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Kia (*) Preferences: I'm not TOO picky. I like reading slash. I'm good with Willow, Dawn, Xander, Cordelia, and Andrew characterization. I'm good at picking out spelling/ grammatical errors. I'll do crossovers, too.
Dislikes: I'm not comfortable betaing NC-17 fics, het or slash, rape fics, incest, or Giles/Any Scooby. I don't particularly like songfics, but I'll beta them.
anzelha derin (*) Preferences: I'll read anything.
Dislikes: Buffy&Faith, and songfics.
Light Gryphon (*) Preferences: Anything before season six (minus super-witch Willow and the repercussions of such), and only selected things from seasons four and five. Also, pretty much anything Angel or Spike (preferably the deadly "William The Bloody" variant) related, the Army Of Slayers, and Connor -- but only how he was portrayed in the final episodes of Angel.
Dislikes: Male/male slash, Riley, Tara, one-eyed Xander, the Trio, Fred, Illyria, and Dawn.
Desire (*) Preferences: I like plot, but I also like good PWPs and songfics as well. My favorite pairings are Angel/Buffy, Angelus/Buffy, Faith/Spike, Drusilla/Spike, Angelus/Spike, and Angelus/Xander. All ratings are welcome, and you will get my review fast.
Dislikes: Angel with anyone who is not Buffy, Angelus with any female who isn't Buffy or Darla, Buffy/Spike, Buffy/Riley, female/female slash, extreme fluff, Giles pairings, Dawn-centered stories, especially NC-17, and Cordelia-centered stories.
Jessica (*) Preferences: I will read pretty much anything, but in particular, I love Willow/Spike, Willow/Angel, and Willow/Spike/Angel. I'm much more informed about Buffyverse as opposed to Angelverse, and I'm great at spelling and grammar, but I also pride myself on characterisation, plot flow, and dialogue.
Dislikes: I'm not a huge fan of Buffy as a main character.
kittykat (*) Preferences: No real preference, save dislikes. Slash is fine if that is the author's preference.
Dislikes: No Spike/Buffy, Riley/Anyone, Lilah/Anyone, or Kate/Anyone.