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05/18/17 04:16 am
pj! I remember wishing one of your stories would be finished seriously about a decade ago. Amazing. I just tried an old password I used to use and amazingly got in too. Memories!
03/20/17 01:20 am
10 yrs later, i finally rem my username and password. Pari, you rock. Hope you are well.
12/23/16 01:12 pm
I donate every month. Please donate to keep this site up!
10/06/16 08:34 am
Great post.
08/31/16 03:45 pm
And anyone else who loves this site, it's worth mentioning there's a nifty little "Donate" option just below the shout box here! ;)
08/31/16 03:43 pm
Just wanted to take a moment to thank Pari and all the mods for maintaining such a great site!


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Authors Chapter Notes:
Oh, I know what you're thinking. You're all like "DK, what's up with you? Don't you care about angsty, teen William anymore?" Of course I do, who could possibly resist an adorkable fresh-faced William? "Oh?" You say smugly. "If that's the case, why has it been months since you popped a little high school cherry?" I'm blushing at this point because, seriously, you all have a dirty mouth. I protest. "But look! See...I do love William. I do. And I wrote this just to make him happy."


Okay so this will be a shortish fic-it is almost done or maybe more like almost almost done at 11,000 words. I will post quickly. I should also have more AWTY up soon too.

As always, if anyone if feeling artistic, story art rocks. :)

“It’ll be fun, you’ll see.”

William nodded politely. He knew that she was wrong, but he also knew that she meant well. He didn’t have to fake the warmth in his smile as his stepmother patted his arm, he was grateful for her. He knew the myths, that stepmothers were supposed to be evil and resented by the children in their new families. It had never been the case in his family. William’s mother had died when he was very young. He remembered her, knew that she’d been a great mum and that she’d loved him, but he’d mourned and moved on with the resilience that only a child can. His father hadn’t been as lucky. William remembered the years after his mother died as terribly dark ones for his father. He knew that some boys would have had a hard time welcoming a woman into their lives after seven years of being “bachelors” with their father, but he’d been all too happy to see his father smiling again. When Jenny Calendar had agreed to become Jenny Giles, William had been nearly as happy as his father had. Three years had passed, but William was still grateful every time she smiled at him.

“Buffy will be there this year.” She added brightly. “You two had so much fun a couple years ago, maybe this is just what you need to get to know each other again.”

It was harder to hold his smile, but William tried. “Maybe.” He waited until Jenny turned back and started talking with his father about the quickest route to the lake before he slumped down in the backseat and plugged his earphones in to his ears. He cranked the volume on his Ipod and smirked at the ridiculous idea that he and Buffy Summers would ever be great friends.

Unwittingly, his thoughts turned to the girl in question. He’d been fifteen the summer they’d met. She’d only just turned fourteen. She hadn’t gone to high school yet and had for that one summer not realized that William Giles was a nerd. She’d been on the line between childhood and adolescence, unconcerned with status and happy to spend time with anyone near her age and also stuck camping. They bonded instantly while eating too many roasted marshmallows and complaining about their parents’ musical interests. He’d never admit it out loud, but it had been the best summer of his life. He’d always been a quiet person, shy and bookish, but Buffy had been the opposite. She’d been a bright bundle of energy and she’d charmed him effortlessly. He’d opened up to her in a way he never had before or since. She’d been, for those few brief weeks, his best friend.

He’d thought that when she joined him at Sunnydale High School things were going to be even better. He’d thought wrong. Buffy was gorgeous and blonde and perky. She’d made the cheerleading squad on her second day and been one the beautiful people ever since. He saw her nearly every day, but they might as well be strangers. He couldn’t remember the last time they’d spoken. She’d never been cruel really; she’d never teased him or ignored him while he was speaking to her. Buffy had simply moved on. She’d smiled at him in the hall for the first few weeks and then it was as though she didn’t even see him. William would have liked to claim that he didn’t notice her anymore either. He couldn’t. He always saw her bouncing down the hall in her uniform, smiling and giggling with her girlfriends or clinging to one of the brutes that played football.

They belonged to different worlds and, as much as the popular crew might have thought otherwise, William had no interest in joining her world. He liked being challenged intellectually. He saw no reason to value members of the football team over those that wrote for the school newspaper or competed on the chess team. He was proud to have earned an academic scholarship and was looking forward to college in the fall. William wasn’t interested in Buffy Summers anymore. He wasn’t interested, until he saw her helping her Mom carry food out to the picnic table wearing a bikini top and the shortest denim shorts ever made. Then he was pissed.

