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05/18/17 04:16 am
pj! I remember wishing one of your stories would be finished seriously about a decade ago. Amazing. I just tried an old password I used to use and amazingly got in too. Memories!
03/20/17 01:20 am
10 yrs later, i finally rem my username and password. Pari, you rock. Hope you are well.
12/23/16 01:12 pm
I donate every month. Please donate to keep this site up!
10/06/16 08:34 am
Great post.
08/31/16 03:45 pm
And anyone else who loves this site, it's worth mentioning there's a nifty little "Donate" option just below the shout box here! ;)
08/31/16 03:43 pm
Just wanted to take a moment to thank Pari and all the mods for maintaining such a great site!


Author's Corner

Reviewer: BlueEyes Anonymous Date: 12/13/2009 - 03:36 pm Title: Speed me

This is so sweet and I don't mean that sarcastically I really like it there are not enough purely sweet stories although I look forward to when it starts getting naughty even with Rupert and Joyce, who I always thought it was a shame that the two of them never got together in the show. They would have been perfect for each other.

Author's Response: My impression too. Glad to see you enjoyed it, even though sweet isn't exactly what I had in mind when writing this. I guess it is, though. :D

Reviewer: cordykitten Signed Date: 12/13/2009 - 08:25 am Title: Speed me

*waves* Good to see an update :)
Awe, lovely spuffy scene in Spike's crypt. Seems Buffy saw the difference of Spike's reaction when she treats him differently.
I must say this chapter left me wishing you could update again. :)
Enjoyed the read.

Author's Response: *waves back* Good to see you're still interested. I'll try to make the updates more regular (yes, I know I keep saying that, but RL is an evil mistress)

Reviewer: MarzBar Signed Date: 09/20/2009 - 05:50 pm Title: Rude awakening

Thank the PTB you're back with this!! These are the most fun powers I've ever read about.

Author's Response: Thank you very much for the appreciation. I was never that far away from this, just some RL interfering, that's all.

Reviewer: cordykitten Signed Date: 09/20/2009 - 08:42 am Title: Rude awakening

Good to see a update - and I have Niki in my thoughts and prayers. Much needed after the last post I've read today.

Buffy may take it hard that she had to kill Ben but it was the right thing, the only way to stop Glory.
But it sounds as if Dawn has helped her already.

With Joyce the two gods will make sure that Joyce acts in Buffy's favor, not in the Council's etc.
Ah and I wondered what the plan for Giles was. Looking forward how they will do it. In the long run it sounds as if Giles has to go to England than - or the Council come to Sunnydale.
Looking forward to more.

Author's Response: I'm really happy you're enjoying this. All the questions will be answered in time, don't worry. Thank you for being the wonderful person that you are.

Reviewer: Sotia Signed Date: 02/07/2009 - 10:47 am Title: Round and round

Loved it, baby! So many things were set right in this chapter, and you gave us so many great visuals (ie. Glory being a ping-pong ball, lol) I love this story, and I love you. Lots!
*kisses you senseless*

Author's Response: I'm really happy you liked it, my love. :*

Reviewer: cordykitten Signed Date: 02/06/2009 - 06:04 pm Title: Round and round

Good to see an update )
Mithril was my first thought when I've read about a shimmering chainmail.... I really read too much ;) (and loved the Farscape reference).
William = protector fits :)
Enjoyed the read :)

Author's Response: Thank you so very much for your review. So we read too much, who cares? Glad to see someone knows their Sci-fi ;) Hugs.

Reviewer: MarzBar Signed Date: 02/06/2009 - 03:58 pm Title: Round and round

Yahoo!! So happy you and your muse came back to us! This story is so much fun and I have missed it.

Author's Response: Thank you very much, glad to see you didn't abandon it.

Reviewer: Darkrivertempest Anonymous Date: 10/29/2008 - 06:09 pm Title: Guardians of the knight


Changes all around, huh? It's very cool that you gave Xander something more worthwhile to do for the Scoobies than to make random jokes and provide doughnuts.

And Tara! WOW! She's gonna kick some major ass, right?

Awww, poor Joyce as she experienced all those memories... thank god that she won't have to go through them.

