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05/18/17 04:16 am
pj! I remember wishing one of your stories would be finished seriously about a decade ago. Amazing. I just tried an old password I used to use and amazingly got in too. Memories!
03/20/17 01:20 am
10 yrs later, i finally rem my username and password. Pari, you rock. Hope you are well.
12/23/16 01:12 pm
I donate every month. Please donate to keep this site up!
10/06/16 08:34 am
Great post.
08/31/16 03:45 pm
And anyone else who loves this site, it's worth mentioning there's a nifty little "Donate" option just below the shout box here! ;)
08/31/16 03:43 pm
Just wanted to take a moment to thank Pari and all the mods for maintaining such a great site!


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Authors Chapter Notes:
I did purposely leave the ending open so that I may revisit the story if I feel like writing threesome porn again. I make no promises, though.

Buffy isn't immediately sure what has woken her. She hasn't been sleeping well anyway, what with the news of her mother's impending cat scan. However, her slayer senses are on alert as soon as her eyes open.

She sits up, her attention immediately drawn to the figure standing next to her bed. Not a vampire - human.

"You picked the wrong room for a home invasion," Buffy warns.

"Oh! I'm sorry, I...uh. I was told to wait here."

Buffy turns her bedside lamp on. The man by her bed closes his eyes at the sudden illumination. Okay, he doesn't look very threatening. In fact, it looks like he's been plucked out of some old novel and plopped into her room. His clothes are old. Like, older-than-Giles old. Something about him seems familiar, though.

"Alright," Buffy says. "Who told you to wait here?"

"The lady...I'm so sorry. I'm terribly confused. Where am I?"

Great. Magic stuff, no doubt. Buffy doesn't have time for any of this. Not with her mom sick.

She softens. "What's your name?"

"My name is William Pratt. I'm delighted to meet your acquaintance, er..."

"Buffy Summers. And 'William'?" She frowns. "Not William the Bloody William, right?"

He blanches. "Where did you hear - "

"Oh my god..." A laugh escapes her. "You're him. Really. Oh. My. God. 'Always been bad' my ass!"

Buffy finds herself holding her sides as she laughs. After having spent the night being regaled by tales of Spike's deviance, being confronted with the reality of his human self was...priceless.

She becomes aware that her laughter is distressing William, though. He begins to stare at the floor, expression distraught. She calms herself.

"I'm sorry. I'm just...never mind. That was rude of me."

"The lady who told me to wait here, she intimated that I could be of assistance to you."

"Assistance? How?"

He glances up at her. "Your mother is ill..."

Buffy straightens up. "Can you help her? Are you a doctor or a healer or...something?"

"No! No, nothing of the sort. I just...my mother's also ill. I can...sympathize."

Buffy tries not to let her disappointment show. "So some mystery lady brought pre-vampire Spike forward from the nineteenth century to sympathize with me. Makes sense."

William doesn't have any response to that.

Buffy takes the time to inspect him further. The resemblance to Spike is striking, of course. William is less muscular, less pale, and less scarred. His demeanor is completely different, as well. Despite all the differences, Buffy still manages to feel the throb at her core that usually accompanies her meetings with Spike - though she'd never tell him that. No matter what, the guy manages to exude sex.

She shakes her head. She definitely shouldn't be thinking about sex right now. That is completely inappropriate. This guy wasn't sent here to have sex with her. He was sent here to...well, she still isn't sure why he was sent here. But it wasn't to give her the good fucking she desperately needs. Nope. Definitely not.

Great. Now her panties are completely soaked.

Buffy reminds herself that she has a boyfriend already and should absolutely not be thinking about sex with either Spike or almost-Spike people.

"Giles!" Buffy says, jerking herself out of her own depraved thoughts. William's head snaps up. "Giles is...he's my mentor and he's super-smart with stuff like this. He'll be able to get you sorted out."

* * * * *

The young lady - Miss Summers - had fitted the sofa for him to sleep. Of course, sleep would not come to him so easily, but being able to rest is a blessing. This entire turn of events has been distressing for him. Not least of which because of what he'd carefully omitted from telling Miss Summers about the woman who had brought him here. While she had spoken of them sharing the experience of caring for ill mothers, she'd also alluded to the notion that Miss Summers should...well, she should be the one to welcome him into the world of carnal pleasure.

Obviously, the idea is outrageous and frightening and baffling, all at the same time. William considers himself an upright gentleman who would never seek to take advantage of a young woman such as Miss Summers - though her clothing is obscene and improper. Still, that does not justify unleashing his wanton desires onto her, no matter what his mysterious guide had intended.

He'd felt it best to keep such talk away from Miss Summers, lest he upset her.

Unfortunately, the mere thought of succumbing to his urges left him hard and wanting. This makes sleep even more difficult.

William raises his head when he hears the front door open. Heavy footsteps come toward his resting place.

"You," someone says.

William sits up. Standing next to the couch is an individual unlike anything he'd seen. Saturated with the scent of tobacco and alcohol and dressed in the most queer garments, William is taken aback to realize that the man's face is near identical to his. Well, it is a lot more pale and carries scars that he doesn't possess. Yet it wouldn't at all be out of proportion to consider this man a doppelganger of some sort.

"Excuse me," William says. "You are...?"

