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05/18/17 04:16 am
pj! I remember wishing one of your stories would be finished seriously about a decade ago. Amazing. I just tried an old password I used to use and amazingly got in too. Memories!
03/20/17 01:20 am
10 yrs later, i finally rem my username and password. Pari, you rock. Hope you are well.
12/23/16 01:12 pm
I donate every month. Please donate to keep this site up!
10/06/16 08:34 am
Great post.
08/31/16 03:45 pm
And anyone else who loves this site, it's worth mentioning there's a nifty little "Donate" option just below the shout box here! ;)
08/31/16 03:43 pm
Just wanted to take a moment to thank Pari and all the mods for maintaining such a great site!


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Disclaimer: I own neither Spike nor Buffy nor do I own
Santa Claus! *All he brings ME is coal!:}*

Distribution: On site….give cookie!

Feedback: Why do I even have to ask? Of course!!!

Dedicated to Sarah Aless…because of all the bumps on
Her noggin every time she thudded! And Waj who sent me the most delicious
Xmas card!

6:00pm Friday night at Sunnydale Mall.
Late night Santa shift

Buffy snorted at her reflection in the employee dressing room mirror. *I look like a goddamned freak. * She thought as she tucked the last of her blond locks up under the obnoxious Christmas green elf hat. *It’s even got jingle bells on it. *

Shaking her head in disbelief she quickly turned, and threw her street clothes into an empty locker and snapped shut the lock. Looking at her watch and realizing she had less than five minutes to get to Santa’s house she scurried towards the swinging door only to be knocked on her ass by someone coming in the other direction.

“What the hell?” she hollered trying to straighten the stupid hat on her head as she stood up and rushed by the unknown front tackle sparing him only a pissed glance, “Watch where the hell You’re going next time. Fuck.”

As the door swung closed Spike stood and gaped after the tiny green girl that he had barely gotten a glimpse of as if she had grown a second head. * Great, first day at this stupid job and I get attacked by a bitchy she devil Martian. * He thought to pissed to even recognize the outfit she had been wearing.

Shaking his head in disgust he set down the bundle of bright red Santa suit he was holding and started to change out of his clothes, all the while thinking of mean little green people and how if he met that person again he’d love to give her a thorough seeing too. Little did Spike know that he had just met the Santa’s house elf helper from hell.

Buffy smiled benignly at the parents and children at the front of the long line that had already gathered in front of the make believe North Pole. *Where the hell is Santa? * She thought furiously, *first day on the job and the idiots late? Grrrr. What the hell do I tell all these kids? * her stomach turned slowly as she looked down the line at the crying children and the harassed parents.

“HO HO HO MERRY CHRISTMAS!” a deep baritone called out from the rear of a false snow drift making all the small heads crane trying to get a first glimpse of the big man as the parents started smiling. Buffy breathed a sigh of relief as bright red velvet, black boots and a fuzzy white beard came into sight and took its rightful place on the giant black leather chair in front of the dais.

Looking towards his helper for the day, Spike practically jumped out of his seat when he saw the same bitchy Martian from before.

“You ready Santa?” Buffy asked sweetly indicating the long line of Christmas shoppers and their offspring standing like dogs waiting to attack small prey. Ravenous.

*She doesn’t recognize me. Too bloody great, this ought to be fun. * He thought as his crystal blue eyes twinkled from behind the fake white beard in glee, too bad he wouldn’t be the one having all the fun.

