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05/18/17 04:16 am
pj! I remember wishing one of your stories would be finished seriously about a decade ago. Amazing. I just tried an old password I used to use and amazingly got in too. Memories!
03/20/17 01:20 am
10 yrs later, i finally rem my username and password. Pari, you rock. Hope you are well.
12/23/16 01:12 pm
I donate every month. Please donate to keep this site up!
10/06/16 08:34 am
Great post.
08/31/16 03:45 pm
And anyone else who loves this site, it's worth mentioning there's a nifty little "Donate" option just below the shout box here! ;)
08/31/16 03:43 pm
Just wanted to take a moment to thank Pari and all the mods for maintaining such a great site!


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Disclaimer: I only own the naughty thoughts in my head, everything else is Joss’.

Distribution: It’s on the site, but if you give me a cookie I’ll probably let you have it!

Feedback: PLEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASE? Don’t make me beg. It’s not pretty!

11:00PM Mary of Mercy Hospital

“I can’t believe I left my stupid notebook here. God Buffy of all the things to forget.” Buffy Summers berated herself quietly as she walked into the empty hospital waiting room destined for the employees lounge.

“Hey girl, you forget something?” A sweet voice interrupted her mental bashing as she looked up and around.

Locating Fred Burkle behind the huge nurses desk wasn’t hard, seeing as how she was the only one there at the moment.

“Oh hi Fred. And yes, my notebook with all my psych notes for tomorrow’s final. I swear I’ll be sooooooo happy to graduate next week, then I can lay down and sleep for about a hundred years.” She answered smiling at the fresh-faced night nurse. “Who’s on with you?”

“Oh, Faith she’s doing the rounds you know.” Fred shrugged looking down the hall, “I personally think she’s off doing something with Dr. Winship, he’s been here all day and I haven’t seen him leave yet tonight.”

“I thought he was engaged or something isn’t he? To some super model or Hawaiian Tropic girl or someone like that. I don’t know if he’d give Faith the time of day. Besides I heard she’s got a thing for that Riley guy down in the morgue. He’s nice enough, but kinda creepy.”

Fred nodded in agreement, “Yeah, could you imagine sleeping with a guy who smells like formaldehyde all the time. Ewwww…..” Her petite nose wrinkling up at the thought.

Buffy giggled for a moment before heaving a sigh, “I guess I’ll go get my stuff then, see ya tomorrow right?”

“Yep, you, me, and the walking dead.” Fred grinned waving at Buffy as she made her way down the darkened hall towards the employee lounge.

Walking towards her destination Buffy thought about Fred’s comment about Faith and the Doctor, and she couldn’t help the little wrankle of jealousy that sprouted up in her heart. *Not good Buffy, he’s got someone already, can’t be mooning about the handsome, gorgeous, successful, caring, did I mention hot, Doctor. He’d never notice you in a million years.”

Wrapped up in her thoughts Buffy was about to push open the door when someone tapped her on the shoulder, “BOO!”

“ACK…Geez Faith you scared the hell out of me.” Buffy groused holding her hand to her heaving chest.

“Sorry B, just meant to startle you a little is all. Whatcha doin here all by your lonesome?” The pretty dark haired nurse asked looking down at the smaller girl.

“Forgot my notes for tomorrow.”

“Oh yeah the Psyche test, don’t worry you’ll fly.” Faith nodded like this was common knowledge and if she said so then it had to be true.

“Fred still at the desk?” She asked looking in the direction Buffy had just come.

“Yeah, she seems to think that you and Dr. W have a thing, but I told her you had a major happy for Riley.”

Faith laughed, “Dr.W huh? Not that any women in their right mind would turn that down but Riley’s such a great guy. And he’s all on board with the “uh” ya know?” She made a crude pelvic gesture to make her point.

“Is it true he smells like formaldehyde?” Buffy asked raising an eyebrow with a saucy grin.

“Nah girl, just sweet, sweet man. Oh and me after he’s been double clicking my mouse for me!”

“Ok that’s just waaaaaaaay to much info Faith.” Buffy grimaced good-naturedly as she turned back to the door of the lounge. “I really gotta get my stuff and get going, I’ll see ya later?”

“You know me B, I’m here or at home. I’ll see ya.” With a last smile at Buffy, Faith turned and walked down the hall towards the nurses station her hips swinging as she went a tuneless whistle following in her wake.

Spike Winship closed his eyes hurriedly and pretended to be asleep on the battered leather couch as he heard the door to the lounge push open. In truth he had heard the entire conversation between the ladies out in the hall and couldn’t thank the stars above enough that Buffy had forgotten something and had to come back in the middle of the night.