His double frowns. "Spike. Thought I smelled you. Not sure how this happened. Buffy know who you are?"

"I'm William Pratt," William says in introduction. "And, yes, I've met with Miss Summers."

Spike rolls his eyes. "Yeah, but does she know who you are?"

William hasn't a clue as to what he is referring.

"Do you know who you are?"

"I'm...William Pratt..."

Spike suddenly looks up to the ceiling in a mixture of incredulity and amazement. "Oh, just great. She didn't explain? Somehow, you got shot through time. You, being me way back when I was a wanker. And, how'd you get shot through time, anyway? I don't have the slightest memory of this happening."

William is confused. He has gathered some type of time travel has occurred. That much is obvious from the strange furnishings. However, what does Spike mean when he says that they are one and the same?

"That old Victorian brain of yours is a bit slow on the uptake, innit? Couple of cobwebs need dusting up there?" Spike smirks down at him. "I'm you as a vampire, mate. Hundred years on from where you are."

"Oh," William says. He looks Spike up and down. A vampire? That is absolutely horrifying and so...uncouth. "I'm afraid I don't know of the appropriate etiquette in this situation."

"No worries. There isn't any."

William laughs nervously. "This is all most distressing. That woman brought me here with innuendos that I should lay with Miss Summers, and then you - "

"Wait, what?" Spike's eyes open wide. "You're supposed to screw the slayer?"

'Screw the slayer'? No matter what he tries, William can't get that phrase to parse. "I'm sorry?"

"Buffy," Spike clarifies. "You were brought forward to bed Buffy?"

William shifts uncomfortably. "It seems that way, yes."

Spike stays silent for a few minutes. Then he looks behind him as if nervous about being found. "She know this?"

"Of course not!"

"Right. Come with me. You're staying at my crypt." Spike moves toward a table set up against the wall. He gropes until he finds a pen and a piece of paper.

"But...why?" A thought occurs to William. "And how do you come to be here anyway? You don't live here, correct?"

"No, I lurk." Spike scribbles a note and then tosses it on the coffee table before the sofa. "Anyway, it's proper I should look after you, being the future you and all. It's alright. I'm leaving Buffy a note."

With some hesitation, William stands to follow Spike.

* * * * *

Three thoughts come to Buffy's mind upon finding Spike's note the next morning.

One, why had Spike been in her house?

Two, why had Spike taken William?

Three, does she have time to care?

The Summers house is a blur with preparations for her mom's CAT scans. Buffy has to go with her mom and Dawn to the hospital. She doesn't have the luxury to wonder why Spike had abducted his former self. It just isn't that important.

* * * * *

"I don't think I understand...any of this." William sits gingerly at the end of Spike's couch.

Sodding wanker. Spike has explained things so many times. Death really had been the best thing for him, hadn't it?

With William's arrival had come the ousting of Harmony - not a big loss. Way Spike figures it, if some higher power is plucking out men from the past for Buffy to shag, he might as well join in the action. After all, it is yours truly who had been selected for the slayer. Okay, so it is him a few years prior to his current state of being. But the principle is the same.

"William, you can't lie to me." Spike lights a cigarette. "I know what goes on in that head of yours. All the filthy, improper thoughts that you wouldn't dare admit to."

William flushes but remains silent.

Spike approaches him. He bends at the waist, one hand braced on the arm of the sofa. His face inches from...his former face.

"I know that you can't help but look at such a gorgeous beauty as 'Miss Summers' and get hot under the collar. Your blood running fast, pulse throbbing. Think about her. Perky, firm breasts, toned muscles all the way down. The flutter of a moan she lets out when she's excited." Great, Spike is making himself hard. "You want her, don't you?"

Judging by the stunned look on William's face, he does. He stutters out a response, though.

"It's not...I mean, Miss Summers is a respectable - "

Spike laughs. He straightens, aware that doing so reveals the bulge in his jeans. No worries. Certainly nothing William hasn't seen before.

"She's a right respectable girl, yeah. And soon, she'll be begging for us."

* * * * *

Bad day. Long day. Buffy wants to get home and take a bath or listen to soothing music or whatever a person does when their mother is seriously ill.

And yet, she finds herself, as she often does, in the cemetery, trolling for vampires to kill.

Unfortunately, she is approached by one she can't kill. With that irritating swagger of his, Spike saunters toward her, tossing his cigarette to the ground while doing so.

"Spike, I'm really not in the mood." She's much more in the mood for a good staking. Non-sexual staking. Completely non-sexual. Yep. No sex for Buffy.

He smirks. "I got ways to help with that, Slayer." He looks around. "Where's your lump of manly plastic?"

Buffy gapes. Why is Spike asking about her sex toy that she is positive he doesn't know about, and what type of pervert is he anyway to just pop out that type of question? And what type of pervert is she that thinking about Spike and dildos makes her really hot?

"Your boyfriend?" Spike clarifies. "Riley?"

Buffy blinks. Of course. That's what he'd meant. Her absolutely normal and completely unsatisfying - no! Satisfying! He is satisfying! Her satisfying boyfriend.

"Oh. He's out. Probably out with friends." She waves thoughts of Riley aside. Thoughts of Spike take their place, accompanied by another Spike-like figure. Oh yeah. She'd almost forgotten about her late night - still non-sexual - visitor. "You haven't killed William, have you?"