Thinking that he was just happy to be bringing joy to the small ones, Buffy returned his smile wholeheartedly before moving to the velvet rope that cordoned off the shoppers and was unhooking it when her green eyes suddenly narrowed with recognition. *Wait a minute…..* Plastering on that same sickenly sweet smile she turned to get a better look at Santa. *Same electric blue eyes….Well, hello mister tackle. * She thought with barely contained delight her mind mentally rubbing her hands together like a cartoon evil genius. *Oh this job just got A WHOLE lot better! *

2 hours later

Spike was already tired. Sighing heavily as yet another small child clambered into Santa’s lap; he wondered what the hell he had done to deserve this. *Oh yeah, drove 90 in a 35 mile an hour zone, for the fourth time. Damn community service. Damn lead foot. Damn kid quit wiggling or your gonna break Santa’s twig and berries into kindling. *

Shifting his body into a more comfortable position he listened with half an ear as the child on his lap rambled on about what they wanted for Christmas while his eyes searched out his elf helper. Standing to one side talking to some girls he assumed were friends though they looked too young he thought, *Damn she’s cute and obviously has a mind of her own. Wonder what color her hair is? * Idly thinking of lush golden wheat color or would it be the glossy deep chestnut like one of the girls she was talking too? *Mmmmm. Wonder if she’d be willing to let Santa stuff her stocking? * Mentally shaking his head to clear the bad images away, he refocused his attention back on the bit in his lap, *best to not think of those things, don’t want to have the kiddies wondering if that’s a candy cane in my pocket. *

As Buffy stood to one side letting the kids and parents pass through to the main section of the imitation North Pole, her bored gaze passed over the shoppers walking by when she spotted her younger sister Dawn and her friend Janice. Waving them over to her she had a wicked thought, a deliciously wicked thought, * this was just too good of an opportunity to let pass by. *

The line for Santa was long but the two teenagers were soon at the front of the line giggling as they waited for their chance on Santa’s lap. Buffy winked at them as they passed through the ropes and had to cover her mouth to stifle the giggle as she watched Santa’s eyes widen in surprise.

Sitting down on either leg the two 16 year olds draped their arms around Spike’s neck and leaned in practically cooing as they petted his beard, and copped more than one feel on his strong arms and flat stomach. Within seconds Santa Spike was squirming and trying in vain to keep the blood from rushing to his nether regions.

Clearing his throat Spike said, “and what can Santa get you two for Xmas?”

Looking at each other Dawn and Janice grinned before Dawn answered, “Well Santa for me, I’d like a nice, BIG, firm, ……” drawing out the words with a sexy little wiggle of her ass on his leg, “New mattress for my bed.” She giggled.


“And you? What would you like?” He asked Janice afraid of what she had to say as the other cute brunette leaned up against him and whispered into his ear. “I’d like whatever you can fit into my stocking.”

“Up….Up….got lot’s more kids to talk to, xmas time waits for no one.” He sputtered as he practically pushed the two now laughing girls from his lap abruptly. Taking a deep breath and shaking his head in disbelief, he turned to Buffy to let her know to let the next kid through, just in time to see her give a thumbs up to the two evil little brats he had just had on his lap.

*So she recognizes me now huh? Well just wait until after work missy. Oh there’s gonna be hell to pay for that little stunt.* His mouth practically watering at the thought of torturing the little minx for her improprieties.

Two hours later…..almost closing time

Buffy grinned at Xander and Willow as they stood in the line. She knew that Santa had caught the thumbs up between her and her sister but what he didn’t know was the plan she had hatched while talking to her. She couldn’t help but giggle a little when she saw the get ups that they had dressed in.

Xander was wearing a bright pink sleeveless t-shirt with matching terry cloth short shorts that had rainbows running down the sides. His normally dark tousled hair was slicked back to one side and huge geek glasses perched on his nose. Add to that knee high tube socks, rainbow suspenders and Velcro sneakers and he was the eppidimy of 70’s throwback geekdom. The fact that he kept screeching, Oh my GAWD…and NO WAY Girlfriend at the top of his lungs had everyone looking at him with a queer eye and Willow wasn’t much better.

