Kindred: The Embraced/Buffy The Vampire Slayer Crossovers

To celebrate my new DVD player, I went out and purchased the Kindred: The Embraced DVD. That's where I got the Kindred pictures. I've found 8 actors and actresses that have crossed over.

Kindred: The Embraced (1996 television series)

Eddie Judge Luke Brian Thompson, who played Luke the vampire in season 1 of Buffy The Vampire Slayer and the Judge in season 2 of Buffy The Vampire Slayer played Brujah vampire Eddie Fiori in the episodes The Embraced 1.01 to The Rise and Fall Of Eddie Fiori 1.06 on Kindred: The Embraced.

Sasha Virginia Brigid Connley Walsh (a.k.a. Brigid Brannagh), who played Virginia in season 2 of Angel played the Brujah vampire Sasha on Kindred: The Embraced.

Cash Jack Channon Roe, who played Jack in The Zeppo 3.13 played the Gangril vampire Cash on Kindred: The Embraced.

Second Assassin Bouncer Gilbert B. Combs, who played the bouncer in the Angel episode In The Dark 1.03 played the second assassin in The Kindred 1.01 on Kindred: The Embraced.

Security Guard Kungai Henry Kingi Jr., who played the Kungai Demon in Helpless 3.12 played the Security Guard in Live Hard, Die Young and Leave A Good Looking Corpse 1.05 on Kindred: The Embraced.

Note: There is some confusion about this crossover, as there are two stuntmen named Henry Kingi. They are father and son, and it's unclear which played the Kungai demon. The son definitely played the security guard.

Benning Sahjhan Cain Jack Conley, who played Cain in Phases 2.15 and played Sahjhan in Offspring 3.07 played the Mr. Benning P.I. in The Rise and Fall Of Eddie Fiori 1.06 on Kindred: The Embraced.

Daedalus Rack Zackary Jeff Kober, who played Zackary the vampire in Helpless 3.12 and Rack in Wrecked 6.10 played the Nosferatu vampire Daedalus on Kindred: The Embraced.

Sorrel Thesulac Tony Amendola, who played the Thesulac demon in the Angel episode Are you Now Or Have You Ever Been 2.02 played the vampire Sorrel in the Kindred: The Embraced episode Cabin In The Woods 1.08.

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