Spike raises an eyebrow. "Chip, remember?"

"You never know. It could have a self-homicide loophole. Why do you want him, anyway?"

"He is me. Figure it makes sense us being roomies."

"Are you looking for a way to get him back to his time?"

"Now why would I do that?"

Buffy sighs. She rubs her eyes. On any other night, she would have ribbed him about the essential lameness of his human self. "Listen, Spike, I'm tired. Just...don't hurt him, okay? If he wants to go home, take him to Giles so the gang can start working on it."

"Actually," Spike says while stepping toward her. He closes the distance between their bodies and peers down at her. His leather duster barely brushes against her chest. She holds in a gasp. "Got some other ideas on what to do with him." He lowers his head to whisper in her ear. "Come back to my crypt, love, and I'll give you a taste of it."

Good God, he is really suggesting...?

Images flash into Buffy's mind in a bombardment of mental polaroids. She is treated to herself sandwiched between the two men, flesh to flesh, trading kisses and more. Exploring the limits of her own body with a double dose of walking sex.

Almost as soon as the images appear, she shuts them down. Those thoughts are completely inappropriate and not in the least bit tempting. Buffy can't tell herself this fast enough in her desperation to not give in.

With a jerk, she shoves Spike away from her.

"Ew! Spike, stop it!"

He laughs and tilts his head to the side in that annoying and completely not-sexy way of his.

Buffy composes herself, trying not to display how affected she is by his proposition.

"Truth of the matter, pet, is that that's why ol' William was brought up here."

Buffy pauses. "What?"

"He failed to tell you, but the bird that sent him here? Wanted him to give you a good shag."

Her hands tremble. One thing she's very sure of: Spike lies. There's no reason at all to trust him this time. "I'm going home."

She doesn't look back as she takes off at a run from the cemetery.

* * * * *

William's nerves are almost at the breaking point. Never before has he been in such a potentially exhilarating position. This creature - Spike - who he might be had evil overtaken him - is leading him to temptation. William isn't strong enough to resist the enticement.

He should be. William's certainly well-practiced in the art of restraint. However, this new setting and his current ambiguous status has affected him in ways he could never have guessed. He finds his every waking thought turning to the plan as set in motion by the woman who brought him here.

"Nervous?" Spike asks.

The vampire had turned on the television as dusk approached. William, while initially fascinated by the device, quickly became preoccupied with his own concerns.

"I'm not sure this is..."

"Right? Proper?" Spike stands. He moves toward the ice box, presumably to get some blood. His course takes him right to William, however.

He grabs William's hand and pulls him up against his body. William yelps. He freezes in response as he finds himself wrapped around Spike's cool, muscular body. Is it narcissistic to become aroused by one's own body? Perhaps, though William finds his excitement to be quite involuntary. The hard lines of Spike's torso and hips carry promises of what could be.

"You weren't brought here to be proper," Spike says. He tilts William's head up. "You can't deny that."

"Miss Summers..." William stutters. Spike's lips are a breath away from his.

"Oh, she'll come." Spike smirks. "In all possible ways." The vampire's eyes light up. "Feeling a little tense, William? Got some methods to take care of that, you know."

William barely has time to process what Spike has said before he finds himself shoved back onto the seat. Spike's hands reach for his pants. William's heart is racing too face to absorb what's going on in any linear fashion. Instead, moments dangle before him in a protracted sequence: Spike on his knees. William's manhood unsheathed from his trousers. The vampire raising a suggestive eyebrow at him. Empty protestations dribble from his mouth. Then Spike's mouth is on him, and William doesn't have words anymore.

This activity...all of it is wrong. The very act is wrong. Who he is doing it with is wrong. Another man - a vampire - himself! What type of abomination is this and why is he allowing himself to succumb to it?

Spike's tongue stroking up his manhood answers that question. Such pleasure as William had only tentatively tasted in the dark corners of his life. The few times he'd allowed himself to engage in such self-gratifying activities had been more shameful than enjoyable. This is in a context that bestows a freedom upon him unmatched previously.

What siren had brought him here so that he might be introduced to such an experience?

His thoughts begin to lose coherence as Spike continues his ministrations. The vampire is skilled, and William is unaccustomed to receiving such sensations. William raises his hips off the sofa as Spike's probing hand reaches toward backside. When cool fingers stroke at the tender spot between his tackle and his anus, William calls out as his body arches up.

Spike holds him down with a steady grip on his hips and engulfs his penis in his mouth, swallowing around it. The moisture, cool and teasing, fires sparks throughout William's body. All it takes is one more caress at that sensitive spot for William to spill himself into the vampire's mouth.

His mind shuts down as he does so, allowing his body to lose itself in the sensation. It's as if an explosion unfurled itself within him, spreading to the ends of each of his extremities. William rides the shockwave until it settles.

As it does, he finds himself lazily slumped back on Spike's couch. Spike, for his part, is already standing up and fetching his blood from the ice box. He returns William's astonished look with a knowing smirk.

"Told you this is gonna be fun," Spike says.

* * * * *

Buffy finds herself frustrated at the end of the day. The long stay at the hospital had brought a lot of nothing as far as progress on her mother's illness, not even providing them with a diagnosis.

