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05/18/17 04:16 am
pj! I remember wishing one of your stories would be finished seriously about a decade ago. Amazing. I just tried an old password I used to use and amazingly got in too. Memories!
03/20/17 01:20 am
10 yrs later, i finally rem my username and password. Pari, you rock. Hope you are well.
12/23/16 01:12 pm
I donate every month. Please donate to keep this site up!
10/06/16 08:34 am
Great post.
08/31/16 03:45 pm
And anyone else who loves this site, it's worth mentioning there's a nifty little "Donate" option just below the shout box here! ;)
08/31/16 03:43 pm
Just wanted to take a moment to thank Pari and all the mods for maintaining such a great site!


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Disclaimer: I own nothing but the dirty sheets that they slept on!! *in my mind*

Dedicated to: Val for her want of the mattress man, to Pattyanne for the title, and the ladies of OGLSB for the tossing of ideas. Oh and the Serta Mattress Company for their perfect little sheep guy.

Buffy grinned as she hugged herself doing a little dance around her newly acquired home. It was small, but it overlooked the beach. It had skylights in nearly every room so the sun could fill every square inch and it had a wrap around porch to sit on and watch the sunbathers. For the newly divorced woman, it was paradise. The inside of the dwelling was cozy with wall to wall hardwood floors covered by authentic Persian rugs she had gotten from her mom after she had passed. Boxes still stood all around the place to be unpacked but paintings and photographs already graced the white textured walls, and flowers and plants overflowed every space in a happy riot of color. The setting was warm, quaint and unequivocally Buffy.

Moving through the boxes transporting books, clothing, and all manner of knickknacks to either of the two bedrooms, Buffy’s morning had been taken up by the happy task of making her house into a home. She now stood munching on a carrot, around 4:00 in the afternoon, while peering into her new refrigerator the doorbell rang. *Mattress must be here, * she thought walking to the door still crunching happily.

Buffy squinted against the bright sunlight for a moment after opening the door, before the man in front of her moved to block the sun. Looking down at the petite blond, a boyish grin flitted across the mover’s face, “Xander Harris m’am, we’re here to deliver a *looking down at the receipt in his hand* Queen sized Serta Posturepedic mattress and box springs to a Mrs. Buffy Summers?”

With a returned grin Buffy gestured the movers into the house, “You’ve got the right house but its Miss not Mrs. and just Buffy.” Pointing the direction of the bedroom on the right with her half eaten carrot she said, “You can just set it up in there, sorry about the mess.”

As the men moved into the house Buffy closed the door behind them, not paying them much mind, and went back into the kitchen.

“Would either of you like something to drink? I’ve got soda, coffee….water?” she called glancing over her shoulder into the icebox once more.

“Water would be the peach, luv.” A rich baritone accented with most heady British accent she had ever heard answered her.

Turning her gaze back Buffy could swear she felt her heart stop its beating as she got her first glimpse of the other mover that had accompanied Xander.

5’10, bleached spiky hair, deep soulful blue eyes the color of the Caribbean, cheekbones to die for and those lips. Full and lush he had the kind of lips that made Buffy quiver with a barrage of decadently sinfully erotic images.

“Huh?” She managed to pry from between her lips when she realized he has said something.

“You asked if we’d like something to drink.” He answered a hint of good humor swirling in his eyes a small smile on his lips, “I said water would be the peach luv.” He repeated grinning even more broadly as she turned to get the liquid and he glimpsed the luscious curve of her golden bottom peeking out at him from her frayed jeans shorts. Daisy Dukes he thought he could remember Xander calling them during one fine evening of bonding over beer and the Dukes of Hazard Marathon on UPN.

*Speaking of peaches.* Spike thought as he memorized every inch of her succulent backside, the long tanned legs, the perfect ass, the silky tumble of golden hair thrown up into a messy ponytail, a few of the strands trailing enticingly over her shoulders. Not to mention the deep grass green eyes and pouting red lips that had greeted him when she first turned towards him.

Surreptiously adjusting his growing erection behind the bar area that separated them, he could only think of bending this little green eyed vixen over the nearest flat surface and slamming into her until they were both screaming from the pleasure.

Now it was Buffy’s turn to appear amused as she turned back with drink in hand to the gorgeous Brit who eyes were staring rather fixedly and glassily at where her behind had just been.

“Uh..em…” she cleared her throat bringing Spike back to his senses, “What would your friend like?” she asked handing him his drink, the heat of the day making the glass sweat and making both parties even more susceptible to their own inner fervor. As their fingers brushed one another’s briefly the flames of desire turned to near inferno. They locked eyes, the sudden crackling of sexual electricity running between them stunning them both as they recognized the same want and need in the other. *Want…pretty…now.*

As they stood entranced with each other the air fairly snapped and bristled with the sexual tension flowing between the two strangers, as the pressure in the room seemed to drop unnaturally making them both shiver in response.

