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05/18/17 04:16 am
pj! I remember wishing one of your stories would be finished seriously about a decade ago. Amazing. I just tried an old password I used to use and amazingly got in too. Memories!
03/20/17 01:20 am
10 yrs later, i finally rem my username and password. Pari, you rock. Hope you are well.
12/23/16 01:12 pm
I donate every month. Please donate to keep this site up!
10/06/16 08:34 am
Great post.
08/31/16 03:45 pm
And anyone else who loves this site, it's worth mentioning there's a nifty little "Donate" option just below the shout box here! ;)
08/31/16 03:43 pm
Just wanted to take a moment to thank Pari and all the mods for maintaining such a great site!


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Authors Chapter Notes:
WARNING: this is a step sibling fic (same dad) if that's not for you then go no further otherwise enjoy! A big thank you to All4Spike for going over this chapter for me.
Thank you to the AMAZING Edgehead for the beautiful banner i love it hun xxoo

Dancing with fate

Chapter 1

Guilty temptation.

He couldn’t believe it. In just two short weeks William Giles, or Spike as he preferred to be called, would be starting at UC Sunnydale. At first his parents had questioned why he was so eager to move out of the family home and into a shared house with his mates. True it was right next to the college but their family house was a short ten minute drive away and Spike had his full license and his own car.

Looking out his bedroom window he sighed, looking at the reason. Buffy. She’d walked and talked sexuality since the day she turned fourteen. She was the very essence of temptation and in every way, the true meaning of forbidden fruit.

You see Buffy was his little sister, his half sister but still his half “blood” sister. His biological mother Jenny died while giving birth to him almost nineteen years ago. After that, his father Rupert Giles had left England with him and returned to Sunnydale where Jenny had grown up to lay her to rest. It was there that Giles had met up with Joyce again. She had been best friends with Jenny, they had been a source of comfort for each other.

After the funeral, Giles had decided to stay in Sunnydale getting a job at the local high school as the librarianto start afresh. He rented an apartment just big enough for the two of them and got settled in. It was two years later that Giles and Joyce fell in love and decided to move in together. Nine months later Buffy was born.

They had never hidden Jenny from William. Both Giles and Joyce would talk about her, telling him all about her. What she was like, the things she loved to do, how much she had loved and wanted him and how excited she had been when she had discovered she was pregnant.

William forced himself to turn away from the window and the sight of Buffy lying on a towel sunbathing in their yard with only a barely there black bikini on with her two closest friends Willow and Cordy.

William moved around his bed taping up the last of the boxes in his room. When he explained to his parents he just wanted the “whole college experience” to come and go at any time, hang out with his friends, go to frat parties etc, they had reluctantly agreed to let him move out. They had even offered to pay his share of the rent but there was no way he could bring himself to accept it. The tears in his mothers eyes when she had held him crying at how grown up he was, was enough to leave him guilt ridden but to take their money simply because he couldn’t keep his perverted thoughts about his sister in check… well let’s just say the guilt would near kill him.

No he had told them he would pay his own way, he wanted to. Working with his band Dingoes ate my baby usually paid pretty well and since graduating high school their gigs had picked up. They usually found themselves working at least 3 nights a week, so he was sure he would get by.

It hadn’t always been like this. He could remember a time when Buffy was nothing more than his annoying brat kid sister, but then she had turned fourteen and everything had changed. She had gone from being a kid to a young woman, a vision overnight, and in that short span of time his whole world had been turned upside down. Buffy had always been special to him, they had been close for as long as he could remember. Maybe he had always been drawn to her like this and just fought it; maybe the walls had slowly fallen down. He didn’t know for sure but what he did know was that if he didn’t get away from her soon, the dam would break and he would do something she would probably kill him for even thinking. And nothing scared him more than Buffy thinking he was some sort of sicko.

Buffy had be furious of course when she found out he was moving out. She hadn’t bought his whole wanting the “full college experience” line. She knew he wasn’t being totally honest with her, that he was hiding something, and after yelling at him that she would figure out what, she had slammed her bedroom door in his face. That had been two weeks ago and while she was talking to him now, she was still giving him a really hard time about it all.
He knew that he was doing what was best for both of them. No matter how mad she was at him, it was the right thing to do. She was his sister “Half sister” his mind reminded him. Half or not she was still blood and it was still wrong.

Walking to his dresser, he picked up a framed picture of Jenny. Running his fingers on the cool glass he smiled. Jenny would always be his mother but Joyce was his mom and no matter how much he wanted Buffy, he couldn’t betray Joyce’s trust.