Opting to go stereotypical in her witchy gay ness she could only be described as a dikey looking Goth chick. Her normally rosy countenance was pale with white makeup and deep dark heroine chic eyes. A tight black t-shirt rolled up at the sleeves to reveal a fake tattoo that said Mom left over from Halloween, Black levis with a long chain running from her pants belt loops to her back pocket, beat up black biker boots, and a fake lip piercing rounded out her lovely ensemble. But it was her hair that was the topping on the cake. A glamour had made it short, white, and spiked. Just like Buffys Santa. The fact that she remembered he had bluer than blue eyes and spiked hair, and a drool worthy body wasn’t even worth thinking about considering that she had only glimpsed the jerk for a minute. He was still just that…a jerk!

She REALLY had good friends!!

As the unlikely and scary duo stepped up to the line Buffy made sure to look at Santa as they stepped up to the chair together. His eyes went comically wide as Xander sat down on his lap, bringing his feet up across his lap, and batting his chocolate browns at him. “Oooo Wills this is the sexiest Santa I believe I’ve ever seen.” Xander squealed adding a lisp to his speech and kicking his feet like a child. “Santa, can I see your sack?” He asked none to quietly making some of the parents gasp and others chuckle.

Willow just stood menacingly over the two, her arms crossed and an evil scowl on her face. “Xan just tell the stupid man what you want. Before I beat you up again.”

He stuck his tongue out at Willow, “Bitch,” then he turned back to a gob smacked Santa. “I want a pony, and oh a Dildo like that porn star John Holmes, I just loved him, such a nice big cock, oh and a ball gag, oooo and can you get some of those tiny cocktail weenies? I just love them.”

Spike was didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at this point. He was so tired he didn’t even put two and two together. The line had dwindled down to only a few more children, it was almost quitting time and he had a huge, flaming, fashion victim sitting on his lap with his bodyguard hovering who looked like she could spit nails if you gave her half a chance. *Jesus community service was NOT worth this! I’ll just pay the bloody ticket and get the hell out of this zoo. *

Groaning to himself as he tried to nod at the insane man on his lap who kept on with the chatter, a thought suddenly popped into he beleaguered brain.

“Your friends of that elf!” He shouted his eyes flashing to a shocked Willows face as he dropped Xander onto his butt on the floor and pointed at Buffy. “YOU!!!”

“UH OH.” Xander and Willow looked at each other and with a Bye Buffy, disappeared into the very thin Christmas crowds.

Buffy looked sheepish for about two seconds as she watched the last of the parents dissipate into thin air sensing a blowup about to happen.

“YOU LITTLE BITCH!” Spike growled stalking towards her intent on taking her over his knee and spanking some sense into that addled brain of hers.

Feeling a slight tremor slide down her spine she nonetheless held her chin up defiantly, her green eyes glittering with unchecked animosity. “Bully!” she spit back at him.

“What? WHAT DID YOU CALL ME?” Spike barked pulling off his beard and festive red cap and throwing them on the ground in fury.

“YOU. ARE. A. BULLY!” Buffy screeched back even while at the same time her eyes crawled hungrily over his full lush lips, his high cheekbones and his luminous baby blues.

Reaching out Spike caught her arm in a tight grip and dragged her towards Santa’s workshop. Yanking the door open he drug her in slamming the door so hard behind them that the false front shuddered.

*I didn’t know this was here. * Buffy thought briefly before being turned roughly and shook by a very irate bleach blond in a Santa’s outfit.

“You are a right little bitch. I didn’t ask for this, I didn’t even want to do this but I have too because of my stupid ticket.” Spike growled through clenched teeth as he shook the jingle-belled cap right off his Santa’s helper unleashing a glorious tumble of honey toned tresses that curled wildly around her pixie like features. *Jesus she’s beautiful. * Was the last thought to go through his mind before he caught her up to him and crushed his lips against hers.

“MMMMph….” Was the only sound that came out of Buffy as she succumbed to the obvious charms of this man, her arms coming up to wrap themselves tightly around his neck. *Good….oh….good…*

Reaching down Spike grabbed the edge of her green shirt and yanked it up over her head throwing it into an unknown corner as he bent himself to suckle her breast through her red lace bra.

