Music of Buffy

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The Witch 1.03

Buffy sings Macho Man (62kb).

Puppet Show 1.09

Cordelia sings The Greatest Love of All (94kb).

Lover's Walk 3.08

Spike sings My Way (89kb).

Superstar 4.17

Jonathan sings Serenade in Blue (433kb) and Jonathan plays an instrumental on the trumpet (106kb).

Where The Wild Things Are 4.18

Rupert sings Behind Blue Eyes (313kb).

The Yoko Factor 4.20

Rupert sings Free Bird (175kb).

Restless 4.22

Rupert sings the Exposition Song (220kb).

Selfless 7.05

The Anya sings Missis (673kb).

Him 7.06

Dawn cheers for RJ (93kb).

Lies My Parents Told Me 7.17

Early One Morning sung by Nana Mouskouri (2.3mb).

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