Walking into the room from the bedroom Xander pulled a pen from his coverall pocket before pausing and grinning at the scene in front of him. *well, well, well, what have I walked into here?* he asked himself noting the blushes of both blondes. “Um..I’ll have a Pepsi if you have one Miss.” He answered Buffys previous question mentally already going out to the truck for some random thing to give the blonds more time alone.

“Spike?” He said palming the pen before either of them saw it, “I’m going to go out to the truck for something to write with I’ll be back in a sec.”

Spike flitted his eyes briefly to Xander and nodded not even wondering at the obviously flimsy excuse of a pen, when there was a mug full of them sitting to the right of Buffy’s microwave.

Xander’s grin got even bigger, it had been awhile since he had seen his friend so obviously smitten and if the fates decided that this little blond was the one, well then all he could do was help it along. He could recognize UST when it popped its head up, he wasn’t married to Anya, sexual guru for nothing. Nope, he’d just go out to the truck and have himself a good long break.* Maybe about half an hour or so? * He thought to himself as he let himself out of the house closing the door behind him.

As soon as the door to the tiny house closed they were in each other’s arms. The door of the refrigerator standing open, forgotten, as Spike wrapped his strong arms around Buffy’s tiny waist. Tongues plunged and danced with each other, hands pushed clothing out of the way, zippers were unzipped, and buttons went flying in their haste to get to each other.

Growling softly Spike swept the tiny blonde up onto the butcher block table in the middle of the kitchen and settled her there while he slid his searching mouth from her lips, to her neck and down to the sensitive peak of her right breast. Buffy cried out as his warm tongue bathed the turgid nipple, lathing it with the flattened surface. “Oh God…” she moaned helplessly arching her back to demand more from this stranger, willing him to take all he wanted.

Spike slid one hand up to cup and fondle the other breast while he listened to the impassioned pleas of this little spitfire. Each utterance falling from her lips sent shockwaves of longing straight to his already painfully erect cock. He groaned against her sun kissed skin as he felt her fingers slide into his short bleached locks and pulling him even closer, her still jean short clad groin grinding into his as she locked her legs forcefully around his slim waist.

Sliding back up her body to reclaim her lips, Spike reached behind her and swept the contents of the table to the floor. Neither noticed as cookbooks and utensils clanked and clattered to the floor as Buffy lay back enticingly on the table.

Spike’s eyes scorched her skin as she lay panting waiting for his next move. She wasn’t disappointed and moaned in exultant acquiescence as he slid the frayed shorts from her body along with the tiny wisp of cotton thong panties she was wearing.

Looking at her splayed wantonly on the very countertop he had been fantasizing about just a mere few minutes before, sent a shiver of deep gratification through his very soul. This was one woman he was planning on keeping around for as long as she would have him.

Grinning down at her as she started to squirm under his close scrutiny, his smile softened at her murmur of pleasure as he coasted his work callused fingers from her neck to the jumping muscles of her lower abdomen. It was like watching a fine work of art take form and shape under his very fingertips, so fulfilling in the actual rendering but it was the final masterpiece that brought the greatest pleasure.

Unable to take it one more minute, Spike bent close to her skin and ran his slick, wet tongue from her belly button down to the top most part of her sensitive mound teasing, her long groan of need music to his ears.

Kneeling down, he draped her legs over his strong naked shoulders spreading her quivering thighs before dipping into molten core. Tangy, and piquant were the words that ran through his brain as he licked and caressed the folds of her juicy quim.

“Oh….Oh…yes….yes…feels so good…it’s been so long….” She groaned her slim hips beginning the age old rhythm as she moved restlessly on the counter top. If god had come down to grant her one wish, it was this man with the talent of a maestro between her thighs. “OH….fuck YES…” she cried out even louder this time as she felt the invasion of two of his fingers into her clenching opening. Her hips sped up as did the thrusting of his fingers and the fluttering of his tongue.

Buffy’s head rolled helplessly, as she slid her feet up to the tops of her delicious tormentors shoulders, finding the leverage she needed to thrust herself harder onto his delving digits.

Spike knew the moment she was poised to cum. Wrapping one strong arm around her tiny waist to hold her in place; he curved the two fingers within her upwards. Finding that spot that would give her the most pleasure he began a steady stroking rhythm as he then latched onto her distended clit with his full lips, his tongue working the sensitive nub in a succession of rapid soft strokes.

Buffy’s eyes rolled back into her head, her entire body quivering as suddenly the whole room gave over to the single most massive orgasm she had ever had in her entire life.
“OOooooooooouuuuuu …..GODDDDD…GODDD….OHHOHOH……” She screamed as her body flew into convulsion after convulsion Spike’s fingers and mouth never giving her respite as she flew into orgasm after orgasm. Her fingers clawed at the arm holding her steady and her chest heaved with each explosion until finally in one hard bucking motion she shuddered to a gasping finale.

