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05/18/17 04:16 am
pj! I remember wishing one of your stories would be finished seriously about a decade ago. Amazing. I just tried an old password I used to use and amazingly got in too. Memories!
03/20/17 01:20 am
10 yrs later, i finally rem my username and password. Pari, you rock. Hope you are well.
12/23/16 01:12 pm
I donate every month. Please donate to keep this site up!
10/06/16 08:34 am
Great post.
08/31/16 03:45 pm
And anyone else who loves this site, it's worth mentioning there's a nifty little "Donate" option just below the shout box here! ;)
08/31/16 03:43 pm
Just wanted to take a moment to thank Pari and all the mods for maintaining such a great site!


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Authors Chapter Notes:
I'm not too sure how this concept will work out but I hope that I can do it justice. I just fancied having a go at writing something different from my usual fic's and thought that the extra challenge of making a 'musical' was interesting…and hopefully, entertaining :)

DISCLAIMER: "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" is copyrighted to Warner Brothers and Mutant Enemy Productions. I retain rights to the plot, but not the characters. This story is meant for enjoyment purposes only. No infringement is intended.

AUTHOR: Katrina

RATING: NC-17 (eventually)



Basic Plot:
Make your own musical using hits if today. The challenge is to create your own fic using hits of today, it can be in any season or Alternative Universe/Reality if you like.

- Pairing: B/S. NC-17
- Setting: whenever wherever whatever.
- You MUST use a minimum of twelve songs (like the musical).
- You must have a Christina Aguilera Song or Britney Spears Song.
- You CANNOT use a song that has been on Angel or BTVS before.

Ideas you can use:
- Everything else it up to you

Onto the fic…


PROLOGUE - The Spell

The Immortal watched as the elderly warlock was all but dragged across the floor and thrown down in front of him in a quivering heap. A flick of the wrist conveyed to his henchmen that they should move away and he stared down at the pathetic magic peddler in disdain.

“Are you certain you can perform the spell that I require, Garrick?” the Immortal asked in a low tone, his deep rich voice filling the air and compelling the warlock to raise his frightened gaze to him.

“Yes, Sire, I can do the spell…I swear,” the scared man replied quickly, his withered features cracking into tremulous smile that revealed uneven, yellowed teeth with gaps here and there.

The Immortal leant forward and looked at him dubiously. He wasn't confident that the man visibly shaking in front of him could pull off the delicate enchantment but there were no other suitable candidates…well, none that were any longer around to help him, that is…

"If you make any mistakes I will cut off your fingers and force you to eat them one by one," he told the poor man in a menacing tone. "Then I'll do the same to your toes…and then your ears…your eyes…need I go on?" he asked with a cruel smile.

The warlock shook his head vigorously. "No, no, I understand," he said, the tremor in his voice audible.

"Good," the Immortal replied as he settled back into his chair. "Then you will do it tonight," he added decisively.

"Tonight?" Garrick repeated faintly. "But…but I have no ingredients…"

"I have everything you need right here," the Immortal informed him curtly before holding up his hand and clicking his fingers twice.

Almost at once, a door behind Garrick opened and two young women came in carrying large trays. The first held a vast array of aromatic herbs, several small jars containing diced animal parts and one glass vial of blood. The second carried a pestle and mortar, some matches and an earthenware plate painted a shimmering blue.

"Begin now," the Immortal ordered flatly as the tray was placed on the floor in front of the still kneeling warlock. "And be certain it works."

Garrick swallowed nervously then ran a trembling hand across his brow in an effort to remove the beads of sweat that had gathered steadily ever since he'd been in the Immortal's company.

Looking down at the ingredients, his mind went momentarily blank and he swallowed again, his eyes closing as he struggled to remember the spell. Hearing the chair in front of him creak suddenly, his eyes flew open and he looked up fearfully at the intimidating man in front of him.

"What is the delay?" the Immortal demanded angrily.

"No delay, Sire," Garrick assured him hastily. "I'm just preparing myself…uh…emotionally for the spell."

The Immortal's eyes narrowed suspiciously for a moment and then he gave the man an abrupt nod. "You're prepared…do it now."

Garrick dropped his gaze and looked back down at the herbs blindly. Reaching out, he began to pick up various plants and hurriedly started to crush them using the pestle and mortar.

The Immortal watched the man's hurried movements for a moment or two then stood up and slowly walked over to a set of glass doors that led out onto a balcony. Once outside, he rested his hands on the black, ornate railing and stared out across the large courtyard that was surrounded on each side by three storey apartment blocks.

Turning his head to the right, his gaze fell upon a lit window and he watched silently as a silhouette moved around behind the closed curtains. That was were his heart was - in that room with the most wonderful woman he'd ever met in his entire existence.

Buffy Summers.

