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05/18/17 04:16 am
pj! I remember wishing one of your stories would be finished seriously about a decade ago. Amazing. I just tried an old password I used to use and amazingly got in too. Memories!
03/20/17 01:20 am
10 yrs later, i finally rem my username and password. Pari, you rock. Hope you are well.
12/23/16 01:12 pm
I donate every month. Please donate to keep this site up!
10/06/16 08:34 am
Great post.
08/31/16 03:45 pm
And anyone else who loves this site, it's worth mentioning there's a nifty little "Donate" option just below the shout box here! ;)
08/31/16 03:43 pm
Just wanted to take a moment to thank Pari and all the mods for maintaining such a great site!


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Authors Chapter Notes:

Author's Name: Sarah Aless
Author's E-mail: give_it_to_me_spikey@yahoo.co.uk

Title: The Floorshow

Disclaimer: They're not mine *big sigh* Joss and Mutant Enemy own them I'm just having fun......and wishing and definitely not making any money.
Distribution:www.geocities.com/spikeaholic20, One Good
Lay, StS, & ww.vampires-kiss.net .Anyone else.....Put it where you like ;-) but please tell me where it's going.

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: S/B
Feedback: Yes please.....pretty please.
Author's Notes / Summary: Takes place a couple of days after my previous fics, You Know You Want To and Give It Me Good Buffy. You don't need to have read them really, all you need to know is that Buffy has a LARGE kinky streak (almost as large as Spikes) and discovered the joy of giving her control up to Spike. Response to Kane's challenge at BTVS Kink. Smutty and a little kinky. Challenge specs are:
Buffy quits DoubleMeat Palace to work at a stripclub..Spike finds out.
Must Have:
- a baseball cap
-the song "Seven Nation Army"
- a reference to one of Sarah's movies
- buffalo wings

"Bloody hell" Spike muttered to himself "Soddin' town's always dead on a Wednesday night. Buffy's always knackered too." Spike was one frustrated vamp. As usual the only thing on his mind was shagging Buffy but she'd put an embargo on Wednesday night sessions. She said she was too tired! What was that all about he wondered. They'd only been 'doing the deed' for a few weeks now but they'd been doing it a lot. He'd introduced her to all manner of kinkiness and erotic pleasure and the Slayer was just lapping it up. He briefly mused that maybe their latest session had been too much for her. They'd been heavy into the S&M, but she'd taken to it like a duck to water, displaying a very submissive side that didn't surprise him in the slightest.

He was so wrapped up in memories of Buffy playing the little slave girl to perfection that he was wandering aimlessly. He suddenly found himself, unsurprisingly, in the bar that he frequented whenever the urge for a little kitten poker came upon him. Realising where he was he decided that it was probably the most excitement he was going to get tonight. He might as well see if the usual suspects were in the back room and up for a game.

As he neared the room he heard a mixture of grunting, snorting and what was technically laughter. Sounded like the boys were in and in good spirits. "All right fellers," Spike said as he entered the room. Suddenly the silence was deafening "What's so funny?" He asked, not realising straight away that no-one was laughing anymore. "Err nothing Spike" Clem offered quickly "here have a seat, I'll loan you a kitten to start you off". Now Spike was suspicious, although Clem was always nice to everyone he was being overly nice. Also, the other demons at the table were all avoiding looking at him and looked like they were desperately trying not to laugh. "What's so funny?" He said in a more demanding tone.

"Your girlfriend," one of them burst out, barely containing his laughter "the one you brought here, the Slayer."

"What about the Slayer?" Spike questioned his eyes narrowing and a look settling on his face that promised severe pain if this jackass of a demon didn't quit laughing and answer him. He knew the hilarity the demons were displaying couldn't mean anything good for Buffy. Generally the only delight demons found involving the Slayer was when she was suffering in some way.

"Guess she's not as sweet on you as you are on her" the decidedly suicidal demon continued, "I'm no expert on humans, but I figure if the girl cared about you she wouldn't be off showing off her wares like a whore. That's a real nice little Slayer you got there Spike, really classy."

