaling their chests with it's roots, although it doesn't seem to like the taste of vampires. Although it resembled wood, it's actually made of leather, and therefore it cannot slay a vampire by staking it with a tendril in the heart. It lures victims to it over an internet connection it has.

Cool Quotes

  1. Groosalugg: ''Endless committees were formed. Committees splintered into factions, the factions into coalitions, the coalitions turned into subcommittees, until finally the more radical elements, spurred by a charismatic leader, did the dance of revolution.''
    Sounds like Numfar leads Pylea now. Listen to the quote


    Gretta Garbo
  1. Host demon: ''Fine, Miss Garbo, have it your way. Be alone.''
    Greta Garbo (1905-1990) a popular actress in the films of the 1930s, was considered mysterious and mesmerizing. An oft-quoted line from her part in Grand Hotel (1932) is ''I want to be alone.'' (Thanks to Melissa Evans for this information.)

  2. Wesley: ''Angel will take the sewer tunnels. The rest of us will go by car to Sorensen Park. We'll enter the underground from the water treatment plant there, double back. Hopefully by the time we meet up again...''
    The only Sorensen Park in California seems to be at 11419 Rose Hedge Dr, in Whittier. (Thanks to Melissa Evans for this information.)

  3. Angel: ''It's better than bread crumbs. Lets go.''
    A trail of bread crumbs is probably a reference to the Hansel and Gretel story from the Brothers Grimm or the older French folktale of Thumbelina. In several variants of these, a character leaves a trail of bread crumbs so as not to get lost in the woods. Hansel and Gretel was vaguely the basis for the episode Gingerbread.

  4. Cordelia: ''Oh, wait. It's not like your strength is in your hair, or anything like that, right?''
    This seems to be a reference to the legend of Samson, whose strength was in his hair. After getting it cut, he became weak.

    Battlefield Earth
  5. Cordelia: ''Okay. So, we lose the Battlefield Earth hair, and get you out of these animal skins, and it'll be a whole new you!''
    Battlefield Earth is a 2000 science fiction film which features aliens with extreme hair.


  1. Angel: ''Previously on Angel.''
    Dad - Angel holds Connor.
    Lullaby - Lilah finds the prophecies.
    The Offspring - Vampire cultists worship Darla's baby.
    Provider - Fred cradles Connor as Gunn and Wesley lust after her.
    Billy - Wesley remarks about how extraordinary Fred is.
    Waiting in the Wings - Gunn and Fred kiss, Wesley is devastated. The host tells Angel about ky-rumption. Cordelia dresses up for the ballet. The host tells Angel to tell Cordelia how he feels. Angel and Cordelia make out. The Groosalugg shows up and sweeps Cordelia off her feet. Fred thought Cordelia was meant to be with Angel.
    Through The Looking Glass - Silas is eager for Cordelia to com-shuk with the Groosalugg.
    There's No Place Like Pltrz Glrb - Cordelia hugs the Groosalugg. The Groosalugg explains how her visions will pass to them if they have sex.


  1. Unfinished.


The Morgue

  1. Anonymous Senih'd demon - In Sorensen Park, stabbed with a sword in neck by the Groosalugg.
  2. Anonymous Root Monster - In a Park, stabbed with a sword by Gunn.


Angel David Boreanaz as Angel
Cordelia Charisma Carpenter as Cordelia Chase
Wesley Alexis Denisof as Wesley Wyndham-Pryce
Gunn J. August Richards as Charles Gunn
Fred Amy Acker as Winifred "Fred" Burkle

Guest Starring:
Host Andy Hallett as the Host Demon (Krevlornswath of the Deathwok Clan)
Groosalugg Mark Lutz as the Groosalugg

Root Monster Bernard Addison as the Root Monster
Anita Fanshen Cox as Anita
Jerry Scott Donovan as Jerry
Lionel Steven Hack as Lionel
Susan Marisa Matarazzo as Susan Frakes
Pillow Fight Michael Otis as the Pillow Fight Man
Pillow Fight Vanie Poyey as the Pillow Fight Woman
Business Man Bob Rumnock as the Business Man
Connor Jake Tupen, Connor Tupen and Trent Tupen as Connor Angel (Uncredited)

Famous Faces

Root Monster Bernard Addison, who played the root monster also played cop #1 in Dead Things.

Points Of View


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