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05/18/17 04:16 am
pj! I remember wishing one of your stories would be finished seriously about a decade ago. Amazing. I just tried an old password I used to use and amazingly got in too. Memories!
03/20/17 01:20 am
10 yrs later, i finally rem my username and password. Pari, you rock. Hope you are well.
12/23/16 01:12 pm
I donate every month. Please donate to keep this site up!
10/06/16 08:34 am
Great post.
08/31/16 03:45 pm
And anyone else who loves this site, it's worth mentioning there's a nifty little "Donate" option just below the shout box here! ;)
08/31/16 03:43 pm
Just wanted to take a moment to thank Pari and all the mods for maintaining such a great site!


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Authors Chapter Notes:
Many thanks to Mari (dusty273) for beta-ing this for me and to Sotia (ssddgr) for being such a wonderful girlfriend and support.

This story was written as a birthday gift for Beth (dampersandspoons). Happy birthday and hope you like.

She pressed hard on the pedal, the movement causing her internal muscles to clench around the pleasure balls stretching her insides in such a delicious way. The jolt she received in return was sweet torture, as she tried very hard to concentrate on the task at hand: driving.

Spike smirked, reveling in the way she squirmed in the seat, trying to create more friction and at the same time got that determined look on her face, the one she wore when she wanted to receive her prize.

“Turn around at the next side road,” he stated coolly, while his hand trailed across her thigh, giving her sodden crotch an almost friendly pat. The glare she shot him in the rearview mirror could have melted ice.

It had all started two weeks ago, following their first lesson.


They were driving back from the mountainside, still high on endorphins from their coupling and running on adrenaline after they’d been almost caught by another driver. In their haste to depart, she’d only half-dressed, the buttons on her shorts still undone: zipper down and button missing from when he’d undressed her. He hadn’t buttoned his jeans either, the head of his cock peeking out from his crotch.

They didn’t speak much, each caught in their own musings over what had happened and throwing furtive glances at each other when they thought the other wasn’t looking. She seemed to have a mental battle inside her, the possible reasons being many.

As he easily swerved around a sharp corner on the road, heading towards town, he threw her a sideways glance and noted a frown marring her brow and that she’d started pouting. Bloody hell, how can a bloke concentrate on driving with that lip beggin’ for me to nibble on it?

“Why do you drive so well?” she asked almost petulantly.

He was startled out of his thoughts by the seeming non sequitour. “What’s that, kitten?”

“You’re all with the skills and the coolness and stuff.” She’s adorable even when she maims words… bugger, she’s speaking. “-not fair.” She finished whatever it was she was saying and then got a decidedly wicked glint in her eye, not even the darkness in the car did anything to dampen the effect she had on him. He was painfully hard already.

Without warning, she bent over the division between their seats, grabbed his cock in her hand and dove under his arm to lick its head. “Bloody buggerin’ hell! You want us to crash, woman? Warn a bloke.” He tried prying her off him, but she refused to budge, instead engulfing him in her warm and wet mouth. His brain blew a fuse. The hand fisted in her hair in an attempt to pull her off changed its destination, holding her hair up as she sucked him off.

He was going to stop the car and pull on the side of the road when she whispered, her lips grazing the head of his erection in a maddening way, “The faster you go, the faster I go.”

So that was it. He could play this game if it meant she’d just keep doing what she was doing. When her hand trailed lower and cupped his balls, he couldn’t keep himself from moaning and pressing the gas pedal to accelerate again.

He was squinting, trying to keep the car on the road, unable to utter another word as sweat beaded on his forehead as the girl, woman, mate… she’s all woman doin’ this, kept sucking more and more of him inside her mouth, her little hand massaging his balls at the same time, and as though in a haze he managed to change gears and gain more speed, being rewarded with her increasing enthusiasm.

She couldn’t deep-throat him, that much was clear, but her trying to do it was making him lose it. Her hair tickled his exposed skin, her warm breath was a wonderful contrast to the cooler air in the car and her tongue snaking in maddening patterns on his gland was driving him insane. He remembered that his cock was still covered in their juices from earlier and the thought of her cleaning him with her mouth all but pushed him over the edge.