“Ooo, that feels so good.” She moaned as she leaned against him heavily for a moment before her own hands started tugging on the fake fur collar of his jolly red suit top.

Standing for a moment Spike fixed his smoldering gaze on the petite goddess in front of him and seductively pulled down the zipper tab of his jacket before sliding it off his bared shoulders and laying it on a batch of unused snow stuffing.

*Gah….* Buffy thought at first site of Santa in a wife beater. “What’s your name anyway?” She asked as he reached again for her and led her to the soft cushion laying her down so he could start suckling on her neck.

“Kris Kringle.” He murmured as he slid his tongue up from her collarbone to the shell of her ear making her giggle. “And what do you want for Christmas little girl?”

Running feverish hands over his well toned back and arms, Buffy marveled at the heat this man had managed to stir up in her in about 5 minutes flat.

Spike continued his slow perusal of her vanilla scented skin grinning as she moaned lightly and moved her hips up against his seeking further contact. Keeping one hand under her neck and sliding one hand down over the skin of her stomach, Spike moved his lips back to hers and gently nibbled on her full lower lip the way he’d been thinking about all day. His fingers reached the waistband of her green elf shorts and slid deftly under the rough fabric and then under the smooth satiny fabric of her panties. Still kissing her, his tongue dancing with hers as their moans filled the small anti room Buffy gasped, her head falling back and her eyes clenching shut in pleasure as two of his questing fingers thrust into her already drenched heat.

Feeling his cock throb in time with the pulse beating within her neck Spike began a slow thrusting rhythm of his long fingers while he dropped his head back down to her still encased breasts. Licking around the lace cups Spike managed to tug on the lace letting Buffy know what he wanted. In an almost trancelike state she slowly slid her hands underneath her and undid the offending garment. Her loud gasp filled the room as he latched onto on sensitive nipple and tugged at it with his lips.

“Ooooh…oh my god…” She moaned as he tortured her sensitive peaks with small nips and then soothing kisses. His hand in working into her responding body with slow deep strokes, “Oh…..OH MY GOD….” Buffy gasped loudly as she felt his clever thumb come into play on her clit. The light circular motions making her arch and shimmy against his hand desperately looking for more contact.

“Not gonna torture me anymore are you luv?” Spike whispered in her ear after slinking his way slowly back up her body.

“Nu….OH…..Ohmmm…” She groaned tossing her head and grinding her body down onto his fingers deepening his penetration of her heated pussy.

“What was that luv?” He moaned into her ear again sending shivers down her spine and tingles across her overheated skin.

“NO…NO…..NO….OHGOD…OH…OH…YES…YES…YESSSS.” Buffy entire body convulsed around his fingers her head whipping from side to side, her fingers clutching at his arms as her legs spread farther to permit entrance as she came and came.

Spike held onto her trying to keep himself from grinding his painful erection into her hip and ending everything before he even had a chance to immerse himself in her body.

“FUCK….oh…oh…yes…ohgod..” Buffy’s breath came out in small explosions as she returned from the best orgasm of her young life. Falling limp in her Santa’s arms all she could do was close her eyes and smile, a huge goofy smile. “Mmmmm.”

“Delicious,” Spike spoke softly causing Buffy to crack her green eyes and gasp when she saw him looking down at her and casually licking his fingers clean of her juices. One look and the heat in her body was tipping into the red zone again.

*God he’s sexy. * She thought with a little giggle, *Even in a Santa suit. Oooo and what’s this? A stocking stuffer just for me? * She couldn’t help the twinkle in her eyes when she felt the hard evidence that was so obviously NOT a candy cane against her hip.

Pushing him over onto the soft cushion of fake snow, Buffy winked at him as her small hands undid the Velcro fastening on his pants.