Buffy Summers was less than thrilled by the promise of three weeks at the lake. She tried to convince her parents that it would be best for everyone if she stayed home and watered the plants, but they’d been far too excited about having the whole family at the lake again. So she’d dealt with it. She’d packed some clothes and tried to look at the bright side. Sure she’d be away from her friends for a few weeks, but she’d have plenty of time to work on her tan. Buffy liked to focus on the positive. Actually, it wasn’t so much a conscious decision to focus on the positive as a lack of seeing the value in other ways of looking at things.

By the time they arrived at the cabin, she had accepted the idea and if she wasn’t exactly looking forward to her time there, she was content. She helped her mom chop vegetables for salad and carried a platter out to her father when the hamburgers were done. She didn’t really think about William Giles until she saw him.

William was something of a mystery to Buffy. She’d first seen him at his father’s wedding. Jenny was her mother’s best friend from college and had taken on an honorary Aunt role with Buffy. Everyone had been thrilled when she and Rupert Giles had gotten married and she’d moved to Sunnydale since it would make visits more frequent. Jenny had sometimes joined them at the lake before that, but after the wedding she brought her new family with her. Buffy remembered being nervous about sharing her vacation with the older boy she’d seen but not spoken with at the wedding. But he’d been great. They’d spent all their time together, swimming and goofing around. She’d thought that they were friends, until he stopped talking to her. She still wasn’t sure what had upset him.

One day they were comparing Ipod playlists and collecting the shiniest rocks on the hiking trail around the lake and just a few days later he wouldn’t even chat with her in the hallway. He’d looked horrified. One of the other girls on her cheer squad had told her that all the smarties thought that they were way better than the cheerleaders and that was why he wouldn’t talk to her, but that hadn’t really made sense to Buffy since he’d been so friendly earlier. Then the other girl had explained that it was really for the best, since William was totally a nerd and it would hurt Buffy’s reputation to be seen with him. Buffy had rolled her eyes and told the other girl that they weren’t in a cheesy teen comedy, so that wasn’t likely to be a problem.

She’d have been happy to talk with William if he hadn’t blown her off. Besides, she’d always thought that if they were in a cheesy teen drama than William was clearly the hot guy in nerd glasses. It was a constant source of amusement to her that people fell for that silly baggy clothes and glasses costume all the time. She wouldn’t have thought it could work in real life if she hadn’t seen William pull it off so well. They’d gone swimming plenty of times that summer. She’d seen him without his glasses and button-down shirts. She knew that when his mop of shaggy curls was brushed back, a girl would be hard pressed not to get lost in his pretty blue eyes. Buffy knew that, if they were in a movie, someone would have given William a makeover, shown montage style with a pop-filled eighties soundtrack, and that William would have quickly become the most desired guy at school. They weren’t in a movie, so they’d simply become strangers.

Buffy placed the bowl of pasta salad she was carrying on the table and walked over to Giles’ car. “You’re just in time. Dad’s got the burgers almost done.” She gave Rupert and Jenny big hugs and nodded to William. “Hey!” She smiled.

William watched his father and Jenny walk over to greet Buffy’s parents before responding quietly. “Look, we’re not friends. We don’t talk at school. There’s no reason for us to pretend we are when we’re here.”
Buffy struggled to keep the hurt off her face as she nodded. “Fine. I’ll leave you alone then.”

William felt bad about being so harsh to Buffy, but it worked. She didn’t talk to him that evening or at all the next day. He’d thought that if she didn’t talk to him it would be easier. He was wrong. She was still there. She was never more than a few feet away, smiling, giggling and wearing far too little clothes. He wanted her to do bitchy things, things that would remind him of all the reasons he needed to avoid falling under her spell again. She didn’t. If he hadn’t known the truth, William was sure he would have decided that she was the sweetest girl that had ever lived. She complimented Jenny’s cooking and played Frisbee with his father.

By campfire time he’d had enough. William waited until everyone was distracted and slipped away. He’d been sitting alone at the nearest waterfront for about an hour when Buffy walked over. She stood in front of him wearing a hooded sweatshirt and a bikini and holding a can of beer in each hand.

“I brought a peace offering.”

“I suppose your crowd doesn’t think anything is fun unless you’re drinking.”

