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05/18/17 04:16 am
pj! I remember wishing one of your stories would be finished seriously about a decade ago. Amazing. I just tried an old password I used to use and amazingly got in too. Memories!
03/20/17 01:20 am
10 yrs later, i finally rem my username and password. Pari, you rock. Hope you are well.
12/23/16 01:12 pm
I donate every month. Please donate to keep this site up!
10/06/16 08:34 am
Great post.
08/31/16 03:45 pm
And anyone else who loves this site, it's worth mentioning there's a nifty little "Donate" option just below the shout box here! ;)
08/31/16 03:43 pm
Just wanted to take a moment to thank Pari and all the mods for maintaining such a great site!


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Car Trouble 6 - La-La Land By the Kings of Mercia

Chapter 1

“NO! No, no, no, no, no, no, NO! I categorically refuse, and that’s my FINAL answer!” Spike scowled and folded his arms. Buffy grinned and tried to make light

“Sure you don’t want to ask the audience, phone a friend?”


“Alright! But it’s not too much to ask!”

“But it IS!” Spike said indignantly, with all the distain he could muster, his voice going higher with every word.

“I thought you liked staying here”

“I do! But only when you’re here, I’m not, repeat NOT babysitting the whelp coz he thinks Anya’s reverted to type and is going to go all revengy on him!
It’ll blow over I’m sure, she’s upset is all.”

“She’s found out that not only can’t she have the blood lava and burlap, for the wedding, she can’t have the goat sacrifice, the ritual with the live chicken’s blood an the self flagellation by Xander on the Altar, plus a host of other weird practices that she can’t do!” Buffy explained

“WHAT? Oh gods…have you ever seen a vengeance demon in full-on mode, hmm? Not a pretty sight I can tell you!”

“See, that’s why I need someone strong to be here” Buffy reasoned

“Well don’t think I’M protecting him, if she comes here, she can have him to do what she likes with! In fact, I’d even hold him still for her if that’s what she wanted!”

“Spike – don’t be so…evil”

“Evil – but that’s me! Evil personified – I’m the Big Bad, the biggest, baddest badass motherf – huh?”

“Please baby…hmm – for me………hmmmmmmm………” Buffy undid a couple of buttons on her blouse, sidled over to Spike and began to kiss him, rubbing herself up against him. Spike’s thoughts shattered into a million pieces, he always lost the power of coherent thought when anything remotely sexual began to take place between him and Buffy.

“Did I tell you I went to Victoria’s Secret today………” Buffy whispered, biting his earlobe, before kiss/biting down his throat as her arms encircled his neck.

“Uh…really – oh – OH do that again!”

Buffy smiled and bit his neck again, sucking hard leaving a purplish hickey.

This made Spike instantly hard, and he pulled her close, grinding his crotch towards her.

Xander suddenly burst in on them

“Buffy, have you got anymore Chunky Monkey ice- OH!”

Buffy jumped away from Spike, and Spike almost fell over onto the couch with the loss of Buffy.

“Fuckin’…OOOHHH – Can I kill him now and save time and Anya the bother!”

Flustered, Buffy tried to make herself look presentable, and she turned to face Xander, whose eyes bugged as she’d forgotten she’d undone some buttons…

Spike stood and glared at the whelp as he called him, and noticed what he was staring at, and with indignance, Spike shielded Buffy and hissed,

“Buttons! Do yourself up! – Haven’t you heard of knocking, Whelp?”

“Sorry, sorry – I um…but what could I knock on – you’re in the lounge, and-“

“Look, never mind that now, what do you want, we were BUSY”

“Chunky Monkey. It’s an ice cream, I was just wondering if Buffy had any more” Xander asked lamely.

“Give me strength!” Spike muttered under his breath, running a hand through his hair.

Buffy still beet red said something about there being more ice cream in the chest freezer in the garage.

“Thanks…” Xander trailed out and Buffy turned to Spike, who pounced on her again

“Look, I’ve got to do some packing………Sp-Spike, no, st-stop, ooh!” Buffy tried to push Spike off from kissing her neck, he knew that ALWAYS got her going.