*Maybe I can finally talk to her. * He thought his heart pounding in his chest, *Yeah and maybe you’ll just lay here and pretend to sleep and be the usual closed mouth git you are! It’s been a goddammed month since Dru left you, and even longer since you left her. *

That wasn’t going to happen tonight. He told himself firmly. He’d been dreaming of the pretty little candy striper since he’d first met her, her sparkling eyes, her sweet demeanor, and of course her perfectly shaped body. Well maybe fantasizing was a better word. It was why Dru finally left him, said that she knew he thought of someone else when he was with her, when they were making love. Spike almost snorted out loud at the last thought, *Making love? More like making a mockery of it. *

Buffy entered the dimly lit room and frowned slightly, *I know I left the notes on the table, * she thought looking at the now empty lunch table, *the lockers? * Walking to the bank of steel lockers set into the left hand wall Buffy never notice that someone was watching her through half shuttered eyes. *Nope, not there either…couch is the last place I remember being at today. *

Spike quickly shut his eyes again as Buffy turned towards his bed for the night.

“Oh…” She gasped as she caught her first glimpse of gorgeous Dr. Winship asleep. *Oh…Oh no…what if he’s asleep on my note pad? I don’t want to wake him, he looks exhausted, but yummy don’t forget yummy! * Buffys thoughts tumbled through her head as she stepped closer to the object of her earlier musings, *Well I guess he’s not with Faith….thank god, but what’s he doing here? And how the hell am I going to find my notes? *

Buffy stood chewing on her lower lip uncertainly as she looked at the resting Doctor. *Maybe if I….no, no that won’t do….how about if I? Gah…* Shaking her head in frustration after a few minutes Buffy decided to try and feel around him, carefully, taking great care in not waking him.

*What the hell? * Spikes brain seized up on that thought as it registered that his dream girl was leaning over him, her fragrant hair brushing his face, the heat from her body scorching him through his scrubs as she slid a tentative hand under his right arm looking for her lost notes.

Feeling her that close, just within in reach was severely straining Spike’s control. *Down boy, think bad thoughts. Dru, Mr. Mancini in 305 naked, Mrs. And Mr. Mancini naked, bare wrinkly flesh, bare flesh, Buffy’s bare flesh…OH FUCK! *

He couldn’t help the reactions his body had to hers as the blood rushed down to a certain part of his anatomy making his green coveralls tent at the front. *Maybe she won’t notice. Maybe she’ll just think it’s because of a dream I’m having.* He thought desperately not wanting to scare this girl into fleeing into the night.

*Nope, not there, * Buffy sighed slightly as she continued her cautious search along the Doctors prone body, *God where are they? Not that I’m not enjoying this. He must work out no man could have this good of a body and not work out. Notes Buffy…” She admonished herself as she moved her hand down slightly more near his hip trying to keep her eyes glued to the lamp at the head of the couch.

Spike felt her hand slip slightly under his backside seeking the wayward notes and couldn’t help a small groan that slipped unbidden from his lips.

Buffys eyes flew to his handsome face in fear only to breath a sigh of relief when she saw his eyes still closed. *Just dreaming. * She thought a small smile forming as she looked down at him realizing for the first time how young he looked while he slept. A far cry from the hard bitten, rough around the edges man she saw in everyday life. *God he’s so beautiful. *

“Wish you were mine.” She whispered not realizing she had said it aloud as she went back to focusing on the lamp and continuing her search.

Stunned blue eyes opened to look up at the honey dipped goddess of his imaginings, *She wants me! * He thought, *I want her. She wants me. * His mind supplying the awful Barney tune to go along with his giddy feelings.

Buffy was about to give up when her fingers touch on the frayed edges of her notebook, *Ah Ha success! Come to mamma. * Wriggling as much as she could get out from under his right thigh without waking him Buffy decided she needed both hands and moved to a kneeling position on the floor.

*OH MY GOD!!!* She practically fainted as she came face to face with the evidence of his desires. *It looks huge! * Was all she could formulate in her mind as she leaned in closer one of her hands reaching out unconsciously to touch the tented fabric of his pants.

Biting his full lower lip in anticipation and closing his eyes in hopes that she would become more adventurous, Spike almost shouted out when he finally felt her timid little hand lay over his erection. *Buffy. *

Licking her lips as she stared at the raised fabric that seemed to grow even larger the longer she looked, she couldn’t help wondering what it looked like underneath.

Looking up at his sleeping face and then at the closed door to the hallway Buffy’s mind made the decision for her. With a shaking hand she tugged lightly at the string that tied the waist and loosened it. Then slowly and oh so carefully she slipped a hand under the band and into the forbidden zone.

