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June 12, 2006
So, it's been a week and I've been busy with work but I did sit down tonight and make you two tutorials in HTML/CSS, which you can now find in the menu. I renamed the photoshop tutorial menu name so you wouldn't get confused about which page was about photoshop tutorials and which was about HTML/CSS. I hope you find my new tutorials useful and I hope I'm not too confusing in my explanations, I can get a big fuzzy when I know what I'm talking about but forget that the other part doesn't ;) Anyway, enjoy. Will update in a few days again with new pieces and a SOTM - which is about time I start up again! :D

Big hugs to Esukri and Nikki for your kind tags! xoxo

June 6, 2006
Wow, another update. I'm amazed. Must be the fact that I'm free from work half this week. Got two new O.C pieces to show off to you guys today, one of Ryan and Marissa, and one from The Graduates. I had to make a piece with the pictures they snapped in this episode, in this case - of the four together. It's just a general 'graduation' piece but I hope you enjoy it with the effects I've used. The Ryan and Marissa piece is just a dedication to what they were and what we lost. Used some stocks of water to get the 'white' effects, I'm not completly happy about this piece, but it'll have to do. I love the pic I used to the right. Even before I admitted it to myself that I liked this show, I loved this pic :) I tried to get the colors to represent of how it began and how it ended.. or something.. I'm not sure. Anyway, that's it :)

June 5, 2006
Well, as you can see, a brand new layout, and it is of course to celebrate Chosen Art's second anniversary. Can't believe CA has been around for 2 years, feels like only yesterday that I started up this site, and it's been through alot. Theft, awards, PR, features on Btvs news sites. Feels great to see this site still thriving after two years and still the word is reaching new people every day about it. CA passed it's 50 000 hits mark a few days ago and it's more than I could have asked for 2 years ago.

Well, as I said, a new layout and also 4 new pieces, which you can find under recent additions. I've added two new categories in the graphics menu - Firefly and The O.C. Hope you enjoy the new pieces. Loads of hugs to Jess and Caroline for your tags! :D

June 1, 2006
Wow, Chosen Art just passed it's 50 000 hits mark. I never thought that this place would pass such a high mark within 2 years. Funny thing, the place actually celebrates it's two year anniversary this month so it's kinda just spot on 2 years that I've gotten 50 000 hits.

So sorry I have been bad on the update part, I have a whole bunch of pieces to post and I will return with them soon, and maybe a new layout to celebrate the second year :) Big hugs to all my taggers, love you guys! :)

May 1, 2006
Well, check it out, Chosen Art is back up. It took so much more time than I had planned because I've been re-coding the entire site to be compatible with a special code my brother made to make things so much more easier, in the future :) And as promised, here's a brand spanking new layout! I hope you enjoy it and I'm happy to present a Bangel layout, it's been almost a year since the last Bangel layout, and being a Bangel, I should be ashamed ;) The version title 'Where Violence Happens' is not about the show, it's about my latest work. I tend to go towards the more violent side, with cuts, blood and bruises, so I decided, this layoutversion should be called this. I also have three new pieces up, two in the cuts and blood category, with Buffy and Dawn, and one with Illyria within Fred. Naturally they can be found in the 'recent additions' section, that you can find in the menu :)

Buffy - She's been called a slayer and a killer. She even had some doubts about the difference herself and I thought about that when I made this wall. The two quotations are NOT quotes from the show, I made them up, just to get the general idea with the two words. Anyway, hope you like it. Thought the picture was very fitting!

Dawn - I've only done this style with Buffy (and one with Spuffy) so I decided that it was baby sister's turn now. This is the main reason behind the wording 'More than one Summers can play this game', it's also a referrall to the strength Dawn found by the end of season 6 and during season 7 when she became stronger, more of a fighter than a victim and well.. her sister played the game, and so can she.

Illyria - The picture of Amy was perfect for an Illyria piece, she's got this same ice cold look that Illyria got when dressed as Fred and confronted by Wes, or when she greived the loss of Wes. So I started thinking, eventhough we were told that Illyria got into Fred in the same episode she died, I had this idea that she'd been lurking beneath Fred's surface, just waiting to get out. As you can see there's also a picture of Fred in the top right corner of the piece, this is to symbolize Fred. And also, it just looked so pretty ;)

That's all, 3 new pieces, a new layout and new coding. Oh, and as you can see, the icon section has been closed for the time being. I was using a script for it but it kinda backfired now that I've recoded Chosen Art so until I've solved this problem that section will be closed. I am having ideas about starting a seperate site for my icons, but I'm not a 100% sure. You're more than welcome to tag me about ideas ;)