Spike was torn between demanding to know what the hell the demon would know about class, ripping the demons head off for calling Buffy a whore, and sheer curiosity regarding what in hell the guy was talking about. His response was a mixture of the second and third options. He lunged at the demon, catching his throat and pinning him to the wall. "What the fuck are you talking about?" Spike demanded.

Clem pulled him off and took him to the doorway of the room where the others wouldn't hear them. "Err...I guess money's a bit tight for Buffy just now. She kinda quit her job Spike. She's working in that new strip club down by the docks." Clem hammered out speed.

"Behind the bar though?" Spike questioned "Buffy wouldn't strip, she must just work behind the bar. I know the Slayer, that's not her style."

"Well..........actually Spike the boys just came back from there...........they heard about it and couldn't resist going to see if it was true. She's definitely stripping Spike. Guess money's a big issue for her just now."

Just then the demons lost control of their mirth and began the uproarious laughter again. "Right! That's it!" Spike bellowed, "you guys wait there, cos as soon as I've sorted her out I'm going to come back and kick your sorry little asses."

Without waiting to hear their replies Spike turned and swept out of the bar, coat billowing out behind him as he jumped on his bike and headed for the docks, muttering to himself again. "Stupid bitch!" He ground his teeth as he muttered "she knows I can get her money, what the hell is she thinking. Didn't she learn anything the other day??? She's mine! How dare she flaunt herself for other men like that?"

He found the place easily, with its garish sign flashing luridly in the murky darkness of the deserted docks. If he hadn't been so angry he'd probably have chuckled at the pink sign, graphically (and comically) depicting a woman jiggling her breasts by means of flashing lights. Good old Sunny hell was finally defying the 'sleepy-small-town' image that its demons hid behind, by allowing a place like this to open. However he was in no mood for chuckling at anything. He didn't know what had him madder, that other men were leering over her, that she was so stubborn she'd go and do this instead of taking up his offer of help with money, or that he hadn't realised how bad things were and forced help on her.
He breezed past the bouncers with a quick shove to each of them as they attempted to block his access to the club. He entered the bar, which, for all it was new had managed to conjure up a greasy, dirty feeling already. He was stopped dead by the sight of Buffy gyrating on stage in nothing but a baseball cap and thong. A young guy who looked barely college age was standing, whooping and whirling a baseball shirt which had presumably recently come off Buffy, round his head like a lasso.

Buffy tugged at the sides of her thong, lowering one side
then the other as she swayed seductively directly in front of the hollering college boys. To her credit her countenance barely concealed her self-disgust at the way she was parading herself like a piece of meat for these men. She turned her back to them, bending slightly at the waist as she continued to tease; almost lowering the waistband of the thong over her buttocks then inching it back up to howls of protest by the college imbeciles. Plastering a very fake smile on her face she turned back to face them and winked saying "Not yet boys, there's more to come"

She turned and walked back up the catwalk and through the black curtains at the back of the stage. Her departure woke Spike up, had he not been so intent on getting to her he'd have seriously considered snapping a few of the fraternity boys necks, and bugger the pain from the chip. He scanned the room for a means of getting backstage, other than storming up the catwalk and causing a fight with the 'security' workers, which would do nothing
but slow him down. As he searched for a route the White Stripes – Seven Nation Army began to play.

I'm gonna fight 'em off
A seven nation army couldn't hold me back
They're gonna rip it off
Taking their time right behind my back
And I'm talking to myself at night
Because I can't forget
Back and forth through my mind
Behind a cigarette
And the message coming from my eyes
Says leave it alone

Don't want to hear about it
Every single one's got a story to tell
Everyone knows about it
From the Queen of England to the hounds of hell
And if I catch it coming back my way
I'm gonna serve it to you

The lyrics spoke to him, his brain interpreting them in conjunction with his current feelings about Buffy. He was ready to fight all the men in the place off, his eyes clearly sending out the message to leave her alone, and by god he was going to serve it to Buffy for this. His twisting of the lyrics inflamed him further and spurred him into action. He spied a door off to the left of the stage proper, which had to lead backstage. He marched towards it oblivious to the rest of the song, except for a fleeting image of Buffy gyrating to the pulsating bass line, incensing him even more. The door was blocked by a burly bouncer. Spike slipping momentarily into vamp face put paid to any idea the guy might have had of actually doing his job and stopping 'patrons' gaining access to the girls. Charging through the door Spike was stopped in his tracks for the second time that night by the sight of Buffy.