As it was, he felt his balls tightening and his cock twitching, his orgasm close at hand. She must have felt it too, for she redoubled her efforts and sucked him all the way in again. “Luv, I’m gonna… God, Buffy, you’re killin’ me! You gonna drink me down?”

The vibrations from her “mmmmm-hmmmm” and the following vacuum effect she created by sucking in her cheeks got the best of him. With a strangled cry and an inhuman attempt at keeping the car from swerving, he came with a roar into her waiting mouth, the feel of her swallowing every drop adding to his pleasure.

She straightened in her seat, smacking her lips together and smiling like a cat after lapping up its milk. She’s gonna be the death of me. His limbs were tense and his eyes were watering from the effort of driving while she pleasured him. And she’s taunting me. Let’s see who teaches who, shall we?

After he regained enough of his self control so that his voice didn’t sound needy and strained, he spoke to the smug woman beside him, “You’re dropping Angel as your instructor.” The tone of his voice brooked no argument, but it seemed Buffy wasn’t ready to stop playing with him.

“Why would I do that? You’re not the boss of me,” she replied with wide green eyes and a smirk of her own.

“You’re gonna have me as your instructor and you’re gonna learn to bloody drive by the time I’m through with you. The Poofter’ll get some other chit to teach.” He knew she was putting up a fake fight, but it was still getting to him. Better be fake fight.

She rolled her eyes and pouted. “You’re being all bossy.”

“Want me to bend you over the hood again?” He leered at her and reveled in the new flush in her cheeks. “And…” he paused for effect, letting her dread the continuation.

Her voice still sounded combative as she turned to him, “And what?”

“And from now on I’m teachin’ you under stress.” He winked at her and added almost casually, “Ever drove with a plug inside?”

The desire flared in her eyes as she gulped and stopped fighting him over this.


She was panting, the steering wheel gripped in her white-knuckled hands, sweat dripping down her neck and between her breasts in little rivulets which disappeared beneath the safety-belt and molded the thin fabric of her blouse over her rock hard nipples. She was trying to use her squirming in the seat to create the much needed friction that would get her to come without calling the lesson off. His hand was lazily trailing up her leg, barely touching her pussy through her tights on each stroke.

It had become almost a game over the last six lessons. He’d pick her up at her dorm and drive her up to the mountain with her stroking him while he drove. Once they got to one of the out-of-the-way spots, he’d play with her, making her pussy drip with need. He loved how wet she got for him. Then he’d insert whatever sex toy he’d decided upon inside her aching cunt and have her take her driving lesson like that. The lessons only ended when she begged him to bring her off, so she made it her mission to hold on as long as she could.

Stubborn bint, gotta give her that. Any second now, though…The prize was: the longer she drove without making a mistake while aroused, the longer he lavished her with his tongue before entering her.

Today had been different, as he’d allowed her to be the one to drive them to their starting spot. She’d been pleasantly surprised and pouty at the same time, as she didn’t get to play with him on the way up. Also, for the first time since that first day, she got to drive without “distractions”, the drastic change for the better in comparison to their first lesson being evident. Now she was nearing half an hour with the pleasure balls inside her and the strain was evident on her face and in the slightly stiff way she steered the car.

With a cry of frustration, she finally relented, “Can we go to our spot now?”

He chuckled and gave her thigh a squeeze, his pinky finger grazing her crotch while he reveled in the wetness it found there. “Ok, luv, you know where to take us.” She drove furiously, the distance to the abandoned dirt track disappearing in a flash.

Once the car stopped, he got out and rounded to her side. When he opened the door, she was already naked from the waist down and had raised her blouse around her neck, reluctant to be completely exposed in a place where they could always get caught.

She’s a bleedin’ goddess, he thought while his eyes took her in, spread before him like an expensive buffet to a starving man. “The Big Bad’s gonna eat you all up, little girl.” Pausing only to draw another breath, he bent on one knee and slid his hands on the underside of her thighs. She was whimpering and panting, her need so great that she grabbed the back of his head and tried to push it to her center, his teasing too much to bear anymore.