Unfortunately, he was almost certain that she didn't reciprocate the sentiment. Not that she'd ever said anything, on the contrary, she'd always been very warm and attentive towards him…but even so, underneath it all, he was aware that she still held something of herself back.

That was probably the reason they hadn't yet consummated their relationship. Yes, they'd kissed and they'd petted, but that was all. Whenever he attempted to take things further, she quietly, but very firmly, told him no.

At first he'd thought that she worried that things were moving too swiftly, but, five months on she still continued to resist his advances…which was why he'd resorted to having the spell performed.

That, and the sudden appearance of two ensouled vampires, one of whom he'd believed to be dust, three weeks prior.

He hadn't seen Angelus or William the Bloody in decades but he'd recognised their individual signature's as soon as they'd entered the club. In truth, his dislike of them was such that he doubted he'd ever forget them.

Before he'd set out to seduce the Vampire Slayer, he'd gotten his underlings to find out everything they could about her and he'd been amazed to discover that she'd been involved with two of the most notorious vampires of his time. It had piqued his interest in her even more, making him as determined to have her as he'd been to teach the two vampires a lesson many, many years earlier.

How sweet it would have been to take the love of their unlives and make her his…but he hadn't…couldn't…she wouldn't let him. Trouble was, he wasn't completely certain which of his two nemesis was the one that had her keeping him at arms length. At first he'd leaned towards Angelus…first love dies hardest after all, but then he'd continued to read the information on her relationship with William and he couldn't help but wonder if, in actuality, it was him.

Although the details were sketchy at best, one thing was perfectly clear, with or without a soul, she'd been drawn to William again and again and it was due to his sacrifice that she now lived a virtually slaying-free life.

And now he was back. Somehow, some way he'd returned…a fact of which Buffy appeared to be ignorant. And he intended to keep it that way.

After ushering Buffy rapidly out of the club that night, he'd made sure that the vampires' business was quickly wrapped up and that they were on their way before the Slayer even realised either of them had been around.

The light from the window went out and he stared at the now darkened apartment for a few moments before turning around and going back into his own dwelling with a heavy sigh.

Moments later a man hurried in and bowed low. "The warlock is ready," he announced unemotionally.

The Immortal turned to look at the messenger then nodded abruptly and headed out to the main room of his large, sumptuously decorated penthouse suite. "The spell is prepared?" he queried as he sat down on the throne-like chair and stared expectantly at the warlock who was standing slightly hunched over in the middle of the room.

"Y-yes," the old man croaked out nervously.

"Then proceed," The Immortal ordered with a hint of impatience. "I want it cast tonight."

Garrick nodded and ran a hand across his forehead again, wiping away the copious amount of moisture that, he was very much afraid, had become a permanent fixture ever since he'd entered The Immortal's domain.

Dropping to his knees, the warlock laid out the various herbs and other, less palatable, ingredients in front of him then looked up and signalled over to one of the servant girls who approached him carrying a small, highly decorated golden bowl. She placed it on the ground then slowly backed away.

Garrick began placing the ingredients into the bowl with jerky movements that gave away his inner tension. He was only sixty percent certain at best that he'd concocted the right mix of ingredients to enable the spell to work. The remaining forty percent was based purely on gut instinct and a deep need to stay alive, not to mention intact.

Once he'd finished his task, he glanced up at The Immortal then looked back down at the bowl. Swallowing hard, he closed his eyes briefly before striking a match and setting light to the container's contents. Almost immediately a smokeless, bright orange flame flared up and the warlock began to speak the enchantment. The flame grew brighter and then as Garrick's voice faded into silence, the small fire died away amazingly leaving the bowl as clean as when it was first brought in.

"Is it done?" The Immortal calmly asked after a brief pause. Garrick nodded and The Immortal's face took on a grim expression. "How long before it takes effect?"

"Probably tomorrow at the earliest," the warlock replied hoarsely. Long enough for him to get his payment and leave the city.

"Good. Polak will show you to your room," The Immortal told him as he gestured for one of his men to come forward.

Garrick's eyes widened dramatically and glanced at the henchman in panic. "But…my money…you said I could go…I can't stay here…" he babbled as Polak grabbed a firm hold of his arm and began to lead him away.

The Immortal watched the man go, his pleas fading the further away he got until they were abruptly cut off by the sound of a door slamming shut. Looking around at the rest of his entourage, The Immortal waved his hand in a silent dismissal and relaxed back into his chair.

If everything went off right, tomorrow he would get to know Buffy's deepest, inner feelings. He would know if she felt anything for him or if she still harboured any feelings for Angelus.

Worse than that…he would know if his girlfriend was still in love with William the Bloody.


TBC IN CHAPTER 1 - Everything I Own

Feedback very welcome to let me know whether it's worth carrying this on or not :)

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