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05/18/17 04:16 am
pj! I remember wishing one of your stories would be finished seriously about a decade ago. Amazing. I just tried an old password I used to use and amazingly got in too. Memories!
03/20/17 01:20 am
10 yrs later, i finally rem my username and password. Pari, you rock. Hope you are well.
12/23/16 01:12 pm
I donate every month. Please donate to keep this site up!
10/06/16 08:34 am
Great post.
08/31/16 03:45 pm
And anyone else who loves this site, it's worth mentioning there's a nifty little "Donate" option just below the shout box here! ;)
08/31/16 03:43 pm
Just wanted to take a moment to thank Pari and all the mods for maintaining such a great site!


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A Little Light Reading

Buffy stared at the principal’s office. I guess I’ll be seeing this a lot! She grumbled to herself as she was led past the small room of her new school by the vice principal.

Classes were already in session. Room upon room of studious students with their heads bent deep into their books. This was definitely going to be a new experience for her. After what had happened at her old school, she would need to concentrate here.

“Spike, what are you doing out of class?” The woman said in a no-nonsense tone, eliciting Buffy’s attention.

She turned her head to see what she assumed to be another student with peroxide-blonde hair slicked back, and a long black leather duster hanging loosely across his form. There was a lighter in his hands and an unlit cigarette between his lips.

He flicked his eyes momentarily at her before turning to the vice principal and lifting his head, pulling the white stick from his mouth. “Miss Sessions, what an honour! Office too small for you?”

Buffy blinked. In general she was always polite to teachers…apart from when they really, really deserved it. But even then, only when they had done something first.

“You should be in class,” she drawled, tightly. “Go back there now, and take that damned cigarette out of your mouth!”

He shook his head and continued walking, turning around so that he was facing them both as they left. “Been asked to have a word with Giles. Important stuff. Mustn’t keep him, pet.” And with that, he spun back round and walked off.

Miss Sessions scowled after him before turning back to the student that she was showing around. “Ignore him, Buffy. One of the more wayward of our little flock.” Buffy blinked and nodded, following the woman past another set of corridors and through into the library. “And this is where I leave you,” she said, smiling. “Our library has simply thousands of books, and twelve computers all linked on a school-wide intranet.”

Buffy blinked and nodded dumbly. “He’s not here now, but Mr Giles will see that you have all your books and hand you your timetable. But,” she checked her watch, “I really must go. If you have any problems, don’t hesitate to contact one of the members of staff.”

“Thank you, Miss Sessions.” Staring after her for a moment or two, Buffy moved further into the library and peered over the counter and office beyond. No one was there. Swinging her arms behind her, she climbed the stairs to the books and trailed her fingers across their spines.

There was a door at the back with no handle. Checking that she was alone, she pressed against it and slipped inside the room it cloaked. More books! She grumbled to herself. Jeeze – you would have thought the library would be enough, but no…

The door closed behind her and she jumped, moving back to it and tugging. With no avail, she had found herself trapped inside with nothing to do except read!

“Hello?” She called out feebly, realising how bad this would look on her first day. “Hello? Anybody there?”

No reply.

“Great!” She let out a short breath and stared, hands on hips, around the room. There was a small circular window about a mile up the high ceiling that was letting in a bit of light, and a small square one to her left that wasn’t.

Well, she had to get out of there somehow! Deciding within a matter of minutes what to do, she tugged on the bookcase, deduced that it was steady, and began to climb the short way up to the square window.

Once up there, she realised that it was a grate and frowned, clinging onto the bookcase for dear life. One of the books slipped under her arm and she stopped breathing, holding herself still.

She heard voices from the library…British voices.

“Yeah, alright. If she comes back I’ll tell her you were called away.” The door to the library opened and the same guy with peroxide blonde hair and those dark, sexy looks appeared in its frame.

Buffy let out a little yelp as she began to fall and he ran forwards, the backroom door shutting as she landed on him, knocking them both to the floor. Then there was a silence.

“Just so we’re clear,” she said, pushing herself up so that she was sitting astride him, “I don’t usually do this sort of thing.” He furrowed his brow. “This kind of sneaking into rooms and climbing up bookcases thing.” She explained.

“Alright,” he replied, blinking, his hands on her waist.