What's in store for our favorite couple? (besides you and Sotia ;) tee hee )

Great update hun, CONGRATS on the nom's - you deserve them, and don't worry about that email. One day, they'll come begging for you and you can flip 'em the bird! *giggles*


Author's Response: Yey, thanks for the review, good to see I still have you on board. Hope you like what's in store for everyone and wuggles right back at ya! And yeah, the e-mail is now history and I'm moving on. Thank you *hugs*

Reviewer: cordykitten Signed Date: 10/29/2008 - 03:11 pm Title: Guardians of the knight

What always fits when things a bad or good:
(You seemed to need some; well can't hurt.)
Oh unexpected twist with Xander. But how good gets leading an army paid? Not so good I fear.
Hah.. I take that back; so Xander won't have to move back in with his parents, huh?
Ah and two other jobs were given. Tara will be good I think. And glad to know Joyce is healed now.
~ Till next part :)
Congrats too :D

Author's Response: Glad you liked it so far and there will be more on the jobs given today as each person gets accustomed to their new role. And thank you for the hugs, they are indeed welcome. *hugs back*

Reviewer: Sotia Anonymous Date: 10/29/2008 - 02:53 pm Title: Guardians of the knight

YAY for Joyce being saved and I love the focus on Tara! She should have more time on the series, let alone have been listened to more often.

Can't wait to read what Xander does with the army and can't help but expect him to act like he's playing with his GI-Joe figures or something :-P Yup, never thought high of him, but he does have heart and potential.

Congrats again for the nominations, baby. Well deserved!!!! Now get your ass out of neutral. I don't like neutral. *pouts*

Loved the update. And I love you.

22d 22h *giggles*

Author's Response: It's out, it's out, stop kicking me!!! I love you. And thank you for your enthusiasm about the story, you're a great chearleader. 22d 9h.

Reviewer: Sotia Signed Date: 10/24/2008 - 02:38 am Title: Be careful what you ask for

I LOVE how you go about explaining canon things your way! And I do believe your writing style improves more with every chapter. Can't wait for more of this story, although when it comes to letting you write or... you know what I'll choose. Or maybe not... Bwahahahaha!!!

I love you, baby
9h 45m

Author's Response: I love you too. Very much. And we'll see about that, won't we? :P 9 hours.

Reviewer: MarzBar Signed Date: 10/23/2008 - 05:31 pm Title: Be careful what you ask for

So happy you're back with this tale!! Laughing too hard now; maybe real review later.

Author's Response: Glad to see I produced such a powerful response. You made me smile too, thank you! *hugs*

Reviewer: cordykitten Signed Date: 10/23/2008 - 04:04 pm Title: Be careful what you ask for

Good to see an update on this one too :)
The chapter was fun; and getting to know that she's the key with all her friends around went good. So they could reassure her :)

Author's Response: This story won't be going away, trust me! And thank you once again for reading and reviewing! *hugs*

Reviewer: Darkrivertempest Anonymous Date: 10/23/2008 - 09:40 am Title: Be careful what you ask for

I can see how someone as ruthless as her could control one of the most sadistic vampires to ever walk the earth. I absolutely love this line about Cordy! LMAO

So everyone is coming to terms with their roles in the mess that is the Buffyverse, eh? I was glad that Dawn only whined a 'bit' and then settled down, she grated on my nerves in the series.

So will everyone go off to their separate homes or will Spike and Buffy go off together? You promised Spuffy soon, so I'm holding you to that promise, buster, no matter how many orgasms you get from Sotia!

Anty up, bud!

Author's Response: Wuggles right back to ya! I'm glad you're still enjoying this ;) I'll be reading your update to Sotia over the weekend, so yeah... Anyway, soon, just a little more patience (ahem... some went up to a third of HB without more than stolen glances, heated moments and a few stolen touches, so I think I'm good :P) wuggles again.

Reviewer: Sotia Signed Date: 10/05/2008 - 06:22 am Title: Foreheads, tall or ridged

“Right, not knowing sucking people’s blood is wrong is so common,” Xander just couldn’t help the snark. --- ROFLMAO!!!

I love how you explain and tie up loose ends with this story. And I adore the explanations you give. As for the rant on Angel? PRICELESS!!! Oh, and Cordy is indeed the only one who could handle him! Go you!

Can't wait for more, baby. Oh, and guess what?

I love you!

Author's Response: I love you too, so much! Glad you liked the inclusion of Cordy. You brighten my day and make my heart sing *boom-deh-ah-dah!*

Reviewer: Darkrivertempest Anonymous Date: 10/04/2008 - 05:08 pm Title: Foreheads, tall or ridged

Grrr, I hate TSR sometimes!

LMAO, Cordy!

Excuse the shallowness and I admire Cordelia - strong, knows what she wants, not TOO afraid of the stuff thrown her way.

And will Connor make an appearance in this as well?

So much to consider!

Please, sir, I want some more... *pouts*

Author's Response: First of all, I think I missed something in my previous answer. Amara had had the child before being turned. Make of that what you will. I do love your reviews, as they always make me think of more things to consider. Many hugs and other such interactions

Reviewer: _3xy_ Anonymous Date: 10/04/2008 - 07:32 am Title: Slumming

God, I KNEW I had read the two previous chapters... *headdesk* Anywho, enjoyed this chapter as well. I could so imagine Riley drunk. :D

Author's Response: Really glad you liked it! Hugs.