She was sitting on a chair facing the door, one foot up on the seat as she fastened the buckle on her right Mary Jane. She was wearing a tight white shirt fastened only by one button in the middle, her breasts pushed up and threatening to spill out of the open top of the shirt; a black and white plaid skirt and white ankle socks completed the schoolgirl look.

Although she was sitting down it was obvious that the skirt left little to the imagination. Without even looking up from her task she grumbled "Alright! Before you say anything, I'm almost ready, I won't miss my cue, I'm coming!"

"Oh no pet" Spike said getting a good look up her skirt as he spoke, "coming is something you aren't going to be doing for quite a while. What the hell do you think you are doing? You are NOT going back out there!"

Buffy jumped up when she realised who had actually come into the room. "S-spike" she stuttered "What are y……how did…..what the fuck are you doing here?"

"Really not the issue luv. Get your coat and your things together, I'm taking you home"

"God! I don't need this Spike. I need this job; I can double what I make in a week at the Doublemeat in just one night here with my tips. This has nothing to do with you, just leave Spike." As she spoke she moved to head for the stage having to pass Spike en route.

He grabbed her arm as she did so, pulling her closer and hissed in her ear "I already told you Slayer, you are NOT going back out there."

"God, Neanderthal much Spike?" she said trying unsuccessfully to disengage herself from his grip. "You're not even my boyfriend, you have no right to be here. You don't own me Spike"

"Not what you said the other day when you were being such an obedient little slave. Now do as you're told and get your things! We're leaving."

"I'm not playing some silly game here Spike. I NEED this job and you're gonna make me late on stage. Let go!" The last words were accompanied by her stamping hard on his foot and using his momentary surprise to elbow him hard in the gut, before slamming her fist up and backwards into his face. She hurried towards the stage entrance as Spike recovered, stopping when she heard him say her name.

"Buffy, I mean it luv, if you go out there I will make you regret it. If I say we're playing our game, we're playing our game. Therefore I DO own you, and you'll find out what happens when you defy me."

Buffy felt moisture pool in the scrap of underwear she had on and inwardly groaned. Even now, when she was angry with Spike that commanding tone and his delicious threats could get her unbelievably hot. She briefly considered saying the safe word that they'd had the other day just to show Spike she was serious but found she couldn't as lust coursed through her body at the thought of what Spike might do back in his crypt if she went ahead and defied him. She snapped herself out of it however, knowing that she had to get out on stage or she'd be sacked and then she and Dawn were really going to be screwed.

Spike had expected her to use that safe word and put paid to his plans to teach her exactly why she shouldn't challenge his authority. He was more than a little aroused and amazed when she didn't. She knew exactly what game they were talking about. He'd instigated another round right here and she hadn't taken her chance to stop it. 'Oh but she's let herself in for it now' he thought gleefully. Rather than follow her out on stage he went back through the door that led to the bar and looked straight at her, back on the catwalk now.

The hand she was coyly twirling a braid around froze, along with her brain and her whole body, when she saw him and felt his intense gaze on her. 'He won't do anything in front of these people' she told herself 'oh God! Maybe he will.' Spike had started to move purposefully toward the stage. 'Ok stay calm, stay........jesus he looks sexy.......God Buffy get a grip, if you get any wetter you'll be dripping on the stage. Ok, the thought of public humiliation is NOT turning me on.......do you hear that body?....Not turning me.......shit! I'm actually going to get off on this.' Buffy very nearly *was* dripping her arousal onto the stage.

