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05/18/17 04:16 am
pj! I remember wishing one of your stories would be finished seriously about a decade ago. Amazing. I just tried an old password I used to use and amazingly got in too. Memories!
03/20/17 01:20 am
10 yrs later, i finally rem my username and password. Pari, you rock. Hope you are well.
12/23/16 01:12 pm
I donate every month. Please donate to keep this site up!
10/06/16 08:34 am
Great post.
08/31/16 03:45 pm
And anyone else who loves this site, it's worth mentioning there's a nifty little "Donate" option just below the shout box here! ;)
08/31/16 03:43 pm
Just wanted to take a moment to thank Pari and all the mods for maintaining such a great site!


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Authors Chapter Notes:
Wow! It's been a while since I posted anything! I wrote this a few weeks ago, and it is finished. This is only 3 chapters long. I will be posting chapters regularly. I hope you guys like it. :)

Beta readers: Tanit and DawnOfMe - thank you both!

Stupid guys. Stupid guys and their stupid libidos. It was their fault. She was the Slayer. She was supposed to be strong and independent and all those other things Giles wanted her to be. Why did she keep letting those poopheads get to her? Why did she have to like poopheads? Because that's what Parker was – a poophead – in Willow's words. In her words, he was an asshole. A horny asshole who would leave after he'd had a taste of you.

Seemed like any other teenage guy. Or any vampire cursed with a soul.

For once, she wanted a guy who would be there in the morning after they'd slept together. A guy who wouldn't turn evil after she'd given him everything.

In this world, once may be too much to ask.

Buffy wrapped her arms around herself as she walked across campus. The leaves of the bushes to her left rustled, and she cast a sideways glance it. “Great,” she grumbled. A demon was going to come out from hiding behind the bushes and attack her. She sighed, wondering when her slayer duties would ever end.

And as she expected, Spike jumped out of the bushes with a growl, hands imitating claws and face in vampire visage. He shifted back into his human features, grimacing when he saw the Slayer staring at him with a deadpan expression on her face. “Oh. It's just you.”

“What are you still doing here?” she asked. If glares could kill, Spike would have already been dust. But it wasn't like it was terrible seeing Spike. She couldn't say she hated seeing him because boy, was he easy on the eyes. Aside from him possibly being the most irritating creature ever made, her rudeness to him was mostly because of the whole vampire-slayer rule.

Oh, and there was also the fact that he'd tried to kill her and her friends more than once.

“Free country, isn't it?” Spike sneered, hooked his thumbs on his pants' belt loops and rocked on his heels, pondering what was going on in that cute noggin of hers. “You're not the Queen of Sunnydale, are you?” he added, and Buffy growled in annoyance. “Thought I'd have a snack before I left.”

Buffy raised a skeptical eyebrow. “And you chose to do it here. At my school. Near my dorm.”

“Didn't think you'd be here. I was hoping to find some cute little bird. Maybe a sorority girl. It's been a while since I've had one of those.” Spike let out a dreamy sigh.

Buffy's eyes widened when the first thing she thought of was Spike going at it with some blond sorority girl. She scrunched up her nose in disgust at the images that formed in her mind. Spike helped them once and it was because he hated Angel and wanted Drusilla back. It didn't mean he and Buffy could bond and talk about his past conquests, especially ones involving sexual activities of any kind. “You're a pig, Spike.”

With a teasing smirk he said, “I was talking about blood.”

“Right,” she said, stood up straight and lifted her chin up. “I-I knew that!”

He gave her a disbelieving look. “Besides, God knows what disease... And I'll have you know, I've never––”

“Ugh!” Buffy let out an exasperated sigh. Though she could ogle Spike and his ridiculously blue eyes all day, she'd had enough of his non-stop yammering. “You're telling me, the Slayer, that you're here to feed? Do you have a freakin' death wish?”

Spike ducked his head. “Already dead.”

Buffy frowned. Spike looked like he was about to start talking about how awful his life was. She hoped he wouldn't.

“Maybe I do have one.” He shrugged his shoulders and if Buffy didn't know better, she would have thought he pouted.

Buffy couldn’t care less about what problems Spike had. She doubted he even had any. He was a soulless creature, one who was doing his best to get on her last nerve at the moment, and he couldn't possibly have feelings. Oh, and she remembered – she didn't have to be here! “I don't know why I'm still talking to you,” she muttered, shaking her head as she walked past him.

