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05/18/17 04:16 am
pj! I remember wishing one of your stories would be finished seriously about a decade ago. Amazing. I just tried an old password I used to use and amazingly got in too. Memories!
03/20/17 01:20 am
10 yrs later, i finally rem my username and password. Pari, you rock. Hope you are well.
12/23/16 01:12 pm
I donate every month. Please donate to keep this site up!
10/06/16 08:34 am
Great post.
08/31/16 03:45 pm
And anyone else who loves this site, it's worth mentioning there's a nifty little "Donate" option just below the shout box here! ;)
08/31/16 03:43 pm
Just wanted to take a moment to thank Pari and all the mods for maintaining such a great site!


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Chapter One: Midnight Snack

Buffy Summers sat on the bed of her best friend Molly Roberts' king size bed. She listened to the going on of her friend, Anya Jerkins, who was explaining that she had sex in their local school pool and how it was one of the most exciting and thrilling thing she had ever done in her life. Then she listened to her other close friend, Faith Stevens, talk about how she heard that Buffy's ex boyfriend, Riley Finn, had fingered Sunnydale's biggest slut, Harmony Kendall, in math when the teacher's back was turned. Buffy only dated Riley for a few weeks, and within that week he scored, but before him there was Parker Abrams: her biggest mistake. She liked to think of him as a one night stand after getting really hammed with her friends. But luckyily he wasn’t her first.

Buffy's first time was when she was fourteen and she had met a hot college student named Angel O’ Neil. They dated for months and then after a school dance he took her to, they ended up screwing in the back of his car. After that, she never heard from him. But since Riley, Buffy had been on the dating wagon, all her friends had boyfriends.

It was a Friday night and all four girls decided to have a sleep over at Molly since she had a huge pool and house because her mom had a good paying job. Speaking of her mom, she was out of town for the week...leaving alone Molly's dad.

Molly's dad was major cool for a parent; he acted just like a teenager, and all the girls thought he was such a hottie.

"Oh my gosh! When I went to the bathroom, I passed by Mr. Roberts work out room and I saw him lifting weights. He was sweating and he looked so yummy! If only I was older..." Cordelia Chase squealed in delight just thinking about what she had seen earlier.

"Cordelia, you're such a dork," Buffy laughed, hitting her friend's arm playfully "Besides, he's married."

"So? I heard his wife's a total prude and that she isn’t even putting out anymore. So he's going solo," Cordelia instructed, moving her hand up and down.

"Good thing Molly's in the bathroom! She'd totally freak hearing you talk about her parents like that," Cordelia noded. Molly totally looked up to her mom, despite she was never really home at all. Both girls busted into laughter

* Knock knock *

"Everyone decent?" a deep male voice called through the other side of the wooden door.

"Yes," Faith shouted back.

The door opened.

Everyone’s gaze went from what they where doing and slid over to Mr. Roberts. He wasn’t like anyone else's father. He was HOT. He didn’t look 37 at all; he looked maybe in his early twenties. He had cool hair which was bleached blonde; he usually had it gelled back, but this time it was a ruffled mess like he'd just showered. Then he had the most amazing blue eyes all the girls had ever seen. He had incredibly high cheekbones and a wonderful pair of sensuous lips. And he was only wearing a silk black robe.

"Hello ladies," He greeted in his English accent that made him even more sexy.

"Hello Mr. Roberts," all the girls said together. He smiled to himself.

Little tease he thought.
His gaze went from the group to the little blond sitting on his daughter's bed. He had to admit that she was the prettiest out of all Molly friends. He knew all her friends were pretty, but this little blond stood out more. "Just wanted make sure you’re all fine and wanted to see if you need anything," he smiled, "And please ladies, I think we know each other long enough, for you to call me, Spike or William...whatever you like better. Mr. Robert makes me sound too old," he said licking his sensuous lips.

Cordelia leaned over to Buffy and whispered, "I bet he can do amazing things with that tongue," both girls bursted into laughter getting Mr. Roberts' attention, he smirked

"Oh. Hey dad," Molly greeted her father as she entered her bedroom once again and took a seat next to Faith on the floor. "Were we being to loud?"

"No, pet, just making sure you girls were all right, and that I was off to bed," He explained

Molly nodded, "Well night then,"

"Night girls."