Spike had reached the stage and was standing next to the frat boys looking up at her. "Get down from there now!" He yelled making all the guys turn to look at him. A few of them looked perplexed but they all pretty quickly came to the conclusion that this must be part of the show. "You are a very naughty little girl and if you don't get down right now, I'm going to have to teach you a lesson."

Buffy couldn't speak, his words had turned her to mush. The fact that the patrons were now ooohing and shouting things like 'she's in trouble now' and 'teach her a lesson' did nothing but increase her arousal. She didn't want Spike to get up there and fulfil his promise in front of all these people but she just didn't seem able to move. Spike put one foot on the stage which was easily low enough for him to step onto without any exertion. His movement was like a catalyst to Buffy's nervous system and she almost ran over to him to prevent him stepping on up there. "I'm sorry Ok." She muttered at him. "Please, just leave me alone and let me finish this routine then you can take me home and play our game as much as you want."

"Not how it works pet" Spike said gripping her arm as she realised too late that she had gotten too close to him. "I can smell how horny you are so don't even try to say you're not enjoying this. If you really don't want me to exercise my authority you can leave with me now, or you can say your safe word but that doesn't mean that I won't punish you next time you come to my crypt."

"I can't leave Spike" Buffy said miserably, finishing in her head 'and I apparently can't say my safe word either.' The college party were getting restless again and calls of 'spank her naughty ass' were growing increasingly hard to ignore.

"Buffy, say you'll leave with me and not come back here and we can get out of here right now" Spike offered, he was truthfully kinda hoping she wouldn't cave just yet.

"I can't" she said "I need this job"

"If that's how you want it pet," Spike shrugged "Better give your 'customers' what they're asking for." He still only had one leg on the stage the other on the floor of the club. He swiftly pulled her over the thigh of the leg that was on stage and placed a hand in her hair as her head dangled down, both holding her down over his leg and making sure that she didn't overbalance and crash face first off the stage. The guys in the bar went crazy, there shouts only increasing in intensity as Spike flipped what there was of her skirt up over her hips and back, baring her ass. It looked good enough to bite from where he was as she was bent nearly double over his knee.

Buffy was just about hyperventilating, all the blood was rushing to her head as her upper body was dangling down at a much steeper angle than it had been at any point when he'd last had her in this kind of position. She tried to stand up but Spike's hand in her hair held her down firmly and the position just put her at too much of a disadvantage. All she could do was brace herself when she felt Spike's body shift as he drew his arm back for the first blow.
Six blows rained down quickly alternating on each cheek in turn. Buffy squirmed as her pussy flooded, sure that everyone must be able to see her arousal by now. Spike leaned down so that he could talk to her as the crowd jeered some more, loving the floor show. "Just say you'll leave and I'll let you up" he offered.

"I can't!" Buffy all but wailed "Please Spike.." That earned her a sharp blow to her upper thigh "I mean Sir" she corrected herself. "I'm sorry I really am but I can't just leave."

"Have it your way pet" Spike replied and went back to his task, delivering another six, slightly harder blows to her now rosy ass.

Buffy was becoming increasingly sure that she was going to climax just from being spanked in public. She froze when she felt Spike's fingers rub at her crotch through the thong she was wearing. He wouldn't would he? Spanking her was one thing but the movements his hands were making right now usually led to one thing and one thing only. She shuddered as his fingers skimmed her pussy lips through the material, moving torturously slowly towards her clit. He stopped before he reached the place she needed him to touch most. Leaning down he said, "What do you say luv? Are you ready to be a good girl, or shall I fuck you right here, in front of these rejected extras from Harvard Man?"

"Ok, ok. I give in!" She almost shrieked, although the mental image of being fucked right there on stage made her weak at the knees, it wasn't a fantasy she was ready to fulfil just yet.

"Good girl" he said close to her ear before standing her back up and turning to the cheering table of assholes. "Sorry guys, looks like she saw sense. We'll be leaving now. But don't worry there are more girls back there and I'm sure they'll entertain you for the rest of the evening."