Spike rapidly stood, not able to wait a moment longer for this Venus, this Aphrodite of beauty and lust. He had to be in her. He had to fill her with his cock and mark her as his; it was imperative that he flood her with his hot juices and then fill her again.

Practically ripping the zipper that held the lower half of his coveralls up on his slim hips, Spike somehow managed to get the pants off without further damage, his rock hard erection springing free from its confines.

Buffy smiled, her green eyes hazy with the orgasmic aftermath, as she looked at the magnificent tool he was sporting. Knowing that it would be plowing into her in a matter of minutes made her shiver with desire.

Spikes hands went to Buffy hips his fingers curling into the taut flesh there as she reached down to grasp his hardness in her hand. After a few caresses of her silky palm Spike was ready to explode. Moving his hips out of her reach he took a few calming breaths before lining his cock up with her wet pussy.

“Ohhh..” they both groaned as he pushed his way into her body with one long stroke. His balls resting on the upturned curve of her ass as he savored the feeling of being inside this woman. Buffy watched his face as his deep blue eyes locked onto hers and he took the first sliding plunging thrust into her.

“Oh goooood..” She moaned, her toes curling and her thighs tightening around his hips with the sensations, as she reached one hand behind his neck to drag him down into a deep passionate kiss.

The feeling of her breasts mashed against his hard cut chest drove both to higher plains of nerve tingling sensation. As his body rocked against hers, the quiet moans and gasps along with the suctioning noise of his cock sliding into her, filled the small kitchen area. Never had it felt this good for either one of them. The feeling of completion, of finding the missing piece to the puzzle, overwhelmed them both as their bodies struggled against one another in search of their final goal.

Breaking the kiss Spike looked down into the eyes of his angel, reveling in the heat and desire he saw within their grassy depths. Wrapping her up in his arms he laid his head into the crook of her shoulder and began thrusting into her in earnest. One thing running through both their minds like a broken record, yes, yes, yes.

Feeling his thrusts become deeper and stronger Buffy ran her hands over every available inch of skin she could reach. His cock stroking into her, his pelvic bone hitting her in that delicious region of her clit sending mini orgasms shuttering through her continually. *I’ve died and gone to heaven,* came unbidden to her mind as another wave of pleasure swept over her slick body causing her to tighten her vaginal muscles down in response.

“Ohgod…Oh..god…honey…I’m….” Spike groaned, his thrusts speeding up in response to her bodies unasked question. “Fuck….OH…OH FUCK…” He moaned more loudly as her body responded to his, the wave of hot juices flowing from her body coating his pulsing prick with each thrust.

“OH GOD….Oh…YES….YES….FUCKMEeeee..” Buffy screeched out as the massive wave of her orgasm slammed into her, making her body lurch up against his, her inner muscles strangling his cock in it’s velvet hold.

As the goddess beneath him began to quake with her release Spike pounded himself into her, the first vice-like grip on him sending him over the edge.

“BLOODY HELL YEEESSSS….” He roared as he continued to pump himself into her, his cock swelling to unimaginable proportions as he began to unload his hot, sticky life giving fluids into her grasping cunt.

Both Spike and Buffy ground against one another reaching new heights of fleshly delight. As the orgasms rolled through them their combined juices dripped down covering Spike in the evidence of their shared pleasure. Lips were found once again and tongues wrapped around each other in sensual caress as the jerking motions of their bodies finally ground to an exhausted but satiated halt.

Spike laid his forehead against hers his chest heaving with hers, as they looked deeply into one another’s eyes looking for any regrets. Buffy’s smile was matched by his own as they realized that none were forthcoming.

Gently pulling himself from her heated body, the couple groaned at the loss of contact. As he helped her to sit up he couldn’t help pushing the damp locks framing her face away with a gentle hand.

“I don’t want this to be over.” He said simply wanting nothing more than to spend the rest of his days with this woman.

Looking into his sincere gaze Buffy’s heart expanded with happiness, “I don’t either.” She murmured turning her head and pressing a kiss to his palm before glancing around the messy kitchen with a sigh and a laugh.

“Never knew moving day could be so much fun.” She teased her green eyes twinkling at Spike as she slid off the counter to retrieve her wayward clothing.

“So Buffy, is it? What is a gorgeous woman like you doing all alone at the beach?” Spike asked as he slid his coveralls back over his shoulders, Buffy’s eyes coveting every inch of his all too soon covered body.

“Well, um….” Turning a bright shade of red, “what was your name?”

Wrapping his arms around her now re-dressed body he smiled down into her pretty upturned face, “it’s Spike or William but baby you can call me whatever you want.”

Running her hands along the strong muscularity of his arms, enjoying the feel of them surrounding her, she smiled up at him for a moment, before a thought came to her, “Hey, where did your partner go?”

The end

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