And of course, her night wouldn't be complete without Spike being all insightful. “Because you're lonely,” Spike said, breaking Buffy's stride. “Because that wanker, what's his face, hurt you.”

She turned to him with a deadly glare. She was angry that the huskiness of his voice gave her chills when it shouldn't have. Stupid creamy sex voice! He did that on purpose, to make her weak, to confuse her with feelings she shouldn't feel, but she remained impervious to it. Yes, siree! His tactics did not amuse her. “Stay. Away. From me, Spike.”

Instead of spending the night alone, walking in solitude and brooding as she had planned, she got Spike. Now, all she wanted was to go to bed and wallow. Wallowing was of the good. Spike? Not so much.

But Spike wouldn't be Spike if he gave up easily. He showed no sign of relenting. It had been a while since he'd actually talked to someone not as dumb as a post like Harmony. The Slayer wasn't exactly the most interesting person to talk to, but she was certainly better than a unicorn-loving bint.

He also wanted to find out how long Buffy would endure talking to him. She could have left or staked him before he'd spoken one word to her, but she had not done either one. It made him wonder if she secretly had some kind of feelings for him aside from hatred and disgust.

“Made me curious,” he said, trailing behind her as she walked away from him. Buffy ignored him and pretended not to hear him, but he went on. “What you did that the git couldn't handle.” He smirked, remembering when said curiosity made him imagine the Slayer in ways he'd never imagined her before.

But she didn't need to know that.

Buffy stopped walking, spun around and socked Spike in the face. She was enraged that all his comments hit home. How did he know which nerve to strike every time? It was what she'd thought all along, that she did things the wrong way. No one could blame her for her doubts. Her ex-boyfriend was a vampire whom she'd sent to hell. Those types of relationships were traumatic.

“That was a compliment!” Spike shouted and brought his hand to the bridge of his nose while grimacing in pain. Clenching his jaw, he retaliated with a punch to her nose.

Buffy groaned and put a hand to her nose. She shot daggers at the vampire, dropping her hand to her side before saying, “If you're looking for the ring of Amara, I don't have it any more. You're only wasting your time.”

Spike's eyebrow shot up in interest. “Gave it to your sweetheart, did you?”

“No. We destroyed it,” she said, grinning smugly.

“What?” he asked incredulously, his voice higher pitched than usual. “You stupid bint!”

Buffy rolled her eyes and was about to walk away when something bit her on her arm. “Ow!” She soothingly rubbed her arm. “What the hell was that?” she asked, scanning the area for the culprit.

Spike raised his hands and took a step back. “I didn't do anything to you.” But bloody hell, did he want to, though this wasn't the time or place. He'd have that one good day, but it wasn't today. He wanted things fair and square and the Slayer was too depressed to put up a good fight. If he wanted, it could all be over in a few minutes. Where would be the fun in that? He enjoyed their dance; it aroused him in every sense of the word.

“Something bit me!” Buffy mentally groaned. Her night couldn't get any worse.

Lips pursed and frowning, Spike said, “And I care, why?”

Buffy let out a sigh of exasperation. “Get out of my town, Spike, before...” The anger and disgust all turned into pure lust when she started to take notice of Spike's piercing blue eyes and his sharp cheekbones. She slowly tilted her head to the side, a goofy grin on her face as she gazed at him in admiration, having melted into a puddle of lusty, horny goo.

Confused, and just a tad bit curious, his brows knitted together as Buffy gave him a mouth-watering stare. “What?” he asked.

Buffy righted herself, fidgeting with the hem of her blue top. “N-nothing,” she said nervously, feeling like a schoolgirl with a major crush. She had to pull herself together if she'd have any chance with Spike. Although judging by his choice in women, she wouldn't have a problem getting him at all. A flirtatious smile crept over her face and she bit her lip.

Spike stepped back, eyes narrowed at her, as she twirled her hair around her finger. “Right. I'm going,” he said, pointing a thumb behind him.

“W-wait.” Buffy put a hand up to stop him. This wouldn't be as easy as she thought.

An insect flew near Spike and he swatted it away as he waited for what the Slayer had to say. The insect was determined to bite him, as it kept fluttering around him. Despite all his flailing, the bug managed to land long enough to bite him on the forehead.

“Bloody hell!” Spike said. He covered his forehead with his hand. His arm slowly dropped to his side as he stared, awe-filled at Buffy who was sashaying towards him. She did have that beautiful golden hair, that cute little nose, those pouty lips, those perky little breasts...

