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Welcome to the Genre section of the BtVS Writers' Guild.

Here you will find fan fiction information and archives devoted to particular genres. If your favorite genre isn't here, it might be under The Characters Zones or maybe you should apply to run the Zone for that genre.


The Plural Of Apocalypse The Plural Of Apocaylypse
Sick of sap and PWPs? So are we. From short fics in the tune of 'The Zeppo' to large epics of 'Chosen' proportions, we're here to help you write it.


Twisting The Hellmouth Twisting The Hellmouth
If the idea of a Slayer and a band of Middle Earth ring-seekers is your idea of fun - then TtH is for you! Proudly accepting any crossover that pits BtVS or AtS against any other realm, we guarantee a fun time for just about everyone!


Campfire Tales Campfire Tales
Campfire Tales: The Jossverse's only all-horrorfic archive. Multi-author, multi-character, multi-thrill. Like fics that give you goosebumps? Nightmares? 'Good squirm'? Then join us 'round the fire. Just keep your lights on.


Travelogue Travelogue
Travelogue is an all pairing/rating/character archive specializing in "Road Trip" Fiction. Here you will find fiction that takes the BtVS/Angel crews on the road, because it's the getting there that matters.

If you want to run a Genre zone, please visit our Application Form.