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05/18/17 04:16 am
pj! I remember wishing one of your stories would be finished seriously about a decade ago. Amazing. I just tried an old password I used to use and amazingly got in too. Memories!
03/20/17 01:20 am
10 yrs later, i finally rem my username and password. Pari, you rock. Hope you are well.
12/23/16 01:12 pm
I donate every month. Please donate to keep this site up!
10/06/16 08:34 am
Great post.
08/31/16 03:45 pm
And anyone else who loves this site, it's worth mentioning there's a nifty little "Donate" option just below the shout box here! ;)
08/31/16 03:43 pm
Just wanted to take a moment to thank Pari and all the mods for maintaining such a great site!


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***PLEASE READ****Ok I have started a yahoo group to house my fic as I've had people asking where they can get it all together. The address is http://groups.yahoo.com/group/bloodydoit/ New stuff by me will be posted at the group first, probably about a day ahead of posting anywhere else.
I also made it because there is a short video clip to accompany the first part of this fic. I made it to demonstrate how the song would work for this scenario and so that people who don't know the song can hear it and envisage what they are reading that little bit easier. Please join the group and check it out if you want to. It's in the files section of my group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/bloodydoit/files/

Title: Did I Ever Thank You….

Author: Sarah Aless

Contact/Feedback: give_it_to_me_spikey@yahoo.co.uk, OR www.livejournal.com/users/sarahaless OR http://groups.yahoo.com/group/bloodydoit/

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: B/S

Spoilers: Season two When She Was Bad (technically) Season 6 After Dead Things, before As You Were

Disclaimer: Y'know I wish they were mine. Unfortunately it still hasn't happened. Joss and ME own them I'm just using them for my own smutty ends.

Distribution: mysticmuse.net, One Good Lay, StS, Fangsandfairytales & www.vampires-kiss.net. Anyone else.....Put it where you like ;-) but please tell me where it's going.

Summary: PWP. They already re-enacted Buffy’s encounter with Angel from‘When She Was Bad’. Now they’re at it again. What would be different if Buffy danced with Spike the way she danced with Xander?

A/N!!!! There is a short video clip to go with this fic. I set up a yahoo group to upload it to and to store all my fics in one place eventually. Please join at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/bloodydoit/ file available at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/bloodydoit/files/

Buffy was almost out of breath when they reached the Bronze. As soon as Spike had decided they were going dancing he’d quizzed her about what exactly had happened and also about what she’d been wearing. He’d been quite content to imagine the little maroon dress she’d described. However, Buffy had been sure that she still had it and had decided that she wasn’t dressed for Bronzing just now. It hadn’t taken much more effort than telling him that the dress was shorter than the skirt she currently wore to make Spike agree to a pit stop at (or more accurately, a considerable detour to) her house so she could change. She’d found the dress in the back of her wardrobe; not being able to find the corresponding shoes, she’d opted for the knee high boots that she knew Spike loved. The ones he called ‘Fuck Me Boots.’

When she’d come downstairs after dressing and quickly applying make up Spike had sucked in a whistling breath through his teeth. His eyes had raked her form, more than appreciatively. He’d practically pulled her off her feet as he headed out the door. After waiting impatiently for her to lock up he had grabbed her hand and set off at a considerable pace. He tugged her along in his wake as he moved through Sunnydale with a single-minded determination. Despite the speed with which Spike moved they found the Bronze locked and in darkness when they arrived. Evidently their little ‘role-play’ in the alley had taken much longer to play out than either had imagined.

“Oh well.” Buffy sighed. “Guess that one’s out the window. If it wasn’t burnt out I’d suggest we go to the factory and re-enact you being a bitch.” A wicked grin lit her face. “Drusilla and Angelus’ bitch.”

“Not funny Slayer.” Spike glowered “You can take the ‘cheeky little smartass’ routine too far you know.”

“Aww…..poor baby. Did I upset the big bad vampire?” Buffy’s grin got bigger.

“Slayer I’m warning you.” Spike growled. “Don’t push me. I’ve already soundly smacked your arse once tonight. Don’t make me do it again.”

“Like you could!” Buffy exclaimed. “You got lucky Spikey. Don’t make me ‘smack your arse’.”

Spike didn’t even dignify that remark with a response. Yes, she was the Slayer and yes, she was therefore slightly stronger than him physically. Her ability as a fighter was second to none. However, ever since their relationship had become the ‘other’ kind of physical, Spike had had the advantage. He was much more experienced than her in the area of carnal pleasure and his ability to use that to distract her was what often left her entirely at his mercy. He also knew that, no matter what she might say about that, it was certainly not a state of affairs she was ever entirely unhappy about.

After a derisory snort at her threat he knelt down in front of the door of the Bronze and, drawing something out of his duster pocket, began to fiddle with the lock.

