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05/18/17 04:16 am
pj! I remember wishing one of your stories would be finished seriously about a decade ago. Amazing. I just tried an old password I used to use and amazingly got in too. Memories!
03/20/17 01:20 am
10 yrs later, i finally rem my username and password. Pari, you rock. Hope you are well.
12/23/16 01:12 pm
I donate every month. Please donate to keep this site up!
10/06/16 08:34 am
Great post.
08/31/16 03:45 pm
And anyone else who loves this site, it's worth mentioning there's a nifty little "Donate" option just below the shout box here! ;)
08/31/16 03:43 pm
Just wanted to take a moment to thank Pari and all the mods for maintaining such a great site!


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Authors Chapter Notes:
I have more Opposites Attract to post soon, I’m halfway through the next chapter and it’s going well, but I started writing this a few hours ago and I haven’t been able to stop. Also, everything’s in the Australian spelling, Word messes up if I try to change it so I hope that doesn’t take away from the story. I’m posting this as a PWP so that no one complains about a thin ‘plot.’ :) Enjoy! >>A/N 2: I'm really sorry to my reveiwers that didn't like it! I had no idea it was so bad, I promise I'll work on a sequel that's actually fluffy!!!

Buffy flicked through the shirts in her closet, looking for something in particular. “I know it’s in here,” she said to Faith, her best friend and flatmate, who was seated on the bed behind her.

“Your red backless halter?” Faith asked with a smile. “Perfect.”

“No, no. Aren’t we going to One?” she replied, referring to a sophisticated nightclub in town. Finding a deep purple silk blouse, she turned around and held it up to herself. “What do you think?”

“I haven’t seen that before,” Faith told her. “New?”

“Gucci,” she said smugly, then reminded her friend, “Daddy sends money instead of love. The divorce was the best thing that ever happened to my wardrobe.”

In truth, Buffy was upset about her parent’s divorce, at least for a while. They’d been apart for ten years now, and since Hank had never paid much attention to her in the first place, she could joke about her carefree spending of money he sent her.

“Nice,” Faith replied with a smile.

“I thought I’d pair it with my knee-length black skirt, you know, the really flattering one? And some black strappy shoes.”

“Should I wear green or red?” her friend mused, now that the blonde had decided her outfit. “Maybe my short green dress. I have those gold sandals, can I borrow your gold bag?”

“Sure,” Buffy said. “This is going to be so great-”

The phone began to ring. Buffy huffed and went out to the kitchen to answer it. “Hello?”

Faith followed, sitting up on the bench and swinging her feet until Buffy motioned for her to stop knocking the cabinets.

“Hi Mum,” Buffy rolled her eyes. “Yes, of course I’ll do you a favour… And you will owe me…. Okay, let me write this down.” Moving the phone so it was held between her shoulder and her ear, she mimed holding a pen and paper. “Uh huh, William Young, 29, works in advertising… Meet him at Campellano’s, 7:30pm tonight.”

“Tonight?!” Faith exclaimed.

“Wait, back up, Mum. I’m going out with Faith tonight… Yes, I do still like guys… Yes, of course I’ll do you this one favour. Bye.” Scowling, Buffy hung up the phone. “I have to cancel,” she told her friend. “Mum’s making me entertain another guy.”

“You realise she doesn’t own you,” Faith pointed out. “You don’t have to.”

With a sigh, Buffy started back to her closet. “I do have to. She’s obsessed with setting me up. We’re going to that restaurant with my favourite lasagne, and those apple vodka drinks. Maybe it won’t be so bad.”

“Yeah, maybe. I’m gonna call Willow, see if she’s up for One tonight.”

“Okay,” Buffy replied, a little upset. She put her fabulous outfit back in her closet. It had to be done, though. Her mother liked to set her up with any guy she thought she might like as a son-in-law. No doubt this ‘William’ was a hardworking, well-dressed bore. Ugh. And if he was, say, the son of one of her mother’s friends… and her mother’s aim in setting them up was to have them date seriously… well, there was only one thing for that.

“Little red dress, little red dress…” she said to herself as she shuffled through her closet. Almost hidden between a modestly cut blue linen sundress and a pink fluffy negligee, Buffy found her red dress with the sweetheart neckline. Holding it up to herself in front of the mirror, she saw the frilly skirt almost reach her knees and knew it was perfect.