“How long will you be in LA then – Oh sorry!” Xander had wandered back into the lounge with a pint tub of the aforementioned ice cream. Being interrupted a second time Spike was ready to go tear Xander a couple of new ones…

“For fuckssake!” Spike threw himself backwards against the sofa cushions and Buffy wiggled and pulled down her skirt.

“I’ll go sit in the kitchen” Xander suggested meekly and disappeared again.

“Hold on…did he say LA?” Spike sat up and glared at Buffy

“Um…two days, three tops, and when I come home, I PROMISE I’ll show you what I bought in Victoria’s Secret”

“I thought you said this was a slayer thing” Spike said

“It IS!”

Spike stood and faced her and said angrily,

“You KNOW what I mean! I mean a Giles or a Council Wanker’s thing…this is an Angel thing, isn’t it”

Buffy looked at the floor, she twiddled her thumbs and tried to think before she answered

“Well, okay yes, but it does need-“

“Ah-ha! I KNEW it, you just want me out of the way so you can get all pally-wally with the poof again!”

“No, it’s not that, there’s a problem, Angel has a problem and-“

“Huh, Newsflash blondie, Angel has HUNDREDS of problems!” Spike sniped

“I mean a demon problem!”

“What, and your telling me he and his little band of vigilantes can’t cope – pathetic he is!”

“No, I mean yes, I mean…look, remember when he came here, before the race?”

“How could I forget?” Spike began to pad around the sofa. Buffy was wringing her hands trying to explain

“Well, he told me that there might be something big going down. Not apocalyptic world-ending going down, but he said he’d like me there all the same”

“I bet he would, the po-faced, sticky-up haired, lily-livered, porky, pug ugly, poor excuse of a vampire, stupid poofter of a wanker he IS!” Spike just stopped short of kicking over the coffee table

“Spike, I said I’d help, as a slayer, it’s my duty to” Buffy added quietly. Spike knew Buffy took her duty seriously.

“Well then, I suggest we ALL go” Spike said

“What – no – no Spike, it’s not apocalyptic, and what about Xander, who’ll look after him?”

“I told you, I’m not his bloody baby-sitter! And if, which I doubt, but if she’s reverted to type, well, even if I wanted to, there isn’t a thing I could do to stop her”

“You could try”

“Buffy! Will you listen to me? Vengeance demon have powers – did you know they can teleport? Zap, a quick snap of the fingers, and BANG – they’re there, where ever they want to be in the cosmos, she could appear ANYWHERE, at ANYTIME”

Having heard their arguing, Xander wandered in still eating the ice cream and he leant on the doorjamb.

“He’s right Buffy………Anya could just pop up and do her stuff”

“Anyway, that aside, I don’t think she’s reverted back to being a vengeance demon anyway” Spike said

Xander looked hopeful and stood up from leaning against the door

“You don’t?”

“No…Anya…or rather Anyanka is/was a fun time girl. There would be talk in the demon bars – hell, there would be orgies and partying a revelry and…” Spike couldn’t stop his grin from growing, until he saw the two worried faces looking at him, it fell from his face and he added,

“She’s away licking her wounds, she’s disappointed. She’ll be back when she misses the ker-ching of the cash register…how long has she been gone?”

“Three days now”

“Either that cash register, or when her batteries run flat then”

“Batteries? What batteries – what are you on about?”


“What – NOW JUST YOU HOLD ON - how do you know she’s got – she would NEVER –“

“Oh but she” Spike caught Buffy’s deer-in-the-headlights look and relented.

He couldn’t let out the secret that Buffy had given Anya ‘the Rabbit’, a vibrator she’d bought for herself but didn’t need once she’d given in and taken up with Spike.

