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Welcome to Faith Online (formerly Grey Street), the home of the Faith Fanlisting, and part of the and The Mini Sites networks. Please enjoy your stay and if you have any questions or problems don't hesitate to contact me. Also, if you feel so inclined, please let me know what you think of by signing the Guestbook.

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Site Updates : Media Probs

Fixed up the links for avatars, icons and wallpapers and fixed broken images. One new wallpaper.

1 Comments // 24 May 2006 by Faith

Soundtrack : Songies

New soundtrack catagory and lyrics. :)

1 Comments // 03 May 2006 by Faith

Soundtrack : New Songs

Three new songs added to the soundtrack, new essay in the works. :)

0 Comments // 29 Apr 2006 by Faith

Site Updates : Essay Updates

Minor bio tweakage, working on a fully updated biography ( to include her time on Angel & Seasons 4-7 of BtVS ). Looking for anybody who's got access to Faith's 'Angel' eps on DVD, I don't have the cash to spare for them and I'd be forever grateful for decent quality caps. :)

0 Comments // 29 Apr 2006 by Faith

Site Updates : New Essay

Brand new essay by the fabu Laota French, check out Finding Faith: The McFlurry of Archetypal Anomalies!

0 Comments // 27 Apr 2006 by Faith

Site Updates : Soundtrack Updates

Got a new soundtrack, and added a few new songs - this version works a ton better. Check out One Last Breath. :)

0 Comments // 26 Apr 2006 by Faith

Links & Misc : New Affiliates!

Adam Brody Central SMG Junkie

0 Comments // 25 Apr 2006 by Faith

Site Updates : Finally Back!

Wow, that took forever, didn't it? I had to mess around with disks finding all of my site back ups to piece together the most recent version I could of Faith Online. The gallery's layout has been frelled but I'm trying to get the caps back online, all I had was an old database back up so meh. The Ascension Game is back online and the Faith Fanlisting has moved to We've moved and are now hosted by the amazing and generous Gertie at, thanks hun!

1 Comments // 21 Apr 2006 by Faith

Site Updates : Layot, wallies, affiliates.

2 new wallpapers, 1 new affiliate, and a brand new layout *finally*! Let me know what you think! smile

1 Comments // 03 Feb 2006 by Faith

: New!

Thanks to the use of Laota's PC, I've been able to update with 3 new icons, a new wallpaper and new icon and wallpaper scripts. Whoo! laughing

0 Comments // 27 Oct 2005 by Faith

Site Updates : Linkage

Two new affiliates. smile

0 Comments // 29 Aug 2005 by Faith

Site Updates : Affiliate Updates

Tons of new affiliates, still accepting so email me!

0 Comments // 04 Jul 2005 by Faith

Site Updates : New Media

4 new Livejournal Icons added. Revamping the wallpaper section. Donations welome! :)

0 Comments // 01 Jul 2005 by Faith

Site Updates : Soundtrack Updates, Forum & Free Email

Okay, well I've decided to bring the Soundtrack out of hiatus and upload brand new songs, so you can once again submit your lyrics. :)

Free Email is also a new possibility. If you'd be interested in a free or email account, please let me know, as this is time consuming work and I'd like it to be something people actually want.

Having a forum is another option I thought I'd bring up. If there were a forum on Faith Online, what catagories would you like to see ( Faith & btvs catagories only please )? What activities ( fanfiction, clubs, rpgs, ect ) would you like? Is this even something you'd want to participate in?

0 Comments // 29 Jun 2005 by Faith

Site Updates : Ascension Game - Back!

Hooray! The ascension game has finally been wrestled off of my old PC and reuploaded! If you have problems with the game let me know. smile

0 Comments // 03 Jun 2005 by Faith

Site Updates : New Walls

3 brand new wallpapers, one of which features D.B. Woodside as Robin Wood.

1 Comments // 28 May 2005 by Faith

Site Updates : Essays & Buttons

1 new essay, 2 updated essays, and fixed the button images that were broken.

0 Comments // 13 May 2005 by Faith

Links & Misc : Faith, Hope & Trick Images

Gallery has been updated with 3 new promos from Faith's first episode.

0 Comments // 27 Apr 2005 by Faith

Links & Misc : Updates

Got some new pics of Eliza for you over at Eliza Media's gallery. Remember: Aside from a few Tru Davies, Eliza's pics will never be featured at the gallery here at Faith Online, but you can always find new Eliza Dushku images at Eliza Media. Only Faith Lehane images will be featured here, sorry for the inconvenience! smile

0 Comments // 22 Apr 2005 by Faith

Site Updates : New Linkage & Junk

Got some new links for ya and new essays due in a day or two! smile

0 Comments // 24 Feb 2005 by Faith

Faith & BtVS News : Dreamwatch Magazine - Faith Spin-off?

This was taken from


Marti Noxon spoke to Dreamwatch magazine in the recent issue about her new Fox show, Point Pleasant, and also mentioned the Faith spinoff:

"I would love to work with Joss again, but it’s good when you’ve been with such a strong mentor to go test yourself outside of that relationship. It’s been spooky and intimidating, but exciting and I think it would only make our collaberation stronger if we work together again...Joss and I talk frequently. [Closing down Mutant Enemy] was a long slow processs. He had such a positive experience on Serenity, and, in fact, I got to see a sneak preview and I think he has a real career in features that is about to explode. I think that’s where his heart really is, too. My own hesitation to get involved in a Buffy show again is that it is a rarity and things just went right. The last thing I would want to do is do it less well.

Tim Minear and I had the opportunity to really push and get the Faith show or a spin-off on right after Buffy, but I think all of us felt that we didn’t want to be the people who did the pale imitation. Part of the reason we stopped doing Buffy was because we were running out of stories, so it was a good time to move on. Personally, I think it would take a lot to get me into another [Buffy] series. I think Joss and the other actors may do a film. I think they should, but there wouldn’t be much room for more writers on that. I still think the Faith show could be wicked cool, but I also felt a certain amount of vampire fatigue. I’m into the Devil now!"

0 Comments // 22 Feb 2005 by Faith

Site Updates : Still fixing

Fixed some stuff in the Faith section, links and whatnot. New bio coming soon, also including info on the surname Lehane.

0 Comments // 18 Feb 2005 by Faith

Site Updates : Finally re0opened!

Yes, after 2 months of downtime it's finally open! The gallery is at 0% right now but everything else should be working just fine!

Take that you stupid server, lol.

10 new members on the Faith Fanlisting, 1 tweaked wallpaper, tweaked all of the pages and the navigation, reset the infanity to 0% for the time being and started on the gallery.

Speaking of the gallery, everyone, should I only post images of Faith and put all of the rest of my Eliza images on instead of the large gallery I used to have here? Since Eliza Media and Faith Online are sister sites, both galleries will be readily available but it just seems like logic to me to put Eliza images on the Eliza site and Faith images on this one? Your input would help a lot!

1 Comments // 13 Feb 2005 by Faith

Links & Misc : Slowly but surely....

I'm trying to haul ass here, and get at least a decent amount of images up in the gallery. Hopefully the layout will be decent, too, lol.

New icons and winamp skins are coming soon, and new postcards.

The Faith Fanlisting can now be found at

0 Comments // 13 Feb 2005 by Faith

Site Updates : New news script, Testing, Testing....

Yep, finally got the site mostly back online after my stupid host went belly up. New news script, new fangled wallpapers.

0 Comments // 13 Feb 2005 by Faith

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