The black strappy heels would match, as would her black satin clutch. And as for her hair… Digging through a drawer in her bathroom, Buffy noticed the time. 5pm. “Faith!” she yelled, and the other girl appeared quickly. “Could you set a bottle of the red wine from the pantry on the kitchen bench with two wineglasses? Please?”

“Of course,” she replied, rushing off.

Buffy knew she didn’t have time to curl her hair, and she frowned at her mother for giving her such late notice. She liked to look her best, even if she wasn’t going out with someone of her own choosing. Brushing her hair up, she twisted it and put a large diamante-studded clip in to hold it up. Then she got started on her make-up.


“Have fun!” Faith called out as Buffy exited her car. She and Willow were going to have an excellent time hanging out and perhaps picking up some guys, and she couldn’t help but tease her other friend for missing out. “I’m crashing at Willow’s tonight, so you have the apartment to yourself.”

Willow laughed at Buffy’s annoyed look. “Have naughty fun, you deserve it,” she added.

“Yeah, yeah.” Buffy rolled her eyes and waved before going into the restaurant.

“I’m meeting William Young,” sho told the waiter at Campellano’s.

He checked the list in front of him. “This way, please.” He led her to a nearby table.

When she was seated, she regarded the man across from her with a small smile. “Buffy Summers,” she introduced herself.

“William Young, pleased to meet you.”

She picked up the menu in front of her. “So, what’s good here?” she began the conversation.

“I’ve heard excellent things about the fettuccini with clam sauce,” he replied. Obviously her mother had recommended this place; that was her favourite.

“I’m allergic,” she told him. “Lasagne would be safer.”

They lapsed into awkward silence. Buffy silently cursed her mother for setting up this date. She could be at One with Faith and Willow if it wasn’t for her pushing her to find a man and settle down.

Buffy and William ordered and their distraction, the menus, was taken away.

“Nice weather we’ve been having,” she began, referring to the usual hot, humid Californian summer.

“Yeah, pretty good,” he replied. “I’ve been stuck in the office, though. Haven’t been able to enjoy it.”

“That’s too bad.” She watched as he fussed with his napkin, then removed his jacket. His plain brown hair and glasses had had her convinced he was one of those geeks she would have avoided like the plague in high school, but his well-muscled arms told another story. Buffy began to revise her plan to ditch him as soon as possible in favour of her girls. Perhaps she could have some fun with him.

They chatted a little more, and then dinner came. Buffy had found out that he’d been a swimmer in high school and college, and continued for fitness rather than competition. Before she knew it, she was declining dessert and asking him back to her place.


“This is it,” she told William as she led him into her apartment. “My flatmate isn’t here. Make yourself at home in the living room, I’ll be right there.”

She quickly opened the bottle of wine and poured it into the two glasses she’d had Faith put out just in case they’d ended up back at her place. Bringing them into the lounge, she gave one to William and then sat next to him on the sofa.

“You have a very nice apartment,” he told her, having admired the artwork in the room.

“Thanks, Mum helped me pick out most of the decor,” she confessed, but was pleased at the compliment. “I had a good time tonight.”

“As did I.” William was looking around the room once again when Buffy toed off her shoes and shifted closer to him. “Buffy?”

“The night doesn’t have to be over yet,” she told him, taking his wine glass and placing it with hers on the coffee table. She moved closer to him again and leaned in for a one-sided kiss.

William pushed her away gently. “Perhaps I should be going.”

“No, stay,” she said, kissing him again. She broke away when he didn’t respond. “Would you please stop being so uncooperative?”

“Buffy – Miss Summers – I should probably be leaving now. It’s late and your friend will be home soon.”

“Don’t worry about Faith,” she told him. Smiling seductively, she stood up and tugged on his hand to indicate that he should follow her. Leading him down a hallway and into her room, she quickly closed the door and turned to face him.

“Could you help me with my dress? I can’t reach the zip.” Buffy continued to smile at her soon-to-be lover. She turned around and he obliged. “Thanks.”

No longer determined to leave, William pushed the straps off her shoulders. She was still facing away from him and the dress landed at her feet, leaving her covered in only a scrap of red lace.