“No underwear? That must be some strong Velcro,” She teased as she slid the pants down with his help, her eyes widening appreciatively at the sight of his rigid cock.

Spike gasped at the first touch of her soft lips on the head of his swollen manhood. Unable to control the thrust of his hips into her hot mouth, he let out a deep groan as he felt her tongue sweep down the side and over the tip lapping him up like an ice cream cone.

“God pet….feels so bloody good…” He said allowing her to set the pace his eyes burning deep midnight blue as he watched her devour him, her blond hair shimmering and flowing across his stomach and taut thigh muscles.

“Oh…Fuck….Yea baby…just like that…” His hands came up to wrap into her silken tresses and guide her as he fucked her mouth.

“Wait….wait…oh god….stop…” He moaned in a strangled voice waiting for her to stop her ministrations.

“What? Eeeeep.” She squealed as suddenly she found herself back in her prior position, her green shorts and panties being disposed of in a timely manner leaving only her red socks and green elf shoes.

Spike grinned down at her as he knelt between her thighs and rubbed his burgeoning cock against her slick cunt lips making them both moan. “Time for Santa to stuff your sloppy stocking.” He said as he plunged into her to the hilt.

“OH.” They both cried out together as he sank into her velvety elastic tight quim the moisture there sliding over both of them as he started a slow rhythm fucking her deep and long.

Spike captured her lips in a kiss that was near desperate for both. Heads thrashing and hands clutching, Buffy legs corkscrewed around his lean waist as he pounded into her knowing that this was perfection. A Christmas wish come true.

As her hands glided over the slick skin of his muscled back she broke the kiss to gasp, “Oh HARDER…HARDER…Yes…yes…yes…”

Spike sped up his thrusts into her acquiescing body, the soft cushion of her breasts smashed against his hard chest as he dropped his head into her shoulder his breath loud by her ear. “Fuck…so good…so goddamned good…..never……..ungh…fuck….”

She was going to cum again, Buffy gasped in pure wonder with each downward stroke of his muscular body; she’d never cum like this, without some form of …Oh oh OH…

“Now…OHGOD…NOW…..” Buffy yelped as the sensations overpowered her body. Biting down onto his lean neck to keep herself from screaming, she trembled and bucked against him her inner muscles suctioning around his plowing tool, the moisture within her body pouring over him in hot waves.

“OHGOD……….YESSSS…..” Spike howled loud enough for the real elves at the North Pole to hear. His body tensed and then began to jerk as he unloaded his spunk deep within her blistering heat, each contraction of her pussy driving him insane with need until finally he collapsed on top of her breathing harshly.

“That was so good.” Spike murmured feverishly kissing Buffys sweat dampened locks and face. “The best I’ve ever had.”

Buffy returned his kisses for a moment before looking at him, “What’s really you’re name?” She asked trying to act as if they weren’t still intimately attached.

Looking down into her deep emerald eyes he smiled as he pushed one stray lock of hair off of her face, “Spike.”

“Spike?” She asked thrusting her hips a bit for emphasis.

“Or William. But I prefer Spike myself. And you?” His hand drifting lazily over her supple neck sending shivers of want through her again as he leaned on one hand waiting for her reply.


“Buffy. Hmmmm….Well, Buffy seeing as how we’re probably locked in the mall now, what say you and I continue to get acquainted? Though I’d love to continue this in more ways than that.”

Buffy looked at him slightly confused.

“Dating. I’d like to date you. Well, actually I’d like you for mine.” He said dipping his lips to hers sweetly again as he thrust down into her with his already hard cock making her gasp.

“Oh…ok…as…long…as you….oh…keep doing….that…” She managed to get out in singular words as the pleasure of his lovemaking started to thrum within her again. With each thrust and each plunge of his hips he made Buffy his and she made him hers, what had started as a day from hell had swiftly turned into perfect heaven. Who says Christmas doesn’t come twice a year? Or in their case Many, Many, times a year!

The end

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