“Spike!” Buffy hissed. “You’d better not be doing what I think you’re doing. I’ve done plenty of things with you that I’d never have imagined myself doing……….”

“Like screaming your lungs out, while getting fucked in an alley?” Spike interjected, turning and looking up at her with a leer. Buffy ignored him.

“……but I AM NOT adding breaking and entering to my resume.”

Just then the door clicked open and Spike stood up, looking extremely affronted.

“Do you mind Slayer? I did not break anything! I’m very adept I’ll have you know. And as for the entering, if I were you I’d be focussing more on where you’re going to be entered, than the building you’re about to go into.”

Buffy flushed, but fought not to let his attempts to unsettle her work.

“Spike I’m supposed to be a good guy! Hello? Protector of the innocent and stuff. I can’t go breaking into places and trespassing and ……..”

“I told you! I didn’t break anything. But I hear you Slayer. I hear you’re serious, so….”

Moving closer, he tilted her chin up and pressed his lips gently to hers. As he increased the pressure a little both of their mouths opened slowly. Gently, he pushed his tongue into her mouth, where it was met by hers, moving equally as gently as she relaxed into the kind of kiss they seldom shared but which always left her weak-kneed. Man could this vamp ever kiss! Spike put his hands on her waist and pulled her closer to him. His hands drifted up to her shoulders as the kiss intensified. As soon as he reached her shoulders he abruptly broke off the kiss and spun her round. He hooked his arm around her neck from behind. He grabbed one of her arms, which was flailing in shock and held it between them, behind her back. Before she could even attempt to yell at him, he’d nudged the door to the Bronze fully open and was dragging her backwards into the deserted club.

“See, now you haven’t done anything wrong.” He breathed into her ear still gripping from behind. “I kidnapped you and dragged you in here under duress. You are in no way culpable. Don’t see what the fuss was anyway.” He added a little sullenly as he released her. “This is bleedin’ Sunnydale! Any idiot that puts a flimsy little door and lock like that on their property is NOT a victim of crime. They’re getting their just retribution for an extreme lack of common sense!”

Buffy had been about to yell at him when he released her, but she found his little rant, fairly amusing actually. Truth be told she was also still a little hazy from the lovely kissage that had been occurring immediately before.

“Right then, wait here.” He tugged her further into the building before disappearing off to the bar area. Buffy stood and watched, nonplussed, as he jumped over the bar and began to rut around behind the counter.

“Spike what the hell are you doing?”

“Don’t get your knickers in a knot luv. I’m just looking for something. Aha!”

Buffy heard a click then Spike stood up behind the bar and placed a paint spattered cd player on it. Walking over to her he pointed the remote control at the cd player and the sultry beat of Alannah Myles ‘Black Velvet’ began to play. Buffy was instantly in the moment. She’d always found this song to have a sexy, heated kind of feeling to it. It was perfect for the kind of dancing she’d done that night with Xander; which now seemed like a lifetime ago.

“This song do ya luv? Slinky enough beats for you?”

Buffy eyed him suspiciously. “If I didn’t know that you couldn’t possibly have, I’d swear you’d planned this.” She said.

“’Fraid not Slayer. It just so happens that I’ve hung around in here after closing. That’s how I knew about this. They put it on when they’re cleaning up and when they’re setting up.”

“And why exactly have you spent so much time here? Not like you can eat the patrons or staff chip-boy. What else would attract you?” Buffy was blatantly fishing to find out if another girl was the reason Spike was so familiar with the Bronze’s out of hours operations. Her tone wasn’t lost on Spike.

“Jealous pet?” Spike raised an eyebrow. “I do have other things to do than mope around in my crypt waiting for you to deign to grace me with your presence you know.”

Buffy raised an eyebrow right back at him.

“Well ok, that’s what I do most of the time but………..Look, are we doing this or not?” He’d decided to quit while he was….well not too far behind anyway.

She’d never admit it in a million years but Buffy’s jealousy was very real. Which was handy really, because if Spike thought he’d gotten rid of the attitude in the alley he was about to be surprised. His evasiveness and her belief that she had reason to be jealous solidified in her, putting her in just the right frame of mind to play her part to perfection here.

“Start the song again.” She ordered, grinning as Spike did so, hitting repeat at the same time.

A predatory smile lit her face as she slunk towards him. Reaching out as she got to him she grabbed two handfuls of his shirt. Looking up at him with a gaze that was pure ‘smoulder’ she suggested huskily, “Let’s dance.”

Although he hadn’t been there at the time Spike did a fairly accurate of Xander’s confused “O—ok.” The abrupt change in her demeanour and the sexy sway of her hips as she pulled him onto the empty dancefloor, had him gulping like a nervous schoolboy. He let himself be led slowly forward, his pants tightening with every step and every sway of Buffy’s hips.