She has to admit - even if only to herself - some of her frustration has to do with Spike's offer the other night.

It's horrible, and Buffy feels the urge to do some Hail Marys or something to atone for the fact that she's thinking about a groupsex escapade while her mother is deathly ill. Also, boyfriend. A good, well-adjusted boyfriend who doesn't go evil and kill people after sleeping with her. What more could she want?

Okay, there might be some low standards there. Besides, it's the wrong question to ask. Her mind immediately puts on a surround-sound display of what else she wants: Spike, William, and Spike & William.

Faith had always maintained that being the slayer made her hornier. Buffy, much as she wants to deny it, has been thinking it may be true lately. Why else would her mind keep turning to such raunchy images? It's like a porn store has set up shop in her brain, and it only has one section: Spike.

Fortunately for her, slaying is a way of working out that tension. What can't go to kinky threesome sex can go to dirty cemetery vampires. Buffy plunges her stake into the latest opponent's heart, feeling some satisfaction as his body explodes to dust.

Buffy turns. "I know you're there. Come out!"

Her senses are confirmed when a vampire steps out from behind the tree. It's a woman - pretty - with brown hair. Buffy smirks.

"Did you really expect to hide from me?"

"Well, I was hoping," the vampire says. "I know Riley would be disappointed if I didn't show up."

Buffy freezes. "What?"

"Oh, you didn't know? Riley's been spending his evenings with me. Seems he likes the company of the undead." She shrugs. "I thought the slayer would have been clued in on that."

"You're lying."

"You wanna see the bite marks? Ask him to show you his arms."

Buffy shakes her head. Steady, dependable Riley? Rolling with vampires?

That sets an earthquake off in her mind. She'd been playing the goody-goody all this time to match his act. But that's what it was: an act. Riley's been rubbing elbows with vampire fangs for...how long now? When was the last time she'd seen Riley in the evening?

The porn store in her brain starts blinking its big neon lights. Buffy tries to ignore it. After all, just because some random vamp chick tells her about her boyfriend being potentially twisted doesn't give her an excuse to rush into the arms of Spike and/or William. That's petty and silly and completely not at all appropriate.

Then the porn store starts showing a free preview of Spike slowly sliding that leather jacket off his body, eyebrow raised in enticement. Buffy reminds herself that salivating while on patrol is not proper slayer technique.

Of course, did proper slayer technique always matter? Her mother's ill, her boyfriend's around the bend, and Buffy's horny. Doesn't she deserve some fun? Say, with two attractive men?

Without giving the vampire woman another glance, Buffy turns and walks away. She has a vampire of her own to meet.

* * * * *

Buffy isn't sure what's going through her head as she enters Spike's crypt. Instead of the loud crash and confident stride, she glances tentatively around the door and hovers awkwardly at the entrance. Apparently, her spine had disappeared sometime during her walk over here.

Spike's already standing at her appearance, and he tilts his head to the side in a gesture that always reminds Buffy of a dog. A sexy dog.

"Need help with something, pet?"

She knows he knows what she's here for, and he's got that shit-eating grin on his face that she hates. He wants her to say it though, so she nods and rubs her sweaty palms against her jeans.

"Okay," she says. "Let's...okay."

Spike's eyes get wide. Okay, maybe he hadn't been exactly certain as to why she was here. Buffy's nerves settle when he shakes himself out of his surprise and holds a hand out for her.

Her heart's beating so very fast when she takes it. His palm is cool and smooth, and he smiles at her.

"Will's downstairs with a book. Shall we give him a new diversion?"

Buffy gulps. She doesn't think her voice will work right now, so she grips Spike's hand tighter to indicate her agreement.

He leads her over to the ladder at the back of the crypt. She's never seen this part before. He releases her hand to climb down. Knowing that this is her last chance to back out, Buffy pauses. She looks back to the door. She could take a runner. Forget about all this. Go back to dating Mr. Normal and ignore the whole seductive vampire thing.

No. No, she couldn't. Something in her gut tells her that this is right. That she wants this on a primal level. Maybe it's a slayer thing. Whatever it is, she can't leave. Not now. Not when she has two gorgeous men waiting for her downstairs.

Buffy descends into the darkness. She turns when the hits the bottom and pauses to allow her eyes to adjust to the lighting. Candles provide the only illumination. On the far side of the room, William is standing up from his former spot on an armchair. A book balances on the arm. Spike stands by the large bed that dominates the room.

"Not gonna bite, pet," Spike teases her.

Buffy cautiously approaches. She feels like a mouse walking up to a cat. "This is weird," she admits.

"Bet it's weirder for ol' Will over there," Spike says.

William jumps slightly at the mention of his name. Then he nods. "Um...hello again, Miss Summers."

Though Buffy reaches the bed, William still hasn't moved from his position in front of the armchair. Urged by some desire deeper than she can fathom, Buffy closes the distance between them.

"Call me Buffy," she says. Then she grabs William by the back of the head and pulls him into a harsh kiss. William fumbles briefly at first, obviously unsure of what to do with his hands. He eventually settles them on her hips and begins to respond to her passion in turn.

A hand stroking down her back alerts Buffy to Spike's presence behind her. She shudders at the feeling of being closed in: one body in front of her, one behind.