Buffy strutted towards the blond vampire one step at a time, keeping her eyes steadily trained on him, as he watched her through deep, dark, hooded eyes, head cocked and lips parted slightly. The smell of her arousal intoxicated him, and his cock hardened instantly. In a flash, they were sharing a torrid kiss. Soft moans were stifled with harsh, needy lips as hands gripped the other desperately.

Buffy's dainty but strong hands traveled over his muscled arms to his face. Spike's hands brushed aside her coat, cupping her breasts before pushing it off her shoulders, letting it fall to the pathway. He pulled her behind a tree and pulled away from their kiss. Buffy gazed at him quizzically before he pushed her to the ground, soon covering her body with his.


Buffy woke up with a start when she heard someone scream beside her. The sunlight streaming in between the leaves of the tree they were under had lit patches of Spike's skin on fire. He hurriedly grabbed his coat and his clothes and covered himself as much as he could with them. Putting out most of the flames with his coat and hands, he ran to the nearest building.

Once inside, Spike headed for the closest bathroom, clutching his coat closed but not caring if anybody saw his dick. All he cared about was not bursting into flames and getting some relief for his burns.

Unfortunately for him, the first he came to was the women's bathroom. He crashed through the door, startling the girls re-touching their make-up, washing their hands, and fixing their hair by the sinks. They all turned around, screamed and ran out of the bathroom when Spike shouted, “What are you looking at?” He charged to the nearest sink, turned the faucet on and quickly splashed water all over his body. The water's coolness soothed his painful burns. He exhaled deeply.

Buffy propped herself up on her elbows, realizing she was outside, during broad daylight, and naked. “Oh my God!” Her cheeks burned red with humiliation, and she reached around the ground for her clothes. With a whimper, she stared at her spaghetti-strap top which now looked like a rag. She quickly pulled her pants up and put her cardigan on, having no time to find her underwear. Besides, if she found it, she knew it wouldn't be wearable anymore. She then ran as fast as her legs could take her to her dorm room.

She burst into the room and hurriedly closed the door behind her, leaning against it. Breathing heavily and trying to catch her breath, she shut her eyes and swallowed hard. Her cheeks were still flushed and would probably stay like that for a while.

“Buffy, where were you? You didn't come home last night.” Willow had been slipping some books and a notebook into her bag when Buffy came in. She stood by her bed, looking worriedly at Buffy.

Great, Buffy thought to herself as she slowly opened her eyes. She crossed her arms across her chest to cover herself over her buttoned up cardigan. “I-I had some things to take care of.” It was unconvincing, but it was better than not answering. She walked to the space between her and Willow's bed, glancing at her best friend who was following her with her eyes.

“Are you okay?” Willow asked when she saw the dried leaves tangled in Buffy's hair.

“Uh-huh.” Buffy nodded and chuckled nervously. She spun around to face Willow and stood uneasily, smiling widely.

Willow approached Buffy, took her by the hand and pulled her to sit on the edge of her bed. They needed to have a talk. “Look, Buffy, I know what Parker did to you was...”

Willow continued to talk but Buffy didn't hear her. All Buffy saw was Spike sitting beside her, waggling his eyebrows at her and showing off that obnoxiously adorable smirk of his. “You want me, love, don't you?” she heard him say. He leaned into her ear and whispered, “Tell me you want me.”

Buffy took Willow's hands, which she thought were Spike's hands, and said in a sultry voice, “I want you.”

Willow quickly got up, waving her hands frantically and shaking her head vigorously. “Oh, no, no, no. I like penises! M-mostly just Oz' penis, b-but I like the penis in general. I mean who wouldn't like...”

At the penis penis penis she heard, Buffy snapped back to reality. She blinked at Willow, utterly confused. “What?”

“B-but it's not that you aren't pretty. I mean, y-you're gorgeous! If I liked boobies then I'd definitely want yours.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I don't know.” Willow frowned. “What are you talking about?”

Buffy stared at the floor, fidgeting her hands, which were clasped between her knees. “I don't know either.”

A beat.

“I'm late for class,” Willow stammered before grabbing her bag from her bed, casting a suspicious sideways glance at Buffy. She waved at Buffy, a slightly horrified and baffled look on her face, opened the door and left.

Buffy plopped back on her bed and mumbled, “Well, that was awkward.”


Chapter End Notes:
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