He breathed in deep, basking in the musky scent of her sex, letting it fill his veins with passion. Bringing one hand forward, he traced the contours of her labia, pressing ever so slightly on the place the string of the balls was visible, the pressure adding to that already present. Using his thumb and index fingers, he pinched her lower lips and worked them against each other, bringing another flood of fluids from deep within her core. “You smell delicious, love, and I know you taste just as good, too. Tell me you’re mine.”

She refused or was unable to answer, the latter most likely, if the gulps of air and wild eyes filled with need were anything to go by. So when the fingers gripping his hair pressed even tighter on his scalp, he relented and licked her once from bottom to top, the tip of his tongue entering her ever so slightly, but still not touching her swollen clit. The moan this elicited from the over-excited woman he was pleasuring was music to his ears and only fueled his own need to service the lady.

He took his time, exploring every inch of skin around her pussy, working his way in ever decreasing circles toward the source of both their pleasure. Once he was satisfied that she’d been worshipped enough, he concentrated on her cleft. He licked her to and fro and back again a few times, his saliva blending with her juices.

Using the same two fingers from before, he spread her swollen lips apart while his tongue kept making its laps. The more sensitive pink skin of her pussy was now exposed to him and he reveled in licking every inch of her. When she was fully spread, he inserted his tongue inside until he met the first of the balls he’d placed inside her. Her moaning was a symphony of half-words and pleas for more.

“You taste so good, luv. Like fine wine and all for me,” he said, swiping his tongue over her nether lips again. “You’re so wet for me, Buffy, always so bloody wet.” He moaned as he licked her again, the tangy taste of her juices pleasantly coating his tongue.

The more time he took making random patterns on and around her pussy, the more she whimpered and started begging for him to get her off in half-moaned words. He chuckled again, blowing cool air over her over-sensitized skin and tapping her clit with his tongue. The too-short contact made her arch her back and thrust her hips towards him, using the legs she had crossed behind his back to draw him in.

“Let me take care of you, love, Spike’s got you.” He tapped her clit again and tugged gently on the string going inside her, jarring the balls inside. “You did well today, pet, you deserve a good seein’ to,” as he spoke those words he tugged ever more firmly on the string, pulling and letting go in a rhythm designed to make her reach the pinnacle of orgasm, but not fall over the precipice, the time for that not yet at hand.

As the balls moved slowly towards her exit his tongue lavished the area just below her clit, the movement of his tongue reverberating to her needy nubbin, but never touching it directly. The more time he took the more he wanted it to last. He could stay between her legs forever if she’d let him and wanted to make sure she’d be spoilt for any other man that may come and try to steal her. She was his, even if she didn’t know it fully yet.

Clearing his head of the wonderful images of them in a few years, something he hadn’t ever imagined with anyone else, he gave the final powerful tug on the string, making the first of three pleasure balls he’d put inside her come out. The moan that rewarded him made his chest swell with pride at being the one to bring such pleasure to the vibrant young woman. He doubled the stimulus by licking the place he still had to properly take care of.

She shuddered and he stopped his movements. “Please… I… I need…” she made out between pants, her eyes wild and cheeks flushed, like some ancient warrior in the midst of an epic battle.

“I know what you need, kitten. Trust me to give it to you.” He rubbed his cheek against her inner thigh and spoke again, his lips just slightly above her cleft, “Trust me, Buffy,” and with those words, he pulled out another of the balls from inside her. Her head dropped back, her perky mounds pushed to the fore by the movement, her luscious nipples hard and jutting out.

With another breath, he pulled out the last of the balls by taking the first ball he’d extracted in his mouth and pulling with his teeth. Spike was a very oral-oriented man, but the sight of her pussy still gaping from where the balls had been, made his own balls tighten in an almost painful way and his brain was all but overruled by the need to fill her with his cock.

