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Aug 2: Has it really been 4 months?! Egads... Part 17, In The Darkness is up.

Apr 15: I updated, I updated! Here's Part 16, In The Darkness.

Feb 6: Finally! An update to Part 15, In The Darkness.

Oct 10: In the Darkness, Part 14 is finally! complete and posted. I'm really sorry this took so long!

Aug 24: New short fic set during 'Damage' in A:ts s5, Fait Accompli.

Aug 20: Part 13, In the Darkness is finally complete and posted. Sorry for the long delay!

July 4: Finally, a new chapter! Part 12, In The Darkness is up. Happy 4th of July to everyone that's celebrating!

May 29: Posted Part 11, In The Darkness.

May 13: Part 10, In The Darkness is up.

May 6: Posted Part 9, In The Darkness.

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