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05/18/17 04:16 am
pj! I remember wishing one of your stories would be finished seriously about a decade ago. Amazing. I just tried an old password I used to use and amazingly got in too. Memories!
03/20/17 01:20 am
10 yrs later, i finally rem my username and password. Pari, you rock. Hope you are well.
12/23/16 01:12 pm
I donate every month. Please donate to keep this site up!
10/06/16 08:34 am
Great post.
08/31/16 03:45 pm
And anyone else who loves this site, it's worth mentioning there's a nifty little "Donate" option just below the shout box here! ;)
08/31/16 03:43 pm
Just wanted to take a moment to thank Pari and all the mods for maintaining such a great site!


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Authors Chapter Notes:
This little nasty is the result of a conversation I had with a few ladies on the tag board over on another site, while in the grips of writers block. If you are reading this, you know who you are! Also, I must admit that it *does* have plot... But, I can't help it. It's what the muse wanted.

Also, I gotta give *Mad Props* to my friend and Brilliant Beta, Blacknblue2, who now only cleaned up my errors, but had her fair share in the creation of this little ficcie to boot. I bow to your creative influence, girl! And, I'm sorry I made you scare your cat... Rock on!

Hope you guys enjoy this, and if you do, please give me a holler. Feedback is delicious!

No Rest for the Wicked


"Let me rest in peace..."

Spike was singing. Singing to Buffy in the graveyard, of all places! Continuing to do so, even as the two of them stumbled and fell into an open grave. The final word to his song carried smoothly, even she landed, roughly, on top of him. The echoes of mystical power chords and an ending drum roll faded into the night air as his song came to a stop.

'You Arrogant sod,' Spike thought to himself. 'Leave it to you to carry on about how unaffected you are to this musical mumbo jumbo goin round, just before you break into song and hand over your unbeating heart to the Ice Queen, herself!

But, it had been completely beyond his control. Every emotion, every thought that entered his being felt as if it was being pulled out of him, forcing him to play his part in the Sunnyhell musical.

Pouring out his secrets, telling her how much it hurt when she made him feel alive only to remind him that he wasn't. Shattering her illusion that he was ignorant to the little game she was playing, while reminding *her* that he was the only one to truly accept her for what she was. Making him admit that he knew she didn't care about his feeling, but would follow her anyway...

And it pissed him off, right and proper.

There are some things a man, living or not, should never be forced to let go of. One of those things being his pride!

So, since he couldn't walk away from her, it only made sense that she should do the walking for him. She did it nearly every night. The problem was, she always came back. Causing him to re-live his heartache for her over and over and over again. Well, if she thought he was goin' to just sit back and deal with that forever, she was completely off her nut!

And, so, those feelings came out in his song as well.

But he didn't mean it. He truly was love's bitch.

And here he was. Flat on his back, with a seemingly shocked and winded Slayer on top of him, and suddenly, he knew what he had to do.

Buffy stared down at him, her eyes wide and filled with a look of hurt and sudden understanding, before she pulled herself up on hands and knees and began to stand, turning as she did so, with the intent of running away before he could say anything else to her.

But, as she gripped the edge of the grave and prepared to pull herself up, she was pulled back, forcefully, her body being turned around so that her back came to rest against the earthen wall.

Her eyes flashed with anger, a look that she hoped would hide the hurt at his request, along with the rush of excitement that came with his un-expected forcefulness.

"Spike!" Buffy screamed out, as she twisted in his grip, "Knock it off! You told me to leave you alone, and that's exactly what I'm doing!"

"Yeah, about that..." Spike's grip slid quickly from her arms to the small of her back. "I lied," he stated, as he roughly pulled her to him and crushed his lips to hers in a searing kiss that left her feeling drugged. She felt her knees grow weak as he pivoted away from the wall, dipping her low and deepening the kiss as the theme to Gone With The Wind rose up and the wind swept past them, ruffling their hair and clothes.

'Wait... Wind?'

Abruptly, the music ceased and the wind stopped blowing as Spike broke the kiss and looked around suspiciously. "What the bloody hell was that all about?" He grumbled, looking down at the flustered, and well kissed slayer that was still lying in his arms.

"I don't know," she replied, breathing heavily as she reached up to grasp the neckline of his T-shirt. "And, I don't care. Just kiss me again!" She demanded, as she pulled him back to her, hungrily.