Buffy sighed. “Right. Just sit here alone and brood or whatever. I’m done.”

William reached up and took a can. “How did you manage to sneak these away?”

Buffy sat down next to him. “Yeah, the parental types have kinda got their party on since you left. They won’t miss a couple of beers at this point.”

“I thought I heard my dad playing guitar.”

“First they spent about fifteen minutes arguing over the words to Leaving on a Jet Plane and then my mom and Jenny tried to remember their dance routine from some Sorority thing and then my dad pulled out his accordion. I mean at least your dad plays the guitar, the accordion is…” She shuddered.

“True. I’d probably up and die of humiliation if my dad played the accordion.”

Buffy’s jaw dropped and she stared at him wide-eyed for a second before laughing. “Jerk.” She smacked his shoulder.

The sound of her giggling was infectious. “Do you remember when they started talking about forming a band? I believe Jenny was going to sing and your mum was going to play the tambourine.”

“Oh yeah, the memory is burned into my mind forever.” She deepened her voice in an impersonation of her father. “We’ll hit the road. It’ll be a great education for you kids. See the world.”

“You missed it last year when they started coming up with band names.”

“They didn’t.”

“My favorite was The Sunday Evening News.”

“I’m kinda sorry I missed that. I mean it’s great to have stuff to remind my mom about when I want to stay out past curfew.”

“You had cheer camp didn’t you?”


“Are you not doing that this year?”

“Cheering? Of course I am. I’m actually Captain now; we just have different dates for training this summer.”

“Oh. That’s…nice.”

“Can we just be straight?”

William’s shoulders tensed and he stared at the barely touched beer in his hand. “About what, then?”

“Why did you blow me off?”

He turned back to her in surprise. “What?”

“You just stopped talking to me.”

“No, you stopped talking to me. You started hanging with all the jocks and whatnot and decided that it was beneath you to bother with me.” William wasn’t entirely sure what possessed him to reveal so much, he just couldn’t believe that she was accusing him of ignoring her. Like anyone could ever ignore Buffy Summers.

“That’s not true.” Her eyes got shiny and she turned away.

William felt like an ass. He wanted to hold on to his anger and righteousness, but it was hard after seeing Buffy look so stricken. “Look, I get it. You had a chance to get in with that crowd and hanging with me would have messed things up. It’s fine.”

She didn’t turn back to him. “That’s not what happened. I’m not like that.” She spoke quietly before standing up.

William watched her take two steps before standing up. “Bloody Hell! Hold on. Look, maybe I was a pratt. Maybe, maybe we could start over. You know, like: Hi, I’m William. What’s your name?” He watched her back for a moment wondering whether he should want her to stay or leave. Either way, he knew he was going to end up hurt. At best, he figured she was bored and would play at being his friend for a couple weeks. William wished he was strong enough to resist her, but knew that he wasn’t. He would take whatever crumbs she threw at him because she the prettiest girl he’d ever seen and every time she smiled at him or laughed at one of his jokes he felt like it was Christmas and his birthday all wrapped up in one sexy, shiny, pink lip gloss wearing package. He’d curse his hormones, but he couldn’t turn away.

She seemed to think about it for a minute for turning back around and holding out her hand. “Hi, William. I’m Buffy. How come you’re hanging out at a lake in the middle of nowhere all be yourself in the middle of the night?”

He shrugged. “Just waiting for a pretty girl to come along, I guess.” William couldn’t believe the words coming out of his mouth. Was he actually trying to flirt? Who was he kidding? He wasn’t anywhere near smooth enough to pull off a line like that.

But Buffy was grinning. “And how is that working out for you?”

He had no choice. He said the only thing he could. “Very successfully.” He wanted to crawl away and hide.

“Oh. Where are you hiding her?” She pretended to search around and giggled. “What does she look like exactly?”

Laughing he sat back down. “Like you need to fish for compliments, pet, I’m sure that bloke you go with gives you plenty.” Again, he could have hit himself. She’d seemed entertained by his flirting and he’d brought up her boyfriend. William was certain that no male in the history of the world had been as crap at talking to girls as he was.

Buffy stopped laughing and turned to look out at the water. “We broke up a few weeks back. He said he couldn’t be expected to start college with a girlfriend that wouldn’t put out.”

The implications of what she was saying swirled through his mind. “Shit, Buffy. That’s…shit.”