Not waiting to see if a replacement was on her way on-stage Spike pulled Buffy down and towed her to the door. "Hang on Spike" she said attempting to dig her heels in "I need to get my stuff, I can't go out there dressed like this."

"You were perfectly prepared to dance around in front of the whole bar like that" he countered tugging her into motion again "so you can damn well stay like that. Besides that outfit's got me hard as nails, it isn't going anywhere. I'll come back for your things later."

"Yes Sir" Buffy assented feeling herself spiral into the red hot agitated state that Spike somehow always seemed to be able to elicit. She began to trot to keep up with his long stride and to stop her arm being wrenched from its socket.

When they got outside Buffy moved to head for Spike's bike, but he had other ideas. He hadn't been kidding when he said the outfit had him hard as nails and he wasn't prepared to wait any longer to do something about it. He yanked her into an alley at the side of the club and pushed her face first against the wall. "Don't move" he ordered releasing his grip on her to free his painfully erect penis. Buffy groaned and obeyed as she heard his zipper come down. "Put your hands on the wall and bend over." Without hesitation Buffy complied placing her hands flat on the wall and bending till her body was at right angles to her legs, which she instinctively spread as wide as she could.

Spike didn't bother with any more teasing, ripping her underwear from her body he thrust his rock hard dick straight into her as hard as he could. Buffy gasped as he filled her and her hips moved back towards him as he withdrew and thrusted again. He grabbed her hips to still their movement saying, "No, Buffy. You stay still and be fucked. You've got me wound up good and proper and now you're going to take your punishment like a good girl or else."

"But you already punished me" Buffy protested "Or have you already forgotten the sp.....OW!"

Spike slapped her hard as he continued to shove his dick in and out of her clenching dripping pussy, grunting with the effort. "Don't you dare back answer me girl!" He said stilling his thrusts for the moment. "You have a world of wrongs to make up here. I'll decide when you've been punished enough. Now tell me" a thrust in "are you" he pulled out "going to" he slammed in "go back in that place" he pulled out "ever again", he thrust in again hard making Buffy whimper and only just stop herself from thrusting back at him.

"I have to" she bleated out in a small voice.

"Wrong answer" he ground out as he resumed his relentlessly hard thrusting now punctuating every in-stroke with a sound slap to each buttock in turn. Just as Buffy was wondering how dire the consequences would be if she removed a hand from the wall to touch herself would be, Spike's fingers reached round and rubbed at her sweet spot.

"Oh God!" Buffy sighed at finally getting some stimulation in her pulsating nubbin. Predictably Spike rubbed at her clit, pounding into her like an animal until she was about ready to burst then pulled his hand away, knowing how close she was he immediately grabbed her arms to stop her touching herself, which he was sure is what her instincts would be screaming for her to do. Buffy mewled helplessly and squirmed, wiggling her ass as he continued to plow into her.

"You know what I want to hear before I let you come Slayer." Spike said hoping to God she gave in quickly. The sight of her bent over in front of him, plaid skirt pushed up around her waist, tanned legs spread and bum glowing red even in the darkened alley was making it very difficult for him not to shoot his load immediately.

"I can't give up that job" Buffy whined.

"Dear me Buffy," Spike said in mock astonishment "you're being so stubborn. Anyone would think you wanted me to keep punishing you. Is that what you want?" As he finished speaking her moved his hands to her nipples and pinched them sharply, knowing that if anything would drive her to distraction that would.

Buffy bit her lip to keep from crying out at the cruel but delectable pinching of her nipples. She tried desperately to calm herself down so that she could think straight, instead of this mushy thinking that was all she was capable of at the moment. Try as she might though her body was responding ever more fervently to Spike's fucking and the sound of his body slapping against her ass and his dick squelching in and out of her merely added to the dizzy lusty feelings.