Spike fought to suppress a grin at her expense. 'Crazy chit needs me as much, if not more than I need her. She just hasn't admitted it yet. But, all that's gonna change tonight.' His lips traveled away from hers to nuzzle the hollow between her neck and shoulder, before tracing the line of it with his tongue. 'Oh, yeah.' He thought, smugly, as he listened to the slayer moan in response, 'After tonight, she's gonna know it.'

Buffy's nails raked down his sides, before slipping under the hem of his T-shirt to explore the silken marble texture of his abs and chest, beneath. Spike hissed as her fingers caught one of his nipples between them, pinching sharply. He responded by letting one of his hands travel down the length of her body, caressing the firm roundness of her backside as it passed. As his hand reached her thigh, it began to travel back up, taking her skirt along with it.

This time, it was Buffy who broke from her trance. Shaking her head, she pulled away from him, slightly, to look him in the eye.

"We can't do this." She said, softly.

"Why not?" Spike asked, with a shrug. "Isn't like it hasn't been done, before." His hand curved inward and slid up the inside of her thigh, as he curled his tongue in a suggestive manner.

"Because," Buffy explained, as she slapped his his roaming hand away, "It's a grave!"

"Uh huh," Spike nodded his acknowledgement. "I kind of noticed that. Crypt, grave... It's all the same to me."

"Ugh!" Buffy took a step back from him now to give him a scolding look. "There is a big difference! You *live* in that crypt. This... this is a grave! Some person's grave, that is probably going to be buried here, tomorrow!"

Spike splayed his fingers and rested his hand over his chest in mock empathy before he responded. &nbs"Oh, I'm sorry, Luv. I didn't care!"

"God, Spike!" She fumed. "That's just like you! Don't you have any respect for the dea-" She stopped short, realizing the irony of her words, pouting, as Spike raised an eyebrow at her.

"I think, perhaps, that you're the one who needs a lesson in that department." He said, sauntering back up to her, shedding himself of the red overshirt he had been wearing, and following her as she retreated, until her back was once again against the grave's wall.

"Spike, I mea-"

"Shut up." Spike scolded her, taking one of her hands in his and pressing it to the evidence of his still obvious desire for her, watching as Buffy's eyes glazed over, lustily, in spite of her protestations. Leaning close to her ear, he purred, "It's time you showed some respect for the dead."

Buffy was out of arguments. Her hand began to caress him, on it's own volition, through the confines of his jeans, removing it only long enough for Spike to slip her jacket off of her shoulders. The top that she wore did not get the same careful treatment, however, as Spike grasped it between his hands and ripped it down the middle. Her conveniently untethered breasts spilled into Spike's ready hands, causing her to moan loudly when he bent down to capture one hardened nipple between his lips, suckling and tugging, not too gently, with his teeth.

'A shirt for a shirt,' Buffy reasoned, as she followed suit and quickly shredded his black tee from his body, allowing her hands easier access to roam the flawless plains of his back and chest, before coming back around to fight with the buttons of his jeans.

Spike's hands and mouth seemed to be everywhere. Buffy's skirt was once again being hiked up over her hips, and she was quite pleased with herself for deciding to forgo panties on this night. She allowed her head to fall to the side in desire, as his fingers found their way to her already dripping cleft, expertly teasing and circling her swollen nub and causing the ache to build before sliding two, then three inside of her molten heat, stretching and curling slowly to pass over her pleasure point, again and again while his thumb strummed her sensitive clit with each pass.

Her orgasm took her by surprise, leaving her breathless and shaking. So caught up in her bliss, was she, that it took Buffy a few seconds to register Spike's knowing chuckle that drifted to her ears. Regarding him with her hooded gaze, she watched as his lips curled into a smirk, his fingers still pushing rhythmically inside of her while he stated, "Well, looks like you came ready to pump me for more than information, after all, Pet."

'Stupid Buffy,' she thought, cursing herself now for ditching the panties, because of the dead give away the action proved to have been. She didn't have much time to think of this, however, because she was suddenly too busy mourning the loss of his promising touch before she found herself being lowered to the soft ground.

Once there, Buffy grinned in silent victory as she popped the last button on his blasphemously tight and equally outdated 501's and began tugging them down his hips.

"Well, well, well." Spike began, in a teasing tone. "You're just the eager little beaver tonight, aren't you, Pet?" His jaw clenching, biting back most of the low groan which escaped him, before smirking at the admiring look in her eyes as her hot little hand encircled his impressive length. 'Didn't need him... Hell! No more than she needed air!'