It was all Spike could do not to buck up into her small, hot hand as he felt her fingers clasp around the hard girth of his tormented cock. How many times had he dreamed this very scenario? *Now if only …* the thought stopped there not wanting to jinx something that felt so good.

Feeling the hard flesh throb in her hand Buffy squirmed as her panties became sopping. *No underpants. * Was the dizzy thought as she started to lightly stroke his hardon. Glancing once again at his face to be sure he was still out, Buffy used her other hand and moved the fabric down over his muscular abdomen until he was uncovered in all his 10” inch glory.


They both thought as their collective breathing sped up together filling the otherwise quiet room.

Buffy studied his magnificent looking specimen of manhood closely. Each groove and supple skin covered vein intriguing her, the tiniest bit of moisture leaking from the red tinged head calling to her like a siren calling a sailor to his doom.

*PLEASE oh PLEASE.* Spike begged silently as the wait became unbearable.

Buffy never even heard the strangled gasp he let out as she leaned forward and lifted his penis to her lips taking a long slow swipe of the head with her tongue.


The delicious elixir of his slightly tangy juices and his salty heated skin trapped her into its web. Gently cupping his balls with her other hand, Buffy starting the long slide down his cock in earnest wanting nothing more than to bring this man to final ecstasy and feel his spunk slide down her tongue and into her belly.

“Oh god….” Spike couldn’t help the groan that came from his lips as he opened his eyes and watched his erection disappear into the heated depths of her mouth. “Buffy…”

Her green eyes flew to his in fear as she pulled away abruptly landing on her ass on the cold linoleum floor.

“I..I..I…Just…you….It’s not…maybe it…ohgodohgodOHGOD!!” Buffy stammered looking close to tears as she covered her face mortified at the turn of events.

Spike immediately sat up and tugged her into his lap, wrapping her in a tight embrace as he tried to soothe her. “It’s ok sweetheart, It’s ok…Spike’s here…I’ve got you…you didn’t do anything I haven’t dreamed about for ages now.”

Hearing the last words Buffy peeped cautiously over her fingers saying, “Really?”

With a smile that warmed Buffy all the way to her toes he nodded. Pulling her hands away from her face gently, he ran a hand under her chin and pulled her into a deep passionate kiss trying to convey all the feelings that he had bottled up inside of him.

“Really Buffy. I’ve wanted you for a long while now, just didn’t have the courage to tell you.” He shook his head ruefully as they parted lips.

“I’ve thought about you too.” She answered shyly, “I don’t know why I did what I did tonight, and I just couldn’t help myself.” She said looking into his eyes as he raised her chin.

“Buffy, you are more than welcome to wake me up anytime you want!” He said grinning at her.

Realizing what she had started and what she had left undone, she slid gracefully back to her knees between his spread thighs and with a mischievous grin said, “why don’t I finish that for you.”

With a groan of pure sweet pleasure Spike’s bleached blond head fell back onto the rear of the couch as she once again engulfed his erection with her hot mouth, his hands tangling into her long blond locks gently guiding her movements up and down his pole.

“Jesus luv, it feels so good.” He moaned his hips starting to thrust up into her mouth helplessly each sweep of her tongue bringing him perilously close to spilling. “Pet, oooh god, luv…you gotta..Buffy…Stop..stop…”

Buffy looked up at him confused as he struggled not to cum. “I just need…you…up..here.” He rasped his blue eyes darkened to indigo with desire.

Buffy couldn’t help the smile that covered her face and lit up her eyes as she stood up sliding her jeans skirt up to her hips and her panties down her legs and off. “I’d love to be pressed against you skin to skin,” Spike said reaching for her, “But somehow I don’t think the other employees would get the same thrill if they walked in.”

“Like they…yeeeessss….” She hissed as she straddled his legs and dropped her full weight down onto his hard shaft and stretched beyond comprehension, “would appreciate seeing us doing this?” She teased as she squeezed his girth with her strong inner muscles making him whimper and his hands tighten convulsively on her hips.

“Don’t rightly give a pigs ass….what…yeah just like that luv….they think.” He managed as Buffy started a slow sliding motion to and fro on his engorged cock, her inner secretions making wet suctioning sounds with every thrust. “Just don’t want….a free show…for ……….OHYEA….” His thoughts were gone in a blink.

“Ohh…I’ve dreamed about this…so long…”Buffy moaned her fingers curling into the nape of his strong neck, their foreheads pressed together so they could stare into each others eyes.

