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05/18/17 04:16 am
pj! I remember wishing one of your stories would be finished seriously about a decade ago. Amazing. I just tried an old password I used to use and amazingly got in too. Memories!
03/20/17 01:20 am
10 yrs later, i finally rem my username and password. Pari, you rock. Hope you are well.
12/23/16 01:12 pm
I donate every month. Please donate to keep this site up!
10/06/16 08:34 am
Great post.
08/31/16 03:45 pm
And anyone else who loves this site, it's worth mentioning there's a nifty little "Donate" option just below the shout box here! ;)
08/31/16 03:43 pm
Just wanted to take a moment to thank Pari and all the mods for maintaining such a great site!


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Updated 8-15-04

Chapter 1-

Buffy Summers’ and her fiancé were arguing nonstop for the last few weeks. He didn’t want her to work after they were married and she wanted to continue. Riley Finn was very old fashioned when it came to family values.

In his family, the men made the money, while the women took care of the household and raised the children. Those things were important to Buffy, but not at the expense of losing a job she truly loved.

“Riley you’re insufferable!” Buffy yelled, grabbing her briefcase, purse, and keys. “I’m late for work. The discussion is close. I’m still working.”

”You’re not leaving just yet, Buffy!” Riley grabbed her arm, pulling her back in the house rather roughly.

“There’s nothing to talk about, Riley.” Buffy looking down at his hand, and then wrenched her armed away. “I’m working and that’s that!” She glared at Riley. “Now get the hell out of my way!”

She hurried out the door and into her SUV. She then pulled out of the driveway, and sped away down the road.

Riley waited a few moments to cool himself off and then he left for work.

Buffy was so pissed at Riley she didn’t even see a dog run out in front of her. She swerved to miss the dog, but instead lost control and went down an embankment. It rolled several times until it finally stopped, and landed on its top, trapping her inside. Buffy was so badly injured and bloody, she could barely move, and began screaming for help.

“HELP! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!” Over and over, she screamed.


William McClay was driving down the road when a dog ran out in front of him. He tried swerving to miss the dog, but instead he a tree, his head hitting the window. It knocked him out. When he finally came too, he heard screaming. He hastily removed his seat beat, and pushed open the door, and headed to the edge of the road, looking down at the wreckage.

“Bloody hell,” he whispered as a trickle of blood went down his face. He whipped it away, and realized he had a slice above his left eye. It hurt like hell, but he ignored it. Someone was in pain and needed his help. His firefighter instincts took over and hurried down the hill to the car, sliding down as he went. He leaned down next to the car by the window, and looked inside.

“Shit!” He said, under his breath as his heart began to race.

“HELP ME PLEASE!” She said, looking over at the blonde haired man. She noticed that he had a cut over his left eye brow and the blood tricking down the side of his face. “HELP ME!”

“Love calm down.” William tried prying the door open. “Damn it!” It wouldn’t budge. “Hold on. I’ll be right back!”

“No…NO! Please don’t leave me! Please!” She cried, trying to reach out to him.

“Ma’am, I need to go call for help. I’ll be right back, I promise.”

William hurried up the hill to his truck, and he grabbed his CB MIC.

“This is badge 1121, William McClay. I’ve been in an accident out on Route 20 between Finn and Marshall. A woman is trapped in her car…over! Need assistance, over.”

A man’s voice came over the speaker and said, “Will, we’ll get someone out there ASAP…over!”

“Thanks Angel over!” He threw the MIC down.

William then went to the back of his truck, grabbing a one an emergency hammer and headed back down the hill to the car. As he got closer, he noticed that the gas was spilling out of the tank.

“Bullocks,” he cursed and went to the side of the car. “I’m gonna cut you out of the seat beat.” He told her, not wanting to alarm her of the impending situation.

He cut through the safety belt and then assessed the situation closer. The dashboard had collapsed on her legs. Shaking his head, he cursed silently to himself. She was hurt badly enough and he didn’t know how bad she really was hurt and he had to do something now before it was too late.

“PLEASE HURRY,” She told him.