Buffy pulled him to her, insistently wrapping her leg around his hip, as she attempted to guide him to her. "Sex now! Talk later," she commanded him, only to be disappointed as he untangled himself from her grip and chuckled again.

"Ooh, greedy too!" He laughed, eyes sparkling with mischief. "See, that's your problem, Sweetheart. It's not all about you." His lips traveled down her body, kisses leaving the sensation of tiny slivers of ice melting against her hot skin. "About what you want..." His tongue dipped into her navel, before traveling further south. "It's all about what you need."

Buffy's body tensed with anticipation, but was left wanting again, as he detoured at the last second, continuing his path, instead, down her thigh.

"You want to be in control. You want to be seen as your friends see you. Strong, good, clean... But that isn't really the truth, is it?" His teeth grazed her calf, playfully, as his hands roamed everywhere but where she wanted them to be. "But you let them all believe it, wishing it were true, but knowing it's lie... And do you know why, Luv? Because, deep down you're wicked. And you need a monster to let it all out on. To unleash you."

Buffy caught her breath again, while Spike's tongue flickered back up her thigh, stopping a breath away from her swollen lips. "But not just any monster," he stated, turning his eyes to hers. "You need me."

Her eyes rolled back as his tongue delved within her folds to taste her flowing nectar, flickering over her throbbing nub, before sliding back into his mouth and curling behind his teeth. "Don't you?"

'Ooh, bad sexy, infuriating, vampire! Bad!' Buffy thought, in frustration. Her body was strung tight as a bowstring. It wasn't fair that he could talk to her like that and leave her so incredibly turned on. 'It had to be the accent. Yes! And those full lips and gorgeous eyes and body and that oh, so talented, tongue!' They were to blame! Not her! She was in *no* way responsible for her body's reaction to him!

Deciding quickly that she had better play along, she answered him quickly. "Yes!"

But Spike just blinked at her. "Yes, you say? Yes, what?"

"Yes!" Buffy repeated. "I need you! I need you to..." Not used to this game, she stumbled a little over the words. "Unleash me, you big... bad... Beast!"

'Oh, this was just too bloody delicious!' Spike thought, struggling hard to suppress a full blown laugh at her fumbling attempt at dirty pillow talk. If nothing else, he had to give her credit for giving it the good ol' college try, right?

"Well," he began, flipping himself around so that he was facing the other way on top of her, his engorged cock now jutting out over her face as he used his hands to spread her nether lips wide. "I suppose you'd better do your best to convince me, then."

Any hesitation Buffy may have had to his dominant approach flew right out the window as he lowered his lips once more. She grasped his cock in her hands, and took him into her mouth as far as she could, twirling her tongue up and down his shaft.

She tensed a little, in surprise, as she felt him begin to thrust slowly, forcing himself gently, but firmly past familiar territory, and into her throat. 'Oh, he HAS to be kidding!' She thought, wondering how in the world she was going to be able to swallow all of him without choking to death. But, she forced herself to relax, finding that it was easier than she had thought, when she did so. She moaned excitedly around him as his fingers slipped back into her slickened channel, while he sucked eagerly on her clit, causing her to buck and writhe beneath him.

Her inner muscles had just began to flutter when he pulled his fingers away and settled down to licking just around her clit, occasionally kissing and nipping her, here and there. He continued to do this to her, off and on. He would get her just *right there* and then pull back. His merciless teasing was going to drive her crazy. Her body screamed for release, its aching pleas growing stronger each and every time.

She pushed Spike's hips away with her hands, and pleaded with him. "Spike, c'mon... Please!"

Instead of giving her what she wanted, he pulled away from her, entirely. Turning around, he pulled her up to her knees, by her arm, before settling down behind her, leaving both of her arms trapped beneath his.

His body had long since warmed in response to her body heat. Now, the fog was rolling in and the crisp night air caused her to break out in goosebumps, and her nipples to pebble in response.

"What's the matter, Luv?" Spike cooed behind her. "You need something else?" Reaching around, he flicked one highly sensitized nipple, causing her to shiver as it grew impossibly harder than before. Whimpering softly now, she nodded her head.

"You want me to let you come for me?" He asked her, teasing her further as he slid himself between her thighs, his shaft sliding teasingly back and forth over her clit.