Buffy looked at him over her shoulder and then went over to her bed, crawling on it on all fours before turning to face him. She pulled the clip out of her hair and tossed it in the direction of her vanity table before shaking out her blonde curls.

He could have sworn she was a goddess in that moment. The only light in the room came from the open curtains, and the way it hit her made her skin seem to glow. “C’mere, babe,” she told him, beckoning with a bent finger. He pulled off his jacket and tie, watching Buffy lean back against her pillows as he unbuttoned his shirt and abandoned his pants, socks and shoes.

“You’re in for the ride of your life,” she told him as he joined her. Leaning over to her bedside table, she rustled around in a drawer until she found what she was looking for. “You know what to do with this,” she said, handing him a condom, which he put on immediately. “And there’s something else.”

“Anything,” William said, hands running up and down her sides, moving to her breasts.

“It’s a little weird,” she explained.

He smiled encouragingly at her faux-shy expression, not realising she was toying with him.

“Close your eyes.”

William did as she asked. Unexpectedly, he felt his hands being pushed together and then over his head. “What-” he opened his eyes to find that he’d been handcuffed to her headboard.

“Thanks, sexy,” she told him. “Perfect.” Buffy pulled off his boxers and her panties, leaving them both completely naked. She straddled him, leaning in for a passionate kiss. Her hands moved down his body, followed quickly by her mouth. He groaned as she took his shaft into her hands, pumping a few times, and then sucking the condom-covered tip.

“Oh yeah,” he encouraged her, but she continued to move her hand slowly. “Faster!”

With a mischievous grin, she told him, “beg for it.”

William moved his hips in time with her hand, trying to get more friction, but it only made her release him completely.

“Nice try.” Buffy straddled his hips again, rubbing her wetness against him. He groaned and squeezed his eyes shut as she moved his shaft to her opening and slid down.

She tried to keep her breathing even but gasped as he stretched her. William rattled the cuffs as she engulfed him, wanting desperately to touch her, to grab her hips and pull her down. He shifted, knocking her off-balance, and her hot, tight hole took in the last two inches of his shaft.

“Bloody hell, move!” he exclaimed impatiently.

Buffy laughed at his impatience. “Beg,” she reminded him, then slowly rotated her hips and moved up and down a few times. She moved a hand to her clit, rubbing quickly, and threw her head back. Her muscles fluttered around his shaft as she got herself off, leaving him behind.

Finally, William couldn’t take it anymore. “Please, Buffy, please, move faster!”

On the edge of an orgasm, Buffy braced both her hands on his chest and moved her hips quickly up and down over his. His breathing quickly became erratic and he rattled the cuffs even harder as he came, screaming her name.

Buffy ground her hips against his several more times, drawing out her own orgasm. She moved off his soft shaft, lying beside him on the bed. When she’d got her breath back, she reached for the key to the handcuffs and unlocked them. “The bathroom’s right across the hall,” she told him.

She smiled as she tucked the cuffs away in her bedside drawer, reaching for the robe on a nearby chair. Tying the sash around her waist, she sat on the bed to wait for William.

“This was really fun,” she told him with a smile as he headed towards the bed. He tried to sit beside her and embrace her but she shook him off. “Um, maybe you should go.”

“But, uh…” He began, trailing off. Then he realised what she meant. She wanted him to leave.

While he got dressed, she hung up her dress and shoved her panties into a hamper in her closet.

“See you around sometime,” William said, a little sadly, as he left. Buffy followed him to lock up for the night, sure that Faith had remembered a key and wouldn’t need her to wait up for her.

With a satisfied yawn, Buffy headed to bed. With any luck, she’d discouraged her mother from setting her up again any time soon. It was actually quite a shame; she would have liked to see William again, if only to enjoy those strong arms of his. Oh well, it had to be done.


“How did your date go?” Faith asked the next morning as Buffy came into the kitchen for coffee, hair ruffled and make-up smeared.

“I blew his mind,” she told her friend calmly, sipping at her drink.

The phone rang at that moment. Faith answered, then handed it over. “It’s your mother.”

“Hi Mom,” Buffy said, then held the phone away from her ear as she was screamed at. “I was just having some fun,” she said, innocently, then hung up.

Giving Faith a high-five, she took her coffee and headed back to her room, snickering.


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