While William is visibly nervous with rigid muscles, Spike remains relaxed. His hands trail along her shoulders, down her sides, brushing against her buttocks. She shivers and withdraws from her kiss with William. Without thought, she turns her head to capture Spike's lips in a kiss. She allows herself to fall back against him. He holds her to his chest while his tongue explores her mouth.

A light touch brushes down her clothed breast. Then a more firm one. William gradually becomes more confident as he uses both hands to explore Buffy's front. Buffy's body starts to tingle with excitement.

Spike pulls away from their kiss. With a sharp jerk, he drags her shirt over her head. Her bra is similarly removed.

"Hey!" Buffy says. She turns to Spike. "That was an expensive bra."

Spike's earlier cockiness has vanished under a haze of lust. His eyes are wide, drinking her in. He cocks his head. "Will buy you a new one, love."

He grabs for her again, but she puts a hand up to stop him. She looks back at William, who appears to be at a loss as to what to do.

"Okay," she says. "But I'm not gonna be the only naked one here. You boys have to show me what you got."

Spike smirks while William blushes. Spike's shirt is off in an instant and he wastes no time in undoing his jeans. William moves more slowly, though, cautiously unbuttoning his shirt. As he does so, he watches Spike's strip show.

Buffy also gets caught up in watching Spike undress. His jeans are discarded quickly enough, and Buffy's eyes widen at his very large, er, member. She looks back to William, knowing that he has exactly what Spike has, and it's significantly more than she's ever had.

She freezes, suddenly unsure about moving forward with this. What's she doing? Getting naked in an underground crypt with a vampire and a guy from Victorian England, all prepared to let them tag team her? That's insane. That's like mental asylum levels of insanity. Any moment, a nurse will come in to give her her pills or something.

Spike sees her hesitation. He puts a hand on her arm in a gesture more comforting than sexual. It breaks through her panic and snaps Buffy back to the present.

"Cold feet?" he asks.

Buffy turns to him. Of course she has cold feet. What girl wouldn't? After all, this is her getting revenge on Riley, isn't it?

No, it's something else. Revenge on Riley could be a bucket of pig's blood perched on a partially open door. This is something distinct. Sure, learning about Riley's straying has allowed her the freedom, but she wants this. This has nothing to do with Riley and everything to do with her craving what Spike can give her. What William can give her.

She takes a breath and shakes her head. "Just a momentary freak-out. I'm over it." She smiles.

Spike looks relieved. "Good. Now, come here." He grabs her and walks backward to the bed. He falls against it, taking her with him. She ends up laying on top of him, back to front. "William," Spike calls. "Your first time with a lady, yeah? Come explore some."

As he speaks, Spike's hands begin to peel off Buffy's jeans. She helps him and kicks them off. William approaches cautiously, obviously nervous about everything that's going on.

* * * * *

Of course he's never touched a lady. Not in this fashion and not with this purpose. William was a proper gentleman, constrained by the rules of his society. Indulging in such carnal pleasures was taboo. Though William knew plenty of his acquaintances paid no mind to such taboo, he, himself, conformed to societal expectations.

Now, however, the gorgeous temptress lays before him with the demon beneath her. She invites him to partake in her flesh, in her pleasure. Indeed, that was his entire purpose in being brought forward to this time as related to him by the lady that guided him here. With an astonishing wonder, William presses his hand against Miss Summer's - no, Buffy's - stomach. Her skin is smooth, her muscles firm. She's strong. Her abdomen contracts at his touch, a reaction to his chilled, clammy hands. After a second, warmth from her body spreads to his.

He moves his hand up, just barely daring to whisper a touch against the bottom of her breast. Her nipples harden. When William looks up, he sees Buffy and Spike locked in a passionate kiss, Spike's arms holding Buffy by the shoulders. Buffy moans, which gives William the push he needs to grow more assertive in his explorations.

He cups her breast as best he can. With her position, sprawled on Spike's chest, her bosom is stretched out so that there are only two tiny mounds peaked with nipples. Covering one with his hand causes her breath to quicken. William experiments with circling her nipple. That's enough for Buffy to pull away from Spike's mouth with a lustful moan.

Feeling bold, William leans over to take her nipple into his mouth. He latches on, sucking slightly, then pulling away to lick around the aureole. His other hand begins to lazily circle her navel. Buffy hums in appreciation and arches her hips forward in an attempt to draw his hand lower.

William raises his head to get a better look at her womanhood. She's neatly groomed in a fashion undone during his time. Wiry hair only covers a rectangular patch down the middle. The rest is smooth and bare. Her arousal has caused the inner labia to protrude. William strokes his thumb lightly down the slit. A slick of moisture remains on his thumb, and Buffy gasps.

"Go on," Spike's voice commands. "Have a taste, Will."

When William looks up, he sees Spike watching him down Buffy's body in amusement.

"God, yes, Will, have a taste," Buffy agrees, caught in her own sexual frenzy.

With no reason to refuse the command, William kneels at the foot of the bed, bringing himself at face-level with Buffy's nether regions. With care, he parts her lips. Her odor is sweet and earthy at the same time. Fragrance of desire wrapped up in vanilla silk. She opens like a blossom and reveals pink depths of flesh.