"Night," the girls repeated back with a smile. As Spike shut the door, he heard the girls whisper.

"Oh my gosh, Molly! Your dad's a major hottie," He couldn’t help but smirk at the girls' words. And with that he walked into his bedroom, which was down the hall from them.

~~~ During the Night Around 2: 43 am ~~~

After watching a few more scary movies, each one of the girls had fallen asleep. Buffy was the last one, but during the night she had waken up because her stomach started to rumble. She tried to go back to sleep but her stomach kept bugging her. So she decided to feed her needs. She slowly got out of her sleeping bag and quietly made it out of the room and into the hall.

Buffy hopped down the stairs and noticed a light glow coming down from the kitchen. Since she was going that way, she decided to check it out. When she reached the kitchen, she smiled to herself when she noticed who was already down there.

"Can’t sleep either Spike?"

Spike looked up and noticed the blond bombshell enter the kitchen and lean against the doorframe. His mouth was slightly ajar as he noticed her attire consisted of the tiniest black shorts that looked like anything BUT shorts; they appeared to be short enough to be her panties. A small red tank top revealed her flat belly and pink bellybutton ring. The tank top was tight and hugged her breasts, and it slowly dawned on him that she was wearing no bra.

"Buffy! Hey, what are you doing up so late, pet?" He asked, turning his attention away from the girl and back to his bowl of strawberries and whipped cream.

"Late night craving. Mind if I join you?" she asked sweetly.

"Sure, Luv."

Buffy smiled and walked over to the table where Spike was sitting and sat right across from him.

"Little chilly in here," Buffy commented, grabbing one of the strawberries and dipping it in the whipped cream. Spike watched as Buffy swirled her tongue around the strawberries to get the cream from it. Spike watched her intently, this was arousing him. He noticed she was right about saying it was "chilly." Her nipples where showing through her shirt.

"Yummy," she moaned sexually as she finished the whole strawberry.

He coughed. "Right. So Buffy, what’s new? How’s your mom's gallery?" he asked, looking away from the lusty teen.

Buffy smiled to herself. He couldn’t even look at her. "She’s in New York with a friend, so she says."

"Uh huh, well that’s good."

"And you?"

"I’m fine... Life is great. I might get my own business with a friend of mine and open up a restaurant." He lied.

His life wasn’t fine. Him and Jenny had been fighting for over a few months now, and his relationship with his daughter wasn’t good; she barely said two words to him. He thought his wife poisoned her against him. But what he said about owning his own restaurant was fairly true. He'd gotten a loan and everything, along with a place.
Buffy frowned; his expression was sad.

"You okay, Spike?"

"Of course, ducks. Why wouldn’t I be?"

Buffy shrugged " I don’t know. You seem sad."

He smiled at her tenderness "No, Luv. I’m just peachy."

They both stared at each other with so much intensity that Spike broke away, "Um.. I’m thirsty. You?"

"Uh huh."

Spike got up from his seat and walked over to the fridge, "Is water good?"

"Uh huh."

When he turned around, Buffy was sitting on top of the counter, her legs dangling over the edge, a smile across her face, arms at her side.

Buffy took a daring risk. She tugged on the tie of Spike robe, pulling him
towards her. He insinuated himself between her legs. She wrapped her legs
around his waist.

Buffy brushed her lips against his. She smiled when she felt him begin to
kiss her back She moaned from the kiss and took this chance to slip her
tongue into his mouth. He could taste the whipped cream that lingered on her

It felt so very good to have a warm, willing body against his. He could
feel how much she wanted him, in turn, increasing his desire for her. He
sucked on her tongue, circling it with his own. Suddenly, Spike remembered
who he was and who she was, and pulled away. But Buffy still had her legs
wrapped around him, not letting him escape.

"No....No, Buffy. It's...It's not right," he stuttered, trying to resist this tempting goddess.

She grabbed his trembling hand and brought it inside her shirt, placing it
over her breast.

"Don't think about right or wrong. Just think about how it feels," she
whispered softly. "How's it feel, Spike?"

He started gently squeezing her breast without her aid. "Like...Heaven,"
Spike groaned, his eyes drifting closed as he groped her breast. He couldn't
seem to stop himself. They felt so warm.so soft. He could feel her nipple
grow erect under his palm.

Buffy's eyes locked with Spike's. She was filled with so much lust; it
rushed through her veins and made her dizzy with need. She moaned as he
squeezed a little harder.

"Touch me, Spike! Ohhh, I need you! Spike, please."

Spike attacked Buffy's mouth with his once again. Soft moans came from them.
Spike lost all control. In his mind, he knew this was wrong, but his heart
(and the rest of his body) just didn't seem to care.