William was broken from his thoughts at the sound of someone clearing their throat. Turning, he saw Buffy standing in his doorway still wearing a bikini, but thankfully she had put on a pair of black shorts. “If you could really call them shorts.” He couldn’t help but think, “They look more like a pair of undies they’re so short.” He groaned inwardly that the sight. Her long golden curls spilled around her shoulders in waves, her skin was tan and slightly pink from lying in the sun. Breasts round and firm barely covered by her bikini top, stomach flat and taunt, she was a vision, his golden goddess.

“You thinking about Jenny?” Buffy asked moving into the room. William looked down at the photo in his hand and nodded, placing it back on his dresser.

“Yeah” he smiled at Buffy.

“She was beautiful.”

“Yes she was.” He sighed, moving away from her hoping to put some space between them. “So what can I do for you luv?” He asked, moving the boxes off his bed and trying his best to look busy.

“The girls and I are going to the mall to look for a dress. Just thought I would come up here and let you know, perv.” At her last word his head snapped up.

“P..perv?” He asked, praying to whatever god was out there that she hadn’t seen him watching her.

“Relax Will I don’t think the girls noticed, but you keep staring at Cordy like that she’s going to start following you around again thinking you’re in love with her.” She giggled, moving closer to him. He began to relax immediately at her words.

“I was never in love with Cordy, and I have asked you repeatedly to call me Spike.”

“Yeah whatever.” she laughed. “Like I’m ever going to call you that… Spike you do know that’s a dog’s name right?” She asked, trying to look serious.

“Oi! Not a dog’s name! And please do me a favor and just call me Spike, it’s part of the whole band thing.”

“Fine, whatever Spike.” She couldn’t stop laughing.

“Wanna let me in on the joke luv?”

“Spike. It just sounds so funny.” She continued to laugh and he couldn’t help but laugh with her, he couldn’t help but think how stunning she looked when she smiled.

“And as for Cordy; she thinks everyone is in love with her.” Spike pointed out.

“Well in all fairness you did kiss her at that party a few months back.” Buffy pointed out, wanting to give him a hard time. Truth was, she hated thinking about Spike kissing Cordy. She felt jealousy burn through her anytime she thought of it. It was stupid, he was her brother but she had felt like this for four years and try as she might the feelings never seemed to go away.

“For starters it was one kiss, only one time after way too much to drink and I might add she kissed me first.”

“But you kissed her back.” She replied. This time she had stopped laughing and actually sounded a little hurt. Spike put it down to the fact that he had made out with one of her best friends.

“I told you already that it was a mistake Buffy and that I was sorry.” He replied, moving to her and holding her tight. The second he felt her pressed against him he knew it was a mistake. His body started to respond almost instantly to being so close to her, he just hoped she didn’t notice. Buffy pulled back just enough to look up at him.

“I know it’s cool, I just wanted to tease you.” she smiled softly.

“You shouldn’t tease me Buffy.” He hadn’t meant for his words to come out so husky, his voice made heat burn through her, making her checks flush and her palms sweat.

Spike knew he should turn away, put some space between them, but he was rooted to the spot, trapped in her emerald green eyes, and before he could stop himself his lips were moving towards hers.

Buffy watched as his eyes went from the usual bright blue to a stormy color. She had been looking at his lips and when she saw him begin to move closer to her, sherheart rate sped up so fast she thought it might pound through her chest. Slowly she let her eyes flutter closed. She could feel his hot breath on her face, he was so close…

“Buffy what is taking so long?” The screech of Cordy’s voice broke the silence as Buffy and Spike all but jumped across the room from each other just in time to see Cordy and Willow come into view. “Hey Spike.” Cordy smiled seductively at him.

“Cordy, Red.” He nodded.

“Hi.” Willow smiled shyly.

“We should go.” Buffy said quickly. “See you later Spike.” Not bothering to turn and look at him, she dragged her two friends downstairs and out of the house.

Spike stood frozen in the same spot unable to move. It had almost happened, the thing he had been fighting against for the past two years, the very reason he was moving out. He had almost caved, almost given into all his wants and desires. He had almost kissed her.

Then it accurred to him: Buffy had closed her eyes, did that mean she wanted to kiss him too? Shaking his head he decided it didn’t matter. Even if she did, it was still wrong. They were brother and sister. He knew Buffy would never see him as anything more than her big brother and she shouldn’t, he was after all her brother. Guilt washed over him in waves and then a smile featured his face.

Buffy had finally called him Spike.

Chapter End Notes:
It has been so long since i posted a new fic or chapter. My hard drive crashed a month ago and until the data on it is retrieved i have lost all my old fics so until i get time to download them they will go un worked on for a few weeks but i decided to start something knew and i really hope you guys like it. Let me know what you think?? like?? hate?? should i keep going??

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