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Judgement 2.01

The host sings I Will Survive (929kb), the host and liz sing I'm So Excited (1.1mb), Angel sings Mandy (673kb), and Angel sings some Mandy out takes (627kb).

First Impressions 2.03

The host sings Get Here (504kb).

Dear Boy 2.05

The Angel sings Everybody Have Fun Tonight (619kb).

Darla 2.09

Darla sings Ill Wind (2.1mb).

Redefinition 2.11

The host sings Lady Marmalade (790kb) and Cordelia, Gunn and Wesley sing We Are The Champions (279kb).

Happy Anniversary 2.13

The host sings the Star Spangled Banner (185kb), a Torto demon sings Bye Bye Love (152kb), Gene sings All By Myself (235kb), a man sings Greensleeves (69kb) and the bartender sings For He's a Jolly Good Fellow (21kb).

Disharmony 2.17

Harmomy sings Memories (256kb).

Dead End 2.18

Lindsey sings California (456kb).

Belonging 2.19

The host sings Superstition (789kb).

Through The Looking Glass 2.21

The host sings Stop (650kb).

There's No Place Like Pltrz Glrb 2.22

The host sings Somewhere Over The Rainbow (118kb).

Heartthrob 3.01

The host sings I Left My Heart In San Francisco (1.5mb).

The Old Gang of Mine 3.03

Fred sings Crazy (313kb) and Gio sings Wind Beneath My Wings (185kb).

Lullaby 3.09

Holtz sings an old lullaby (223kb).

Dad 3.10

The host and Angel sing Ooh Baby Baby to Connor (547kb).

Happy Birthday 3.11

Angel, Fred, Gunn and Wesley sing Happy Birthday (64kb) to Cordelia and the theme song to the Cordy show (281kb).

Waiting In The Wings 3.13

The host sings a lullaby to Connor (184kb).

Deep Down 4.01

The host sings Hush Little Baby (159kb).

The House Always Wins 4.03

The host sings It's Not Easy Being Green (1.4mb) and Lady Marmalade (2.7mb).

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