"Tell me what I want to hear" Spike continued "I can spend all night slamming my dick in you in this alley. You WILL give in before I do. I'll just keep fucking you until your knees buckle and then I'll keep on fucking you like an animal while your knees scrape on the ground. I'll fuck you raw and when I get sick of your pussy, I'll stick my dick in your ass and fuck your tight backside, then I'll have you suck yourself off my dick, and you'll do it because until you stop being so stubborn you aren't going to get to come but I'll make sure you need to. Is that what you want Slayer??"

"No Sir" Buffy panted her breathing becoming extremely difficult and her whole body flushing from the emotions stirred by his filthy panting in her ear as he increased his speed and the strength of his thrusts. "That's not what I want, please I need to come, please I'll do anything."

"Interesting offer pet, but just now I'll settle for you promising me you'll never come near this club again."

"I promise.....oohhhh.....Ipromise I won't come back" Buffy panted desperately.

It was good enough for Spike, he kept one hand on a nipple and dropped the other to her clit and rolled and pinched it as he slowed down his tempo again, bringing both their passions down a notch. Slowly he increased his pace with his dick and both hands until they were both panting heavily again and he actually did suspect that Buffy's legs were about to give out. Feeling her body tense with her impending orgasm he leaned down over her back again. As her orgasm began to bowl through her, her inner muscle contractions triggering his own peak. With each spurting thrust he grunted in her ear "You're mine......Slayer........mine.....never..... Ever.......show off what belongs...uunnh....to me.....in front of other men.....oh.uunh.....unnh.... FUCK!!!!"

As he shouted this last his voice was joined by Buffy's as she experienced the longest orgasm she'd ever had. She'd felt it was just wearing out when he'd started spurting into her and grunting into her ear. The effect had been electric making her peak again and again as he spent himself inside her. Her legs gave way and she sank to the ground taking Spike with her. He lay over her back for a moment, recovering then stood up and looked down at her trying to get some control over herself. As awareness crashed back into her lust addled brain she realised her skirt was still pushed up her back and she wore no panties, and although the docks weren't exactly busy she was open for anyone happening by to see.

Reaching back she pulled her skirt down over her ass and made to stand up. Spike's foot on her back stopped her. "No you don't luv" he said "You're bloody lucky I let you come but I only did it to get you to promise. Now that you have you need to be taught why exactly you should never have taken this job and you have a lot of making up to do to me for flaunting my property around the place."

Buffy groaned at the words, not wanting to believe that she could possibly be growing aroused again, but she was. "Now, I'm going inside for some things and you my little Jezebel are going to kneel here until I get back and think about how you're going to make this up to me once you've been adequately punished.

"Yes Sir," Buffy shivered, thinking to herself 'you are so going to pay for this next time you let me switch Spikey.' She also had a perverse sense of satisfaction that Spike hadn't really made her do anything she didn't want to anyway, she hated stripping and as she'd gone on-stage after leaving him in the dressing room she'd decided she was going to quit once she had her money for tonight anyway, but she figured she'd let him think he'd won. She'd only argued with him and insisted she needed the job because she just didn't seem to be able to help herself when it came to Spike he made her want to fight, also because when he'd first burst in she hadn't realised they were playing the game and his misogyny had riled her.

Spike was gone an inordinate amount of time, but when he eventually came out of the club he was pleased to see Buffy hadn't moved a muscle since he'd left her. "Sorry I took so long luv" he grinned "You can get up now, we're leaving come and climb on the bike." Buffy tried not to laugh as she looked at Spike carrying her bag containing her change of clothes, counting her money, which he must have persuaded the manager to give him, it was the hat that was killing her though. He'd managed to get hold of the baseball cap she'd been wearing when he first came in and it was now perched ludicrously on his head. Also, Buffy noted, he was licking his fingers, now what was that about.

As they walked towards the bike Spike turned to her with a twinkle in his eye. "I think it's only fair to warn you though luv. You have something else to be punished for. You didn't tell me they did Buffalo Wings! Hell if you'd told me that I'd have let you finish your routine while I ate and we could have bypassed the whole public spanking entirely."

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