She cleared her throat. “I’m Buffy Summers, by the way,” she held out a hand for him to shake, which he did.

“Spike Blake.” She smiled at him.

“I’m new here,” she said, needlessly.

“I can see that.” He replied, rolling her off him and standing up, pulling out a cigarette.

“How do we get out of here?” She asked, joining him standing and looking around.

He popped the cigarette into his mouth and flicked open his lighter. “We don’t,” he said, lighting up. “Not until someone lets us out, pet. Though I’d like to assume you already knew that when you fell and used me to break your fall before I had a chance to get the doorstop in.”

She smiled, embarrassedly. “That was why I was climbing the…” She fizzled out. She took a step back as smoke filled the air. “Er, how long do you think we’ll be in here till someone finds us?”

He stared at her and put his lighter away. “We’re in a library. No one comes in here.”

“But you did,” she reasoned. He shrugged. “So how long?”

“Till Giles gets back from the Valley. Couple of hours,” he clarified. “He’s gone to barter for this book from the dealer. Complete book nut. Librarian.”

Buffy smiled, unsure. “Would you mind not smoking if we’re going to be in here forever?”

He eyed her for a moment before stubbing the cigarette out on a wall and letting it drop to the ground. “You in the church club, yet?”

She shook her head. “I’m slightly asthmatic.” She explained. He frowned and started wafting the air.

“High ceilings, shouldn’t kill you.”

There was a silence. “I’m sorry, by the way, that I landed on you. Are you alright?”

“Yeah,” he smiled, “luckily the ground broke my fall.”

She laughed, then stopped herself. “I really am sorry.”

“Hey,” he shrugged, “not everyday that you have some hot new girl straddling your hips.” Buffy blushed and looked away. “So, where are you from?”

“Pretty much everywhere. We’ve had to move a lot because of my dad’s job. And then, last place I was at, my school burned down, so we came here.”

He nodded and sat down, leaning on one side of the room, his feet nearly touching the other. For a tall room, it was pretty small. Buffy sat opposite him, hugging her knees so that her short skirt didn’t flap up.

Spike eyed her legs for a moment before looking up to her face, lifting up one knee to rest his arm on and still the movement in his jeans. “How old are you?”

“Seventeen,” she smiled. “I’m supposed to be meeting someone called Mr Giles to get my timetable. What do you want to do in the meanwhile?”

He had one or two ideas. But right now they should probably, “Read?” He suggested, picking up a random book and flicking through the pages.

“Why does Mr Giles keep these books back here?” Buffy asked, reaching up and taking one for herself, opening the book.

“Content,” he replied, watching her intently. “Occult, or out-of-date, or boycotted, or adult…”

Buffy slammed shut the book and went red at the picture she’d seen. She looked guiltily up at Spike who grinned. He slid across the floor so that he was sat next to her and plucked the book from her fingers.

“Content?” He asked, darkly into her ear.

“O-Occult.” She stuttered, turning to face him. “I can barely see in this darkness, anyway. We probably shouldn’t be straining our eyes. Blindness.” He smiled at her coyness and opened the book. “See?” She squeaked.

He frowned. “That can’t be right,” he grumbled, turning the book upside down. “No woman is turned on by touching there.”

Buffy smiled tightly as he showed her the picture with the various zones for maximum stimulation. She swallowed and tried to agree.

“I mean, look, pet,” he said, leaning back, “hold out your arm.” Out of a matter of politeness, and politeness only, Buffy held out her left arm for him. “Right,” he continued, his eyes flicking up to hers, a grin on his face, “tell me which one you find more arousing.”

“Okay,” she said, slowly.

She let out a long, ragged breath as he lowered his mouth and pressed a soft kiss to the inside of her wrist, blowing lightly first. She followed his eyes, locked on to the sensation as she tried not to get too stimulated too fast.

“There,” he breathed darkly, “or here?” He moved his lips up to the inner bend of her arm and, once again, blew lightly across the area, his eyes locked with hers. Then his lips descended, placing a soft but inducing kiss to her arm.

Buffy shivered as he sat up again. “The, er, second one.”

“Stupid book,” he growled, leaning back unaffected from the wall and flicking over a few pages.

