Pleasantville/Buffy The Vampire Slayer Crossovers

Their are currently 8 actors and actresses that were in the movie Pleasantville that were also on Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

Andrea Taylor

Sales Girl Andrea

Andrea played the sales girl in The Prom and played Peggy Jane in Pleasantville.

Danny Strong

Jonathan Danny

Danny played Jonathan Levinson in season 2-6 of Buffy and played the juke box boy in Pleasantville.

Denise Y. Dowse

Miller Denise

Denise played Miss Miller in Invisible Girl and played the health teacher in Pleasantville.

J. Patrick Lawlor

Thomas J.

J. played Thomas the vampire in Welcome To The Hellmouth and played a thug in Pleasantville.

Jason Behr

Ford Jason

Jason played William "Billy" Fordham in Lie To Me and played Mark's lackey #2 in Pleasantville.

Marc Blucas

Riley Marc

Marc played Riley Finn in season 4 of Buffy and played the basketball hero in Pleasantville.

Nancy Lenehan

Pat Nancy

Nancy played Pat in Dead Man's Party and played Marge Jenkins in Pleasantville.

Paul Morgan Stetler

Doctor Paul

Paul played the young doctor in Dead Man's Party and played the college councelor in Pleasantville.

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