Buffy untied the front of Spike's robe and then pushed it off his shoulder.
She ran her fingers down his naked chest.. His spine tingled at her touch.

Spike leaned in and began nipping at her breasts through her tank top.

"Ahh!" she gasped.

"Want you!" he growled.

Buffy smiled at those words "Then, take me!" she replied enthusiastically.

Buffy lifted her arms in the air as Spike removed the red tank top and let
it fall to the ground. Spike looked down at Buffy's rosy nipples. They
looked so amazing, he just wanted to plaster his mouth over them and suck on
them - and that's just what he did. He leaned in and took the right one into
his mouth and began laving it with his warm tongue. He applied gentle
suction to her nipple.

"Mmmm! Spike!" Buffy gasped, her fingers dancing down his back. Her legs
wrapped around his waist more tightly, holding him close as he sucked on
both nipples, moving from one to the other, worshipping them with his tongue
and lips.

"Skin's so soft, Luv," he moaned between sucks.

Spike pulled Buffy off the counter, her legs still wrapped around his waist,
cupping her ass. Her naked breasts and hard nipples pressed against his
chest. He turned her around so that she was pressed up against the fridge.

"Ouch," Buffy mumbled.

Spike stopped kissing her neck "Did I hurt you, Luv?"

She laughed, "No. Magnets dug into my back, fine now," she said, making
Spike smile and then return to what he was doing.



Spike moved with Buffy, laying her down on the cold tile floor. Spike looked
down at her. She was so gorgeous, her body was so beautiful. Spike went
down with her.

He kissed her lips, and then slowly moved down her body.

"Strawberries," Buffy moaned. Spike stopped at her belly button, to see what
Buffy was saying. "Get them from the table, please."

Spike raised eyebrow, but he got off the floor and went for the strawberries
and whipped cream. He brought them down to the floor beside him and Buffy.

Buffy sat up. "Lay down," she ordered. "Please," she add sweetly, with an
impish grin.

Spike did what she asked. Buffy straddled Spike's stomach, her legs on both
sides of him.

"What are you planning, you little vixen?"

She smirked. "Watch."

Spike watched as she dipped the strawberry in the cream, then brought it to
his lips. As Spike was about to take a bite, she pulled it away.

"Nope." She slowly moved the strawberry down his body, leaving a trail of
whipped cream. Then she licked it away, swirling and swiping her tongue down
the line she'd made. She kept moving down his body until she reached his
silk boxers and started pulling them down his well-muscled legs.

"Wow!" she froze at the site of him, she slept with three guys but never
once were they this huge. Spike's cock was at least 13 inches long and 4
inches around. "Wow!" she repeated, astonished.

Spike laughed, "Something you don't like?"

"Nope, perfectly fine," she said dropping her head down between his legs.
"Oops," she said, grabbing some whipped cream in her hands and covering
Spike's member with it.

"Ahhh," Spike groaned.

Buffy once again dipped her head between his legs. She began by licking
around the head, and then brushing her tongue over his cumslit. He tasted
very yummy, just like whipped cream with a little tang. Buffy moaned when
she tasted his pre-cum rushing out to mingle with the whipped cream meeting
her tongue. She relished hearing Spike's moans, it made her lick and suck
even more, harder, with more passion.

"Ohh Luv. Just like that.Fuck...Harder.Just a little harder.Fuck!" he

She enclosed the tip with her mouth, lightly licking while she sucked out
every drop from him.

"Ohh.Ahh. So good. Luv, Ohh ahh...fuck so.good, Ahh," Spike kept groaning
and breathing harder.

He felt her playing with his sac, squeezing his balls and moving them around
with her free hand.

"I never thought, anyone could taste sooo good," Buffy moaned, pulling her
lips from his cock.

"Ahh Buffy! Fuck! Please keep going!" Spike begged the teen to take him
back in her mouth.

"Uhn! Uhn!" She lowered her head again and gobbled up his cock, taking every
inch of him that she could. She loved pleasing him, it made her feel alive
and wanted.

"Yes, Buffy! Ahh...Fuck yes," he said, making sure he kept his voice down,
he didn't want to wake up any of the girls.

Spike was amazed that he had the presence of mind to remember anything right

"Yes! Yes!.Fuck Oh yes!!!!" Spike didn't know how long he could last. He
felt himself about to cum any second. She was so good at this. "Buffy. I'm
CUMMING!" he groaned urgently.

His salty load filled her mouth. Buffy gladly swallowed every drop that came
out. She stroked his shaft, pumping him into her mouth while she held the
helmet between her lips. Some silky, white spunk leaked from the corner of
her mouth, dribbling onto her chin.

Buffy sat up and wiped her mouth, "Best ever!" She giggled, licking up
what little she had let escape. Then she moved back up Spike's body and
pushed her lips against his in a rough kiss.

"Do I get a taste?" he asked, raising an eyebrow and curling his tongue over
his top teeth.