“Ok now I want you to push as I pull, ok love…”

He hooked his hands under her arms, and pulled as she pushed.
“AHHHHHHHHHHHHH,” she screamed.

“I know, pet. I know it hurts, but it’ll only be a few moments. Just bear through pain, ok. I’ll get you out, ok! Just trust me.”

Before Buffy knew it, William had pulled her out and away from the car. As he was carrying her up the embankment, the car exploded, knocking them to do the ground. The next thing Buffy knew she was in an ambulance, being tended to. All she could think about was that nice British man saving her the car wreck, before she passed out again. The ambulance rushed to the hospital.


A dark haired man had been cleaning off William’s face from all the blood. William had various cuts over his face from the glass shattered when the car exploded, but they weren’t nearly as bad as the one above his left eye. As the EMT cleaned the wound with alcohol, it woke William up, and he was none to happy about it.

“What the bloody hell are you doing?” He asked, looking at the dark haired man before him.

”Will, its ok.” Xander Harris said as he applied a bandage. “We’re taking you to the hospital. You may have a concussion. ”

“I’m not going to no bloody hospital.” Will sat up.

A mousy blonde woman sat forward and glared at the fireman.

“You’re going and that’s that!” Tara McClay informed him.

William scoffed at that. “But I’m fine, Tara. Don’t be such a nag.”

“I’m your sister and I’m telling you, you’re going. I don’t want to hear anymore about it,” she said sternly and William huffed and sat back down.

“You big baby,” Xander joked, but William glared up at him.

In high school, William had dated Faith Reeves. She was the hottest girl in school. Every guy wanted a piece of her, including Xander. And Xander hated Will so much so that he slept with Faith at a party. The next day William found out and was so totally devastated. He and Faith broke up and she in turn began dating Xander. Little did they know; she got with every one.

The ambulance pulled up to the hospital a few moments later, and they rushed William inside.

William indeed had a concussion and the doctor insisted that his patient stay the night for observations. He only stayed at the insistence of his little sister, Tara.


As William lay in his bed in his hospital room, he thought of the woman he saved. She slowly began to affect him and he didn’t know how that had happened.

A woman like that, wouldn’t want a man like me, he thought as he signed.

Tara noticed the far off look on her brother’s face, and immediately questioned him on it.

“Will, what’s the matter?” She asked, sitting forward.

“Just thinking of that woman I saved today.”

“Do you want me to check on her?”

Turning his head towards his sister, William replied, “No, that’s ok sis.” He turned his back toward the window, starring out at the night sky.

Tara sat back in her seat, watching her brother struggle with new emotions he was suddenly feeling for this woman. Oh she could tell her brother was falling hard and fast and this made her happy, especially since she didn’t care for her brother’s fiancée, Harmony.

Rolling her eyes, Tara closed her eyes as she leaned back in her seat and slowly fell asleep. A half hour later, William heard her lightly snoring and he rose out of bed, grabbed a blanket, then headed over to her, placing it over her sleeping form.

He smiled at her, and then left the room, heading down to the nurses station.

“How can I help you?” the brunette nurse asked. Her name tag read Cordelia.

“Cordelia, I was wondering if you could help me,” He smiled his patent smile that would make any woman weak in the knees and putty in his hands.

Smiling up at the gorgeous man before her, Cordelia said flirtatiously, “What can I help you with?”

Oh salty goodness, yummy, Cordelia thought as she licked her lips.

“I need to check on a patient that was brought in here tonight,” William responded, still smiling. “She was in a car accident.”

“I’ll see what I can do for you.” She began looking through the charts on the computer. A few moments later, she found what she was looking for. “I’m not supposed to be doing this, but what the hell! Ms. Buffy Summers in still in surgery at the mo… She had internal bleeding.” Cordelia looked up after finishing the status report and his face had suddenly changed to one of sadness. “Is there something wrong?” Cordelia asked, standing up.

“No,” William sighed. “No, I’m fine. Thank you. You’ve been helpful.” He smiled weakly before turning and heading back to his room.


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