“Yeah, I guess so.” She looked back at him over her shoulder. “Do you want to go swimming?”

“I don’t know if that’s a good idea. It’s quite dark.”

“It’s not though. The moon is bright.” She unzipped her sweatshirt and dropped it on the ground. “Come on. It’ll be fun.”

William stood up as she ran down to the water. “I’m not wearing my suit.”

She paused for a second before jumping in. “Just wear your boxers. There’s no one around.”

He’d taken off his shirt before he even realized he’d decided to follow her. He supposed it was foolish to think he had a choice. Buffy was clearly a siren tempting him to his doom. He pushed his jeans down, dropped his glasses on the top of the pile and raced down to the water.

Buffy watched William shout and curse in surprise as he hit the cold water and laughed. She swam over and splashed him. “Don’t be a baby. It’s not so bad. You just need to get used to it.”

He shook his head, sending water droplets flying from the tips of his curls. “God, it’s fucking cold!”

“Well don’t just stand there. Swim, the movement will warm you up.”

“Or I could have just stayed dressed and warm.”

Buffy swam close enough to place her hand on his chest. “But this is more fun.” She heard him gasp at her touch and decided that she hadn’t been reading him wrong earlier after all, he was…interested. She struggled to wrap her head around the discovery. She’d spent two years thinking that he didn’t even want to be her friend and now he looked like he might kiss her.

She was less surprised by her own reaction to the idea; she’d always thought that William was kissable.

“Give me a lift. I want to try a flip.”

William arched an eyebrow. “What?”

“Here.” She took his hands and placed them into the desired position. “Just hold your hands like this so I can jump off them.”

“I don’t know if I’m going to be any good at this. I never—Oh!”

Buffy pushed off the shelf she’d made with his hands and flipped backwards into the water. She finished off by throwing her arms up triumphantly and giving William her big cheer smile. She watched William’s eyes widen with surprise before he coughed and turned away.

“Your um…your top is…”

Gone. Her top was gone. Buffy shrieked and wrapped her arms across her chest. “Oh God! Where is it? Please, help me find it. Oh my god!” She turned in a circle, frantically searching the water for her missing bikini top. She couldn’t see anything in the inky dark water.

“Yeah. Yeah.” William circled the spot where Buffy had performed her flip, running his hands through the water trying to find it. When that didn’t work he tried diving down and feeling along the bottom of the lake. After several minutes, he turned back to Buffy and shook his head. “I’m sorry, pet. I can try again in the morning.”

Buffy whimpered. “I feel like such an idiot.”

He reached over and gently patted her shoulder. “Hey, now. None of that. It could happen to anyone.”

Shaking her head at her own foolishness, she started to walk to shore. “I’m going to go put on my sweatshirt now.”

William followed her back to their clothes.

“Will you, umm, will you turn away please?”

“Oh god. Right. Yeah, sorry. Of course.”

Buffy waited until he turned back to face the water to reach down and pick up her hoodie. She pushed her still wet arms into the sleeves and carefully zipped it up. Oddly, she felt more naked with it on. The fabric brushed uncomfortably against her already hardened nipples and plastered itself against her wet back. “All right, I’m covered.”

William turned and gave her a small smile before heading over to his own pile of clothes. She tried not to laugh as he struggled to pull his jeans on and not to sigh when he picked up his t-shirt. She’d remembered him being cute, but somewhere along the line William had gotten hot. His pale skin glowed almost blue in the moonlight and she watched the muscles in his back stretch and dance as he pulled on the shirt. When he finished, he walked over to her and placed his hands on her upper arms. “We’d best get you back and warmed up.”

“In a few minutes, okay? It’s pretty out here. I don’t want to go rushing back just because I did something dumb.” She nodded towards a grassy spot. “Will you sit with me?”

William followed her to the spot she’d chosen and sat beside her. “Aren’t you freezing, pet?”

“A little.” She gave him a grin.

He held his arms out wide. “I’m probably not much warmer myself, but…”

Buffy scooted into the space he’d made and rested her back against his chest. When his arms came down to wrap loosely around her waist she settled her own hands on top. She waited a few minutes before speaking.
“Do you know the constellations?”

“Yes. Some. What kind of nerd would I be if I didn’t, right?”

“Stop it.” She swatted his hand. “Tell me something.”

