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Nichole (*) Preferences: Buffy/Angel. I will read anything you send me if Buffy and Angel are together or end up together. Ratings don't matter.
Dislikes: Anything not centered on Buffy and Angel.
TiniLily (*) Preferences: Anything and everything. I have experience with mostly NC-17 and angst, but I work well with the fluff.
Dislikes: Nothing.
Scarlet (*) Preferences: Slash. I also love completely unconventional couples, but not ones that just start out of nowhere. If you can put them together with a scrap of justification, I'm on board. I'm a teacher and am quite used to editing and have pretty good turn-round time.
Dislikes: Traditional pairings such as Buffy/Angel, Buffy/Spike, etc. I also won't do non-consensual or character death (including siring).
Lady Savage (*) Preferences: Anything well-written, be it fantasy or general, Riley, and long stories with plots. I can help with characterization, plot, spelling, and basic grammar, and I will be critical of severely out-of-character characters.
Dislikes: PWPs, and character-bashing.
Sonya (*) Preferences: Dark fic. Angst. Non-schmoopy romance. Plot. Vampy sex/bloodplay, but only if done right. M/M slash. Het. UC pairings. Some of my favorite pairings are: Buffy/Doyle, Angel/Lindsey, Buffy/Xander, Xander/Oz, Xander/Riley, Lindsey/Gunn,
Lindsey/Riley, Wesley/Faith, Wesley/Illyria. I'm not a huge fan of conventional couples, but I do enjoy the occasional Cordelia/Doyle or Cordelia/Xander fic. And Wesley/Fred is okay in small doses, especially if it's got some Wesley/Illyria, Wesley/Gunn or Wesley/Lilah thrown in to darken things up. I'm also a fan of both Kate and Connor, though I have yet to find any pairings with either of them that catch my fancy. As far as any special knowledge on my part, I'm a copy editor IRL and have a B.A. in English. Therefore, I'm
great at catching problems with spelling/grammar/punctuation. I'm also good with plot stuff, and I know the Joss-verse inside and out. I'm esp. good at writing Doyle, Xander, Lindsey and Dark!Wesley. So any fic with one or more of them in a main role will get critiqued just that little bit more.
Dislikes: Spuffy. Bangel. Cordelia/Angel. Incest (unless it's vampiric in nature, i.e. Spangel or Darsilla). Too much Willow. Fluff. Also, I'm not very fond of F/F slash, though I will make the occasional exception if the writing is good. And please no Dawn pairings unless the fic takes place at a time when she is of legal age. Finally, while I'll read any rating up to and including NC17, I prefer a bit of plot with my porn.
Jolie (*) Preferences: Anything. I'll read anything. Slash, het, G-rated, adult... I prefer relationship fiction, although I'll read other genres as well. Open to all pairings. If you can change my opinion of Willow/Xander, please feel free to do so. I also love AU, crossovers, and time travel.
Dislikes: Bashing. Well, unless it's funny bashing.
Curls (*) Preferences: Pretty much any BtVS. Storylines including Spike and Angel especially good. Okay with slash.
Dislikes: Will read pretty much anything. No known dislikes -- will let you know if you spark one!
Angela (*) Preferences: Buffy/Angel is my favorite, but I also like Buffy/Spike and Angel/Cordelia. I will read most stories and I love alternate universe stories.
Dislikes: I will absolutely not read male/male slash or rape stories.
Larilyn (*) Preferences: Buffy and Spike is my favorite, but I'll read just about any relationship. I prefer funny to dark. I also love reading Anya and Fred.
Dislikes: I prefer not to read male/male slash. Female/female slash is fine. Will not read Buffy/Riley or Cordelia/Connor, but anything else is fair game.
Liz/Will_ow (*) Preferences: Buffy/Angel(us), Willow/Oz, Xander/Cordelia, Friendfic, Funnyfic/Sillyfic, AU/AR, Futurefic.
Dislikes: Slash, Buffy/Spike, Cordelia/Angel, Buffy/Riley.
Zephyr (*) Preferences: I'll read pretty much anything, I'm easy like that. I enjoy all Buffy and Angel based characters, any which way they're paired. And I'll read a "Mary Sue" if it's got an interesting plot twist or two. Bring it on!
Dislikes: I don't have a lot of time for writing that hasn't been proofread properly. Nobody's perfect, but if it has really bad grammar, then I probably won't give it as much attention as it might deserve.
pepperatstate (*) Preferences: I love NC-17 stories, and go wonky over Buffy and Spike. I don't care what themes are visited.