Reviewer: _3xy_ Anonymous Date: 10/04/2008 - 07:15 am Title: Appeals and soldiers

Aww... Poor Riley... NOT.

Author's Response: Hihi, you made me grin. Thanks!

Reviewer: cordykitten Signed Date: 10/03/2008 - 04:15 pm Title: Foreheads, tall or ridged

So Buffy could be save when turned. Accept who and what you are and everything will work itself out. Not so easy for her to do to become more confident.
Hah Cordelia. Thought of her; she will be able to command Angel around *gg*

Author's Response: Thank you for keeping tabs on this story. And yeah, I know Cordy was used in this role many times, but hell, she's good! Hugs.

Reviewer: Darkrivertempest Anonymous Date: 09/30/2008 - 08:17 pm Title: A tale of corruption

Damn good question!! Hurry up and tell us?

Ooo love the history on Slayers and Vamps... does this mean if Spike and Buffy get it ON (Barry White style of course) that they could have a child as well?????

My god... so many things to consider...

*drools for more!*

Author's Response: YEY! You're making me a very happy man with your interest in my story. *coughs* Pandora *cough* As for children and whatnot... we'll see *wink*

Reviewer: cordykitten Signed Date: 09/30/2008 - 05:11 pm Title: A tale of corruption

Ah... Buffy didn't say no :) She only wanted time. (And with her being very possessive about Spike? A good sign.)

More truth... loved the background information. Buffy seems to have accepted that she has a special heritage.
Looking forward to hear the answer to Buffy's question :)

Author's Response: Thank you for sticking with this story despite the lond delays. Always good to know people are still reading. So a big hug and a thank you!

Reviewer: Sotia Signed Date: 09/03/2008 - 03:55 am Title: My daughter's well being

What did she feel about it? You can't leave it there, baby, I want mooooooooooore!!!

I totally loved Joyce being all growly, and I would have applauded at Xander's comeuppance if I wasn't at work! But most of all I loved how Spike came clean about his feelings. I know it was the Gods' influence, but I still loved how he said what he said!

You're so writing more while you're here, mister!

*hugs and kisses*

Author's Response: I shall endeavor to satisfy your desires. ;) *smooches you breahless*

Reviewer: cordykitten Signed Date: 09/02/2008 - 06:10 pm Title: My daughter's well being

Loved (bossy) Joyce telling Xander what she thought of him (and getting Spike to confess his love for Buffy) :)
And looking now forward to Buffy's reaction.

Author's Response: More to come. I have big plans for our people!

Reviewer: Darkrivertempest Anonymous Date: 09/02/2008 - 05:02 pm Title: My daughter's well being

Arrrgh! You left it there?????

Ok, has Deanna showed you the art of evil cliffies then? (sniffles) I'm glad you were able to obtain her as a beta, she's super cool!

And ooooo you touched on Xander's wanting the Slayer during the Hyena episode - which I thought, god, someone needs to just stop him flat out! Good to know he won't be getting away with it!

Ok, you need to like update... NOW, cause I wanna know what she says! Great update hun! And I don't know why you mentioned me... I had absolutely nothing to do with it! Crazy silly man... (I think the snuggles from Sotia are getting to you)

Author's Response: I've known about evil cliffies before. And I've told you a few things about what I wanted in Ch. 11 back when it was in it's first incarnation (I'm ashamed to say, but it took nearly a month to finish this chapter due to the numerous rewrites). Some of the modifications were ideas that came to me as I spoke to you, so the praise is there for a very good reason. I'm really happy about Deanna as well. I'll try to update as soon as I can.

Reviewer: Darkrivertempest Signed Date: 09/01/2008 - 09:44 am Title: Slayer Dreams are cheating

WOW! I am hearing "I AM THE LAW!" reverb in my head. Judge, jury....oooo are they gonna lop off her head? tee hee

I had to laugh at this: The chit got it into her head that the only reason Riley had cheated on her was not the fact that he was a pathological wanker with Peaches Syndrome. LMAO! If only that were a disease that had no cure...and it just kept getting worse until you had to put the poor sod out of his misery!

Can't wait for your next install ment of this saga, and I'm sorry it took so long for me to update (bad Carrie!). And thanks for the shout out, I'll try to live up to your expectations!

Author's Response: If you liked this, you're gonna love tonight's update. Or so I hope. And as for updating... Whenever you update is fine with me... as long as it's yesterday :P.