When they reached the centre of the dancefloor she released her grip on his shirt, moving backwards ever so slightly so that they weren’t quite touching. A small smile twitched the corner of her lips as she noticed the bulge in Spike’s pants and the way he gawped at her as she continued to move to the beat. Oh yeah! He was definitely enjoying the show. Slowly, she raised her hands above her head; a movement which mirrored her position from earlier in the evening when he’d pounded her in the alley, and the significance of which was not lost on Spike. Hands up high she allowed her knees to bend as she dipped sensuously in front of him, her hips never breaking rhythm as she came back up again. As the guitar kicked in she moved forward, still sensuously undulating from side to side.

His hands moved to her hips as the lyrics began. He surprised himself by how lightly he held her, considering all he wanted to do was pull her groin closer to his and press his arousal into her. He didn’t though, although he couldn’t for the unlife of him give any better reason for this than he was enjoying the show far too much to alter the re-enactment. He was transfixed as her breasts moved enticingly in seeming counterpoint to her hips. Her obviously braless state allowed him to see her hardened nipples as they rubbed at the fabric of the dress. The sight caused him to suck in a breath as she began to move down his body again. He thought for a blissful second that she was going to go down on her knees right there and take him in her mouth and could have groaned as she rode the beat back up, to stand fully upright before him again. God but she was beautiful. She was exuding pure sex as she danced only for him, her desire for him burning in her eyes and screaming at him in the sinful movement of her supple body. Yet, maybe most exciting of all, her eyes also twinkled with a challenge almost, that she’d tease just as long and as much as she wanted and what was he going to do about it? He stood completely still, becoming completely spellbound when she moved in even closer. Her arms rested on his, where he held her around the waist as she pushed her hips forward, brushing against him in just the right place as she continued to move.

He quickly reached the point of deciding to drop his hands a little lower. Grab her ass and hold her against him while he did his own bout of grinding. However, it wasn’t to be. Buffy gracefully turned herself around in the confined space between him and his arms so that her back was to him and kept on moving. Spike’s jaw clenched and unclenched rapidlyas his nostrils flared. He’d thought she’d been alluring enough dancing face to face and groin to groin. Now he was about ready to cum in his pants as she ground her ass back against him. The bass-line of the music didn’t help the throbbing in his dick as it pulsed through his entire body. The vibration of the sound accentuated by the random little thrusts back from her ass.

As his unnecessary breathing became more ragged she reached up with her left hand and gently brushed his cheek. His lust and his demon flared at what appeared to be a ‘there-there, settle down’ gesture. Bringing her hand back down she didn’t give him time to react as she continued to sway to the beat, grinding herself back against him on every beat now; never quite hard enough, yet enough to make him sure it was a promise of more to come. Spike swallowed hard, wondering if he was really going to last until she walked away from him as she had done Xander. His cock was rapidly taking control of his brain, not to mention his motor functions and he wasn’t at all sure that Buffy wasn’t going to find herself bent over a table, being seriously hammered in a few seconds.

He became aware of the lyrics for a fleeting moment as Buffy turned, just as Alannah sang ‘Bring you to your knees’. She was doing a good job of that. Moving nearer she shamelessly rubbed her crotch against his leg, one foot either side of it, as she brought her mouth up to his. He thought she was going to kiss him until she positioned her mouth slightly to the right of his and whispered huskily.

“William.” Spike nearly choked (entirely forgetting that such a thing was not possible), she never called him ‘William’; she was really pulling all the stops out here. For some reason, hearing her use his given name made him want to weep and kiss her passionately at the same time. Probably because it was as if, by using his ‘human’ name, she was acknowledging that he was a person, in her eyes, and not just an evil soulless thing.

“Did I ever thank you?” she whispered grinding against his leg again and allowing herself a slight smirk at the mystified look on his face from her use of his real name. “For helping me feel again?”

“No.” His answer was forced out through gritted teeth as her body heat invaded him through his clothes. Her wet heated pussy rubbing against his leg, occupying all his attention for now as he thought about how much he wanted to sink into her and thrust until one or both of them passed out from sheer pleasure.

Never breaking her dance she slid round so that she was almost behind him. Her right hand intentionally trailed behind, across the bulge in his pants. The touch was light but she allowed her nails to scratch over the denim, causing delicious vibrations against his now extremely sensitive member. Her hand lingered, squeezing gently at his intimate place as she stood on her tiptoes. Still she tortured him with her hand, her movement and the heat of her burning centre, still moving against his thigh. Barely leaning her chin on his shoulder she whispered,

“Don’t you wish I would?”

She turned to leave and immediately felt Spike’s hand close in an iron grip on her upper arm.

tbc........y'know if you're wildly curious. Let me know.

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