One of her hands disentangled from his hair and grabbed hold of the moist toys that had been inside her. Taking them from him, she brought them to her own mouth, sucking the juices off each one of them, making sure he witnessed each swipe of her tongue, moaning in delight as she wrapped her lips around them.

“You like tasting yourself, love? I can’t get enough of you.” His cock was so hard it ached. “God, what you do to me.” And with that he placed his mouth on her pussy and extended his tongue within her as far as it would go. The moist, vibrating inferno he tasted there was enthralling to him, calling out to his basest of instincts. As it was the norm by now, a mantra started playing inside his head, mine, mine, mine, mine.

He sucked in his cheeks then moved his mouth upwards, finally settling on her clit and started tonguing it in earnest. Her babbling pleas had long since been replaced by non-verbal cries of pleasure and it couldn’t have been better for him. His tongue swished and swirled, lapping and tapping on her sensitive bundle of nerves, while the hand not busy with keeping her spread before him snaked under her to place two fingers at her entrance.

When he pushed the two digits inside her and lightly bit on her clit at the same time, she was finally awarded the release she’d craved for what seemed like hours. She came apart, her walls constricting so much it trapped his fingers inside and then fluttering as wave after wave of pleasure wracked her body. Her cry of completion resounded around them blanketing them with its sound.

“You scream like a Banshee, love. I think I told you that before, yeah?” He smiled at her from between her legs.

“Pig!” Whatever he was planning to reply to that was cut short when Buffy pulled him towards her and ravaged his mouth with hers.

They spent minutes just kissing, the taste of her orgasm permeating both their mouths. It started out as a passionate rutting of tongues and a plunder of lips, only to tamper off to still passionate, yet tender caresses, furious need making way for pleasurable companionship. Then the kisses grew urgent again and she reached her hands down his chest and abs to fumble with his pants.

“Why didn’t you get them off already? I want you inside,” she whispered against his lips.

Spike placed a hand over Buffy’s to stall her actions. “I never intended to take them off here, pet. I want to take you in a real bed.”

The shock his words and change of attitude provoked was clearly visible on her face. It was quickly replaced by a flush as thoughts of what they could be doing drifted into her mind.

“Are you driving, or can I?” she asked eagerly, wanting to get out of there and back to business as quickly as possible.

“Impatient little thing, aren’t you? You can drive us back this time.” He smirked and got up, taking his place in the passenger seat.

Buffy blinked a few times to clear her head, still not able to believe he’d let her drive down the mountain without as much as a struggle. With a huge grin, she pulled up her tights and adjusted her blouse over her breasts, ignoring the pleasant tingles from the fabric coming into contact with her sensitized erogenous areas. Now, where to go?

“Um… where are we going?” she inquired and then, thinking better about it, decided to add, “We could go to my dorm.” Not receiving an immediate answer to her proposition, she turned towards a strangely silent Spike and went on, “My room-mate, Cordelia, is away for the weekend. I told you about Cordelia, didn’t I? She’s like so into fashion and boys. And she’s French. Actually, you have her to thank for some of my outfits for our lessons. Better yet, don’t. ‘Cause I don’t want you going near Cordy. You better not want to go near Cordy. Ohmygod, you want Cordy!” she finished in a whine.

“Pet, pet, don’t get your knickers in a twist. I don’t want this Cordy chit. Hell, woman, I haven’t even met her, why would I want her over you?” Seeing that she wasn’t on the verge of tears anymore, he continued to soothe her, “You’re my girl, Buffy. All I want is you, so stop worrying.” He leaned back in his seat and casually added, “I wouldn’t mind breakin’ in that dorm-room bed of yours.”

With a squeal, Buffy fastened her seatbelt and started the car, ready to go home.


The door had barely closed behind them when Buffy jumped with her legs around Spike’s waist and her hands around his neck, kissing him for all he was worth.

“That was so Indiana Jonesy, sneaking into the dorm with you,” she said between kisses.

He moaned into her mouth, their hands roaming over each other and shedding their clothes in a frenzy of need. It took almost no time at all for his duster and t-shirt to lie discarded alongside her blouse in a heap on the floor. The way her nipples were pressing against his chest made his jeans press even tighter on his cock, her warmth teasing him through two layers of fabric. “Wanton little thing, aren’t you?”