"Please, Spike!" She pleaded with him again, her voice hoarse and trembling with want. "I need you! I need to feel you inside of me!" Buffy arched her back and tried for all the was worth to impale herself upon him, but failed as he once again pulled back.

At this point, Spike changed the game up, and turned her world upside-down when he brought his lips to the shell of her ear and asked her, his voice low and seductive, "But the question is, do you want me, Buffy?"

'Oh God!' She thought. He used her name. She hadn't realized, until now, that he had never *once* called her by her name, tonight. And the sound of it coming from his lips, combined with the feel of his enormously swollen head pressing against her entrance was enough to make her shudder with desire.

"Yes, yes!" Buffy cried out, in frustration, then gasped as Spike proceeded to push forward, his engorged head forcing its way through her tight and welcoming channel, stretching her wide to accommodate his girth.

He began thrusting slowly but firmly, drawing himself nearly all the way out before sliding smoothly all the way back inside of her heated depths, grinding his hips against her ass with each forward stroke. As he did this, his fingers trailed lazy circles around Buffy's clit as he moved within her, drawing her closer to the edge.

"You're mine." He stated simply, allowing a possessive tone of authority creep into his otherwise seductive voice.

Buffy was so lost in her arousal that she never heard the change in his voice. Nor did she notice his face shifting behind her, as she continued to play her part in this *game.* She had not been this excited in... Well, ever! In the heat of the moment, she gave voice to her true feelings, reveling in the idea of being able to speak them under the veil of sexual banter.

"Yours!" She agreed, whole-heartedly, realizing only too late, where Spike's intentions lay, as his fangs slipped easily into her throat. After the initial sting, her brief split second of panic gave way to the most intense mind blowing pleasure she had never even dreamed was possible. Her orgasm pulsed through her in wave after soul shaking wave that seemed to stem from each pull that he took from her.

Somewhere through the fog, she heard him speak again, this time there was no missing the dominant growl that reached her ears as he repeated, "Mine!"

And all Buffy could do was respond with the only words she could form, in her stupor of orgasmic bliss. "Yours!"

Throughout this, Spike's thrust had picked up speed, his muscles rippling against her body like those of a jungle cat as he rammed into her with almost animalistic force. At her words, he followed her, growling his victory along with his pleasure into the heavens.

Buffy couldn't say how long they had been there. The fading moonlight cast blue-tinged shadows over their entwined limbs. As her mind cleared, she became aware of Spike purring. The sound reverberated all around her as he nuzzled and laved her wounds closed.

Afraid that is was time for her to depart, before Spike wanted to *talk* about their supposed relationship, Buffy began to gather the remains of her clothes around her. There were other times she could ask him about this little stunt he had pulled. But, she was surprised when she became aware of Spike, who was already up and dressed by the time she had her things collected.

'Huh...' She thought, as she zipped up her jacket and pulled her skirt back down over her legs. 'That's strange...'

The first signs of light were appearing over the horizon as they exited the grave. Buffy paused for a moment, waiting for Spike to say something, and was, again, surprised and not just a little offended as he merely turned and began to walk in the direction of his crypt.

'Of all the nerve!' She thought, infuriated that he could just walk off like that, without so much as a nod in her direction. 'What, he thinks he can just play domination games, screw me in a grave, *bite* me and just walk off!?' She screwed up her face in frustration as she turned and began marching through the graveyard in the direction that would lead her back home.

'I knew it!' She fumed, inwardly. 'He's just like any other guy I've ever been with! Once they get what they want, they either go all evil or leave! At least Spike has an excuse, I suppose... He's already evil!'

More upset with herself than anything else, for her moment of hormonal weakness, Buffy stomped through the graveyard gates and onto the street, more determined than ever to avoid him at all costs from this day forward.

'If I ever see him again,' she thought, 'I'm gonna stake his sexy, smirking, un-dead ass!'

She stopped for a moment, looking around as she thought she could hear him out there, laughing in the distance. She shook her head, sure that she had imagined it and resumed her walk toward home, when she heard him again. This time there was no mistaking it, and she jumped as his voice came to her clearly from inside her own head.

"Oh, baby, don't be like that." Spike's sarcastic voice dripped with an underlying affection. "You'll be back, when you're ready, and I'll be waiting with open arms, Luv. After all..."

"You're mine."

"To be, or not to be...

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