After a few moments, William lifted one arm to point towards the sky. “Follow the top branch of this pine tree over. Do you see the stars that form a line like this?” He traced the line with his pointer finger. “See it curves up and then down to this straight line and then ends with a box. That’s Draco, the dragon.”

“But that doesn’t look like a dragon at all. It’s just a wavy line and like a squashed square.”

He laughed deeply. “You have to use a bit of imagination.”

“More than a bit.”

“Well, you’re going to like this one even less then. Go down from there, towards the horizon. Do you see the ‘W’ shape? That is Cassiopeia.”

“What’s Cassiopeia?”

“She was a queen, who was punished for being too vain. She spends half of every night upside down.”

“What does that have to do with a ‘W’?”

William frowned. “It’s either her crown or her skirt. I think sometimes it has to do with her still doing her hair.” He shrugged.

Buffy turned slightly to smile at him over her shoulder. “Maybe they’re prettier without knowing the names.”

“Probably. Most of the constellation stories are disheartening.”



“Have you ever had sex?”

William almost chocked. “What? I don’t think that’s really—”

She turned and looked at him with her big, green eyes. “Just tell me, okay?”

He could feel his face heating up. Why was she even asking? “Of course not. I mean I’m not exactly drownin’ in the honeys, as they say.”

Buffy laughed softly. “Drownin’ in the honeys? Who says that?”

“Not me, clearly.” He closed his eyes and wished for a giant lake creature to jump out and swallow him whole. “Can we talk about something else, now?”

He felt Buffy turn in his arms so that she was kneeling in front of him. Cautiously, he opened his eyes. She was looking at him curiously, like she was trying to figure out a mystery. Then, without any warning, she leaned in and kissed him. It was over too quickly for him to kiss her back and afterwards he couldn’t think of anything more to say then her name.


When she leaned in to kiss him again, he clutched her tightly. The feel of her body against his was more exquisite than anything he had ever imagined. She was warm and soft and she shivered when his hand slipped under her sweatshirt to flatten at the small of her back. After a few moments, she pulled back slightly and gazed at him with luminous eyes. “Was that okay? My kissing you, I mean?”

“Okay?” William chuckled softly. “I’m starting to think I must have fallen and conked my head on a rock and that this is all some kind of coma-induced fantasy.”

Buffy smiled at him coyly and he knew that she was an imp or a nymph or some other mythical creature that thrived on driving men insane. “Do you have fantasies about me?” She asked it in an innocent tone, as though she was merely discussing the weather or his interest in a movie coming out next weekend.

He groaned. There was no choice; his mind was too busy cataloguing every sensation involved with her nearness to manufacture a lie. He told her the truth in a broken whisper. “All of my fantasies are about you.” He’d done it, laid his soul down before the siren. He knew he was well on his way to becoming another tragic tale fit for the constellations. Perhaps, he thought fancifully, the gods would take pity on him and place him in the sky to forever watch over the girl of his dreams.

Her eyes widened. “But I thought you didn’t even like me. You stopped talking to me.”

He sighed heavily. “I tried not to like you. Killed me a little every time I saw you with one of those Neanderthal Jock-types you dated. But I figured that was what you wanted, that type, not…not me.”

“William, girls go out with the boys that ask them out. Or…I mean not all of them, but like a subset of the guys that ask them out. Those were the guys that asked me out.”

“Pet, you can’t expect me to believe that you’d have gone out with me. Your friends would have—”


William was skeptical, but she was looking at him with such earnestness he couldn’t argue anymore. He kissed her again gently, still expecting her to disappear at any moment. When she moaned softly, he hugged her tightly. “God, you’re nice to touch.”

“It’s pretty nice being touched by you.” She kissed his cheek and wrapped her arms around his neck.

“That about settles it then. I definitely got knocked out and am currently having a really fantastic dream.”

Giggling, Buffy reached down and pinched his side. When he jerked, she shook her head. “Nope, you’re totally awake.”

“If you say so.”

“I do.” Buffy turned back around so that her back was against his chest again and rested her head on his shoulder. “I feel different with you.”

“Different to what?”

“Other guys.”

William worked hard to push back the wave of jealousy that hit him at the mere thought of her with other men. He knew that he had no real claim over her, sill his arms tightened their hold. “I’m not certain how I should take that.”

“Normally, guys get all grabby. You know, I have to push their hands away and stuff. But you haven’t tried to move your hands from my waist and you didn’t even make any comments when my top fell off. That would definitely have led to comments normally.”