“Shut up and kiss me,” she commanded, biting his lower lip. As she writhed against him, grounding her pelvis to his, Spike took in his surroundings and located his target: her bed. At least, it was the nearest bed to them and he had no intention of taking even one step more than he had to. So it was deemed her bed. And even if it’s that Cordy bird’s, who cares? He took Buffy’s lack of protest as he strode over to it, bouncing her in his lap, to be an indication that it was indeed hers.

“Let’s see how we do in a bed, yeah?” Spike said, lowering Buffy onto the mattress and then getting rid of the remainder of his clothes. By the time the boots and jeans were off, she’d already taken off her tights and was stroking herself while watching him. If he hadn’t been already rock hard, he would have gotten so now, watching her pleasure herself.

“I want you inside now,” she said, spreading her nether lips as far as she could with both her hands, her thumbs working her clit in tandem.

With a growl, he fall into her, sheathing his length inside her, the slickness of her juices allowing him entrance in one swift stroke. “God, Buffy, you’re so tight, squeeze me good and proper, you do.” His words were rewarded with her inner muscles clamping around his shaft in a vise-like grip, then relenting as she started rocking her pelvis against him.

Managing to get his control back without embarrassing himself like a schoolboy, Spike pulled all the way out of Buffy’s willing body, a whimper of displeasure falling off her kiss-reddened lips. Pushing his hips forward, he slammed back in, his balls slapping against her ass. He repeated the movement again and again, gaining speed and pounding her mercilessly into the mattress.

What a goddess! God, I love her… The thought almost made him falter. He continued his punishing thrusts as his mind sped through what this new revelation meant. He already knew he was addicted to her, that he craved her like a drowning man craves air. He was well aware of the effect she had on him, had always had on him, what with the painful way his cock tried to burst through his pants whenever he as much as thought about her. He knew that he’d thought of her as his and his alone ever since he had the first taste of her. He had indulged in visions of a future they might share on a number of occasions, but love? Was he willing to go down that road with her?

Her hair was fanned around her head like a halo, wavy, golden and slicked with sweat, the sweat of their coupling. Her eyes were half-closed, her pupils dilated and focused on the sight of his cock going in and out of her. Her tits were bouncing in line with his thrusts and she was moaning up a storm, uncaring of being overheard by anyone. And he loved her! The warmth the thought brought to his heart was unmistakable and he couldn’t prevent himself from changing their pace.

He started making more subdued movements, letting her arousal build slowly and brought his lips to hers, kissing her with all the wealth of emotion even he had been unaware of until then. His hips moved slightly to the side with each thrust, making sure his cock hit all the right places while his mouth fell to her neck, the need for air too great to resist.

As he felt her reach the point of no return, he felt his own completion approaching and kissed her again before telling her, “I love you, Buffy.” With those words hanging in the air, they both tumbled over the edge of reason, their orgasms sweeping them to heights unknown and then making them plummet to a white nothingness, their minds overwhelmed by the stimuli.

Spike came to first and all but froze, still sheathed inside her to the hilt, feeling their combined juices trickling down his balls. Buffy regained her senses a few seconds later and their eyes met and held, searching each other for whatever answers they needed. After another few tense seconds, she whispered, “I know and I’m getting there myself. I can’t say it yet, but maybe soon…”

Neither knew who started it, but they were kissing again, their lips and tongues expressing what each felt better than words. They kept kissing as he rolled over, pulling her on top of him and then covered them with a sheet. When they’d had enough they looked at each other in the dim light from the street lamps outside, seeming to want to memorize each feature.

“Sleep, love, Spike’s got you,” he said and kissed her forehead, his arms like a steel band around her waist, giving her comfort and a sense of security.

“I like you very much,” she mumbled before letting sleep claim her, his breathing and the sound of his heart right beneath her head, as it was pillowed on his chest, better than a lullaby.

“I like you too, my love,” and then sleep took him as well.

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