Before Buffy knew it, she was on her back and Spike was on top. This time he
was the one with the strawberries and cream. Spike traveled down her body
kissing his way down to her belly button. He began pulling down her shorts.
And then started pulling her Care Bear thong down her legs, then put them
aside. Spike dipped down between her legs.

"Mmmm, knew you'd taste sweet," Spike said, he flicked at her clit with the
tip of his tongue then blew on it.

"Ahhhh!" Buffy's body jerked as the stream of air touched her.

Spike worked and played with her pussy sensuously, his tongue and lips
lapping and nibbling at her. His tongue slid inside her lips, gliding along
her slit.

"Ohhhh...SPIKE.AHHHH." Buffy moaned, "Spike...Ahhhh..fuck!!!!!! More,
please!" Buffy threw her head back and screamed when the orgasm hit her.

Spike thrust his tongue inside of her pussy. Buffy squirmed, thrusting her
hips to force his tongue deeper inside of her.

"Ahhhh, Spike..ohhhh," Buffy panted. Her eyes opened and saw Spike licking
his lips, then he fingered her clit softly. Pushing it in and out.

"Mmm.. Spike ohhh don't stop," she begged Spike smirked and kept pulling and
pushing out.

"I wont," he whispered.

Finally, Buffy felt herself about to cum again. "Spike I'm CUMMing," she
screamed. She felt herself cum, and felt Spike eating her pussy voraciously.

"Spike, take me! Please!" Buffy said almost begging.

Spike settled himself over her body. He moved his hips, his huge cock
sliding between her pussylips. She felt so hot and sweltering there.

Before Spike was about to enter, he said, "I don't have a--"

"It's covered. Been on the pill since 8th grade," she blushed.

Spike smirked, then entered her roughly and demandingly.

"Ohh fuck, Spike! Yes!" she screamed. Spike lightly put his hand over her

"Shh, pet. Don't want to wake the house."

"Sorry," she panted.

Spike grunted as he pushed deeper inside Buffy's hot core. She was
extremely tight and completely wet and Spike just loved it. He never felt so
complete before in his life.

Buffy's hands held onto Spike's shoulders as he kept pounding her into the
floor. Both of them were lost in passion.

Spike thrusted into her. "So fucking hot! So beautiful!" Spike moaned.

"Don't stop! Please, fuck me harder, please! I want you all inside me
please!" she begged. All she wanted to do was have Spike pushing all of his
cock inside her. She wanted to feel complete.

Spike nodded and pushed himself all the way inside her. Buffy cried out in
passion, never in her life as she felt as she did until now. His hot,
throbbing cock stretched her walls wider and went deeper than she ever
thought possible.

"Ohh Spike! Ohh f-fuck yes!" Buffy's eyes rolled around in their sockets.

"Ahh Buffy! So tight so good!" he moaned as he thrust into her.

"Fuck me hard, Spike! Fuck my pussy hard!" she gasped, almost crying from
the intensity of her pleasure.

Spike moaned, his hips beginning to pump by themselves, his body taking
over. He pounded and plunged into her tightness again and again. Buffy fit
him like a glove. And, God, she was so wet!

Buffy panted for breath and moaned, "Ahhh! Ahhh yes, Spike! Oooh!"

Spike positioned his body so that his cock rubbed against her clit when he
thrusted. Within only a few strokes, Buffy's body was shaking and head shot
backwards. A shrill scream of bliss started to erupt from her lips, but
Spike covered her mouth with his hand just in time.

Buffy opened her eyes wide, shouting muffled yells of ecstasy into his hand.
It was the most powerful orgasm of her life - of possibly anybody's life.
Her body bucked and flopped under him like a fish out of water. Her
spasming pussy squeezed his cock rhythmically. Her cream gushed around his
pistoning cock, leaking from her, and still, she kept cumming.

"Uhhhnn, Buffy!" Spike groaned, his face contorting. It felt too exquisite,
too divine, for him to stave off cumming any longer. He had to shoot inside
of her. He arched his back, pushing all the way inside of her, then grunted
loudly as he began to cum.

"Ohhh! Ohh Spike, yes!" Buffy humped up at him. She could feel his warm
jizm spurting inside of her. It felt amazing!

Spike lowered his upper body down over her, kissing her deeply as his hips
jerked. They both moaned with every stream of cum that he fired. It leaked
out of her pussy to pool on the floor under them.

Spike was spent. He panted for breath, brushing his lips over her cheek and
stroking her arm tenderly. Buffy was trying to get her breath back too.
She was grinning and running her hands over his back.
Both lay panting, covered by Spike's robes. No one had said a word.

Buffy looked up at the clock: It was almost four.

"I should get back upstairs," Buffy said softly as she pulled her shorts and tank top back on.

Spike nodded and put his clothes back on as well.

He ran a hand through his tossled locks, "Buffy, about--"

But before he could finish, Buffy stopped him, "Please don't. Please don't say it didn't mean anything. Let's not say anything, okay?" Buffy's voice shook slightly.

Spike nodded. "Night, luv."

"Night, William," she said softly as she headed upstairs.