Dislikes: Anything involving rape or pairings other than Buffy and Spike.
Callum Joshua Fielding (*) Preferences: I like slash and gen, mostly. Any pairings with Spike or Wesley is happily read, but basically, I read anything. I prefer longer plot-driven stories, but, again, all is welcome. I have been told I can be quite strict on characterization.
Dislikes: I don't really like femslash, but I'll still check it over if you want. I am less keen on het stories, but, again, I will read it. PWPs aren't my favorite, but you can try me with them as well. So pretty much anything, really.
Darkynangelic (*) Preferences: Anything! I'm not too familiar with female/female slash, but I promise to be honest.
Dislikes: Extreme BDSM, others as it comes up. I'm pretty open. Also, be prepared for an honest opinion.
Goldylocks (*) Preferences: Only really interested in Spike/Buffy. Any rating, but my loves are fluff, comedy, and smut. I'll read anything. I don't have the imagination to make up stories myself. But I know the characters and when they sound right and can amend when necessary. I'm told I'm especially good at betaing Spike. I'm not easily shocked, and read three to four stories a night. I'll be honest, kind, constructive, and will give input if you want it.
Dislikes: Riley or Angel centered.
KimberlyFDR (*) Preferences: Crazy Souled Spike and Spike/Buffy stories are my favorite, but I like anything that has Spike as a main focus.
Dislikes: Slash, stories where Spike is human, or death stories involving a main character.
Jacordx (*) Preferences: Buffy/Spike, Harry Potter Crossovers, Good interaction with the Scoobies, Humor, PWP, Angst, Action, Happy Buffy.
Dislikes: Alternate universes, Depressed Buffy, Non-Consensual, Scoobies being ignored, Mary Sues, Buffy/Angel, Buffy/Riley.
Rapunzel (*) Preferences: I've really fallen for Spuffy fantasy fic, where there are no vampires or slayers, but that's not saying I won't read anything else. I love romance with some angst thrown in, time travel, and historical period writing. PWP is okay. ***Please give plenty of time to beta, as I've just had a baby and it may take a little longer***
Dislikes: Not a big fan of the slash. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.) Nothing that's so bleak with excess amounts of violence and non-con.
BeccaGirl (*) Preferences: Buffy as the main character, Buffy/Riley, Buffy/Xander, Buffy/Angel, Buffy/Spike, comedies, and I love helping out new authors!
Dislikes: Won't be any good with slash.
Charlien Wolf (*) Preferences:I prefer NC-17 stories and Buffy/Spike, Buffy/Spike/Angel(us), and Buffy/Spike/Angel(us)/Faith. Spike/Angel(us) I'll read anything else, as long as it involves Spike. And I really like m/m slash, but I also read f/f slash
Dislikes: I will not read sexually-explicit Dawn stories. And I absolutely dislike stories with Riley as a main character.
Amanda (*) Preferences: Buffy/Spike, but I will read any other pairing, as well as NC-17
Dislikes: Nothing
Belladonna (*) Preferences: Any length, any rating, and unconventional relationships.
Dislikes: Buffy/Angel and Buffy/Spike
Aryn Lane (*) Preferences: I love unconventional pairings, and I'm truly I'm a sucker for Spike/Willow.
Dislikes: No slash, no character death, and I'm not much help with NC-17.
Rowan P.C. Tritton (*) Preferences: I will beta any Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Angel story. I like Willow/Tara, Willow/Buffy, Tara/Buffy, Buffy/Angel(us), Willow/Spike, Xander/Willow, Xander/Anya, Xander/Cordelia, Faith/Angel(us), and Faith/any. I also like alternate universes, especially wishverse and new worlds, Mary Sues, vamping the cast (both to evil and ensouled), songfics, villians, happy endings, and occasionally angst and dark endings. I'm good at Xander, Faith, Tara, Willow, and continuity bugs. I'm Australian, so some changes in spelling may occur, but I'm good at picking up errors and focusing on whether or not I can visualize the character saying or doing that.
Dislikes: Male/male slash, bad continuity, and PWPs.
Sami (*) Preferences: I like Willow, Spike, Doyle, Faith, Angel, Gunn, Riley, and Kate. I love Xander-centric stories. I've seen almost every episode and I'm very canon oriented. I'm not good with grammar and all that, but I'm really good with plots, main characters, and minor characters like Sunday. I can help you with any problem's story wise you may have.
Dislikes: Buffy/Angel, Angel/Cordelia, Giles/any student, incest, rape, or any other fluff besides Buffy/Riley fluff.

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