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05/18/17 04:16 am
pj! I remember wishing one of your stories would be finished seriously about a decade ago. Amazing. I just tried an old password I used to use and amazingly got in too. Memories!
03/20/17 01:20 am
10 yrs later, i finally rem my username and password. Pari, you rock. Hope you are well.
12/23/16 01:12 pm
I donate every month. Please donate to keep this site up!
10/06/16 08:34 am
Great post.
08/31/16 03:45 pm
And anyone else who loves this site, it's worth mentioning there's a nifty little "Donate" option just below the shout box here! ;)
08/31/16 03:43 pm
Just wanted to take a moment to thank Pari and all the mods for maintaining such a great site!


Author's Corner

Reviews For L is For...
Reviewer: ScarlettDuck Signed Date: 08/16/2012 - 02:58 pm Title: Love?


Reviewer: Nia Anonymous Date: 12/17/2009 - 05:23 pm Title: Lust?

“For God's sake, man, control yourself"

That really made me laugh.

I don't like that so many women that aren't Buffy (or me) got to see Spike's package. lol

Author's Response: Glad it made you laugh. :) Thanks!

Reviewer: Nia Anonymous Date: 12/17/2009 - 05:13 pm Title: ... Loss?

OMG. Willow's reaction to Buffy saying "I want you" was hilarious.

Author's Response: Hee. :D Thank you for reviewing, Nia!

Reviewer: Veronica Anonymous Date: 08/22/2009 - 03:51 am Title: Love?

Awww. Very cute story! What happened to the man that was being attacked? Did he die? (You probably already said, but I'm slow)

Author's Response: I didn't mention it but he probably didn't die. :D Thanks. :)

Reviewer: cal Anonymous Date: 08/21/2009 - 03:35 pm Title: Love?

What a fun and cute little story. I enjoyed it so much. Reading this story brighten up my day. You should have more reviews. Thanks Trixie.

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed. Thanks, Cal. :)

Reviewer: cordykitten Signed Date: 08/21/2009 - 10:32 am Title: Love?

Ah clever Buffy ... or should I say determent Buffy? :)
Thought it was this way, something like that Giles not telling.
Enjoyed how it ended.

Author's Response: Thank you! :)

Reviewer: burnkitty Anonymous Date: 08/21/2009 - 12:47 am Title: Love?

Ah what a wonderful ending! I really liked when the "spell" broke, they still had feelings for one another and that Buffy even admitted to having feelings for Spike!! I lmao when Buffy snuck out of the window to find Spike :D that I think was my fave bit in this chapter.

Keep writing hun, I will be keepin an eye out for more...miss you bunches and I hope I catch up with you soon. *hugs*

Author's Response: Hey, Kitty! Thank you for reading and for the encouragement. :) I miss you!!! *hugs*

Reviewer: cordykitten Signed Date: 08/19/2009 - 04:35 pm Title: Lust?

*gg* -> He fell on top of me! Naked Hard to fight, huh?
Ah now I know why the 'L' in the title. It's a mark.
And now I'd like to read what Giles isn't telling. I think that this part was important, spuffywise. *just guessing*

Author's Response: Hee! :D Thank you for reading. You will find out what Giles was keeping from them in the last chapter. :)

Reviewer: Veronica Anonymous Date: 08/19/2009 - 03:39 am Title: Lust?

I'm loving this! Please keep this going.

Author's Response: Thank you! Last chapter should be up in a few minutes. :)

Reviewer: BuffyRat Anonymous Date: 08/19/2009 - 01:34 am Title: Lust?

Good luck with that! Love that the lust demons leave an "L" on their victims. Update soon!

Author's Response: Thanks! :)

Reviewer: burnkitty Anonymous Date: 08/19/2009 - 01:21 am Title: Lust?

*snickers* Ooo naughty, naughty!! What a wonderful chapter...does this mean its almost finished?? *makes a sad face* Well, can't wait for the next one in any case, I'm loving it.

Author's Response: Thank you, Kitty! And yes, it means it's almost finished. I just posted the final chapter. :) I'm glad you like it. *huggles*

Reviewer: burnkitty Anonymous Date: 08/17/2009 - 11:52 pm Title: ... Loss?

HA ha ha Trixie, your a riot!! I love the way you have started this, no doubt there are going to be many interesting twists and turns to come. Can't wait to read more, you certainly put a smile on my face today, something I desperately needed.

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Kitty! What's going on with you? I miss you! *huggles*

Reviewer: cordykitten Signed Date: 08/17/2009 - 02:22 pm Title: ... Loss?

Yeah... still a shame that Buffy gave the ring to Angel who destroyed it.
That Luxuria would make a good weapon against a slayer - it would keep Buffy busy just to fight against her own wishes. ;)
Seem the bite is still causing Buffy to act weird... looking forward to how it will go.

Author's Response: Thanks, cordykitten. :)