“Well, I’m just presuming, she’s high-maintenance that girl, always banging on about banging, I just figured…look, don’t look at me like that whelp, I’m NOT apologising, and I’m not babysitting you either – you got yourself into the shit, you get yourself out of it, I’M going to LA with Buffy”

“But-“ Buffy began

“No buts Buffy – I’m sure you need somebody strong at your back, and you can’t count on the poof, he’ll be all over the cheerleader”

Buffy couldn’t think of a reasonable argument so she shrugged, and what Spike said was probably true, Angel would be more bothered with Cordelia than her, and spike was the best fighter she knew, after herself of course…

“Okay then. Xander, do you want to come too?”

“What, NO!” Spike said, frowning

“Yes, I’ll ask Willow too – we all might as well go”

“Me help Angel – oh goodie…welcome to the hell that is my life” Xander said wearily. Spike did a double take and frowned at first, and then he grinned

“So whelp, you’re not an Angel fan either then?”

“Let’s just say when he moved to LA, we didn’t become pen-pals”

“Hello, hello! Oh, Hi Xander, Buffy, Spike. So, what’s new?”

Willow put down her bag and laptop on the hall table.

“We’re going to LA” Xander said

“Who is?”

“We are, all of us, you, me Buffy and Spike”

“We are? Oh, okay then – apocalypse?” Willow asked

“Yeah…the cheerleader broke a nail!” Spike quipped

“Huh?” Xander looked blankly at Spike

“Long story, one for another time, come on then if we’re going, we need to pack, two hours, everybody back here and ready to go” Buffy said firmly.

Spike followed Buffy upstairs.

“We are going in your car then Pet, there is NO WAY I’m letting the whelp anywhere near my Desoto – but I’ll drive”

“The hell you will, my car, I’M driving”

“No way”

“Yes, way”

“Nuh uh, too fond of my existence to let you drive!”

“Right that IS IT! Any more comments on my driving, and you aren’t coming at all!”

“Oh yes I am”


“Am too!”

Meanwhile, downstairs………

“Can we go in your car Xander, I couldn’t stand them bickering all the way to LA”

“Sure, it’ll be great just the two of us!” Xander and Willow beamed at each other.

Back upstairs however…………

“………Most egotistical, pig-headed, stubborn – ooohh! You make me SO – ooh!”

Spike grabbed her while she was in full rant mode and kissed her neck, and murmured,

“Gods, you are SO beautiful when you’re angry!”

Buffy having been turned on before downstairs when she began to kiss him before Xander interrupted them was desperate for him now, and in her eagerness, she ripped his tee shirt from him, and began to claw at his belt.

Soon they were both naked and Spike could smell her arousal, he knew she didn’t need any more foreplay other than for him to nuzzle at her breasts and suck her nipples. She arched her back as entered her hot depths, they both cried out, Buffy because he was so big, and Spike because she was so hot and tight…

“Oh, gods…oh, oh yeah…oh, that’s…ah, good…no………better, oh, oh, much bet-ter than…good…oh gods, yeah!”

Spike lifted her legs up, pushing them up towards her chest, so he could plunge in deep and hard. She cried out a tooth-rattler of an orgasm, and he didn’t stop.

Downstairs, Willow and Xander made a tactful exit to go and pack…

Buffy had her legs scissored around his waist, her nails clawed at his back leaving raised welts, she was incoherent with want and begged him to make her come again.

More than happy to oblige Spike speeded up his thrusts and slipped his hand between them, seeking where they were joined, he slowly, SLOWLY circled her clit with his thumb.

The sensation for Buffy was almost unbearably good, it was almost too much and she bucked and cried out her way through a tremendous orgasm when she felt Spike’s huge cock swell and knew he was passed the point of no return.

She clamped down hard on him and Spike gave her one last almighty thrust and spurted his cool essence inside her.

Both panting, it was only then that Buffy suddenly became mortified that Xander and Willow would have heard them


“Give me a minute pet, then we can go again, I just need a –“

“No! they’ll have heard us!”

“So your point being?” Spike sat up and grinned

Buffy got up and threw the comforter that had slipped off the bed over Spike’s head. All he caught of what she said as she disappeared out of the room was ‘shower’.

He lay back and grinned…hmm, chance to go and annoy Peaches on his own patch – how satisfying!

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