“So it was right?” She said, blinking and sitting up straighter and brushing her hair behind her ears.

“Yeah, but this is wrong, too. And I know it.” She twisted the book round so that she could see it too.

“How would you get into that position? It looks like Twister!” He laughed and she smiled.

“Well, the woman would lie on her side with a kind of twist her waist round with a…” He turned the picture round and frowned. “Maybe you have to be a bloody gymnast. Even the guy! How are you supposed to do that!?”

Buffy giggled and stared at the picture for a moment before tugging it out of his hands. “Alright,” she said, turning him around so that he faced her. She twisted her shoulders around so that her hands were flat on the floor, but her hips were facing upwards. “Now you move. Watch the skirt, it’s new.” She added as she whipped her head around.

Spike stared at her in disbelief for a moment before pulling off his coat and taking another look at the picture. “So I just…”

“Yeah, but I think you have to…”

She whipped a hand around and helped him lift one of her legs over his shoulder as he crouched at her hips, making him hold onto her skirt to keep it from riding up. He lifted one of his legs and wrapped it round one of hers.

“Okay,” he breathed, raggedly, staring at a mixture of her thighs, hips, breasts and face, praying that his arousal went unnoticed.

“Now what? What does it say in the book?” She whispered, her heart pounding inside her chest, her skin burning from the contact of his hand against her skin.

“I don’t think we need a book to tell us,” he replied, willing his erection away.

“Oh,” she said, barely making any sound. She turned around to face him properly, her whole body now lying practically spread-eagled for him. Her eyes met his and her breath caught in her throat. “Are they all like this?”

“Pretty much,” he grunted back, allowing his fingers to relax and her skirt to slip slightly. He leaned over and turned the page, her inner thigh pressed fully against his chest. She bit her lip as she felt the starkness of his arousal hard through his jeans against her pelvis. To steady himself, his hand gripped her thigh. The breath that she sucked in distracted him from his reading.

His eyes shot straight to hers and waited. She stared at him, chest heaving, her entire body on red alert.

Slowly, he slid his hand up her thigh, watching her and waiting for her to ask him to stop. She didn’t, so he pushed it right up around her waist and smoothed both hands around her bottom before hooking his fingers around the elastic of her panties and drawing them down her body and off her feet.

Buffy let out a little whimper of pleasure as the cooler air in the room stroked her bare skin. She arched herself up against him as he came down onto her, resting his hands either side. He lowered his lips to hers in what was barely more than a butterfly kiss before drifting lower to her neck, her collarbone…

He used one hand to lift the strap of her top and slide it down her shoulder. She lifted her arm free of it and wrapped it round his neck before forcing him back so that she was on top. Straddling him once more, she tugged at the fabric of his t-shirt until he finally lifted it clear off and sat upright.

She removed her top and gripped his shoulders as his hands moved to the globes of her buttocks, his lips straight to the soft skin of her stomach. Her strength almost totally left her as he spread her thighs even more with his fingers and his mouth lifted higher. He tugged her against him, lifting her short skirt so that he felt her naked hips against his chest.

One hand lifted to enclose around her breast, the other to her shoulder as he pulled her around and back against the cold ground. He slid one leg between hers and felt her warm and wet and ready against the denim of his jeans.

His mouth lifted to devour her lips, his fingers brushing straight across her breasts until he felt her writhing beneath him. She lowered a hand across his smooth muscular chest until she reached the belt of his last covering. She reached the front, her hand cupping him through the denim.

His body was sliding back and forth over her in a wicked friction, his lips barely touching hers as he choked against the sensations she rocketed through him. He lowered his head to her breast and bit gently against the rose tip. His tongue darted out in a soothing motion as she let out a little hiss.

She scrambled with his buttons but he pushed her back gently. “Not yet, love,” he grinned before sucking hard against one breast and sliding his hand down the length of her body until his fingers closed around the wet mound at the apex of her thighs. She moaned, her eyes fluttering closed as he teased her, rubbing soft at first until she grabbed onto his shoulders and begged him.

“Fuck!” She screamed, her nails digging into his skin as she clamped her thighs around his hand and came hard.