William must admit that he's not very familiar with the female anatomy. Obviously, his experiences in that area are nonexistent, but he'd never had call to read on it either. As such, he has to take a methodical approach in pleasuring Miss Summers to see what she likes best.

An experimental swipe of his tongue from the bottom of her opening to the top results in a sudden jerking of her legs. Her knees fold up, and she releases a shrill squeak. More of her juices flow from her core.

He continues to move slowly, moving on from the licking motion. Instead, he places sloppy kisses around her vagina, laving his tongue over her inner lips. Once he reaches the top where her lips join, Buffy produces another squeak of pleasure.

Obviously, William has found a sensitive spot.

He holds onto her thigh with his right hand and begins to tongue her in earnest on that very spot she so appreciated. Buffy quickly grips his hair in her hand, urging him on in his efforts.

"Unf....William, yes," she gasps. Her words disappear suddenly, and William guesses that Spike has stolen her mouth in a kiss.

After such encouragement, William enters his left index finger into her sodden hole as he maintains his tongue's motions. Buffy bucks against him, jamming herself onto his finger. She wants him inside her.

William withdraws entirely. Buffy whimpers and breaks away from Spike's lips.

"No," she protests. She stops when she sees William undoing his trousers, though. She lays back on Spike's chest and smiles in anticipation, spreading her legs wide.

William takes his own erection in hand, an act he'd only rarely felt so emboldened as to do. He had to confess to being completely ensnared by these two erotic creatures, though. Though it may damn him to Hell, he wanted to give himself to the experience they offered.

William returns to the bed between Buffy's legs and positions the tip of his manhood at her opening. So engorged is he, he can barely keep his hands from trembling in the process. He's running purely on instinct. The mechanics of the act may be unfamiliar, but William can trace them out in his mind regardless.

He releases a gasp as he plunges himself into Buffy's warmth. Her womanly tunnel sucks him in, caging and caressing his phallus with such voracity, he loses strength in his arms and collapses on top of her. No matter. Buffy appears strong enough for the both of them. She meets his unpracticed thrusts with her own hips, letting him pull out to the tip and then capturing him back to her center. The sound of their skin clapping together rhythmically almost overpowers the grunting and moaning coming from both parties.

Buffy wraps her arms around his shoulders, clawing nails down his back in her passion. It's painful, and William is certain that she's drawing blood. He finds it only heightens the intensity of the sensation, though, and as such, he's stirred to greater pleasure.

He buries his face in the curve of her neck. He's very close to his peak. He startles as a hand appears between them. Looking down, he sees Spike's fingers manipulating Buffy's vagina, just above where William's penis is entering her. Buffy's eyes are closed, brow furrowed in concentration. Her muscles are contracted in anticipation of what's to come. She grits her teeth, throws her head back.

When she comes, it's like a surge of an earthquake shaking through her body. Her hands grip his arms tight, squeezing him to the bone. Her tunnel constricts around his manhood with a tightness that's surely enough to force him out, and William stutters. That's enough to send him over the edge, as well. His cries merge with Buffy's as he spills his seed into her womb.

* * * * *

It is fortunate that Spike doesn't need to breathe. With two slack bodies piled on top of him, an ordinary human would have been crushed and suffocated.

With some effort, Spike frees himself from the weight and stands, grabbing a cigarette from the table beside the bed.

Buffy watches him, mouth gaping open slightly as she continues to recover from her orgasm - and who knew virgin William had that in him? For his part, William had drifted into a sated half-sleep, happily nestled against Buffy's tits.

Didn't seem a bad place to be. Spike isn't planning on letting him rest long, though. That was just the warm-up. Get William used to the game and all. Spike still has his own hard-on bobbing in front of him. That could wait, though. Cigarette first. Having those two fucking on top of him had been astoundingly hot.

Buffy's eyes drift downward to his dick, and a tongue darts out to lick those luscious lips of hers.

"Aren't you gonna enjoy the fun?" she asks.

He raises an eyebrow. "What makes you think I haven't been?"

"Well," she nods her head at his cock as if it were self-evident.

He grins. "Coming isn't the be all end all of sex, pet."

Buffy gently pushes William off her. The man rolls over, waking back to himself. Buffy stands, faltering slightly on jelly legs before she regains her footing. Then she sashays over to him.

She fetches up his hand, grabbing the cigarette and stubbing it out.

"Come here, Spike."

"Coming over all commanding now, aren't we?" He smiled.

William props himself up on his elbows as Spike joins Buffy back on the bed.

"Could you two...?" Buffy frowns, a blush coming to her cheeks.

"Could we what?" William asks.

"Um...it might be a little weird, but..."

Spike catches on to what Buffy wants. His cock twitches at the thought. "Don't worry." He turns to William. "I know what she means."

Then he surges forward and catches William in a sloppy kiss, tongue invading his human self's mouth. William startles and tenses, about to pull away before he relaxes into it. Then William's hand is in his hair, urging him forward. Spike growls through the kiss.

Separating to let William breathe, Spike takes the opportunity to inhale the aroma of Buffy's arousal, heightened now that she was being treated to a show of them making out for her. No sooner had Spike caught a whiff than William is continuing the kiss, insistent on the ferocity of it. Spike had to remind himself that William didn't have any super-strength. He couldn't let himself go with him, despite his instinct.