~~~~~~~~~~~ Next Morning ~~~~~~~~~~~

Spike was down in the kitchen and sitting at the table after he'd showered. He didn't get much sleep after last night's activities.

Around ten, all the girls were in the kitchen and loading up on cereal. The girls were talking about a movie that they had seen last night. Only Faith, Molly, and Cordelia were up and about. And from what he caught through their teenage chatter, Buffy was still upstairs asleep.

* Honk Honk *

"Who's that, Molly?" Spike questioned, putting his newspaper down. Molly walked over to the window.

"Oh, it's Ms. Summers," Molly shrugged, "Guess she's back from New York."

"Hey, is B still asleep?" Faith sputtered around a mouthful of cereal

"Nope. I'm up," Buffy announced, making her presence known in the kitchen. She glanced at her mother's car through the window, "I better get going; I'll see you guys later."

Spike saw she was already dressed in a pair of old, black sweatpants and matching plain shirt. Her hair was pulled back in a simple pony tail, and he thought she looked absolutely wonderful.

Faith saluted her with her spoon as she put her bowl into the sink, "Later B. Call you later."

Cordelia could tell something was up with Buffy. She looked. . .different somehow. Looking over at Mr. Roberts and his fixed stare on the blonde, Cordelia's eyes widened slightly.

"Bye Buffy," Molly smiled.

"Bye everyone." As Buffy reached for the doorknob, she paused and turned back to the kitchen, "Oh, and thanks, Mr. Roberts, for letting me come." She smiled sweetly and walked out the door.
Cordelia covered her mouth with her hand when she saw Mr. Roberts' calm expression turn to shock as he choked on his coffee. She jumped out of her seat. "That little. . ." She ran to the door and waved her cell in the air as she gave Buffy a stern look, "Text me!!"

The End

Warning- Underage sex (Well at least in America, but I was told that not in England. Also: Adultery!
Beta: My good friend Destiny beta this for me, and PaganBaby helped me with the smut!!!!!! Also Strawberry parts where for both Paganbaby and Destiny!
Title – Came from PaganBaby

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