''Theirs was a love of destiny, then she vanished to a realm unknown. Now his search will end and the mystery will begin.''

Angel Slouching Toward Bethlehem - 4ADH04

Written by Jeffrey Bell - Directed by Skip Schoolnik - First aired on October 27th, 2002

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Crew The Short: The second of a two parter. Cordelia returns, but since she has no memory of who she is or that Angel is a vampire, everyone tries to keep their demon-hunting business a secret. After rescuing Cordelia from a demon, Connor takes on the role of her protector and Lorne reads Cordelia's future to help restore her memory but sees an approaching apocalypse involving Angel. Cordelia decides to run off with Connor and stays with him because he is the only honest one of the group. Meanwhile Wolfram & Hart trick Wesley into helping have a demon suck everything the host read from Cordelia out of his head.

The Long: After a ''Previously on Angel'' segment (see
Continuity #1) we open on a family working on a broken down car late at night. Connor shows up and offers to help, but then a tow truck arrives. Sadly the truck is driven by two vampires. The vampires attack the family, but Connor dispatches them. Connor then breaks into the Hyperion and spies from above as Angel, Fred and Gunn discovering Cordelia standing in the lobby. Cordelia seems frightened and doesn't know who anyone is, including herself. (Listen to the teaser here.)


Creature Feature

The demon the host called Jugghead was a nasty human eating thing which looked human, but his mouth opened up in a way that reminded me of the reapers from Blade II.

Cool Quotes

  1. Unfinished.


  1. Host demon: ''Do the words 'slouching towards Bethlehem' ring a bell? or how about 'despair,' 'torment, 'terror?' and I'm not referring to the little missies choice of song either. Although that was horrifying in its own right. Ugh! What I saw was jumbles, pieces, flashes. It was enough to make my skin crawl away and scamper under the bed. Evil is coming, Angel, and it's planing on staying.''
    Bethlehem is...

  2. Host demon: ''Okay, okay, Jughead, that's enough. That's enough. Look, I'll make this simple. You, you have an addiction. You know it and I know it, and if you don't stop snacking on you know who's you're gonna end up on the wrong end of you know...''
    Jughead is...


  1. Gunn: ''Previously on Angel.''

  2. Angel: ''...ballet''
    Waiting In The Wings - Angel Investigations went to see Giselle.


  1. Unfinished.
Note: Some people wonder how Angel got in Connor's place uninvited, but we don't know if Connor is human or if it was truly his home.


  • New name for Angel: Fang-boy (by Gunn).

  • The Morgue

    1. Anonymous vampire: On the street, staked by Connor.
    2. Anonymous vampire: On the street, lit on fire by Connor.


    Angel Angel David Boreanaz as Angel
    Cordelia Charisma Carpenter as Cordelia Chase
    Gunn J. August Richards as Charles Gunn
    Fred Amy Acker as Winifred "Fred" Burkle
    Connor Vincent Kartheiser as Connor Angel
    Wesley Alexis Denisof as Wesley Wyndham-Pryce

    Guest Starring:
    Host Andy Hallett as the Host Demon (Krevlornswath of the Deathwok Clan)
    Lilah Stephanie Romanov as Lilah Morgan

    Dad David Grant Wright as the Minivan Dad
    Mom Carol Avery as the Minivan Mom
    Son Steven Mayhew as the Minivan Teen
    Carlo Nynno Ahli as Carlo
    Skip David Denman as Skip (Uncredited, seen in flashback to Tomorrow.)

    Famous Faces


    Points Of View


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