“You normally date jerks. I think we’ve covered that.”

“Right. So I should be really glad that you’re being a gentleman and I am, only…”

He waited for a moment to see if she was going to finish her sentence. When she didn’t, he had to accept the only translation that occurred to him, no matter how unlikely it seemed. He kissed her neck. “Pet, are you saying that I should do this?” He reached around and fiddled with the zipper to her sweatshirt for a moment before slowly pulling it down. He couldn’t believe that she hadn’t made him stop. Exhaling slowly, he traced two fingers down the opening of her shirt. “You’re so soft.” She trembled against him and he moaned.

He was just working up the nerve to slip his hand beneath her shirt, just imagining how one of the pert little breasts he’d gotten a glimpse of earlier would feel against the palm of his hand, when he heard laughter.

Buffy jerked away and turned towards the trail she’d walked down on. “Who is that? Is it my mom?” She looked at William with big eyes as she yanked the hoodie’s zipper back up.

William grabbed his shoes and tugged Buffy with him into the woods. “Shh…come on.” Later, he’d realize that once Buffy’s shirt was zipped there wasn’t any good reason to hide. It was perfectly acceptable for the two of them to be hanging out by the lake. But in that moment, so abruptly torn from the heaven of touching Buffy under her shirt, William wasn’t thinking clearly.

The two of them hid behind a bush and listened.

“I can’t believe you talked me into this.” Buffy’s mother’s voice rang clearly through the quiet night.

“Oh, come on. You were always the wild one. Remember that spring break we spent in TJ?” Jenny’s reminder was followed by several seconds of giggling. William turned to Buffy and arched an eyebrow in question. She shrugged.

“Are you sure there’s no one around? Where did the kids get off too?”

“There’s no one here, Joyce. Now strip.”

The realization his stepmother was about to go skinny dipping with Joyce Summers kicked William in the gut. He turned, horrified, towards Buffy and found a matching expression on her face.
She mouthed the words, “No, God, Please, No!”

They had no choice. Running for the trail would make too much noise, they had to wait until the women were in the water and making enough noise to cover their escape. William whispered the plan into Buffy’s ear. “As soon as they start squealing about the cold water, we get out of here, quietly and bloody fast.”

She nodded in agreement.

Joyce giggled again. “We really should have made sure Hank and Rupert put away the pot before we left. What if the kids come out and see it?”

“William probably wouldn’t even know what it is.” Jenny laughed hard as she spoke. “He’s such a nice boy: no drinking, no girls, extra homework…it’s like living with a monk. I keep looking for a touch of Rupes in there, a little rebellion, but…nothing.”

Joyce joined her laughter.

William felt his cheeks heat up fast. He couldn’t believe how quickly the best night of his life was becoming the most humiliating. His stepmother was complaining that he was too…dull. Buffy was listening to his stepmother call him a nerd. He was so distracted by his horror that he missed the sounds of Joyce and Jenny running into the water.

Buffy pulled his arm hard. “Come on,” she whispered harshly. He followed her through the woods to the path and then back to the cabin without speaking.

Buffy stopped short of the cabins and pointed to the campfire where their fathers were still talking and fumbling with Rupert’s guitar. “We need to get our story straight.”
William nodded. “Right.”

“Truth is easiest. I ran into you at the lake. We hung out, went swimming and came back. Only when we came back they were still at the campfire and we were both tired so we went right to bed.” She frowned. “Or maybe you should say you were reading.”

“Because I’m such a nerd?” William glared and looked away. He’d never expected a chance with Buffy, but losing it still hurt.

She reached up and cupped his cheek. “Because the story will be better if we have more details and I don’t ever want to think about my mom skinny dipping with Aunt Jenny again, ever.” She rose up on her tippy toes and gave him a quick kiss. “This could work out great for us. They’ll all be so twitchy that they won’t even think about what we were doing.”


“Which means we can disappear again tomorrow night.”

“Right. Oh! I mean, yeah, that could be cool.” William groaned and looked up to the sky. He really needed to stop talking, he thought, he was shit at the talking.

Buffy giggled softly. “You are seriously cute.” She bounced up once more to kiss his cheek before running into her cabin.

William watched her leave with a mixture of bewilderment, glee and terror on his face. He was done for. He had no idea what she wanted him for, but he was going to give it.

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