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Demons and Dharma: Spike crashes Buffy’s yoga class, but gets more than he bargained for.


Black the Sun: On the eve of a solar eclipse, an exotic baddie needs the blood of a vampire – and Spike just drew the short straw.



Of Innocence and Experience: A William fic; spoilers for "Fool for Love." 


Another Dawn: A post-"The Gift" fic. (Updated through Chapter 26, which completes the story, 10/20/01.)

After: Set sometime after Once More, with Feeling. To have her, but not really have her ...

Striking Out on Saturday Night: Spike and Xander spend some quality time together.

SISTAH "Sweet on Spike" Beth (Peggin)


A Real Good Day: Spike gets his chip out and Faith gets out of jail to help in the fight with Glory.


Emulating Atlas: Some promises are harder to keep than others



The Wedding: S/B are at Xander and Anya's wedding reception.


Reverse Psychology: When your lover is perverse, it pays to be a little perverse yourself.


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