So caught up in William's kiss, Spike hadn't realized what Buffy is doing. He jumps as she wraps her hands around his cock. Well, she had been eying it earlier. He isn't going to keep her from her goal.

Strong, confident hands stroke him tip to balls. One hand cups his testicles while the other traces a thumb up the underside of his dick. When Spike feels the warm heat of Buffy's mouth envelop the head, he pulls back from William to hiss in pleasure.

Looking down, he sees that Buffy's angled her body so that her head is at Spike's crotch while her own pussy is near William. His Victorian self has readily taken advantage of that to pump two fingers into Buffy's dripping cunt. William is breathing heavily, frowning at Spike pulling away from him. A determined hand steers Spike's head back to William.

Then Buffy draws her tongue around the slit and spits on his cock. Her hand spreads the saliva around until he's coated in Buffy's heat. The spit immediately begins to cool until Buffy swoops down and takes his dick in her mouth all the way.

At that, Spike can't keep up with the multi-tasking. He flings himself back against the pillows.

"Holy fucking christ!" he calls out.

William's on him in an instant, sucking at Spike's neck and pinching his nipple. Boy learns fast. Good news for all parties.

Buffy swallows around Spike's cock, humming deep in her throat. The vibrations reverberate through him with pulses of pleasure. He throws his head back, giving William full access to his neck. His hand goes to the back of Buffy's head, bracing himself against her as his hips thrust up of their own accord.

She doesn't finish him like that, though. No, she pulls her head up, releasing him with a loud plopping sound. Then with a firm grip on the base of his dick, she takes him in partway and sucks. Sticking a Hoover on the end of his cock wouldn't feel as good.

"Fuck, Buffy, harder!" he manages to say between gritted teeth.

She complies. Her fist squeezes tighter, the insides of her cheek collapse around him, her tongue eagerly laps at the tip. It isn't until she reaches another hand around to tease at his balls that he comes. His hips jerk, spilling himself into Buffy's mouth. He yells and grabs the nearest thing - William's arm - for support as he loses control.

Once the moment passes, he looks down his body to see Buffy idly stroking his softening dick and smiling up at him. William is placing gentle kisses along his chest.

Spike sighs in contentment.

* * * * *

Buffy's never felt so relaxed. If she weren't careful, she could fall asleep with her head resting on Spike's thigh. Nobody could have seen that coming.

She looks up when she hears Spike's low chuckle.

"Who knew you liked the sight of two men together, Slayer?"

Buffy frowns, as does William.

"What's that mean?"

Spike shrugs. "Just means, you're a bit of a dirty girl."

Buffy raises herself up on her arms. "What?"

"Nothing wrong in it. Lot of women get turned on by some guy-on-guy action. I'd never guessed it of you, though. You, getting all wet as Will here tends to me. Could put on a bit of a show, if you like."

"You're sick, Spike." Somehow, Spike's words have reminded her of exactly where she is, what's she's doing, and who she's doing it with. How did she decide this was a good idea anyway?

Buffy's halfway to crawling off the bed when Spike grabs her arm.

"You're not ready to leave," he says.

"You're so many different kinds of wrong, Spike."

"No," he counters. "I'm not. Think I can't smell it on you? You want us both, don't you? Going at you, inside you, at the same time? Spike-shaped dick up your sweet cunt while your virgin ass is fucked by yours truly."

Buffy finds she's panting as Spike talks. The moisture between her legs increases. Damn him for being right!

She looks back at William, who's watching them both curiously. He's hard again, as is Spike.

Buffy relaxes back onto the bed and looks to Spike. "How do you know my ass is...virgin?"

Spike grins. "You mean to tell me Johnny Do-Good's done you up the bum? I don't believe it."

"Riley? He hasn't..." Buffy pauses when she realizes that she just confirmed what Spike had said. She tenses. "Okay, fine, it's a virgin ass."

"And a delectable one, at that."

"Buffy," William interjects. This draws the attention of both Buffy and Spike, who are not used to William being so assertive. William blushes but beckons to her. "Come here."

She obeys. Once she's within reach, he snatches her into a languid kiss. Not overly-heated or wild, but lazy and exploratory. She could spend all night in this kiss with his gentle tongue caressing her mouth. She moans into it and relaxes into his arms.

As she does, she feels the cool touch of Spike's hand running across her ass. Though she tenses momentarily, William's comforting embrace soothes her.

So strange being between the two of them. Where Spike is hard, William is soft. Even now, William holds her head with care as he sweeps his tongue across hers. One hand strays down to her breast. Behind her, Spike parts her ass cheeks and presses a finger against her hole. She grunts as he inserts it in, but William swallows down her hesitation.

With one hand on the small of her back, Spike begins to pump his index finger in and out, gaging her reaction. It feels odd for Buffy, though not unpleasant. She finds as Spike continues, she starts to move her hips to meet him. That appears to be all the go-ahead Spike needs. Suddenly, his hands are gone, and Buffy feels the tip of his cock at her entrance.

"Relax, Slayer," Spike says.

Buffy draws lips away from William as Spike enters her. Her head falls to William's shoulder. Spike thrusts halfway in, leaving Buffy gasping in William's arms. He withdraws his cock slightly before pushing in even further.

