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  1. Added an animation of seme season 3 previews. Season 3 will premiere on September 24th.

    Angel and Cordelia

  2. Added 2 Angel season 3 promo photos:

    Angel and Cordelia Angel and Cordelia

  3. Dateline: Tuesday, August 14, 2001

    By: News Editor
    Source: TV Guide

    ANGEL producer David Greenwalt has been talking about what we can expect of his series as it goes into its third season on the WB.

    Gravestone While talking to TV Guide, Greenwalt mirrored comments made by WB execs regarding any crossovers with the recently departed BUFFY, saying, "We're not going to do crossovers, but we're not going to pretend Buffy wasn't the great love of Angel's life. In the first episode, everybody's waiting for the other shoe to drop about her death because they know he's got to be grief-stricken."

    And after Buffy's resurrection? Greenwalt says, "We won't act as if when she comes back to life, he doesn't want to see her."

    Regarding what or who will be on the series this year, Greenwalt talks about Darla and Drusilla, saying, "You'll be seeing one of them, and soon." Also returning will be Christian Kane as Wolfram & Hart attorney Lindsey, Eliza Dushku as rogue Slayer Faith, and Elisabeth Rohm as Kate.

    Darla Drusilla Lindsey Faith Kate

    Keith Szarabakja Angel will also have a new adversary. Greenwalt says, "There's going to be a villain named Holtz. He's a vampire killer who's been hunting Angel for years." The role will be played by Keith Szarabajka (PROFIT).

    Greenwalt also notes that the next season of ANGEL won't be grim and gritty, even though the show's chracters have "been playing around, and now they have to get serious."

    The producer adds, "But the tone of the show is not going to be serious. I think we've stressed too much the darkness, and it's escaped people that this show is a lot like DIE HARD. We have a [protagonist] who will do all the heroic things, but he's also funny and a little cheap and makes very human mistakes. That's one of my favorite things about him -- he's capable of saving the wrong girl."

  4. From An Angel's Soul Spoiler Board:

    The vampire hunter character, Holtz, introduced in an off-screen manner in season 2, will become a known problem for Angel. Although he originally lived in the 1700's, the character was put to sleep and will be brought back to life in order to seek his revenge against Angel for the crimes Angelus and Darla committed. Keith Szarabajka will play the villain.

  5. From An Angel's Soul Spoiler Board:

    Fred Fred, portrayed by Amy Acker in the last few episodes of season 2, will become a regular cast member. She will likely become a good friend to Cordy and it has been hinted that Fred may have a bit of a crush on Angel. (That absolutely does *not* mean the two will become a couple in any way, people.)

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