He pulled out and trailed his fingers across her body, following the trail with his tongue up over her navel, her breasts. He forced his fingers into her mouth and watched her suck his fingers greedily. He hadn’t thought that he could get any harder, but here was the proof. Her writhing body, her receptiveness to his moves, her—

“Spike?” They both froze, hearing Giles’ voice from the library.

Her eyes shot open, desperately trying to ignore the low throb that refused to fade. She knew she should move and hide and dress at the very least, but her mind had shut down, all she could feel was the strong body above her and the sensations it caused within her.

“Spike,” it was getting closer. “Are you in here?”

Like lightening, Spike pushed himself across her and pulled on the fire alarm. As the siren sounded around them, he attempted to stand up straight but Buffy had looped her hands through his jeans, his hips inches from her face. He frowned and looked down, watching her as his pulse began to beat again.

“Buffy, I think—“ He began. He had wanted to suggest that they get dressed. He had wanted to suggest that she at least should do something in case someone came in at any moment. She was new. Her reputation would last for life. He had wanted to get her off the floor. But all thought had left him when she freed him from his final layer of reason.

“Impressive,” she had a wicked smile playing upon her lips.

He hung above her, his hands resting on the floor as he hung his head and watched her. Her fingertips trailed down from his hips until her hands wrapped around the length of him. She blew at the drop of wetness at the end before pointing her tongue and trailing it directly alone the slit. He nearly collapsed as she closed her hot mouth around him and began to suck hard, her tongue playing with him in her mouth, her hands squeezing his buttocks and pulling him deeper.

“Oh, bloody hell!” One arm weakened and he fell slightly before regaining his control. She hummed against him, her moans sending vibrations through him until eventually he forced himself to pull out and dragged her up to where she was.

There was a look of satisfaction on her face and he desperately wanted to double it. He spent a moment to think about how much time was left before they were found. He began to slide down her body in an attempt to reward the pleasure when the alarm shut off and she stopped him.

Breathing heavily, she stared into his eyes. “Fuck me quickly!” And he was never one to disappoint a lady. She spread her legs either side of him and cried out as he entered her, his size and strength filling her completely. “So big!” She whimpered.

“So tight!” He growled back as he began to pump inside her, every slight change in motion bringing him so close to completion.

Buffy wiped sweat from her brow, trailing her fingers down her face, into her mouth, across her body. Spike gripped her shoulders and ploughed deeper. Each rock tore a fresh womanly moan from her body.

“O-Oh!” She arched upwards as it began again. She locked her legs around his back, pulling him in as tight as she could. She gripped his back hard, drawing blood.

“Like that?” He groaned, moving one hand to her breast, moulding it in his calloused fingers.

“Uh-huh!” She moaned, tilting her head back and a strip of short shivers coursed up her spine.

His hand moved lower until he made it to the fruits of his exploration. He forced his thumb between them, torturing her with pleasure as he began to tease her clit. “And that?”

“Fuck…yeah!” Her breath was so fast now that she thought she might explode. He spread her legs and pressed her against the wall in a desperate effort to get deeper. His fingers bruised her thighs as he forced them wider, charging into her harder and harder until they both came.

Buffy screamed in pleasure, lifting almost entirely form the ground as she felt him spill into her in jagged bursts. He growled against her neck, his body still flowing as he released her thighs and used his hands to prop himself up just enough not to crush her.

His slowing breath began to tickle her ear as she slowly returned to earth. Her body felt the most luxurious that it ever had in her entire life. She panted until she could breathe normally again. She was still throbbing when he slid out of her and stared down at her, as if he was trying to make her out. She stared back, unsure what to think before he lowered his lips tenderly to her mouth. He licked the crimson tips then sealed any gap between them and entered her with his tongue.

He shifted, keeping them connected, until she was leaning against him. He smoothed his hands up and down her back before deciding to cup both her breasts. Fresh tingles began to spark through her as she sat astride him. One arm secured her position around her hips whilst the other slipped between her legs. She shivered and let out a little moan as two fingers entered her.

He moved his mouth away. “We can’t do this now, pet,” he whispered into her ear, nevertheless continuing to massage her.

She shook her head slowly, her eyes closed, her arms resting on his shoulders. “Uh-uh,” she agreed.

“But I owe you,” he nipped her ear lobe. “So later.”

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