"You feel so fucking hot, pet," Spike says, his voice strained with pleasure. When Buffy looks behind her, she sees he's kneeling on one knee, hands on her hips to guide himself in. His eyes are closed as if he's lost in the sensation. "Christ." He whispers.

Buffy turns back to William as Spike makes the final thrust that fully envelops his dick in her ass. He pauses, balls against her bottom. Then he begins a soft rhythm, careful not to hurt her.

"Feel good?" he asks.

Buffy nods and bites her lip. It isn't as intense as vaginal intercourse, but it feels deeper. Like it's stirring something caged withinher with every stroke.

When Spike pulls out slightly, Buffy bends her knees to follow him, trying to keep him inside her. Spike chuckles.

"Wanna go a bit harder?" he asks.

"I can take it," she replies.

Spike immediately begins a hard pounding. The bed shakes. Buffy grabs William in front of her and smashes her lips against his. She bites down on his lower lip as Spike's cock is hammered into her. Her hand wanders down to his lap, grabbing his own erect cock. William shudders, a motion which is passed to Buffy.

"I want you both," Buffy speaks against William's mouth. "Now."

Spike hears her, of course. Vampire. He pauses and grabs her around the waist.

"Come here, then."

She lets him reposition them. He sits back against the headboard of the bed, Buffy sitting in his lap, still balls-deep in her ass. Reaching his hands around her, he spreads Buffy's legs, revealing her seeping pussy.

"Come on in, Will," Spike says.

William's eyes flutter, but he doesn't hesitate to take hold of his cock and move to mount Buffy.

Buffy gasps when he begins to enter her. The skin separating her vagina from her ass is thin, and William's cock only magnifies the sensation of Spike's. William pushes in slowly, watching Buffy's face for signs of discomfort. She doesn't show any. Her breasts rise and fall as her breath quickens. Spike lazily reaches a hand around to fondle one of her tits, pinching at the nipple.

Then William's all the way in, filling Buffy entirely. Buffy puts her hands on William's shoulders to steady herself as she gets used to the feel of two men inside her. After reorienting herself, she nods.

"Move," she commands to William.

He does. He picks up the same rhythm he had before. As he does so, Spike takes up a rolling rhythm from below. William's cock pushes in, stretches her pussy. Then as he pulls out, Spike pistons into her ass. Back and forth. Buffy's never empty - never unfilled.

Spike begins to talk in a low voice, a filthy soundtrack to go with their activity.

"Like that, don't you?" he whispers in her ear. "Two Spike dicks tearing you apart? Feels good to have a bit of me in you two times over. I can feel him in your cunt, you know. Feel him stretching you just as I'm stretching your tight ass. Been waiting a long time for this, Slayer."

"God, Spike, you talk too much." She laughs, then moans as the laughter sends ripples through her aroused parts. "Go harder," she prompts William. "Fuck me hard."

Both of the men oblige. As William begins to take a brutal pace, Spike raises Buffy slightly, getting her to bend her knees so there's some space between him and her. He then wraps an arm around her front, grabbing at her shoulder, as he slams into her from below. Buffy's head falls back, tits bouncing at the onslaught of the two men. Something's building inside her, assembled piece by piece with every alternating thrust they give her. She begins to match them, gyrating her hips to meet them each in turn.

William comes first. He's covered in a sheen of sweat when he seizes up and cries out. He lowers his head to Buffy's chest and grunts in completion. Once he's finished, Buffy's just at the edge, only needing a small push to go over. Spike gives it to her, unexpectedly.

His fangs come out without warning, and he slices through the skin of her throat in a savage bite. Buffy screams, her muscles contracting. She comes in a tidal wave, her muscles clenching at both the men still inside her. William gasps at the grip. Buffy's orgasm prompts Spike's, and he suckles at her neck as the ecstasy surges through him.

It resembles a spectacular trainwreck, and Buffy's only focus is on keeping herself in one piece. Penetrated three times over is too much for her to handle. She feels as if she's falling apart into bliss, and the loss of control scares her. She ultimately gives in to it, though, letting her body surrender to the sensation.

The moments after finds herself laying slack on top of Spike with William curled up on top of her. Spike licks the bite wound at her neck, a purr emanating from his chest. Her pussy and ass are sore and aching, but satisfied. She's never felt so content.

William sighs as Buffy begins to stroke his hair. His voice breaks the comfortable silence.

"That was...fun."

* * * * *

In the Hereafter...

Outside of time and place, Joyce Summers fetches the steaming cup of hot chocolate and sits down next to her friend. She blows on the liquid to cool it.

Anne Pratt lowers her own teacup at Joyce's return. "While they seemed to have fun, I'm still not certain I see the purpose in having done this, Joyce."

Joyce smiles. "You can't tell me you don't think that was good for your boy."

"They're both my boy," Anne corrects her. "And it certainly expanded his repertoire of experience prior to his death. However, he won't remember when you send him back, so...?"

"It wasn't for him. It was for Buffy," Joyce said. "Things are going to be getting harder for her soon. She deserves to have some carefree fun while she can." Joyce thinks ahead to her own death being around the corner. "Thank you again, Anne, for allowing me to utilize your son - both forms of him."

Anne smiles. "Yes, well, 'carefree fun' is important for him, as well."

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