Spike thrust up into her heat as he moved his arms to wrap around her slender waist, “Wanted you…” He said the words coming out as a harsh rasp of air “Need you…”

Buffy arched her neck and back her body seeking the truth behind the words as he suckled at her earlobe, her neck, her collarbone, any bit of skin he could reach. Her perfumed skin washed over his senses making him lightheaded with need, his lower body melding to hers in grinding succession as each strove towards the final goal, the final consummation of their hidden desire for one another.

Succeeding in pushing away her blouse from the central valley of her breasts with his lips and teeth, Spike ran a snaking tongue over the edges of her lace bra, drawing gasps of pleasure from her lips as she gave herself willingly to this lusty Doctor. Moving his hands he grasped one of her rounded buttocks in one while he slid his hand between them and into her wet folds with the other. All the while pushing himself harder and deeper into her with every thrust of his pistoning hips.

“oh….OhSpike….OHGOD….” Buffys hips sped up as he fingered the sensitive nub of her clit grinding down on him her inner muscles clamping down and releasing in rapid succession, “OH….NOW….I’m….now….now…CUMMING NOW!” Her shrieks of unbridled delight were smothered in a passionate kiss as Spike captured her lips with his own as he followed her into the firework lit sky of ecstasy. His cock shooting off load after load of thick man juice as he groaned loudly against her both of them clutching one another tightly not willing to let the other go for even an instant.

After several long moments Buffy collapsed against her Doctor, her chest heaving against his own the aftershocks still running through her body with each twitch of his cock deep inside of her.

“That was….” She started.

“Bloody fantastic,” He finished running his hands over her back not being able to touch her enough.

“Mmmm…” Buffy sighed happily snuggling into his chest savoring the feel of him.

“Buffy?” He said after a moment or two of silence cursing his voice for sounding so insecure.

“Yes?” She asked her head still cradled on his shoulder.

“Buffy, luv, look at me.”

Buffy heard the tremor in his usually so self-assured voice and looked up worriedly, “Yes?” She asked fearing the worst.

“I don’t want this to end, Buffy.” He began, looking deeply into the green pools of her eyes, “I need this to mean more. I need you.” He finished looking away suddenly while silently cursing the inner poet that couldn’t just take what he wanted, but instead waited in quavering fear of her answer.

Reaching up with one small hand she turned his face gently so she could see into his handsome countenance. Smiling softly with all the beginnings of true love in her eyes she answered, “I want you. I need you. I’ve never felt this way…ever. This isn’t the sort of thing I just go around doing you know. You’re only the second man I’ve ever been with. Now, you’re the only man I want to be with.”

“Really?” He asked his bright blue eyes lighting up with her words.

“Really, really.” She nodded brushing her lips against his sweetly. “Though I do think we may want to continue this somewhere else, a little more private?”

With one hand around her tiny waist Spike looked at his watch and sighed, “It’s 1:20 a.m. already, I’ve got to be back here by 7:00 a.m. tomorrow, what say we go back to my place and sleep for a couple of hours then catch an early breakfast together?” He asked looking at his newfound love.

“Sounds just like what the Doctor ordered.” Buffy giggled.

“Did you see Buffy leave Fred?” Faith asked as she came around the desk to grab a chart for Mrs. Moshiwitz in 250.

“No…but I went down to the supply cabinet for a minute to get a towel when I knocked over my coffee. Maybe she left then.” Fred shrugged not worried.

“Huh…Maybe.” Faith answered not really believing it. “I gotta go back to Mrs. M you know how she gets when her meds aren’t on time.” *and I think I’ll just make sure nothing happened to Buffy, while I’m at it. *

Faith walked away from the desk tapping the file on the open palm of her hand, not really surprised when she heard a low murmur coming from the lounge as she quietly pushed the door open.

Peeping from behind, her eyes widened momentarily at the sight of the two blondes obviously intimately entwined before she witnessed a slow tender kiss. With a smile she let the door close silently leaving the two lovers alone.

Spike had confided in her one late night that he was head over for the petite candy striper and had no idea how to approach her. Faith had thought that Buffy might feel the same but she could never weasel it out of the girl no matter how much she tried. Everyone on the floor thought that she and Dr. W were having a fling when in truth they had become the best of friends and each other’s confidants when Dru had left Spike and Faith had lost her long time boyfriend as well.

*Well, I’m glad that worked out. * She smiled to herself truly happy for her friends as she turned into Mrs. M’s room with a huge grin and a loud, “How ya doin Mrs. M? Love is in the air and I’ve got meds!”

As the quiet settled once again over the darkened hallways of Mary Mercy the starlight shone down brightly from the heavens blessing the new lovers and carving the way through the dark for all lovers everywhere.

The End

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