Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Playing With Fire

Written by Christopher Golden - Pencilled by Hector Gomez - First released on May to September, 1999

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The Short: Unfinished.

The Long: Part 1 - Unfinished.

Part 2 - Unfinished.

Part 3 - Buffy, Rupert and Willow, with stakes in hand stalk through a hallway looking for vampires. Two vampires run to the attic. Buffy leads the group up the stairs. Willow things she feels like someone is watching them, as a transparent figure followes them. Buffy climbs a ladder to the attic and five vampires are waiting to attack her. As Rupert tries to get Willow to back up giving them room to fight, she spots the ghost and freezes.

Part 4 - The ghost introduces himself to Willow as Bryan. Willow is pushed back and falls right through Bryan. As Buffy fights Bryan is happy to have human guests, and realizes he's being rude by not helping them. Suddenly tenticles grow out of the wooden floor and stake the vampires. Buffy is happy she can get home to work on her trig test, but Bryan says he's sorry, he can't let them leave.

Part 5 - Unfinished.

Part 6 - Unfinished.

Creature Feature

Cool Quotes

  1. Unfinished.


  1. Unfinished.


  1. Unfinished.


  1. Unfinished.


The Morgue

  1. Unfinished.


Buffy Anne Summers - Willow Rosenberg - Rupert Giles

Guest Starring:


Points Of View


6 out of 10

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